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The tension was felt on all sides. Each demon eyed the other suspiciously, awaiting the moment for someone to make a mistake. Behind them, their advisers looked on warily, delicately speaking. A great war was the last thing their kind needed. Already the humans outnumbered them, and were steadily encroaching upon their ancestral lands. In order to combat the threat an alliance had to be made between the four lands. 

Negotiations had been underway for a month now, and finally, a tentative solution had been made. While their Lords didn’t seem too keen on the decision, each knew it was the only viable option they had left and had grudgingly agreed. They were to combine all of the Demonic Kingdoms for stability and so that they could easily access each lands resources to the war effort.

One of the Lords would go on to become the Emperor, while the others would act as his adviser’s and governors of the regions. To further strengthen the alliance, they were all to share one mate. As each Lord felt strongly about what they considered theirs they would be less likely to attempt to leave as four males would be in place to keep him in check. 

The only thing left to do was establish who would become the Emperor. Thankfully, all of the them, with the exception of Lord Naraku, was a canine demon, and so all one had to do was to make the others submit to him and establish dominance.

After the Great Alliance Treaty was signed by all Lords, the group moved to the forests surrounding the Northern Compound. Demonic aura’s swirled as they looked on at each other, a lust for blood present in each of their eyes. The battle for superiority was soon to begin, and each male stood proud, determined to get the top spot.

Lord Jin of the North, with his flaming red red hair, sparkling green eyes, and bushy fox tail, Lord Naraku of the South with his obsidian features and sinister smile, Lord Kouga of the East, with his clear blue eyes and arrogant attitude, and co-rulers Lord Sesshomaru and Lord Inuyasha of the West with a look of cold indifference shining from their golden eyes. 

They were the greatest warriors of their respected lands and would be tough opponents. It was thought that this battle would be a long and drawn out battle, and might result in the death of the participants. 

Once the elders blessed them, each opponent stepped forward. Lord Inuyasha walked to the sidelines to watch the event unfold. His brother had already established himself as his alpha long ago so there was no need for him to participate. 

With a cruel roar, the fighters launched themselves at each other, ready to fight to the death.

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