Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru felt content. His intended was leaning on him which was a sign of trust. He knew they were bonding and that was what he needed. Getting to know Mirage was easier than he thought once he gained her confidence. However, her thoughts were still of him being completely homosexual so he had to correct that soon.

“Are you ok with opening up to me like this always Mirage? I need you to do so. I wonder why you have not ever done so with anyone else. Your supervisor complains you hide your feelings even in pain and that you sometimes seem distant. The friends and co workers you have spent time with for all these years fear for you.”

Mirage shrugged. She really had nothing to lose. If he planned on killing her he could still do so. Why fear death when its Angel was right here allowing her to be so close to something so untouchable? He was letting her so why deny it? Mirage knew he could read minds so there was no point in hiding anything. He had opened the pages to a very long book and Mirage was not sure why he wanted to see this story that was all she was in life.

Perhaps Raiden was just sadistic and bored. Maybe he hoped she could annoy him enough so that killing her was not a bother. It could be perhaps to gain her trust.

Mirage could not be played into a false sense of security because fact was she did not care anymore except for her son and she would make certain he would be safe. She met a demon and there was no way in hell she was leaving this plane with her life intact. He cannot afford his secret to get out. If he let her live then she could not ever go back to a normal life. There were too many risks.

It was just that Bobby would suffer as well as her family for a time if she did die at the hands of this demon and Mirage worried for her son. She would ask before the demon killed her that if he had some memory spell to help Bobby forget what he had seen and to at least have mercy on her son by insuring he was well taken care of because if he did not she really was going to haunt him for the rest of his life throwing things at him. Every day that she haunted him Mirage would be making his life completely miserable.

Mirage thought of all the horrible things she would do to this demon man if he did anything to her son and Sesshoumaru had to smirk since he could read every one of her thoughts. She was so bad and it was a good thing. These were the kind of things that made him only want her more.

“Mirage your thoughts betray you. I am truly interested in what you have to say and you do not annoy me in the slightest. Do not make me invade your mind again by being so silent. It is not something I desire from you right now.”

Sesshoumaru watched Mirage pout then she went to sit up. Her neck was starting to get a kink in it. Rubbing the back of her neck she looked at the drink not touching it yet, but was thirsty. She did not trust anyone. It could be poisoned or drugged.

“Come with me. We will get you something not made by the hands of others.”

Sesshoumaru stated taking Mirage’s hand not blaming her for not trusting the staff on the plane. Sesshoumaru took the drink that Mia had made to give to her that the boys in their ignorance had not paid attention to had permanent blue dye in the bottom. He had seen that look when they got on board the plan that his ex lover gave Mirage and it pissed him off since he had told Mia several times he felt nothing for her.

“Pour this out Mia and we will no longer need your services. You are dismissed as soon as we land.”

Sesshoumaru’s eyes were bright red in his fury as he told Mia this after showing Mirage where the fridge was in the back of the plane. Sesshoumaru had entered Mia’s small cabin and lifted her by her throat.

“You are lucky to be alive. I should kill you now. I will give you less than ten minutes to be out of my site when we land. If you are not I will take your life. Nothing we had done in the past matters and it did not matter then. I took pity on you believing I took advantage of an innocent girl. I found out later how truly innocent you were and I am disgusted I ever touched you. That one time was a mistake that will not ever occur again.’
“I will show no mercy next time we meet. If you do one more thing to attack that beautiful woman I will humiliate you without even caring she is right there to witness. If I have to do that I guarantee you will wish you were dead you stupid little bitch.”

Mia sobbed as he dropped her to the floor.

“I love you. I thought you loved me.”

Sesshoumaru growled low at that stupid attempt to gain favor with him.

“I believe that as much as I believe you did not almost destroy Lee’s face. I do not feel love for you and never stated I did. You had more chances then anyone to be with one of my family’s finest males and you destroyed that all in one night. Lee loved you and you now have made him hate the very site of you. Still out of the debt he owes to me he put up with you working here. It is over and has been over for a long time. Get over your obsessions and move on with your life while you still have it.”

Sesshoumaru closed the door and walked over to Mirage who was downing a cranberry juice. Sesshoumaru looked at the ice and juice wondering why she did not add a bit of the alcohol he had stashed aboard this plane. Most of his guests took advantage of this and he did not mind a drink on occasion.

“There are some bottles of fine liquor if you prefer to add it to your juice Mirage.”

Mirage smiled and shook her head no as she was reading an article she found about Raiden Tashio concerning this new health company he started.

“No thanks. I don’t drink because I like keeping my head on straight. I may have a Schmirnoff ice on occasion, but two and I am already buzzed. So I prefer to stay sober. Very rarely will I drink anything more than water, juice, or tea.’
“You have an amazing background Raiden. You are indeed the business man of the year. Your companies are everywhere. This is however your first company in America that is for the common working man so that a cure for blindness can be found and better medications will be created to help with some of the worst diseases known to mankind. I can see that your intentions are noble in all you do. It is amusing too considering a demon that kills is helping people to live longer.”

Sesshoumaru smirked. He would remember that she could get drunk quite easily now. It would be fun to at least see the results of such an event.

“I assure you it is for completely selfish reasons that I do this. I mean I really can’t have unhealthy prey wandering about the streets. I might not be able to get a decent meal if I can’t keep the cattle strong enough for the hunt.’
“So have one of those fake beers you like, I also do not mind them. I have a few in the fridge.”

Mirage smiled. He was not fooling anyone.

“Oh please. You have a blind brother so this blind research is to keep your lunch boxes full? Give me a break Raiden. I am not that dense. Still maybe I will have one of those for now. Do not tempt me with anything else though since I am meeting your family.”

Sesshoumaru once again sat next to Mirage holding his drink after she got hers. She opened the top and drank it straight from the bottle making him smile. He got a cup, but it was nice to just relax with someone and Sesshoumaru wished in some ways he could be that bottle. It was amazing how something as insignificant as a bottle against a woman’s lips could bring about such a response of desire in him. Mirage did not pay attention to Sesshoumaru as she set the cool bottle against her forehead enjoying the sensation. Sesshoumaru watched as a small drip from the condensation of the bottle fell upon her chest sliding down in between her breasts. He could watch her forever as she placed the bottle down then licked her lips. She really had no clue how sexy she was to him or to anyone. It was taking all his strength not to just throw her to the floor rip off their cloths and fuck her like an animal.

“Do you have any regrets or any desires that you have not fulfilled? I do not mean to pry, but I was enjoying our conversations so I decided to start a new one. You seem to harbor so many things deep within and only express them to try to push people’s buttons to see how far you can get. Children do this, but usually not adults so why did you do this? I know I do it, but did not expect anyone else to do such things. What made you fight the system so much? I read you are friends with those above you touching upon some forbidden subject only to confuse them so much they forgot what you were telling them. It was an excellent way to keep out of trouble.”

Sesshoumaru stated with a slight grin. Mirage sighed ignoring his hand running up and down her arm. It felt nice, but he was just teasing. It was a game and it was fun. The guy was amusing. She could play along as long as he kept his promises.

“There are some things I have said I regretted later, but they were things referring to me personally I did not intentionally blurt out. I say things about myself often that I regret later. I would have had to deal with the consequences and in some ways I think unconsciously I wanted to be caught. I wanted to be saved from damnation for my sins.’
“I do have to take responsibility for my actions and it is not easy to do so. I only tell you this because I also push my limits and if I do so with you I want you to know this now. I don’t want anything to be hidden especially since you are giving me the same courtesy. I cannot lie to a man who has revealed so much to me."

Sesshoumaru this time decided enough was enough. He did not care they just met and he hoped Mirage would get over the dumb idea that if she gave herself over to passion that she was a bad person. They were meant to be together. All the signs pointed to it and Sesshoumaru’s demon was now sick of being stifled.

“I think that we can make things work out for all of us. I really do not want those I work with to not get along. I know you are angry with Charlie for kissing you, but I am sure nothing further will happen with him unless you want it to. I can make sure he remains professional, but I do need you to work with him.”

Sesshoumaru felt Mirage's temper rise and could smell her demonic blood starting to come to the surface. She did not seem to notice. Her ice blue eyes could freeze even the strongest man in his tracks and Sesshoumaru already knew who she was mad at. Charlie was still apparently a sore subject and it was a good thing. It meant Kouga right now was no longer a rival. He almost wanted to smirk, but her anger at Kouga not revealing his true form was not Kouga’s entire fault.

“I just can’t believe he hid all of this from me and then rejected me only to kiss me. I just don’t understand it I guess. I don’t think I want to either.”

Mirage stated defeated trying not to let her temper get the best of her. It just seemed like any time she talked to Charlie he was overly nice only to be a temperamental jerk the next minute. She did not hate him; she just did not understand him.

"You had a husband before you met Charlie so he had no reason to reveal his true nature. May I inquire what kind of demon your mate was?"

Sesshoumaru asked politely as Mirage looked at him in confusion.

"He was not a demon. We are like I told you before, some form of human even if we don’t want to admit to it. I mean I joked about him being a werewolf or wolf demon. His eyes would go black when he was mad and he was so fuzzy. I liked that. He was a good man and I was not as good to him as I could have been."

Mirage stated sadly. Sesshoumaru frowned. He knew this demon and Kouga was right. He was no one to mess with. He had been killed by humans and hanyous. The war was brought home when her mate died because Kouga asked him directly to help in causing the demise of this particular demon's enemies. So this was why Kouga had begged him to help. Kouga was going to pay when this was done. Sesshoumaru wanted to strangle him right now.

"I am sorry for his loss. Your file stated you lost him three years ago. He was a hero and I can tell you personally the fiends that took his life are dead."

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru in confusion and sorrow.

"What? When? By who?"

Sesshoumaru sat back and ran a clawed hand through his hair in frustration.

"By me, Charlie, and Ronin. Charlie told me what happened to your mate and I had to do something about it. No one kills one of my own family and lives. Your mate is was my cousin and had been a good friend. It was many many years ago. I don't understand why no one showed you their true nature. You are part demon and part Angel. I can smell it."

Suddenly the young flight attendant arrived with the drinks with shaking hands.

“Why are you serving us Mia?”

Sesshoumaru stated firmly trying not to lose his temper faking a smile although his eyes were glaring daggers at the girl who had pissed him off. Mia was really pushing her luck with him and he was in no mood for her games. His demon was coming to claim his mate and if Mia thought she could stop it then she was mistaken. Sesshoumaru could smell the girl who was letting her scent off trying to gain his demon’s interest. It only caused his demon to become angrier since he had his chosen mate next to him and this female wanted to cause her pain. Sesshoumaru could smell it.

“The boys were sleeping and I did not wish to wake them Mr. Tashio.”

Sesshoumaru nodded annoyed. He would tolerate this for now since he was still keeping up an illusion for Mirage. Handing one to Sesshoumaru with a sweet smile Sesshoumaru took it from her giving her a curt nod with a disgusted look on his face as he set the drink down not touching it.

"Thank you Mia."

Sesshoumaru stated trying to ignore the woman he had a onetime affair with and regretted doing so afterwards. The girl was one of Kouga's many cousins and so he gave her a job. Then one drunken night he fucked up and she had not ever gotten over him. Sesshoumaru ignored her since she was good at her job, but Mia was crafty. Lee learned that the hard way after he tried to pursue her and she clawed the hell out of his face.

"My Lady."

Mia stated as she went to hand Mirage the drink. Mirage was not stupid and knew the girl's plan as the drink was intended to spill all over her. Mia had determination in those eyes and Mirage knew this trick. Instead of letting the drink spill on her Mirage oopsed on purpose knocking the drink with her hand making it spill all over the front of the startled girl's uniform. Sesshoumaru tried hard not to start laughing his ass off as Mirage made the perfect fake innocent face as she pretended to be shocked.

"Oh my dear I am so sorry. I don't think I have anything to help you clean that up, I hope your uniform is not ruined."

Mirage cooed and pretended to feel bad about it while looking for a napkin to help the fuming young demon girl.

"Never mind my Lady I will clean this up."

Mia sneered as she stomped off to clean herself off. With that Sesshoumaru could not help himself he started laughing so hard he though he felt the tears at the corners of his eyes. This was better than killing the girl.

"Mirage you are downright evil and so damn beautiful. I wish I had a video camera. Lee and his Father would love you for that."

Mirage just sat back smiling wickedly.

"It served her right for trying to do that shit to me. I am no longer some little girl who had to grow up in Daddies mean world. Give me a break, the oldest fucking trick in the book. That little bitch needs to be put in her place."

Mirage growled. Sesshoumaru smiled big. He could not believe the power and the anger radiating off of Mirage. She was pissed and when Mia came back she saw the glare Mirage was giving her as Mia brought the drink closer. Mia's hand shook, but she was determined to get this bitch back for trying to steal Sesshoumaru.

"I do not want anything from you Mia. Thank you."

Mirage said coldly and Mia swallowed hard as Sesshoumaru's eyes bled to red as a warning not to piss him off either. If the girl would have come any closer Sesshoumaru would have killed her. Mia knew this and hung her head in defeat. Mia nodded and walked away heartbroken. Her stunt now definitely ended any hope of Sesshoumaru wanting her again.

"That one has a thing for you hardcore."

Mirage stated as she looked at Mia's retreating back feeling a slight bit sorry for the girl who would be sobbing tonight.

"Yes I know. It was my mistake. I was drunk and stupid. I should not have touched her and now I am dealing with it. I felt sorry for her and that was just as big of a mistake. She is not as sweet or innocent as she seems so don’t let her fool you."

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru in shock.

"You are trouble with a capitol T. Are you telling me you swing both ways?"

Mirage stated with a grin. Then stopped realizing what she just had blurted out. They were just starting to work together and this was no way to start a working relationship with a man like this. He was too proper and it was not her business. This was pushing and it might have been a real embarrassment to a man who liked other men. He may not be bi and that drunken night he forgot himself only to live with the regrets still. It happened to good people all the time.

"Oh I am so sorry. It is not my business. I did not mean to offend."

Sesshoumaru held her hand again and kissed it.

"I am not offended. In American terms I am bi. In our terms I am the King of Demons allowed to mate with whom I see fit. I can have more than one mate, but once mated we are bound for life. I being a dog demon am much like the wolves who are serving us as well as piloting this aircraft. Wolves mate for life. Dog demons tend to stray on occasion so to stop this from being a problem we came up with a solution. Demons, all of them decided to create a powerful spell that allows lesser demons to take two mates. Demons can have one male and one female mate. The most powerful of us all, as I am, can take up to six mates. Three male and three female if we so choose to do so. Most demons are mated to two mates. My Father had six as did his Father. I have no interest in taking on more then I find reasonably tolerable.”

Mirage sat back feeling kind of funny now since she had been flirting a bit with Sesshoumaru thinking he was safe to play like that with. Being gay he had no interest in her as a female so they could be silly like that as friends. Now it felt like she may have been misinterpreting this whole thing and hoped Raiden understood her position since there was no way she was getting involved with him other than to be his friend.

"I do not like people even my own sometimes. It is rare when I find anyone I care for or wish to bother with. Still I have had many lovers. We are on the hunt and it is mating season. This is the hardest part of the year to be away from mates. I will not lie to you. I want you. I want you to be my mate. I want you to be my only female mate. I have no interest in looking for others. I do not wish to force you so I will court you and I will do nothing unless you wish me to after I mark you. My blood will lose control in seven months so I have to find a female mate and mate with her before that time. It does not require rutting right away, but if I do not bite a female I want then I will suffer perhaps hurting an innocent. I do not want to do that to anyone.'
"Charlie and Ronin are my life mates. Ronin is my half brother so it is acceptable that I can mate him. He is blind and so I do all I can to make his life comfortable. Ronin is very powerful and we have fought often. I need to do more to make him feel loved.'
"Charlie is not what I thought he was. In the time he has known you apparently something changed making him deceive me. I am furious with him. Charlie as you well know has told you he has had many lovers. He wants you very badly. I do not want you to be forced into a decision you are not ready to make yet and with me vying for you I am afraid he might lose control. Mating season does not make us level headed and we tend to fight each other even those of us males who are already mated. It is the smells in the air and our hormones become wild.'
"So to protect you from others including him I have placed my claim on you. I spoke to your military about it to insure that you got these DOD Civilian orders for your protection; they agreed for your safety this was necessary.’
“I do not lie and I have no reason to now. I have not told you my real name or my families because you must decide what you want to do. I can't let my family become victim to anyone. Even you and if I told you our names I doubt you would believe me. If Ronin's mate had not written in that blasted diary and if Ronin had not lost it we would not be having this problem.'
"I know it seems rather barbaric and it was not fair for you who do not understand the demon's nature. You and your mate were caught up in the demon wars. I and those you had known in the military cannot allow you who the last of your kind except for your son to be placed in danger. Angels are not what people think they are. There are only two of you left because the few that walked this earth were murdered by demons.'
"Demons look like humans also. We blend in, but at one point many worlds came to this earth. We are not just a mixed group of races, but of cultures from other planets. I have millions of scrolls, books, and papers as well as an item proving these facts. You are in the middle of the biggest top secret government cover-ups in history.’
“I have tried for years to keep demons hidden and creatures like you protected from others. You have seen me in my demon form. You know what I am and I will no longer hide this from you. Now that I know you are alive and real I can't just walk away from you. Demons are going to hunt you and your son down.’
“Charlie hid you and had no right to do so. Your mate did not tell you about your powers he stifled you. He was a true demon and a dark angel. Not evil, but one of the last dark angels. They are even rarer and now there is just your son. I do not know of any others in this world. So you are a dying race.'
"The humans, demons, and hanyous want your powers. Your scent is so strong that you may be raped perhaps worse if you are not protected. It is your blood that is desired and brings the ultimate pleasure to demons. We are creatures who want pleasure and that pleasure can come in more than one form."

Mirage nodded not quite believing this. This complicated things. If he was strait gay then she knew he would not want anything from her when the contract was done. Now she realized her situation. He did not want to use her for the things he gave her, but he did like Charlie want what was not his to take. Charlie kissed her without permission and after all that bullshit of saying he was not interested. It pissed her off. Now this guy wanted what was not his to take also which was her whole life. They were crafty, beautiful, and deadly. Still this guy had no reason to lie to her really. He had no reason to be nice to her at all and for some reason she did believe he took out her husband's killers.

"Ok before I hear any more I want you to describe in detail what you did to those bastards that killed my husband. I will know if you are lying to me demon since his friends came home telling me everything. I wish to know what my husband had done to the fuckers and what was done in his honor Raiden Tashio. Right now I feel like the whole word has been turned upside down. I trust you, but only because I have no reason not to believe you. I am hoping you will not give me any reason to think I have to stop.’
“You want me to be your mate, but I told you I was not interested. Now I feel like I was leading you on because I thought you were completely gay. I had gay friends that I leaned on and play flirted with. I feel like I have given you the wrong impression of me and I am sorry about that. It was not my intention."

Sesshoumaru really did not like how she practically sneered the word demon at him, but she was pissed. She had every reason to be. Everything she had been taught or knew in life was all lies. Hidden secrets and this was the first time the truth was out.

“Mirage, you have every reason to be angry with not knowing me. Still it is time now for me to finish things. I have been patient enough and you should not ever assume things. You should especially not assume anything about a man like me since that is foolish.’
“You are starting to withdraw from me. I can feel it and I won’t allow it. I am no longer patient and my demon is done with waiting. You are claimed so even if we did not rut you are my mate and unless you want me to start killing people right now in front of you for real I suggest we get on with things. I have no time to mess with pleasantries any longer. At this point I refuse to find another to remove the lust I have felt all day since I have been near you. I have not ever been refused and I will not tolerate it now. So we can do this the easy way or the hard way it matters not to me anymore.’
“Our courtship is done. I now will show you the true demon I am and I assure you that you will not want me to force this issue so do not fight me. I tell you now that if I have to force you then it will not be something you will want to me to repeat. I can do so many times over if you remain stubborn. The girl you feel sorry for will lose every one of her limbs or you can come with me now so I can do things the right way.”

Sesshoumaru cracked his neck and then got up from his seat. Then he bent over removing Mirage's seat belt and grasped her hand as she went to slap his growling at him as Sesshoumaru smirked at her.

"You wanted an answer to your questions. Do you want to find out or not?"

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru not trusting him. Then Sesshoumaru pulled Mirage into his arms nuzzling her mating point on her neck.

"I require a prize this time for what you ask. I can mate you without your marking me, but it will not be as pleasant for you. Agree to mate me and I will let you drink my blood to see for yourself the events that passed. Do not do so and I will tell you nothing leaving you to wonder what really happened."

Mirage snarled in rage. He was playing this game and it was not fair. He was going to get what he wanted and he knew it the dirty trickster.

"This is playing dirty Raiden Tashio. You want me to mate you and I do not know you."

Sesshoumaru smirked.

"We will have a lifetime for that, mate me and I will give you eternal life. A life you have only imagined and dreamed about. Mate me and I will do anything for you that you ask that is within reach. I cannot do the impossible. Be mine in every way this day and I will reveal any secrets you wish to know. I will hide nothing from you, I will never lie to you, and I will always protect you. I will be faithful to you keeping you as my only female that I will make love to and you will be bound to me for all eternity.’
“You will accept my mates, but you do not have to mate them. I won’t force you to do any more then this small thing I ask of you now. What I ask will not only save me from having to force someone else to be my mate, but will allow me to mate someone I have come to feel something for other then lust. I want you and I will accept no others in your place."

Mirage looked into those eyes. The golden eyes of the most beautiful man she had ever seen in her life. He would not let her go. The idea of him forcing her seemed so unlike him, but what if he could not control himself? What if he really tore that girl’s limbs off? Mirage did not like the girl, but the blood would mess up this really nice room and the screams would hurt her ears in such a small place. Plus in the end of all of that even though it was an entertaining thought after what Mia tried to do to her she did not deserve such a horrible fate.

"You are temptation Raiden. You are such temptation. What about my son? What about love? I cannot go an eternity with a man who cannot at least some day show me love. I don’t know if I want to live forever. I want to die after Bobby grows up."

Sesshoumaru grasped Mirage roughly.

“Do you not care about him? Do you not care about his children who want to know you? Did you ever think that maybe I need you too? Now that I see all this life in you I refuse to let you end it. You need to live eternally so that together we can both finally have a life and all of those things you described. You want a man of action who is all the things you desire. All you have to do is ask and I shall give you anything you want Mirage.”

Sesshoumaru kissed Mirage on the lips passionately as he pulled the woman he wanted closer to his body feeling her moan as his demon was pleased with the fact she was at least considering the options and not fighting him. Then he gently pulled away.

“Can demons love? Truly love someone. Do you remember how to love Raiden or have you experienced it?”

Sesshoumaru placed his forehead against Mirage’s holding her head firmly, but gently in his hands as he tried desperately to find a way to answer this question. It was only fair after offering that he give her what she desired. He did not know her enough nor did she know him to truly love each other. Still what he felt had to be damn close to it. After all of these years not even Kouga or Inuyasha made him feel in his heart what he felt when he held that picture in his hands. A connection like no other and then the answer came to him as he nuzzled the woman he desired so deeply that he felt his soul would rip in two if she made him force her to be his. That was not how he wanted to do things and he wanted this memory to be etched forever as something worth remembering. Something they could actually touch upon and keep as the most precious moment in their lives.

"I was shown such a thing once, so teach me again."

With that Mirage looked up at Sesshoumaru nodding in acceptance to his offer. She had to know what happened to her mate. She had to know this was not a dream and in some ways she wanted to do this just to be a bitch since Charlie had pissed her off. She had loved him and would have done anything for him. His rejection was acceptable before, but to suddenly claim his undying love was wrong. It hurt and broke her inside.

So fucking what if she did not love again. There was attraction and lust in the air. Her body wanted this man and it had been a damn long time since she had been with anyone. Plus that did not even have to happen yet. He needed her to not hurt others. Mirage had always wanted to be the heroine and perhaps this was one small way to save someone else from this fate. Mirage would be strong enough somehow.

Sesshoumaru removed his tie not ever taking his eyes off of Mirage as he removed his jacket then with his mental powers opened the cabin doors to a large bed in the back of the plane. Lifting Mirage into his arms Sesshoumaru did not say a word, but instead carried her to the room then used those same powers to close the doors sealing off the room with a powerful spell to make sure they were not disturbed.

"Relax; I am not going to bite you yet. I will be gentle."

Sesshoumaru stated to Mirage as he gently pulled the strange contraption that held up her long silky hair out. He cut it up a bit with his claws so it was rendered useless. His slightly unbuttoned white silk shirt made the man look so sexy. Mirage looked at his shirt and had always wanted to try something.

"Are you going to be pissed off if I ruin this?"

Mirage asked looking at Sesshoumaru’s shirt and Sesshoumaru smirked knowing what she had in mind.


Sesshoumaru stated softly as he let her pull the front so all the buttons went flying everywhere and ripped the rest of it pulling it off of his shoulders. Then with tentative fingers Mirage touched the marks under his ribs that matched the ones on his face. Sesshoumaru closed his eyes trying to hold still so she could touch him. The innocent touches were driving him mad. For a woman who had been with a man before she was the perfect mix of woman and child. This woman was like no other in the fact she was still so innocent and at the same time a sexy wild passionate woman. There was so much passion in this woman and her scent was strong filling his senses as he traced her jaw line with his fingers as she touched his face then his hair.

"It is so soft, you hair looks like pure silver metal, but it is soft."

Then Mirage gently ran her fingertips over his well muscled arms. Sesshoumaru is so built and not overly so. Sesshoumaru with his shirt off was very broad in chest, the chest of a man not a boy, and he looked like a porcelain Greek god. So perfect and so well made. Sesshoumaru found he could not take her soft touches any longer.

"Mirage I want to rut with you. I don't think I can hold back. You are making me insane woman. Please don't tell me no and that you are just teasing me."

Mirage looked up at the tormented face of Sesshoumaru.

"I was not joking. I refuse to be mated to you for life and not know intimately what I am going to be mated to that would be stu........"

Sesshoumaru silenced Mirage with a kiss as he laid her down on the bed. His fingers entwined in hers. His claws shredded her gown in one swipe. Then he cut the straps throwing the material away as she lay now with one of those pretty matching strapless bra and panty sets with Mirage blushing trying to hide her abdomen from his eyes with her hand to cover her marks from having her son. Sesshoumaru grasped both her wrists above her head causing Mirage to arch her body leaving her vulnerable to his hungry eyes.

"You will not hide yourself from me beautiful creature."

Sesshoumaru stated as his demon was starting to come forward, his eyes bled red as he gently nipped at that soft skin moaning at the taste of such a passionate woman. Her very skin tasted like heaven. He ran his tongue down her body using his fangs and claws to cause small scratches getting a small taste of that sweet blood his body was begging for since the first time he tasted it.

With a flick of a claw the bra was ripped in half exposing her breasts that were a perfect handful as he teased the nipples with his teeth with his tongue causing Mirage to moan in pleasure. She had forgotten all guilt, all the past, and all pain. This moment was all for them both and Mirage found she was drawn to this creature. There was no fighting him. His pure demon nature demanded her submission and Mirage's demon she did not know was inside of her body wanted this demon man's powerful blood as badly as he wanted hers. This was a worthy male. He had earned the right to take her and her blood sang this as it pumped through her veins like fire. Only one other man had done this to her and he was gone. It felt so good to feel like she was being adored and loved again even if this was only animal lust.

Mirage moaned and writhed against Sesshoumaru as his fingers slid into her panties pushing into her moist tight depths that had not been penetrated by a male in years. She was almost fresh and new like a virgin again. Sesshoumaru knew his female was going to be in slight pain since he was very big. In some ways it was a curse and at the same time he was quite proud of that fact. Kicking off his shoes Sesshoumaru broke the belt ripping it out of his trousers and shredded the front of his pants then literally tore them off as well as his boxers. He was completely naked except for the blasted socks which he mentally willed off his feet as he did with Mirage's shoes. He was not quite ready to tear off those pretty blue silk panties of hers yet with his teeth.

Sesshoumaru loved to please his lovers since it gave him just as much pleasure. It also gave him ultimate control over their release. Sesshoumaru could prolong his orgasm for hours if necessary and could also cum more times than any normal man being that he was a demon. Being an Alpha with more power than any other gave him many advantages that men would beg to have and that had his mates begging for more. Kouga was going to be crying, begging, and pleading with him when he was done with him. That sadistic thought turned him on even more.

With a soft nip Sesshoumaru licked and slid his tongue over all of Mirage's beautiful body. Then gently lifting her hips using his teeth Sesshoumaru pulled off her pretty silk panties. With a soft whimper Mirage looked down at his face. Sesshoumaru was all demon now and looked both frightening as well as sexy. Sesshoumaru knew that he had Mirage completely at his mercy.

Mirage felt his head dive in between her legs and she arched up as that tongue, mouth, fingers, and lips were causing her all sorts of wicked pleasure. Sesshoumaru is such a man and such a lover. This man was too good and Mirage grasped her hair crying out the name he had told her was his own as he bit her smiling at her reaction as she was cumming into his mouth with that blood adding to the perfect flavor. It drove him over the edge. Still he was shocked when he moved over her preparing to take her only to have Mirage shove him onto his back making him look at her in surprise.

"Now it is your turn to call my name beautiful demon."

Sesshoumaru whimpered slightly when Mirage ran butterfly kisses over his chest then took his small hard nipple into her mouth licking and sucking it causing him to moan in pleasure. He totally forgot that this was a woman, not a little virgin girl. All others had been young or afraid. None of the other females had bothered to attempt to please his body. They just greedily took what he gave, but that to him was the curse of being a man. A few females had tried, but none had been aggressive with him. They just acted like it was a job or did it because they wanted his money.

"What is your real name?"

Mirage stated as she took his huge hard shaft into her mouth and with him being so large she used her hand to manipulate the rest of him which felt incredible.

“You won’t like it if I tell you and you probably will be pissed off so much you will stop so please don’t ask this of me.”

Sesshoumaru stated in frustration. Mirage was not about to give up as a wicked smile curved over her lips. He promised no secrets.

“Tell me or I will stop making you force me because I will fight you. I want to know the truth Raiden. I deserve that from you.”

Those lips were causing his body such chaos and he could have refused. Still he did not want to and she was right. Mirage had earned this and was in turn giving him all he wanted plus more. He felt it in his bones and his gut that if he made this sacrifice she would give him more than he ever bargained for. It would be well worth the small humiliation. It was his name after all and he should not find cause to hide it. Mirage sucked him and started licking a spot that had him grasping his hair realizing that no one had ever made him feel like this including his male mates. How did she know about that sensitive spot right below his thick shaft’s head?

Then manipulating, sucking on his balls and touching his thighs softly was driving him insane. She was so damn good. Then she stopped with a smile on her face.

“I am waiting. I want to know what name I am supposed to be calling out when you are making me feel as good as you did a few minutes ago. I want to call your true name. The name of this man I am to be mated to whose body is going to be loved by me for his whole life. You want me to do more you better fess up.”

Sesshoumaru smirked as he liked this game. She brought him to the edge then pulled away and finally he could not take this shit any more.

"My name is Sesshoumaru."

Mirage's head popped up as she stopped right before he was about to cum. It was too fucking cruel. It had felt so damn good and he was so damn close. Shit!

"Like the cartoon guy?"

Sesshoumaru smirked as he laid his head back wishing to the gods that he would not have said his real name.

"Yes that is me. I will explain later. Please don't tease or talk unless you want to kill me. I am dying here."

Mirage sucked harder and teasing his large balls with her fingers. Sesshoumaru though he was in heaven. He could die right now and be ok with it. With her skills with his body he came and she swallowed all of his seed licking him off.

“Now was that so terrible?”

Mirage smirked as she climbed up Sesshoumaru’s body kissing him everywhere and nibbled his ear making Sesshoumaru smirk with a small grin on his face. His eyes were still closed as he was enjoying the aftermath of this pleasure. Soon though he felt her hand gently start to manipulate him to make him once again hard as a rock as she once again started licking him in those spots that made him want her to do that forever. It felt good and unlike his other lovers she was not so rough with him right after making him cum. It did take a second to recover and she had given his sensitive skin a long enough break. It was as though she could read his body as well as he could read hers. They were in sync with each other.

“Yes it was horrific, but soon it will be your turn to suffer. Mirage is really your name right? So now I will have to find out more secrets about you so that I can torment you the same way.”

Mirage smiled big this time. She had to admit he was so damn sexy and under her right now he was every fantasy she had desired in a man. All Mirage could think about right at that moment was that Sesshoumaru has such an incredible body with so many wonderful charms to play with. He would be adventurous and fun. Sesshoumaru would hold nothing back from her.

“So beautiful lover I wonder if you feel as good as you taste. I can’t wait for you to be inside of me and for you to bite me. I have fantasized about being bitten and to be fucked by a wild beautiful creature. By you specifically so do you want this because I do. I have been wet wanting you for years.”

Sesshoumaru smiled imagining Mirage playing with her beautiful body dreaming of him touching her. He only wished all those years he could have been really doing this with her and that they could be doing this before these modern times.

“When I am done marking you woman I want you to show me exactly how much you wanted me and still want me. I want you to touch yourself and I want to watch. You turn me on so much my Mirage with the way you talk. Woman I don’t know how I lived without you.”

Sesshoumaru brought Mirage’s face down as he kissed her deeply, then their kiss intensified as Mirage rubbed her wet pussy against his hard shaft as he whimpered in want. Mirage was so damn wet and she wanted him so bad it was driving him insane.

“Can I watch you with your mates or maybe even later join in? I have always wanted to watch two men go at it if nothing else to satisfy a deviant itch I have to scratch.”

Sesshoumaru stopped kissing her looking into Mirage’s lust filled eyes knowing she was telling the truth. God he loved this woman. She wanted him and would accept his life without asking him to change anything. He felt this and hoped she would ask.

“Of course you can. I want you to be a part of it and join in. Hell, Inuyasha is begging for you to do this and for me to extend the spell for him. I just might let him. Would you be willing?”

Mirage smiled feeling rather embarrassed.

“I want to try new things Sesshoumaru. We are going to be together for an eternity. It is a long time to live without experiencing all things. We will have to work things around this strange arrangement you have set up for me.’
“This moment and the moments we share in the future are for us and no one else needs to know about it. If it comes down to it I will quit the contract. I love helping the military, but my family already sacrificed a lot so if I have to let go then I have no regrets. I want to be with you and now that I know who you really are I want it more. You have always been a part of my life since the first day I saw that silly cartoon. I did not think you existed. Now that you do I feel lucky and you don’t let miracles walk away. I want to love you and for us both to learn to love each other. I want to know the real you.”

Mirage gently ran her fingers over Sesshoumaru’s handsome face. Taking her hand he kissed it softly. Then ran his fingers over her hair pulling her into his arms wondering how the hell he could have lived this long without her in his life. She made him so happy. Mirage was his and no one was going to take her away.

“I am going to show you everything. I want you to be my wife and my mate. I want to marry you woman. We will do it all together anything we both desire.”

Their kiss became more intense as limbs wrapped around each other and soon Mirage was ready to take him inside of her. Her body ached for that feeling of fullness and it wanted only one man to do this. Sesshoumaru was the one who she wanted to feel deep within and be connected to in every way possible. It was then Mirage went to slide herself down onto Sesshoumaru's thick long hard shaft only to have his eyes snap open as he rolled her over so he was on top of her.

"I am the one on top for this time. I won't be dominated by a female during our mating even if I do like that position. We will do that later."

Sesshoumaru stated as he felt her wet opening slowly accepting the huge head of his cock. She was so damn tight. Then he slammed into her and Mirage pulled him against her grasping his back as she panted into his shoulder. She did not scream, but a few small tears were felt on his shoulder. Then Mirage felt this feral passion build and with a look of determination in her eyes she growled at Sesshoumaru.

"Move. I want it hard, fast, and no excuses."

Mirage stated as Sesshoumaru lost all sense of control and reason at her demands. No one not even his male mates begged him to do them rough. Mirage was indeed constantly surprising him as she pushed her hips up in frustration. Sesshoumaru complied with her simple demands. He wanted this and if she wanted to be fucked at demonic speed with no control then so be it. It was amazing as she matched each of his powerful hard thrusts with those fabulous pc muscles of hers massaging him at each perfect stroke.

Sesshoumaru felt himself sweat. He was actually sweating and he did not give a shit. This felt too damn good and they were both out of control as with a roar he bit into her mating point causing her to explode over him as those muscles seemed to go crazy tightening against him and pulsing pushing him over the edge. Drinking that blood on top of it was like the ultimate pleasure and his demon was soaring in triumph. It had what it wanted. Every part of his body and even his controlled self that he separated from the demon was content in every possible way. He found his mate, his match, and the woman worthy of bearing his heirs as he felt her reproductive organs start healing preparing to accept his seed to allow him to pup his mate.

Mirage was even more than just the woman to bear his children; he was finding her to be the other half of his soul. He thought that had been Inuyasha, but it was Mirage. Inuyasha explained that once when Sesshoumaru had asked why Inuyasha had calmed after all these years from the wild hanyou, to the wild demon man, and now to a very mature man who was so much like their Father it still bothered him. Inuyasha stated it was because Kagome completed his soul. A soul mate was only found once in a lifetime and it felt like an electric charge. You can't walk away from a soul mate. Now Sesshoumaru understood and felt like his world was complete.

Sesshoumaru nuzzled Mirage who was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Her eyes were glowing with happiness and power.

"You have not finished Sir. I think our blood pact is incomplete and if you say you are tired I will agree with you saying you are ancient."

Sesshoumaru smiled. His other mates would have been worn out already needing a break while he was just getting his second wind.

"You are really ready for more? Drink first and then I will be more than happy to oblige my Lady. After all I am a man of my word."

Mirage watched Sesshoumaru cut his chest right over his heart with his razor sharp clawed fingers. Mirage drank and felt her body change. It tasted like power and was not copper in flavor. His blood was amazing and there were really no words to describe the flavor. It was more of a feeling then a sense. As Mirage licked the wound on his chest closed she saw the spot on his neck. The place on his neck that had been marked twice before called to her blood and then called for her bite. The mating point was to be marked again and this time by his female. Sesshoumaru enjoyed this shit and could not wait since he wondered what hers would be like since each mate was different in their reactions as well as their techniques. She felt fangs in her mouth and pounced biting hard as Sesshoumaru had her on her back again growling in pleasure as he thrust even harder than before into her body as she wrapped her legs around his waist lifting her hips to meet his thrusts trying to get as much of his wonderful hard self into her hot core. He felt so damn good and filled her so much she thought that perhaps the first time he would rip her body in half with such a huge tool of pleasure. It felt too good. He was too damn good and seemed to know the spot that would make her even wetter than before if that was at all possible as she felt her body orgasm more times then she could count. He was doing everything perfectly. It was as though he already knew what she wanted him to do without her saying a damn word.

After her mark was made Mirage licked the blood clean getting all she needed to know from this man who hid nothing from her. Still for being such a sneak when it came to this rather than just telling her outright she was not going to let him finish with her until they both could not walk.


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