The Day After Tomorrow

BY : Angelhart
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The Day After Tomorrow

AUTHOR: Angelhart

GENRE: romance/hurt/comfort

STORY: continuation

STATUS: incomplete


DISCLAIMER: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi / the television series are produced by Sunrise.

The rating of this fic is M. Rated for adult content that will be in later chapters and violence.

This story takes place after Kagome is thrown back into her world as the Shikon Jewel is destructed. Instead of going back through the well three years later, she finds herself unable to return to the Feudal Era. As she continues with her live she however cannot forget that world. In her longing to go back she tries to find a way to return.

She is twenty four years old now and works in a museum. Purposely so she can have access to ancient artifacts and has the resources to perhaps find the means to return to Inuyasha's world. Also she starts searching for her friends in her own timeline. The ones that have demon in heritage. With their expected life span they might have survived and live.

Finally she finds one. After all these years he still lives in her world…

This continuation is a challenge I bestowed on me. To create a fanfic of the unusual pairing in an environment where the pairing would be plausible and without making Sesshomaru OOC. The latter quite the challenge I must say.


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Chapter 1

"I knew if I'd turn enough stones you'd eventually come to find me." She didn't turn around, but felt he was there. Even now after all this time his presence was surrounded with an aura of power. "I knew after all this years that there could be a possibility that you might still be alive."

"I came not because you so desired. I came because I was curious."

Of course. Even his voice was still the same. Powerful. Dominant. She knew that he would not be ruled or played by anyone. But she knew she could peek his curiosity.

He stepped closer. Eying her from top to bottom. She could hear him sniff, taking in her scent.

"What do you want?"

"I came to find something I lost…" After all these years my heart still longs for that world. I was caught off so unexpectedly.

She turned around. Surprised to actually see him. He even looks the same… A beautiful chilling man. He was wearing the same outfit still. It amused her. Although he found himself to be so unlike his half demon brother he was just as stubborn. As the years passed he even refused to take on a new appearance. Seeing him like that it was like she was being thrown back into time. Back to those days with Inuyasha.

She fought the urge to hug him. It would be utterly silly – dangerous even. But she was so glad to see a familiar face and to have a piece of that wonderful time returned to her. As the years progressed it was starting to feel like a dream. Like it never happened.

Her heart refused to let go. Remembering the fact she learned during her stay in that time. Real demons age much differently than humans. A hundred years is nothing but a second on their time clock. Their lifespan so much greater. One of them could have survived.

She had searched for Inuyasha first of course. Her heart desired him more than any other. But digging into history and artifacts and all, she found nothing. Absolutely nothing. Like he'd even never existed. It hurt her. It hurt her a lot.

Then a speck of hope as the museum she worked for got an ancient artifact. A piece of it. It was supposed to have magic powers. It was fabric. Red. Fur…

Witnessing it from behind the protective glass her heart had skipped a beat. It was just a piece of it. Like it was torn. But as she saw it, she recognized it instantly. Even then she could feel it on her skin. The memory of it imprinted in her own flesh. The times he gave it to her, surrounded her with it to protect her.

The Fire Rat.

She had wanted to break the glass. Wanted to feel it, hold it so desperately. To smell it. To find out if it still had his own scent on it. One that even her nose remembered. To see it there she knew it had not been a dream.

It was all real...


That was however all she could find of him.

Then the search for Shippou. He was a real demon too. With him being so young still he had to be still here, right? He could have survived. Be in her current timeline?

Nothing. Truth was, she didn't even know where to search. Where to begin.

It had hurt her that he didn't try to search for her. But maybe he was dead. Or five hundred years was enough to make one forget.

It happened when she got more involved in the administration of the museum. A purchaser of artifacts when the museum did not have any use for it anymore. A very wealthy man. One with a particular interest in the Feudal Era.

It had been a hunch first, but the more she started digging, the more she suspected it to be possible. That the Lord of the West Lands had survived.

And now he had acted on her invitation. She had a hard time finding an address for he kept it well hidden. Even now she didn't know where he lived. But she had found a liaison. A young woman that oddly resembled the young girl Rin. Maybe an ancestor?

She had given the woman a note.

"Tell him. Tell him that I want to see him."

The woman had looked at her strangely. Holding the note in her hand

"Who are you?" she had asked.

"Just tell him. My name is Kagome Higurashi."

Before the woman could ask more she had turned around, already taking her leave.

"He knows me."

He knows me.

After all these years it seemed he still remembered.

"I have so many questions."

"I'm not here for an inquiry. You wanted to see me, now you have. I have no interest in the world of humans."

"But you live here still. You are trapped in it, aren't you."

The audacity of her! He cocked an eyebrow.

"Forced to live amongst humans."

"I had not expected your fragile race to survive. You surprised me." He smirked.

Then she saw it. Together with the other two swords.


"That is-!" She gasped. "That is Inuyasha's sword. That is Tessaiga. How did you…? Where did you…? How…? Is he…?"

"So," he said, "You still lust for the half breed? Even now your body reacts to the presence of his sword. He clicked with his tongue. "So that is what you want from me. Information about my half breed brother."

"Yes!" Her heart yearned for the knowledge. What has happened in those five hundred years of my absence?

"Truth be told as I watched the things progressed I had my eyes on you too. Not from the start, but when I got knowledge of the birth of a woman with your name I had to admit I got curious. Since you disappeared from our world after Naraku's death I was curious what had happened on this time line. You were stuck." He grinned again. "After the destruction of the Shikon Jewel, you could not return. And that lowlife half breed brother of mine had not the means to get you as well."

"Is… Is he dead?"


She could feel tears burning behind her eyes. Although she had obviously suspected it to be so, now that she heard it, the loss became real. She could never see him again.

He could smell the saltiness in the air. "Do not mourn for him."

"I will!" She yelled at him suddenly. "I will cry for him." She could not stop the tears from escaping her eyes. "We were supposed to be together! You wouldn't understand! I can't believe it turned out like this. Me meeting him was fate! This was not supposed to happen!"

"Fate." He let the word roll of his tongue as if it was an insult. "I've watched humans die for fate. Waiting until they realized it had been theirs to control to begin with. Than it would be too late. You make your own, miko. You should stop your endless search for something that is beyond your reach or you will shrivel and die like all those other humans. It's pointless to cling to something that is not there anymore. Forget. I will not satisfy your curiosity again. Go home. Live your pitiful human life. Find a mate, sprout some brats, go old and die. That is… your fate."

He turned around. She grabbed his hankimono, making him face her again. "Give it to me. It's no use to you."

He saw her looking at the Tessaiga and narrowed his eyes.

"I will not give you my father's fang. Go back to your world, miko. Forget the world of demons. That world perished a long time ago."

"It's mine. I draw it from the start. You cannot wield it. Give it to me."

"No." He snarled. His eyes glowing red for just a second. As she reached out to it he grabbed her hand. She looked at it. His claws pressing threateningly against her skin.

Her hand was persistent. She wanted it. Needed it. She reached for the hilt of the blade even though she could feel and see blood dripping from her wrist where his claws pierced her skin in her movement. He sniffed as the iron scent filled the air.

Then his other hand reached for her throat. He lifted her up by it and her free hand grabbed his wrist in instinct. Her eyes widened in fright.

"Your death wish calls to me. You are weak. Pitiful. Where is that strong miko that destroyed Naraku so long ago?" He tilted his head. "You may be alive but your body already reeks of soil and ashes. You've have visited too many grave sites in your silly quest. What are you looking for? What do you want?"

"I-I don't know…"

It was the truth. She didn't know. She had not found it yet, that she knew. Somehow her mind and heart were still in that world five hundred years ago. Only my body is here. Maybe that is what he scents. That it is already dead for how can it survive when it is just an empty shell?

He dropped her. She fell onto the grass, grabbing her throat an coughing.

"I will spare your life. Be mindful what you do with it. I will not spare it again. Don't forget what I am. You may think of me trapped in your human world, but I am certainly not. I know your kind. It hungers for death and bloodshed. Your race will die. You don't need demons anymore to kill you. You terminate your own kind. When all the earth's soil has become ashes. As the iron scent of your metal machines of war fills the air, I will walk on your bones as they are scattered on the ground and I will stand in the illuminous light of your dying sun." He turned around once more.

"Wait," she called out to him.

He didn't stop but gave her a final warning: "Don't search for me again."

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