Reviews for Ever Us -- A Purple Thong

BY : GayleNightingale

  • From NikkiS71 on March 28, 2020

    Oh my goodness!  I so can't!  LOL!

    This reminded me of when my hubby and I had mismatched schedules.   It's hard to connect when life pulls you on different directions.   I love the interaction between Sesshoumaru and Dolly.  She's such a devoted and loving pup, and its evident that she's absolutely crazy about Sesshoumaru!  Me and InuYasha have the same problem it seems.  Keeping kids out of the snacks can be a constant challenge!  Kids are sweet, but deviously sneaky little rats!  I have to hid EVERYTHING!!!

    My gosh!  Those two dogs certainly  know how to burn up the sheets!  I'm salivating over the thought of Sesshoumaru in that purple thong!  What a feast for the eyes that must have been!  Whoo!!  Yum!!!  InuYasha is an extremely lucky dog!  You almost killed me when Sesshoumaru yelled the oil is about to spill over!  

    But, the kicker is the fact that he was wearing Keiko's underwear!  How in the world did Keiko's underwear fit Sesshoumaru!?!  That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    Another awesome moment in the happy lives of the Royal Shiro Inus!

    Amazing job as expected!

    B reading U!

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