Reviews for La Isla Bonita

BY : MetallicSharpie

  • From redmoonrising75 on January 25, 2018

    awesome so far..loving it!! Will you be coming back to finish the story?

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  • From MidnightMoon on June 23, 2017

    P.S. You definitely were not joking about things getting dirty fast, haha.  Dying to read more!

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  • From MidnightMoon on June 23, 2017

    Well, I hope you get this review, since sometimes my computer doesn't allow me to post them or there is an error:


    I am loving the storylineand obviously the Rin/Sessh pairing.  Cannot wait to read more! =)

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  • From Dedicated_Reader_842 on June 06, 2017

    This is wonderful! I like the way you write, and it's fun to see Rin walk circles around Sesshomaru; she doesn't have to run, just walk, lol. I can't wait for chapter 3!

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  • From Dunkelgelb on May 05, 2017

    I kudos-ed and left a silly, meme-ish comment on this story on AO3, so I'll leave a more fleshed-out comment/review here.

    Things I like:

    1. Good chapter length.  I think each of the two chapters so far is about 5,000 words long, so it's hardly a drabble.

    2. Good grammar.  Most, if not all words all spelled correctly, and I like how you use "daiyoukai" instead of "taiyoukai."  

    3. Use of italics, bolds, and center-align.  You had the presence of mind to apply these features to your text.  In the case of the center-align, this was an AFF-specific consideration, as the text box for posting work doesn't seem to recognize center-align formatting from MS Word.

    4. Very naughty interaction between Sesshomaru and Rin.  I like how you get right into their sexual relationship and I look forward to reading what do they do with each other in the future.

    Thank you for writing!

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