Reviews for Only Human

BY : Midnight-Prince

  • From Zarina on October 08, 2018

    You're one of the only few writers who actually have spot on interpretations of the characters. Nothing they do or say is out of line in the situation you've developed so the story feels so immersive. Please continue and finish this series! 


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  • From Sage on July 25, 2018

    This story is really good! The sex scenes are hot and I like your development of Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship. More please! 

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  • From hipkat13 on March 29, 2017

    Great story! Excellent writing style too! Please continue the story :-)

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  • From seriana on December 14, 2016

    loved the chapter, I hope that Sesshomaru may have feelings for rin. Kisses

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  • From Dunkelgelb on October 22, 2016

    Welcome to AFF!  I like your story so far; hopefully Sesshomaru will end up giving Rin the business repeatedly before you're done.  As far as "unwinding" from the tension built up between himself and Rin at the end of Chapter 2, perhaps he'll go looking for Kagura?

    Some other thoughts: you have a more involved writing style than some new authors I've seen, which I think is good.  Rather than post short, almost meaningless drabbles, you post big, long paragraphs.  You also pay attention to the formatting, putting indentations at the beginning of most paragraphs.  Your vocabulary is rather advanced and your spelling is also very good.

    Nice work!

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