Reviews for A Twist in the Myth

BY : Dunkelgelb

  • From ANON - Kagxinu on January 21, 2019

    When will you update this story???

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  • From KagomeLove1 on November 15, 2017

    Excellent chapter. The plot thickens. What is going on with Naraku. I so love Kagura mating with Naraku.  They are sooo sexy together. Keep the good work.

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  • From ANON - on September 12, 2017

    I'm really enjoying this story, it's awesome! 

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  • From KagomeLove1 on August 28, 2017

    What an interesting story. I really enjoyed all the action, sex making and all. Your really wrot something very interesting. I love the fact that Sesshoumaru saved Inuyasha. Will he turn daiyoukai now? I hope so and again no. But really hope that you will continue this story as I would like to see who will sleep with whom inteh next futur. How will Kagura get Kohaku. Will he love her or not?  What of Sakarya? Will Naraku get to finally have Kikyou? I hope not. Well I hope to read this story to the end. Please do not abandone it.

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  • From Zoha-Lixue on November 05, 2016

     Going to keep reading but this first chapter was sort of boring. While it has been years since I have watched even a second of Inuyasha, I still remember a ton of it. That being said this would be a good beginning for someone who has never heard of Inuyasha but as never watched ot read it. I believe I skipped pretty much this wbole chapter. 

    Mainly cause the voice in my head as I read this was very monotone. 

    You know your stuff when it comes to this though, way more then even I remembered. and I worshipped that show for nearly 10 years. 

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  • From ANON - M-angel on January 26, 2016

    Sexy. Loving it!

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  • From TraumaTize on December 13, 2015

    Yay! New story! I love your writing style so much, and glad that you're back to posting something new. Looking forward to reading more.

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  • From ANON - snowecat on December 10, 2015

    Nice beginning. Hope you keep going. Too many authors have a great premise that they never get into. Who are Kagome's girlfriends?

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  • From ANON - Cathyrin on December 09, 2015

    Very interesting beginning. I cant wait to see where this goes and who gets paired up.

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