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BY : Sweet_Inu_Girl

  • From Dedicated_Reader on June 18, 2017

    From the sounds of it, you've assumed my life (aside from the wonderful story telling you do), lol. I understand how difficult and stressful and exhausting it can be to have a mother in and out of doctor appointments and hospital trips, and it becomes even more stressful when you're close.

    I shall continue to enjoy this story, even if I only get a quick scene to tide me over. Until next week!

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  • From SplendentGoddess on June 18, 2017

    Sorry to hear your mother is still in and out of the hospital. Yikes, brain surgery is serious. Hopefully all goes smoothly. I can definitely understand how you're not going to be able to churn out big ass word counts in the meantime and I appreciate how steadily you're still working on this story at all, all things considered. Do the best you can, but real life definitely has to come first. 

    This was a lovely chapter, of course. A good kind of aftermath/afterglow after all the crazy. That black kirin really is a dick, LOL. I'm glad the other three were decent beings. Also glad the guard lizards were as easy to kill as they were. Not that they were easy to kill, but Inuyasha's just that good these days. 

    Glad they were able to get Kagome home without anything else happening, aside from getting Miroku's letter from Himitsu, but that's a good thing. That ofuda will definitely come in handy, I'm sure. If Miroku had a feeling, that's not something to be taken lightly, all things considered. 

    I liked the scene with Sesshoumaru's reflection. It enabled us to have a few of the missing pieces filled in, like confirming that Kyota's going to make a full recovery. I'm also glad that dumbass Enkurebu went out of his way to confront Sesshoumaru like the asshole he is, because it reminded the daiyoukai that they were about to do that council of lords thing before all hell broke loose, LOL. 

    Poor Yuzuki, but she'll be all right, eventually. Like you said, a piece of her broken soul already went back into place with Moyashi's help, and I'm sure if she really needs it, Kagome can do that thing she does and heal the rest of her soul's damage. And I'm sure if Sesshoumaru finds out they shared a couple of chaste kisses he won't be upset, so long as that's all they do until they are of age and he can officially court her the proper way. It's inevitable that they're going to end up together, they're predestined true mates, so it's not exactly like they can't approve of them being together. Still, it should be done properly, by the book.  

    I like that old kirin. The black one's an idiot. It's like yeah, duh, you just witnessed a hanyou adopt a true form, and that was after witnessing a hanyou use reiki to break all your bounds. He said his mate was 'the one'...what does the black kirin think that means? Hanyou with a true form, hello! Oh well whatever. That was a cute closing scene, as Inuyasha tucked into her dream. I was worried for a minute there that he might get too distracted, LOL, since he's currently flying back to the West with four kirin on his back. But my mind wanders while driving sometimes. If it's a route I know I just kind of drive it half on auto pilot, while still staying alert enough to actually watch the cars around me of course. I'm sure Inuyasha was still aware enough of his surroundings, and he definitely knew to pull out of the dream as Kagome climaxed, or that would have been distracting! LOL. Boy is everyone going to be surprised when he returns! I'm sure he plans on sneaking around back, coming down from the side of the mountain Ganryuu used so that he can slip down into the garden area without anyone else noticing the kirin, but they'll sure as shit notice him as he comes in for a landing! And Kagome and the others 'in the know' are gonna lose their minds at the revelation that there's four more kirin now! Now that 'the collector' is dead, perhaps a few more surviving kirin that are in hiding somewhere might come out. We all thought Hana was the last of her kind, after all. Pretty sure even she thinks that. The others could have been killed long ago but thankfully weren't. The elder said the West was new when he was taken, a presumably pretty young Toga in charge, so he's been in captivity a really long time. Ganryuu must have figured the safest place for their horns was still on their heads until he was actually ready for the horns. Whatever his reasoning, it was a damn good thing. Pretty sure this elder kirin is going to turn out to be chalk full of useful knowledge. 

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  • From SammyJams on June 13, 2017

    Omg more Kirin!!! And I was so scared for the poor pups, but thank goodness Sess managed to save her! This chapter was beautiful - cant wait for next week's update!!!

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  • From SplendentGoddess on June 12, 2017

    Tenseiga to the rescue! LOL, the looks on everyone's faces! The stupid courtiers, I mean, who forgot about Tenseiga (or apparently didn't think Sesshoumaru could actually wield it, idiots). I hadn't remembered the exact words of Kagome's prophecy, but I had remembered how she'd said before that they couldn't kill Rokki yet, that there was something he had to do first. All things happen for a reason, right? Sucks that Shinobu's lost his connection to Yuzuki. Yeah, she's lost her connection to him, too, but now that she's found her true mate, even though they have to wait until they finish growing up to actually mate, she's in 'growing up and moving on' mode, now. It's Shinobu who's been left all alone (for now at least) but it was definitely the right time to give him the healed bit of his father's mokomoko. All the puzzle pieces are falling into place. This tragic experience was, unfortunately, necessary.

    Looks like Ganryuu's attack in the west was necessary, too. If it hadn't been for his attack, which subsequently led to Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru pursuing the dragon, Inuyasha never would've stumbled upon those other kirin. Thank goodness Ganryuu had been saving them for later! He could have so easily already killed them back whenever he'd originally captured them, had their horns, and been even more powerful. Relieved also to see that Inuyasha didn't have to deal with any other dragons, though, of course, that scene isn't technically completed yet. The guard dog lizards might come back and put up a fight when they all try to get out of the cave system. Still, Inuyasha and four kirin against two overgrown, acidic lizards? They can take 'em. It's only going to be the close quarters that's a problem.

    That was also such a lovely, touching scene with Jinenji and his uncle. Yay, Uncle Yudaina! I don't know why it didn't occur to me that the long lost horse youkai from his herd whom he'd suspected was Jinenji's father was related to him in any way. But this is a totally awesome turn of events and I don't blame Jinenji for laughing one bit. His life has certainly made a 180! I'm also just glad to see that Yudaina made it to Jinenji's village without issue, completely oblivious to the dragon's attack. He's on his own mission, after all, needing to get that shinty root for Unarigoe. Looks like the West is well on their way to forming a tentative alliance with the panthers, what with their willingness to aid Unarigoe in his time of need, and the panthers' unwillingness to start a war with such powerful adversaries. Now that Unarigoe has seen Inuyasha's power first hand, he's right to feel relieved that the Inu no Taisho was satisfied with only Surassho's death. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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  • From Mommyreiko1110 on June 12, 2017

    Oh I'm so extremely happy to not wait two weeks!!! Thank you kind ma'am for writing this story for us even tho your wrists hurt<3 

    amazing work!

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on June 11, 2017

    Finally! I can breathe again with the new chapter posted, lol. I love how you keep finding way to catch me off guard! I can't wait to see what you do next week.

    I wish you the best of luck with your carpal tunnel, and thank you for suffering through it for our pleasure, lol

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on June 11, 2017

    I'm starting to go crazy! The detox is starting to be painful! I could handle 14 days, but we're getting close to 15 days, I don't know how much longer I can hold on!

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on June 02, 2017

    It took me a couple days to process this chapter and not immediately start freaking out. And painful as this chapter is (I actually shed tears at the end) it was still beautifully written. One crisis is averted just for three more to take its place! While I know the possibility of Yuzuki dying is still very high, I hope you find a magical author way to provide this pain and yet she lives anyway. I can only imagine what Moyashi is about to do (and I promise, I have been imagining, lol).

    Beyond that, I hope that all the twists and turns of your IRL calm down and straighten out into a happy line soon. Lots of love and thoughts are sent your way!

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  • From sutlesarcasm on May 28, 2017

    Wow, talk about swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other, first, Koga! I about laughed my head off when he decapitated the drake. Made me think of the Hulk punching Thor off the top of the space whale after they killed it in the Avengers. Then InuYasha taking his true form, my feelings echoed Shinchineru's, Finally! then Yuzuki, Moyashi, and Shinobu, I see another hunt coming, I'm just not sure what form it's gonna take, whether it will be bu chasing Rokki down, or Inu and Sess, but I suspect it will be appropriately gruesome for such an unrepentant devient little mad dog.

    I hope your mother recovers completely and lives to a ripe old age surrounded by her Great-great-great grandchildren.

    Finally last but not least, thank you for taking the time to write and post this story along with all that you have posted and will write and post in the future. you have no idea how much enjoyment you have brought to me over the corse of the last couple of years. I hope your creative well never runs dry.


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  • From SplendentGoddess on May 28, 2017

    Yuzuki no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay...breathe...I'm okay, I'm okay, LOL. 

    And TWO weeks till the next update?! Well, I'm glad to hear your mother's doing better. 

    You really scared me with that warning that this chapter had a dark ending. Boy, you weren't kidding! But I had been afraid it was going to involve Kagome. I'm glad it turns out she's not too injured. I was worried for a minute there when they smelled her blood but sighed in relief when it was just from a cut on her thigh. Looks like I was right and she made a barrier around her babies. Plus let's not forget she was pouring purifying power into Ganryuu, so she's out like a light 'cause she's exhausted, not injured. That's good to know!

    The little wave of everyone's reactions to Inuyasha's transformation was as entertaining as I thought it would be, LOL. And damn...the way the guardians of the west, themselves, rose at his summons and took care of the drakes. That was holy shit awesome! 

    Figures that Ganryuu would run away, the coward. Looks like Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are doing a fairly good job of taking him down, bit by bit, but I'm worried other dragons will show up on the scene that have no idea what's really going on. I bet with the drakes all dropping like flies, though, Shirubasuton was quick to follow, even if the inu didn't notice her in their single-minded pursute. Maybe other dragons will show up and be like WTF and be just about to join the fight when Shirubasuton will arrive and tell them to stand down and let the dogs have their prey.

    Now, with poor Yuzuki... This wasn't in the path! But then, we don't know she's really dead. You better not have killed her! I'm proud of her, though. She stood up to Rokki well. As soon as she felt that flash of foreboding I knew it was going to be Rokki, and I knew it was going to be bad. I wasn't sure if maybe he was going to rape her and leave her alive afterwards as a punishment to Shinobu and Shinobu and Moyashi were going to find her with her spirit completely broken, so I'm really, really glad that their twin bond allowed Shinobu to sense that she was in danger, and that Rokki didn't break her. But damn it Zuki, as soon as she felt that flash of danger she should have turned and fled! Still, we only saw her pass out from blood loss...right? Or, well...what's Tenseiga's time limit? And I can't imagine Sesshoumaru would dawdle, so as soon as they kill Ganryuu both inu would be rushing right back, to check on Kagome and everything else. So worst case scenario, then Sesshoumaru will be reviving her, right? Or is there anything Moyashi can do to save Yuzuki as her true mate? Sure, they're not mated yet, and they don't even know they're true mates, but maybe his instinct will rise up and command that he do something, bite into her neck where it's slashed and infuse her directly with his youki in an attempt to heal the wound. Something that winds up making a half-mating mark or something. Can you tell I'm grasping at straws here? Give us something!

    Whatever the outcome, I'm not looking forward to having to wait two weeks to find out, but ah well, real life comes first, ne? Keep up the awesome work! 

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  • From Mommyreiko1110 on May 28, 2017

    I feel like crying :(((( 

    hooe your mom gets better soon! 

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  • From sweetserenity on May 22, 2017


    "It still only counts as one!"

    Is that a lord of the rings reference I see? Lol

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  • From SplendentGoddess on May 21, 2017

    BAM! Oh man...yeah this update was shorter than usual (I do certainly hope your mother is going to be all right!) but man, short and sweet, this really packed a punch!

    Glad to see Mei-Long had only not come right away because he was still writing the letter. I forgot Kagome could do a dragon summons, LOL. That got his attention. I was relieved to see nothing was amiss with him. Mei-Long is indeed an ally in this. I think, under the circumstances, what you put in about the Komodo dragon fit perfectly. A misconception led Kagome to the correct conclusion. And thank goodness for Baghinder! Another ally, and one desperately needed in that moment. And in the frantic craziness I bet nobody even noticed Kagome saying "why didn't I think of that" to herself, LOL. She could easily just excuse that she meant, why hadn't she thought of it sooner

    I wonder why the (literally) dirty-mouthed combat drakes aren't as stupid as they're supposed to be. Looks like there's been even more breeding going on than Mei-Long was aware of. And I completely 100% agree with Kagome, obviously. They're sentient people, not that animals aren't sentient in their own way, but people should not be subjected to selective breeding. In this universe, even animal-like youkai who are clearly intelligent, like Kirara, should not be subjected to selective breeding. Mei-Long's explanation does fully explain why Kagome had no knowledge of this, since she only has ancestral knowledge dating back to what was current at the time of her dragon ancestor. What can she do about it? Funny you should toss that line in there. I bet, somehow, she's going to end up doing a lot about it. Kagome might just have to take over the dragon lands, after all, just...not in the way Ganryuu had envisioned. 

    And speaking of Ganryuu, while I had thought that something was going to end up happening while Kagome was out in the meadow, I too had forgotten all about her vision/nightmare at the time of reading this. That was a real oh yeah! moment, so nicely done. Originally, you had led us to believe, or at least I had thought, that whatever the dark mass of evil was creeping down that mountain, it had been connected to, or was, the ikuchi in some way, back before we knew she was an ikuchi, or a she. After getting to know Araumi, I'd completely forgotten all about the evil blackness on the mountain, but if I had thought of it, I'm sure I would've just thought it was some kind of a spell or demon she'd conjured as a part of her master plan. I never would have realized it was just Ganryuu. 

    Now, when you say he squeezed her too hard...the pups are all right...right? Knowing Kagome, she put up an internal barrier around her womb to protect the babies, purely on instinct alone without even thinking about it. Can't blame Inuyasha for losing it at her scream, though. Obviously everyone in the valley heard that scream and knew it was her. I'd already suspected he was going to transform, anyway. I'd been envisioning Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha standing side by side, looking at each other, realizing what needs to be done, and Sesshoumaru flashing him a rare smirk, and saying something like 'this was not how the presentation was supposed to unfold' or whatever, before agreeing Inuyasha needed to transform, and him saying something like 'man, I didn't want to ruin the surprise' and Sesshoumaru saying 'they will be surprised' LOL. Made sense, though, why Sesshoumaru shot Inuyasha that look to not transform. Besides, Tetsusaiga's probably more powerful. On the one hand I can understand the desire to tear their enemies apart with their fangs, but shooting out Meidou blades even impressed Koga, so that's saying something, LOL. Now, though, the, out of the bag. Can't wait to see the wave of everyone's various reactions! I'm sure you're going to do one of those scenes, like when the howls went up, where we go from person to person and see each individual reaction. No time to worry about it now. Right now, Inuyasha has to save Kagome! 

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on May 21, 2017

    Guess that cat's out of the bag... Or dog, you know. I love reading your battle scenes, they are occasionally vague but provide enough detail you can still see the battle in front of you. As always, I can't seem to find enough words to properly rant and rave about all my favorite parts, but i promise there's lots!

    On a personal note, I understand the emotional rollercoaster of having a not so healthy mother. My mother has been trying to get on disability since she can't work (a fused neck will do that to someone), but social security keeps trying to say she could find work. So her doctors have been having her jump through hundreds of hoops to see what she can and cannot do....they found more things wrong with her health. It's been pretty insane, but oddly enough your story has helped keep the collective spirits up. I love it so much, my husband laughs when I get excited about a scene, and my mother is enthralled when I try to explain what's happening in the story. I hope you find as much joy and comfort writing this story as we find in reading it. I wish your family the best of health *hugs*

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  • From Mommyreiko1110 on May 21, 2017

    OH SO VERY EVILLLL. I love how you're taking the story but my heart can't handle these cliff hangers

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