Happy Birthday Mei

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The idea was nearly pounded into his head by the sister of his wife. With a piece of stone he may add. He was rather impressed with her no fear of him. She had a lot of gal to come after him. Hiran kept pressuring Sesshomaru to have fun with Mei that day. Inuyasha tried multiple times to make her stop. He only succeeded when, once he had enough, Sesshomaru agreed.
How he was supposed to pull this off he didn't know. For one, there wasn't too much to do where he was from. He soon got his answer as Hiran had at him again.

Everyone looked about, not used to climbing out of a well. Well a couple of them. Sesshomaru and Mei peered around, looking at the other. They climbed out and looked some more. The well had a hut around it.  They looked back at each other, before both looked up. It was just unfamiliar. They didn't know what to do, where to go, or anything.
"Oh come on!"
Mei looked at Sesshomaru, then bounded out of the well and up the stairs. He sweat dropped, walking behind her. She looked around, surprised to see what she saw. She had never seen such a world. Behind her, Sesshomaru walked up, not entirely impressed. Sure it was new, but not like he cared for it. He peered around, and came face to face with a gaping old man.
"...WHO ARE YOU!?"
Sesshomaru's eyes slide from the man, to Hiran, glaring. 
"He's done this to us all..."
"Calm down old man!" Inuyasha yelled out, making the old man cower back, then poked the hanyuu on the nose.
His ears twitched, but no one but Sesshomaru moved, walking past, "Come on bastard child, let's go."

Sitting there in the extra room was quite annoying. The so called bed was hardly comfortable. Sesshomaru growled and sat up, naked as the day he was born, angry. Mei reached behind her, putting a hand on his hip. 
"Just lay down...there's no sense in fighting this, it was Hiran's-"
"I KNOW it was her idea...but I don't-"
"Just lay down."
He groaned, but laid back down, pulling the blanket up to his chest with his only arm. She rolled over, snuggling up against his body. She wrapped an arm around his torso as he wrapped his around her back. Sesshomaru looked at her, his eyes flicking down to her lips momentarily until she turned her head up to meet him eye for eye. 
"What is it?"
"Nothing you most likely don't already know."
"Well then. Am I top, or bottom? Or is it another?"
"I'm lazy, you top."
Sighing, but smiling, Mei clambered onto his hips, leaning back a bit while pressing a breast down to see better. She could see that he was most definitely hard, ready to go, but...just how ready was he? 
She reached down, wrapping her slender fingers around his shaft. He hissed as she gently stroked him, smiling down at him. He bucked slightly, bringing his hips up to thrust. Watching her was a turn on. He watched her stroke his length, a hand on her hip with his thumb gently moving up and down on her soft skin. He sat himself up, using his torso and kissing her. His lips brushing against hers as she moved her hand, his hand traveling up to cup a palmful of her soft breast. 
He nuzzled her a bit before taking her lips with his passionately. He nipped before moving to her jawline, following it up to her ear and sucking on her ear lobe. He nibbled before going from her ear down her neck, slowly licking and nipping as she stroked him. He let a soft growl out as he moved from her neck to her collar bone, slowly following the swell of her breast. He gently took her nipple in, biting it between his teeth before lapping with his tongue. He sucked, using his hand to play with the other. 
She moaned softly, resting her head on his. His arm wrapped around her, but she settled between his legs, holding him as she sat up on her knees. She pressed against his body, a hand on her lower back as she slid down his shaft. He hardly gave a notice that it felt good, was more into her. He felt his body responding to her. He felt pleasure in his lower belly and member, feeling her slowly riding him. He let his hand make its way up her back, pushing down to force her to kiss him. 
Their lips met for a slow but passionate kiss. Pressed up against him, Mei put a hand on each side of his head, her fingers nearly touching in the back. Moving her arms down to rest on his shoulders, her hands dangled, crossed at the wrist as they continued their kiss. He rubbed her back, sliding his hand up and gripping her shoulder, pulling her down just a bit. Nibbling on her lower lip, Sesshomaru willingly let her grind against his body. 
She smiled against his lips, his arm fully wrapping around her. She smiled at him, removing her own arms, letting one wrap around her waist to hold his hand. He rested his head on her shoulder, his long white hair shifting to the side. She nuzzled, smiling as she continued to move. He winced slightly, pleasure heightening. His lips found her neck, kissing softly. She moaned, feeling him throb inside of her.
She rocked slightly, teasing him. After hearing a growl deep in his throat accompanied with a bite, Mei started to move a bit faster, bouncing up and down on his shaft. Groaning out his pleasure, Sesshomaru gently unlocked their hands, bringing a hand up to grab her by the chin. He forced her lips against his, becoming rough. He switched them over quickly, changing them to doggy style. With his only hand, he gathered her hair in a ponytail, and yanked.
She gave a cry, hoping no one heard her, but not that he cared. He would make her scream just to make them hear them. She could feel his fingers tangling in the hair he was holding, being pulled by the claws on his fingertips. She arched her back, feeling him going from gentle to extreme. She clawed the bed, knowing that they'd get in trouble for the tears, but at that moment it just didn't matter. 
She reached back, putting a hand on his thigh. Her face screwed up a bit, gritting her teeth as she rested her forehead against her hand once she felt his hand give her hair some slack. She felt him throbbing, felt him moving inside of her. 
He bent over her, biting the back of her neck. She whimpered, allowing the last bit to draw out as a moan. Arching her back and closing her eyes, Mei used both hands to hoist herself up in full doggy style. She pushed back, continuing with him until they were rocking together. He wrapped his one arm around her, pulling her up. 
"Don't move."
She kept her hand in place, having to wiggle it a bit then smile at him when he glared. He continued, thrusting quickly as his hand held her breast. He rocked with her, groaning. They were both close, but clung to each other. He bit into her shoulder, leaving bite marks. She didn't mind, knowing she would heal them just as well as he could. He continued, leaving marks on her shoulder and neck as his hips rocked. 
She put her hands on his arm, fingers starting to squeeze him. She heard the panting, felt him cuddling her. She felt his hand slip down her belly to her core, his fingers splaying over her womanhood. Not that she needed much manipulation, but he did it anyway, his fingers gingerly playing with her clit. She moaned out softly, becoming tired as her orgasm neared. She nuzzled him, turning her head for a kiss.
He dipped his own for it, taking her lips with his own. Giving him hardly a warning, her body reacted while she came, nearly going limp in his arm. He held here against his abs, feeling the onset of his own. He laid with her, him on her as he came, burying his face in her hair. A little nuzzle was left to perform.

"So...we just jump in?" Mei asked her sister, who had climbed over.
Mei watched her let go, then looked up at her demon lord husband. He took her hand and both quickly jumped, returning to the world they were originally in.

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