It happened by Accident

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Chapter 1 (Uh Oh)


The battle with Naraku's puppet was growing fierce, and the evil half-demon's spare demons sprang out everywhere, as a young priestess did her best to ward off the demons who attempted to get too close. Her hanyou friend had sent their resident Houshi to protect her as he targeted the Naraku copy and she could hear the monk's staff jingle in the whirlwind of battle as he fought the demons whom she missed.

Her slim hand reached for another arrow and blanched when she felt the air. Oh god she was out of arrows. What was she going to do now? Kagome felt herself begin to panic at her new situation. Lucky for her, her companion noticed her predicament and grabbed her tiny wrist, pulling her into his fighting form. The petite priestess fit snugly into his side and her face pressed into his chest, afraid of seeing the demons that were coming at them. She whimpered with fear and her voice was laced with panic, "Miroku!"

The monk didn't look at her as he continued to beat away the demons, but his voice was gentle as he responded "Do not worry Lady Kagome. I would never let anything happen to you. You have my word."

The conviction in his voice rang through her, and she knew that he said were true. Words wouldn’t come to her, so she shook her head in response, taking a deep breath of the musky lemon grass scent of Miroku. ‘Mmm…He smells good.’ She felt herself stiffened at her thought. What the hell was wrong with her? They were in the middle of battle and all she could think about was how good Miroku smelled. For Christ's sake, this was Miroku. MIROKU!

She banished the disturbing thought and peered over the purple shoulder of the monk. She watched as her best friend Sango fought the demons at their backs. Kagome stared at the demon slayer and watched her slide through demon after demon with the precision of an expert.

The young priestess held onto the monk for dear life, feeling very helpless at the moment, while everybody else was fighting the demon horde. Her blue eyes continued to scan the area behind them. This was the least she could do for Miroku, after all he was keeping his word and keeping her safe. Her eyes grew as large as saucers when she saw a demon sneak passed Sango and head straight toward them very fast. There wasn't enough time to yell something, so she moved without thinking, knocking Miroku to the ground and instinctively making a barrier around them.

Miroku's violet eyes were wide with questions as the demon smashed into the barrier and dissolved into nothing. The barrier quivered, but did not go away as more demons crashed into it.

Kagome buried her face into his chest, her small hands clutching his robes in terror. ‘They were going to die!’ Her mind screamed. Her body shook, and tears formed in her eyes. They were going to get eaten, and it was all her faults. It was very much her fault.

Strong arms came around her, and warm breath tickled her ear. "Lady Kagome, we will be fine. Your barrier will hold. It is very strong."

She lifted her head and stared into pools of violet. Her own eyes filled with more tears "Are you sure?"

The monk's lean face held his conviction as he nodded "Yes, it will stay."

She felt a little better at his words and laid her head back down on his chest and tried to drown out the sounds of the demons dying against the barrier. The sound of Miroku's heart caught her attention. It was calm and strong. Kagome couldn't believe how composed Miroku was during this crazy event. She focused on the lazy beats and willed herself away from the madness.

Kagome wasn't sure how long it was until everything stilled. She heard her companions coming toward them. The sound of Inuyasha's feet echoed against the ground next to them. His voice filled with questions directed to the demon slayer on the other side "Where the fuck did this come from?"

The slayer's answer was as puzzled as his "I am not sure Inuyasha" He reached out to touch it, causing Sango to snap "but do not touch it!"

The Inu demon quickly pulled back his clawed hand "Are they inside the damn thing?" Inuyasha barked sharply.

Sango sounded nervous, a little unsure if they were or not. "I think so. Can you hear them breathing?"

The dog demon cocked his head as his ears twitched, then he shook it. "Fuck no, I can't hear shit in there!"

Kagome felt hot breath once again on her ear, sending a flash of heat down her spine. "Apparently they can't see or hear us. Intriguing, very intriguing if I don't say so."

Her blue eyes clashed with violet, as she questioned the man, "How do we get out?"

His brows furrowed, before he spoke "I am not sure, but I have a feeling that you are the one who needs to let us out."

Kagome squeaked with panic "I don't know how to do that!" She wasn't even sure how she did it in the first place. How the hell was she going to get it to go away? This barrier was a little cramped, and as she thought more about it, she realized that they were in a very provocative position. Kagome felt her cheeks burning with heat. Oh goodness, she was straddling Miroku.

"Hmm.." Was the monk's reply as his brows furrowed in thought.

His response didn't help with the nerves of the strung-out Miko and she screamed her frustration "Hmm is all that you can say?! We are stuck in a damn bubble, in a very delicate position and all you can say is hm! We need to get the heck out of here. Why is it that I am always stuck in awkward situ…?" The monk silenced her with his lips locking onto hers. Kagome stiffened in shock at the surprised assault. He sucked in her bottom lip coaxing her to open her mouth, so he could slip in his tongue. His lips caressed hers and she instinctively responded, shocking the monk by her sudden action. Their tongues battled back and forth until the young priestess pulled away to get some air. The barrier around them pulsed once, twice and disappeared. Kagome couldn't take her eyes off of the Monk, and it appeared that Miroku couldn't as well. They both snapped out of it when Inuyasha started to yell.

"What the hell is going on?!" the inu snarled, while looking back and forth between the two.

Kagome blinked at the monk then at the half-demon next to her. She willed the panic down and did the first thing she could think of, she lied. "Nothing, we were…" She steadied her voice and continued again "we were trying to get out of the barrier."

Inuyasha growled loudly, "Why the hell do you look so flushed?" The dog demon must have thought she looked like she had been kissed. Which she had, but she wasn't going to tell him that. She glared at the Inuyoukai and snapped "Because you idiot, we were trapped in a barrier and couldn't get out! Of course I look flushed. I had to get us out of there."

The dog demon huffed loudly and stomped his foot "Well, you can get the hell off him now. You’re no longer in the fucking barrier."

Kagome's blue eyes widened and she scrambled off of Miroku, avoiding his violet eyes as she did. Her face brightened with a shade of red at the thought of the kiss the monk had just given her. Oh snicker doodles. Miroku had kissed her and well…she had kissed him back. Kagome couldn't deny that it was a mind-blowing kiss, and if she had been standing, she would have been weak at the knees.

Shoot! She couldn’t think of Miroku like that. He liked Sango, didn’t he? She carefully looked out of the corner of her eye at the monk now standing next to Inuyasha. Apparently, he was thinking along the same lines, because he was watching her with hooded eyes while Inuyasha talked to him. He was giving her a strange look that seemed to send shivers down her spine. He was staring at her, as if he was really seeing her for the very first time. She squirmed under his intense stare and was thankful when Sango came to block his view.

Sango hooked her arm with hers, as she pulled the stunned miko along to help find a place for them to camp for the night. It had been an exhausting and very confusing, Okay, more confusing on her part then the others. She felt eyes on her back and didn't dare to look backward to see if it was Miroku or Inuyasha. Kagome hoped it was the latter because she wasn't sure how she felt about the first.

In her head, she kept chanting, "He is my friend. He is my friend." Over and over again, but to her, it sounded weak and now completely untrue. Oh pickles!

Sango cleared her throat and drew her attention to the concerned look of her best friend "Are you okay?"

‘No, I’m far from okay.’ She thought to herself, before she found her voice within all the confusing madness. "Yes, I think so."

Sango glared over her shoulder. Kagome assumed she was directing it toward Miroku, and the look softened when Sango’s brown eyes came back to her "He didn't try anything, did he?"

Her skin flushed a pale pink, but she shook her head "No, he didn't." Her mind screamed Liar, Liar, but she ignored it. She couldn't tell Sango that her crush had laid a smoking hot kiss on her best friend and to tell the truth, she had liked it … a little too much. She couldn't shake the feeling that Miroku had liked it as well.

A groan slipped passed her abused lips, staring up at the darkening sky 'You got to be kidding me!' She huffed to herself silently and kicked a rock in her path. Great, first her crush on Inuyasha, which ended up being nothing more than an infatuation. She really cared for him as a friend, but not as a lover. Now there was this…Ah, Hell…this felt different and didn't feel remotely like a simple crush… this felt…well she wasn't sure what it was, but it was something and that made her feel really bad.

She glanced at Sango, and it made her feel worse. A new chant came to mind ‘I will not make out with my best friend's crush. I will not!’ Another came to mind after that "I will not have hot sex with said monk either." SEX! Where the hell did that come from? She was now thinking about sex with Miroku. Oh god why was it so hot outside? What was wrong with her? For the love of everything, it was only a kiss! A simple mind blowing kiss was all that it was. Huh? Wait. What? Reverse that. It was a simple kiss.

Sango cleared her throat once again, her voice no longer beside the distracted priestess but now behind her "Kagome you can stop now. We have found a place to camp."

Kagome stopped, blinking slowly, before turning to her companions. 'Huh?' They stared wide-eyed at her, and she felt her face flush. Did she really just continue walking while the others stopped to set up camp? Oh, she was going to die of embarrassment.

Sango's face flashed with concern and she stepped towards her. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Kagome forced a smile, waving off her concerned friend, "Yeah, just a little traumatized by all that has happened, that's all."

Inuyasha snorted, eyeing Kagome first then the Miroku "I would be traumatized too, if I was stuck with the lecher in such a tiny space, the horror."

Miroku raised a lean brow at Inuyasha, his voice smooth and calm. His tone held more sarcasm than usual, but the dog demon didn't notice. "Very traumatizing indeed, Inuyasha."

His voice sent a shiver down Kagome's spine, and she hurried to her pack to pull out supplies, whispering to herself so softly that even Inuyasha couldn't hear "You have no freaking idea." They really didn't or wouldn't. They weren't the one who was kissed by the lecherous monk. Her body flushed with heat at the reminder. Great, just great, this is going to be one hell of a night.



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