Reviews for Ever Us, Version Two

BY : GayleNightingale

  • From NikkiS71 on February 04, 2019

    That was great. Didn't see any REAL changes, but it's such an amazing story all the same!  Too bad that your muse decided to end things here, but I feel like it was a perfect place to stop.  You don't want the story to drag on and get boring.  Also, leaving it here gave you a great platform for you're amazing sir stories!  Anymore children had can be read about in them.  So, you haven't cheated anyone out of ANYTHING!

    I love this take a lot, because it is so real!  The subject matter of it.  Sometimes when you've been with you spouse for a long time.  Raising  family, working, keeping the home, looking after your lovers needs.  All to many times, one gets to feel forgotten about.  Like everything come so automatically, they forget that something as simple as a 'thank you' would be appreciated!  Even lovers can forget what it was that drew you together in the first place!  They let themselves get into a rut, and by the time they realize it it's too late.  That's why I love the Ever Us that  you used!  Those commercials stuck a cord with me too.  Not that I wanted one of those ring, which I did end up getting, but the whole thing got me thinking.  I was missing my connection with my own best friend!  It had been awhile since my hubby and I say down and talked about something other than the kids, the house, what needed to be paid.  We were actually starting to forget, we were more than parents and life partners.  We were taking each other for granted!  And, that was the one thing we promised ourselves we wouldn't do!  So, we fixed it!  And, that's why I love this story!  InuYasha and Sesshoumaru were able to fix it before it was to late!  Awesome job!!!


    B reading U!


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