I think I'm going crazy, Inuyasha

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Okay folks. My first real attempt at a inyuasha/sesshomaru fic without it being a crossover. please bear with me concerning name mispellings and such. Enjoy.


I think I'm going crazy, Inuyasha!

Chapter 1

In a strangely damp room, Sesshomaru sat.  A puddle of water surrounding him. Up to the pale skin on the top of his feet.  Soaking the ivory silk kimono he wore. His hair was hanging in thin, oily strings; his face was no better.  Jakken opened the door and bowed to his master but only thing that came out of the great demon’s mouth was, “What a fat frog you are…”

A sigh left the toad's mouth.  It was all he could do not to lose hope.  What was the matter with his lord?  Why this sudden change of personality? Why this disregard for his own appearance?  He looked like he had not bathed in weeks.  

The young human child sniffed, as she sat near the door. “Lord Sesshomaru is sick isn’t he? Is he going to die master Jakken?” Rin sniffed more, rubbing her small eyes.

The small demon couldn’t answer that.  He only prayed that his master didn’t die.  Physically, he wasn’t sick.  Obviously, his master was having some strange mental issues.   The next time he peaked into the room, he saw that Sesshomaru was splashing at the puddle on the floor like a mere child, fascinated by the water that shimmered in the air.  A giggle left the room, and then he knew.  He needed to get Inuyasha.  Right away.

In the vast forest, Inuyasha sat on the branch of a tree, hands stuffed into the arms of his haori.  It was all over.  Naraku was dead.  Kikyo was gone, and Kagome was back in her own time.  Everything seemed more peaceful now…so why this restless heart?  An unruly gust of wind blew his silver tresses to and fro, lifting his scent to far off lands.  What was left for him?  Truly, he doubted there was anything.  The once fiery gold in his eyes was a mere shimmer, and the tuscan hue of his skin had become faint as vibrancy left it.  He was alone like he wanted, right?  There was nothing wrong with living alone after spending a lifetime of pain.  His mind wandered to his only remaining relative.  His brother.  He knew there was something wrong…he must be crazy.  Even the great Sesshomaru, ruler of the western lands wasn’t alone.  Being alone does something to you.  It makes you crazy. “Feh..I’m already crazy…”

As if to prove that very point, he watched something small and green pounce from tree to tree.  He was curious, following it immediately.  He flew from branch to branch as if he had wings, soaring through the air with each bound.  Something perked up in him.  Something about chasing whatever it was, made him come alive.  For this moment, he put his all into finding out what ever the hell it was.  The small creature jumped from the oak and landed on forest floor, hopping fast into a open field.  That’s when the hanyou stopped. “Its you! What the hell do you want, Jakken?”  How had he been so foolish as to not use his nose?  The toad could clearly be smelled, as his scent was very distinct.

The small servant gulped as a claw landed on his throat. “Lord Sesshomaru is ill Inuyasha!!!” he yelped, falling back on his small hands to the ground.

“Why should I give a damn if that bastard's sick or not. "

“You don’t understand!! He is very ill!! He will fall without your assi-“ he stopped, as pale feet began to walk toward him and gently retrieve him from the other's grasp. His small body was cradled to Sesshomaru's bare chest, and he shook in fear.

“My little froggy…why have you left me? I was so alone without my little froggy…” He nuzzled him with a red stripe covered cheek.  

Jakken could die of a heart attack now.

Inuyashas eyes went wide. “Sesshomaru??

Surely, this wasn’t his brother.  For one thing, he wasn’t decent!!  All that he wore was a open kimono, exposing his pale white skin to the world, ridges of delicately placed muscle taut, with sweat that trickled down to the lord's inner thighs.  His hair was oily and not thick as it once was.  Instead it was straight and hanging in oily strings that cascaded to the grass.  More surprising was that he was naked, dirty, and holding his servant like a puppy; and that he was smiling!  Not just any smile.  A gentle one that spread to the crimson markings on his face, eyes wider and filled with fascination and curiosity.  This couldn’t be his brother, but sure enough, he was answered.

“Well hello. You’re a cute little puppy.. can I pet you?”

“No! What the hell's the matter with you!  I’m not your dog!” The half demon growled.   Then, something wet and shinning started to fall from his brother's eyes, and before he knew it he was crying, falling to his knees and clutching Jakken tightly.

“ Please….daddy never gave me a puppy….I’ll be good to you….I’ll feed you…and give you baths…you’ll have the nicest things…” sobs broke from the older man's body. 

Inuyasha was in complete shock. Yes. Something definitely was wrong with Sesshomaru.

However, all he could do to soothe him was to say “Alright…”

Sesshomaru was like a child.  His eyes lit up, as he tossed Jakken into the woods, picking Inuyasha up instead.

“Wait!! Let me go ya sick bastard!!! If this is some fucking joke Sesshomaru, I’m NOT laughing!!!”

“ I’m so glad you have accepted!! What should I call you?! “ he chuckled as he ignored his comments, bounding to the castle with his baby brother in his arms.

Inuyasha felt more than a little uneasy from having his brother hold him, so he gulped and ceased his fighting before he was dropped out of the sky.


Little starter there, expect a new page soon!! So Sesshomaru is crazy? What has driven the lord crazy, or was he always like this and no one ever noticed? Will Inuyasha help him, based on the need to be around something or somebody, or will he run for the hills?!

Liked review, if you didnt like it still review, I like to know.

Prismakakkerra ^.^

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