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BY : Sweet_Inu_Girl

  • From Dedicated_Reader on August 11, 2017

    I have refrained from reviewing the last couple of weeks for a couple reasons. One, it seemed redundant to repeat over and over that I hope your mother is doing well and that she's recovering and that you're managing the stress of everything well. Well meaning fans can quickly become a hassle, I've been told. Secondly, due to the insane amounts of stress you're under, I didn't want to bombard you with a bunch of "WHERE'S MY CHAPTER?!?!?!" The story is so close to the end and then a hiatus?! *anguished scream* But I don't want you to think I've abandoned your story. I actually have been checking every couple of days to see if you've had a chance to update... it's been almost daily since we've hit the two week mark.... so to summarize, I hope everything is going well, I'm desperate for the next chapter, and I love you and your story!

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  • From MsSpaceey on August 05, 2017

    Thanks for keeping it light last update. It was good to just see the personal relationships especially since I'm starting to mix up some sun characters. I hope Inu Mama gets better soon. Wishing her the best, and you as well. Being a caregiver is never easy. 

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  • From SammyJams on August 01, 2017

    Wonderful chapter - and good luck to your mother's surgery! I hope her a speedy recovery!

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  • From SplendentGoddess on July 24, 2017

    Lovely update, as always. So glad Inuyasha and Kagome finally got to have a pleasant moment, even if it came to an end sooner than they would have liked. The most important thing is that her mark is finally fixed. 

    Glad to see Moyashi's back with his mother, and that Kumi apparently didn't feel out of place, hanging out with Beru and all the pups. I was also pleased to see how swiftly Beru came to Kagome's defense, but I believe Kimi, she's not there to cause trouble. She's glad for all that's happened, knowing it is destiny at work. It was also fun seeing Eimin accidentally let it slip about Kagome and Inuyasha's ears, and the women eager for her to tell the tale she broke down and told them, LOL. It's no secret Inuyasha had been pinned by Kikyou's arrow for fifty years, even if these women had never heard the story, but so that was harmless gossip Eimin was free to share. She can't accidentally tell them anything about the Bone Eater's Well when I'm pretty sure she knows nothing about it, so Kagome was just wandering through the forest and stumbled upon him, so what? The most important part of that story is how she walked right up to him and tweaked his ears, LOL. 

    Stupid Matsu and Mujina, thinking they can escape. But what impeccable timing with Rohei showing up, trying to resign from his post so he could kill himself. It's nice when problems fix themselves. Rohei is the perfect choice to go hunt down those traitorious cowards, and in doing so he will have restored his honor in a way that allows him to keep his life. Brilliant. 

    I'm glad Inuyasha's not holding a grudge against Yozora. I guess the black bastard reminds the young Inu no Taisho of a certain someone when he was even younger, when his own sense of trust in others had been broken and was not so easily restored. He'll come around, eventually. At least he's already seen for himself that Kagome is somebody special. I'm glad the kirin are willing to allow their presence to be known in the West. Yes, there's a small danger, because somebody who's crazed desperate to possess a kirin's horns might try their luck and need to be dealt with, but for most people, having not even just one but five kirin declaring their loyalty to the Western lands will go a long way towards boosting their already infamous reputation. People will think thrice before challenging them.

    I can see how, for Inuyasha, seeing the clothes finally made it real. It'd all just been talk before, and they'd been so busy trying to identify and fight off the traitors and other threats - and how many times did Kagome almost die? - that Inuyasha was understandably preoccupied. Now that all is peaceful and they're winding down, it's finally had a chance to hit him. Holy shit, they're about to go announce him as the new Inu no Taisho. I'm really looking forward to seeing how that all plays out, and if anyone dares still voice their displeasure over a 'hanyou' rising to power in the West.

    Going to be a bit of a bummer having to wait three weeks for the next update, but real life always has to come first, and something this important is definitely more important than our little delve into fantasy land. You go take care of your mother. I'm glad her surgery date hasn't moved and everything's still set to proceed on schedule. Sending positive thoughts that everything goes smoothly!

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  • From DarkAngel on July 24, 2017

    This is great its a little sad i caught up to how much you have written cause now i have to wait but its so worth it though when you get the chance can you update your profile with all the charaters like the new Kirin and now deceased charaters

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  • From anthea on July 24, 2017

    This was a nice fluffy chapter. Loose ends are finally being tied up. Looking forward to the grand finale. Best wishes to you and your mother. 

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  • From bertabee1 on July 24, 2017

    Here's to your mom's speedy recovery. Good luck ssee you when you return.

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  • From swsirilak on July 24, 2017

    Wonderful chapter as usual. I hope all goes well with your mother's surgery. 

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  • From SplendentGoddess on July 18, 2017

    Always a pleasure to read your latest update. I don't care if it still has a few boo-boos (although I didn't notice very many). Sorry you weren't feeling well, and thank you for getting this out to us as soon as you could! :-)

    Sesshoumaru's mom Well she's everything I would expect her to be in your universe. Makes sense that it turns out she had visions of her own, knew things, and did what she did because it was the will of the kami. So glad to know she's not a bad guy in this story, though I never really perceived Sesshoumaru's mom to be a bad guy even in canon. She did restore Rin to him, after all, and I love that you had her tease about him mating Rin in this chapter. Sesshoumaru, you won't find those thoughts quite so 'disconcerting' once she comes of age, LOL. I'm glad to know Kimi's not prejudice against Inuyasha for being hanyou, nor would she have a problem with Sesshoumaru mating a human. Good thing! But I digress. That's for years down the road, just like Moyashi has to wait for Yuzuki to catch up with him. That was a fabulous scene in the dungeon. LOL, the look on Omoshiroi's face! Keh, fucking traitor. 

    Yay! Inuyasha finally fixed Kagome's mark! And I'm glad Kagome gave at least a definite maybe as far as letting her meiyo prepare her for Inuyasha in their special way in the future. In preparation for their first time after she's healed from childbirth will be the perfect special occasion, and that gives her enough time to get more comfortable with the idea of them seeing and touching her naked body. 

    Looks like this story is coming to a close. The bad guys are dealt with, the West is safe, and the accession will be very soon. Obviously this story is far from over, but this story can end so you can start the third installment where this one leaves off. It's already larger than The Return; it can't go on forever. Well, it could, LOL, but it's called The Accession for a reason, ne? Soon, soon! But I wonder what surprises are left? Everyone knows Inuyasha has a true-form already, and at least a couple of them were smart enough to realize what that meant, but I guess for the dolts in the audience it'll still come as a shock when he is officially announced as the new Inu no Taisho. The kirin also have to become public knowledge. Well, they don't have to, but like Sesshoumaru said, there's no longer a reason for them to be a secret. They are well protected from anyone who would think to do them harm, and for those loyal to the West it will surely be an added sense of security to know the West's power now includes not only a new Inu no Taisho and the most powerful miko to ever live, but five kirin as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this story universe once all the last few loose ends are tied up. Inuyasha and Kagome will finally get to go back home to their village, and everything will (supposedly) be happily ever after with no more secret bad guys in the west. Shinobu and Moyashi will train hard, Jinenji will get to know his horse family, Miroku will go check out the treasures in Ganryuu's cave, etc. But if you don't do a time jump to get us closer to the ultimate climax then the story could get...not boring, but maybe too peaceful, unless you have something else up your sleeve. Some new random bad guy they have to deal with. I'm partial to the holier than thou idiots who think Kagome tainted herself 'bedding' a hanyou, LOL. Those asshats get put in their place quite nicely. But I'm rambling aren't I? This story ain't over yet and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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  • From anthea on July 11, 2017

    This chapter was great overall, I was on the edge of my seat. I am not sure how you feel about critiques, so if you are not interested in that, skip this next paragraph.

    Two things. Araumi's death felt like it was over too quick. I have become increasingly fond of how detailed your conversations can be and how you describe the mannerisms of your characters. However, the exact moment of her death was only a couple sentences. It felt short and to the point, which contrasted with the rest of the chapter, such as the Kirin's spell and Kagome's arrow preparation (which were wonderful and set the mood perfectly, I especially loved the line about Miroku becoming more powerful over the years and Sen helping Kagome; a nice touch!). I know you don't always have the most time to write, but for so many chapters of build up, I thought this particular momentous moment would have been given a longer narrative. Secondly, I was a bit disappointed by Araumi's motive. Basically, she was just another crazy and evil character in the end, all the blame was conveniently placed solely on her. I would have liked to have seen a deeper complexity to her insanity, perhaps the fog in Sesshomaru's memory preventing him from remembering how he may have made a mistake which had consequences on others in the past, or he wronged her in some way before his personality began to warm up, or even just partial influence on her descent into psychosis. I don't know, I feel like he washed his hands of it all too cleanly, has escaped his frigid past too easily. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, it's your story and you can write it however you please - I just thought you might enjoy some constructive thought instead of raining compliments all the time. An honest review, if you will. If you dislike it or feel it is out of line, I won't mention any ever again, as I respect you and want you to feel motivated to write most importantly of all.

    Now that is out of the way, I'm really excited for the next few chapters as they will be my birthday treat before three weeks of your family health hiatus. :) Take all the time you need to be there for your mom and dad, the time you spend with family is the most important time in your life. I'm looking forward to supporting your book, too, once I start work again. Speaking of support, have you considered a P.O Box? I'd love to send a get well soon card for your mom, along with a trinket or two as thanks for all the faithful writing you've done over the years. 

    Happy belated Canada day! See you next week~

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  • From SplendentGoddess on July 11, 2017

    I'm glad Yozoro has seen the light. He's still black asshole to me, but I guess he's making up for it, LOL. And I agree, with the 'collector' dead, let the West find out they have five kirin living in Kagome's garden. They sure as hell came in handy! The more allies the West has, the better. 

    Knew Araumi's issue with Sesshoumaru by now, more or less, from all the hints and clues you'd dropped here and there along the way, but still, to hear the whole thing explained from start to finish, it was such trivial soap opera drama bullshit, LOL. But as they established, Araumi was crazy, like a stalker in a Law & Order episode. Kensi was never hers to begin with. But you know? There were haters and traitors in the West, and though they were only Araumi's pawns, and it had always been her intention to burn the whole valley to the ground, if it hadn't been for her then it would have probably only been a matter of time before somebody else tried something against Sesshoumaru, anyway. This whole fiasco at least revealed once and for all who was loyal to Sesshoumaru and who wasn't. 

    LOL, I had forgotten Enshi wasn't one of the people in the know, too! Last chapter, when Kagome was speaking freely about those symbols with him, I was like 'oh, I don't remember Enshi knowing about the mind speak, guess I forgot the scene where they told him' LOL. Or maybe I thought he knew because didn't he recognize them as soul bonded? But then, just knowing about the concept of soul bonds and knowing they are soul bonded still doesn't necessarily mean you know about mind speak, if that little tidbit wasn't revealed before to the few people who are in the know of the soul bond concept as a whole. At any rate, crisis overted, thanks to Senchineru's quick thinking and the unborn pups making a convenient excuse for her sudden discomfiture. 

    I'm glad Kagome had the opportunity to pull Yuzuki away and have that talk with her before all hell started to break loose. She needed that. Plus she needed it confirmed that Moyashi is her true mate, but I agree, no more than stolen kisses here and there for now. Still, that'll go a long way towards Yuzuki healing from her ordeal, too, to know for a fact that here is her mate, here is a male who will love her unconditionally and not blame her or find her disgusting for what happened to her. 

    Omoshiroi's got a set of balls on him, don't he? Or at least he used to, LOL. Dead kitsune walking. But I'd be like Kagome in that moment. I don't have time for this shit. That's not what she said but that's what she thought, LOL. But what the fuck did Omoshiroi think he was doing in the first place? I mean I can see him forgetting how he shouldn't touch her (or more accurately, that it would be dangerous to touch her, LOL) but why did he demand to know what was happening from her as if it was HER fault the ikuchi was disolving the West? But anyone who had no idea what was really going on sure as shit found out when that mountain came tumbling down and out rose an ikuchi in its true form! That certainly came in handy since like Kagome said, no need to hide the arrow! She got to show off instead, firing that disappearing arrow with Miroku's added oomph right in front of everybody. They would've felt that blast of reiki that came off of her so there was really no way to "hide" it, had she fired the arrow in a large enough room for it to disappear before hitting the wall, but then it would've been all why did she blast reiki just then? So this way, behold! The unbridled power that is Kagome! With the help of the Bow from Mt. Azusa but so what? Most youkai have special swords that do special things so why shouldn't Kagome have a special bow that does special things? Still takes a special miko to weild it! And yay! *happy dance* aside from a few leftover traitors, like Omoshiroi, the West has been purged of bad guys. 

    Ya know...I was wondering what you had planned (if anything at all) regarding Sesshoumaru's mother. I'm used to stories where she's presumed dead, or just never mentioned one way or the other, but since this story is post-manga (or anime, whatever) it should have followed the canon truth of Sesshoumaru's mother being alive. On the other hand, it was plainly shown that she lived up in Stratos or whatever (sorry, Star Trek reference) so since Sesshoumaru's made-up castle is on the ground (and there's nothing in the canon that says he doesn't have his own castle on the ground so that's one of those fun blanks that allow for creative liscence) it stood to reason that his mother, upon 'divorcing' his father (however that's done for youkai), went back to her own previous kingdom or whatever the hell. If you mentioned it in passing back during the flashbacks that explained how Toga and Izayoi were true mates but never bonded, and what became of his first, political mating that didn't involve mating, I don't remember, but never mind all that, I'm just glad she showed up! Not only did she just suddenly show up, but she said everyone in the West bowing to Kagome was "most certainly" necessary. So at least we don't have to worry about this woman causing trouble for Sesshoumaru, outside of the usual trouble an embarrassing mother can cause her adult son, LOL, if that long suffering sigh of his was anything to go by. Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next! Oh, and speaking of mothers, I'm glad to hear that yours has a tentative surgery date. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly! :-)

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  • From SammyJams on July 10, 2017

    So excited to see Sess' mother!!!! It's funny, I was just thinking about how you managed to include everyone in the series except her, and here she is! Can't wait until the next update! 


    I hope your your mother's surgery goes well! Good luck! 

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  • From SplendentGoddess on July 02, 2017

    Glad Kagome and Inuyasha at least had time to get up and get dressed in private before Juhi and Ippu returned, LOL. I liked Kagome's remark that Inuyasha would be so 'lucky' after killing the ikuchi that his image would symbolize good luck from that point onward, LOL!

    Man, that black kirin really is an asshole, LOL. If only a holy arrow can kill the ikuchi then what's the point in criticizing Inuyasha for 'allowing' his pregnant mate to save the West. Would certain death be preferable? Hana needs to whip that boy into shape, LOL. But Yozora is a good name for him. Night sky. I generally like black animals and I'm sure he'd be very beautiful if not for the attitude, LOL. Also glad to hear the kirin have the ability to at least slow the progression of Araumi's spell.

    I momentarily forgot about Yudaina, but I'm glad you showed us him sensing his mate's fear and rushing off, with the shinty root Unarigoe so desperately needs. Good good.

    "Koga, stop being you and be helpful for once," ROFL! I love their playful bickering, Inuyasha and Koga, but yeah, there's a time and a place guys. But I'm really glad Inuyasha doesn't have to 'allow' Kagome anywhere near the ikuchi in order to kill her, even if it'll be hard to explain to anyone not in the know about her and Inuyasha's connection just what she's doing if they see her fire an arrow at nothing. Can't risk letting anyone think Kagome can actually fire an arrow at a thought about target she doesn't actually know the location of. The bow from Mt. Azusa is good but it's not that good. Hopefully if she does need to fire an arrow she can do so sight unseen. As clearly stated, the story told is that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are off to kill the ikuchi. And maybe they will, if all those crystalline stalactites will do her in, but I'm jumping ahead. That was a really sweet scene with Yimako, and I loved Miyako's realization that she'd been wrong about Kagome. 

    Glad Red Tetsusaiga took care of the barrier on the ikuchi's cave no problem, and that Koga listened for once and turned around and left. He probably would've been the one to be flame broiled had he gone inside with them. I love the idea of the West claiming Ganryuu's hoard as recompence. Good idea! I also love the idea of getting Ryusui and Miroku in the same room/cave together. That would probably be a very entertaining conversation. Another time, I know, but it's an amusing thought. It's a good thing Enshi was there in the West! That came in handy, being able to ask him about those symbols. The tengu having named that cavern 'Skyfall' makes sense, considering the dangerous stalactites, but now I have the Skyfall theme by Adele in my head, LOL! Then that I think about it, that's actually the perfect soundtrack song for this chapter! The lyrics work so well! Did you do that on purpose? *sideways glance*

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on June 26, 2017

    You evil, evil woman! They were so close! Other than the cock tease, I loved this chapter, lol. Slowly and gently wrapping things up and setting the stage for the final act ( I imagine we're in something like the fifth act of the sequel? Eh) One final big battle (maybe? You sneak more in than I ever expect), filler until tonight, the big reveal and then however much you wish to fit in before fitting the rest into part three! Until next time!

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  • From SplendentGoddess on June 26, 2017

    Damn it, now I'm as pissed as Kagome is because the spell checker froze and made me lose my original review! I'm not spell checking this one so if I have a mistake...oops? 

    Anyway, I started with saying how happy I was to see this update today! I was going to keep checking but I hadn't known when you would be posting it. I'm glad you took the time to spend the weekend with your mother. Waiting for a surgery date is rough, just hang in there. 

    I loved the council scene, and how Enkurebu got what was coming to him. Said the shoe is on the other foot now; let's see how he likes a forced mating with a boar youkai. It was definitely interesting how the boar youkai had somehow managed to have a different copy of the treaty all this time, without that amendent. Ah well. Kagome had said leave him to Fate, and boy she wasn't kidding! Fate has a wicked sense of humor! And he wasn't even officially punished for murdering all the female babies, but he doesn't need to be, LOL. Just like Sesshoumaru mused, at the end of the day, no matter what, the he's going to lose the southern isles to the boar youkai. Justice is served. 

    That was such a touching scene with Hana and the other kirin. I love how the white one turned out to be her very best friend. That was so sweet! I also loved the way she put the black asshole in his place, LOL! 

    *sigh* And here I thought you were going to end this chapter with a lemony love scene as we get to rejoice in Inuyasha finally fixing Kagome's mating mark, and then the ikuchi goes and pours fucking miasma into the ground and so now the Western Lands are what, literally dissolving? Fuck! Poor Inuyasha can't catch a break, LOL! Well, dismissed or not I'm sure the meiyo will come rushing back once they realize all hell is breaking lose again, so they can help Kagome throw some clothes back on if Inuyasha needs to connect with the land youki like NOW in an attempt to counteract what's happening. Plus if it's like a miasma then Kagome should be able to purify it, ne? She's pissed! I bet Inuyasha could tap into the youki of the earth, the whisps and the barrier, and then she could channel her reiki through Inuyasha, like a lightning rod, and it wouldn't hurt him, and she could purify the fuck out of that evil magic that's eating away at everything below their feet. Better do something quick before everything collapses into a giant sink hole! If Hana happily bouncing around just automatically makes flowers spring up around her hooves, how much power would five kirin all concentrating on healing the earth have? Plus there's more than one powerful land youkai in the West right now. First things first, purify the dark magic, but then I bet healing the damage will be doable. Araumi just screwed up, because Kagome's cattywampus mating mark doesn't hender her power and now that the curse has been lifted she's at full strength. She was drained earlier fighting the dragon but after that nap and Hana's healing she should be good to go, and now Araumi has just interrupted their sexy fun time. Like I said, Kagome is pissed! LOL. So yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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