Spirt of the Past

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“Good Morning grandmother.” A quiet voice whispers a teen as he is on his knees bowing to a picture of a smiling older woman. The teen has charcoal black hair and fair skin. Sitting up the teen reveals a pair of beautiful honey brown eyes. He has a lean build with a small amount of muscle mass. He’s wearing a white and blue Sailor-fuku with a small blue- ribbon bow neck tie on the front, and a pair of black thigh high socks. He stares at the picture before wiping a tear from his eyes. “I’m doing well and school. I’m six months ahead in all my classes. The teachers say I might be able to graduate in when I am seventeen.” The ringing of an alarm going off behind has him sighing and standing up. “I’ve got to get to school. I’ll talk to you after work.”

Bowing to the picture he turns and heads over to living room and picks up his bag before heading to the front door. Pulling his brown calf high boots with gold lace on, he heads out the house. Lacing them up he heads out the house. He’s looking up the door when he hears. “Kyo!” Turning around he sees his friends and gives them a small smile before he goes to catch up with them. The small group is walking towards the their school Kyo is in the back while his friends are chattering.

“Kyo.” A soft whispers reaches his ears causing him to stop. He looks around for the source. “Kyo.” His head snaps to the left and sees the Higurashi shrine.

He goes to take a step towards it. “Kyo.” Turning back towards his friends he sees them staring at him with confusion. “Are you alright?”

“Yea,” He gives a weak smile before turning back to the shrine. “Umm, I’ll catch up with you guys later I need to check something.”

The look at him in confusion before they shrug and keeps walking. The Omega stares up the stairs for a second before he starts making way up the stairs.  Reaching the top, he looks around and a sense of nostalgia wash over him. It’s been months since he stepped foot on the Higurashi shrine ground. “Kyo.” His eyes fall on the Sacred Well room. Quickly moving towards the well room. The closer he gets the voices get louder. Placing his hands on the door he throws them open and two set of eyes land on him. The first one belongs to a fair skinned boy with wide caramel brown eyes and charcoal black hair. He a little on the scrawny side. He’s wearing a puffy light blue long sleeve collared shirt, brown khaki pants, and blue shoes. The other belongs a fair skin girl with long charcoal black hair almond brown eyes. She has a slim curvy figure. She’s wearing a white and green sailor-fuku, with a green ribbon neck tie, white ankle socks, and brown penny loafers. The two stare at Kyo for a while before a huge smile spread over the boy’s face.

“Kyo!” The child says with excitement.

Kyo blinks for a second before he smile. “Hey Sōta.” He says running his hand through the boy’s hair. He looks up at the girl and sees her staring at him. “Hey, Kagome.”

“Hey, Kyo.” She says with a small smile. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I heard someone calling me from here. I guess I was just hearing thing. I’ll leave.”

“Wait!” Sōta says grabbing his hand stopping him from leaving.

Kagome watches as her brother talk to her once best friend. She it’s been a few months since she last saw the Omega and she must say he looks good. Letting Buyo and goes to take a step towards them hoping to rekindle her friendship. Kyo smiling and listens to what Sōta is saying and he notices Kagome walking towards them. He misses his friend so maybe they can start over. A frown quickly replaces his smile when he hears wood cracking from behind Kagome. He focuses on the well just as it burst open and white glowing hands. His eyes widen as he watches the hands grab her and yanks her into the well. Before he could even think his body reacts his body takes off towards the well and dives right in. Kyo notices that he is engulfed in a purple sparkling light.

“Let go!” Kagome scream breaking Kyo out of his awe.

Focusing on his friend Kyo sees pale woman with body of a centipede. She has long charcoal black hair and her arms are completely wrapped around Kagome.

“Kagome!” At her name being shouted Kagome looks up and see Kyo holding a hand out for her.

Pushing off the creature Kagome reaches out and grabs Kyo’s hand. Pulling the girl close to his body they both look at each other until they hear the screeching.

“Give me the jewel!” The creatures screeches at them as it begins to move towards them.

“Back off!” Kyo shouts as he slams his glowing purple fist into the creature

They both watch as he screeches in pain before flying backwards with an arm ripping off. Their surprise is short live because instead of floating they begin to drop to the dark abyss below.


A weak groan escapes Kagome as she slowly opens her eyes. Looking around and she notices that she is at the bottom of her well. Noticing bones near her the girl squeak quickly sitting up and moving away from the bones. Standing up she dust the dirt off her before looking up at the opening of the well.

“Sōta!” She shouts, but gets no answer. A frown spreads across her face and she opens her mouth to shout again when a groan comes from next to her. Looking to the left she doesn’t see Kyo, but an guy with snow-white hair and what looks like two snow- white kitsune ears on top of his head. Looking further down she notices two twin Kitsune tails. “What the?” Another groan escapes the figure before they sit up revealing a pair of beautiful violet eyes. “Kyo?”

Turning to the sound “You have ears.” Confusion spreads across his face before he reaches up and touch to soft triangles on top of his head. Taking a deep calming breath, he doesn’t need to freak out right now. He can do that later when he’s alone in his home. “And tails.” looking down he sees two fluffy tails swaying gently behind him. Again, he doesn’t need this right now. “And your-…”

“Kagome stop I can’t deal with any more surprises right now.” The teens sighs out before he stands up. He looks at the opening and knows that he can climb out of here. “Can you stand up?” Kagome nods before she stands up. “I can climb out and see if there is something that I can get you out with.”

Kagome nods. Seeing that he’s going to have to jump a bit so that he can reach the first loose stone he braces himself to jump. Giving the best push that he can Kyo jumps clear out the well and a few feet in the air. Surprise feels him, but he quickly take in his surrounding to see that they aren’t anywhere near the Higurashi shrine, but in the middle of a forest. Falling back down lands in front of surprised Kagome. “I guess that ears and tails aren’t the only thing that I got.” He says looking down at himself, but a small smile spreads across his face. Remembering Kagome, he looks at her. “Don’t freak out.”

Before Kagome could ask questions Kyo wraps an around her waist causing her to blush before she feels air whooshing past her. The two land gently outside the well. Kagome looks around and sees that they aren’t in her families shrine, but in the middle of the forest. She looks around wildly trying to figure out where they are, but she’s starting to panic.

“We need to find a sign of civilization.” Kyo says causing Kagome to look at him in shock. Kyo’s ears are twitching trying to listen for anything. He notices that his hearing is a hundred times better. “Maybe we can find out where we and how we can get back to your families shrine.”

“Why are you so calm?!” She asks looking at Kyo who raises an eyebrow at her. “We fell down a well and is in the middle of nowhere. We are in the middle of a freaking forest.”

“You don’t think that I want to panic?” He says calmly not wanting to shout not knowing whats around. “We got pulled through a well and a creature tried to kill us. I have fucking ears and tails. Not one tail, but two. I can jump in fifteen feet in the air. I’m not fucking human anymore. My life is going crazy right now and I just…” Kyo stops before he shakes his head. “One of needs to have a calm head.” Kagome frowns. She knows what Kyo was going to say. With him losing his grandmother he closed himself. Maybe this is her chance to console him “We have to keep moving.”

Kyo starts heading off into the distance causing a sigh to escape before she moves to catch up with him. The two walk in complete silence. Kagome is looking around taking in everything while Kyo eyes is scanning over the area, ears taking in all sounds. It hasn’t taken the teen long to get control over his heighten senses. They walk into a clearing and Kagome instantly notices a boy who looks around their age pinned against a giant tree. He is an attractive guy with fair skin and long flowing sliver hair with pointy ears on top of his head. You can’t really under the huge fire red haori and red hakama, and he’s bare foot. Entranced by the boy she climbs up on the roots so that she can get closer. Coming face to face she admits that he only seems to be sleeping. Looking at the arrow she goes to reach for it when arrows come flying out the bush embedding themselves in the tree causing her to squeak in surprise. Hearing the squeak Kyo turns around just in time for ropes to come flying out the bushes wrapping around him yanking him to the ground. A burning sensations spreads throughout his body causing him to hiss and snarl. Kagome turns to him and goes to move only to stop when a group of men with swords.

“Don’t move.” They growl at Kagome.


Kagome grunts as she is dumped on her butt on a pile of hay. Next, to her is Kyo is sitting panting heavily canines showing and eyes slit.

“Kyo what’s the matter?” Kagome asks worry filling her voice.

The teen looks at her to say something, but nothing would come out.

“He won’t be able to speak.” They both look up to see an old woman walking towards them. She has lightly tanned skin with ash grey hair in a ponytail, lone chestnut brown eyes and the other is covered by a black eye patch. She isn’t a woman with some meat on her bones and just staring at her they both can feel the powerful energy that is coming off her. She has on a white haori, red hakama, and white socks and black sandals. “Those ropes wrapped around the both of you have been blessed and I have placed my own spiritual energy in them. Your friend there is a Yōkai which is why he is in so much harm. I wonder why you aren’t feeling anything.”  She pulls out a pouch. She tosses the contents on Kagome’s face and nothing happens and she frowns.  “Hmm, how odd.” She then looks to Kyo who is glaring at her. She tosses the contents on him and Kyo instantly bits down on his lip to stop from screaming out.

Seeing the obvious pain that Kyo’s in and the blood trickling down his lip; Kagome instantly gets worried. “Stop it!” She screams looking at them in horror. “Can’t you see your hurting him.”

 A thud gains her attention and she looks to the side to see Kyo has falling to the ground. He looks at her with a lone tear falling out of his eyes. “K-k-keep q-q-qu-iet.” He stutters out causing the woman to look at him in surprise. “T-th-th-th-ey won’t hu-rt you.”

“This is interesting.” The woman says walking forward and pulls out a sutra. Hearing the woman Kyo looks up just as she slaps the sutra on his forehead causing the teen to fall limp.

“What have you done!” Kagome screams trying to get close to him, but the men grab her. “You killed him!”

“He’s not dead.” The older woman says. “He’s just sleeping. Take them both to my hut.”

The older woman turns and walks away. A couple men help Kagome up and leads her after the older woman. While two of them picked up Kyo’s limp body. Arriving to the hut the woman motions to the cot for Kyo while they sit Kagome down in next to the old lady. “Untie them, but make sure to tie the boy’s hands together behind his back.” They nod before they untie Kagome and Kyo. They tie Kyo’s hands back together before they leave the hut. Kagome couldn’t take her eyes off Kyo who seems to be sleeping, but she couldn’t help, but worry. “Don’t worry he’s only sleeping.” The old woman pulled the sutra off. “I would have exorcised him out in the village square if he was a regular Yōkai. Since he showed compassion to ye and is a hanyō I decided to let him live.”

Kagome stares at the old woman as she boils some water over a small fire. “Hanyō?”

The old woman stares at the girl for a second before she chuckles. “Ye both aren’t from around these parts. Hanyō are children born of a human and a Yōkai. Hanyō can either come out grotesque creatures or bless with beauty by Kami.” Her eyes lands on a slumbering Kyo. “He’s definitely been blessed by Kami. He is also giving of powerful spiritual energy. Ye have it to.” ‘Even though the boy’s spiritual energy is stronger than yours.’ The old woman say in her mind through holy salt into the boiling water. “I be Kaede the village Miko. “

“I’m Kagome Higurashi and that is Kyo Kita. We are from Tokyo Japan.” Kagome says causing Kaede to look with confusion.

“Where is this Tokyo you speak of? I have never heard of a place in Japan.”

“How do you not know about Tokyo. It’s the biggest city in Japan.” Kaede still frowns. Kagome blinks for a few seconds. “We must have hit our head at the bottom of the well.”

“Well?” Kaede asks and Kagome nods. “You mean the bone-eater well located in the forest of Inuyasha.”

“Forest of Inuyasha?”

“Ah the forest that ye and your friend were found out.” Kaede slowly stirs the pot.

“Why is it called Forest of Inuyasha?”

“Because of the forest is the resting place of deadly Hanyō by the name of Inuyasha. He killed my sister Kikyo, but before she died she pinned him to a tree with her sacred arrow.” Kagome’s eyes widen before the image of the boy pinned against. Kaede turns to Kyo as she slowly begins to wipe his face.

Kyo’s face scrunches as soon as the rag touches him before whispering. “Grandma.”

Kaede’s eyes widen for a split second before casting a glance at Kagome who is staring out the window. “What’s are ye dreaming about?”


Far away from the village a small patch that is glowing eerily white. In the center of the patch of forest is a glowing lake. floating in the middle of the lake is snoozing Kyo.

“Wake up Kyo.” A voice echoes through the silence of the forest. A groan escapes Kyo before he slowly open his eyes. Slowly sitting up he notices the water is shallow enough to stand in. “My you look stunning.” Knowing that voice Kyo whirls around and his heart literally stops. Sitting on a rock smiling at him is a fair skinned old woman with long snow-white hair that flows down her shoulder and beautiful violet eyes. Sitting on top of her head are two ears identical to his and two fluffy tails swaying behind her. She’s wearing a dark blue kimono and black sandals. 

“Grandma.” Kyo chokes out as tears run down his face before he chargers towards.

As soon as he is close he wraps his hands around her and releases all the hurt that has been bottled up inside of him since the day of her funeral. All the old lady could do is run a hand through his head a sad smile on her face. “I know it has been hard on you with my death, but I’ve been watching over you and I am proud.” She pulls him away and wipe the tears from his face. “I am so happy to see you with your ears and Tails. You look so adorable.”

A blush spreads across Kyo’s face before he gives a small smile. “So, you knew I was a Hanyō this whole time.” She nods, but never stop running a hand through his head. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted to tell you, but I feared that you wouldn’t believe me.” A sigh escapes her and Kyo looks at her with confusion. “We aren’t from the present time we are from this era.” Kyo’s eyes widen and his grandmother just keeps pushing on. “When your mother gave birth, our clan was on the verge of extinction. We were in war with a clan of Tokage yōkai. They wanted us for what we can do. We of the northern Kitsune are ferry men to the souls.  The Tokage wanted to enslave and even cross breed with us to make themselves. When we fought back they set out to kill us. You was born in the middle of that war.” A look of deep sadness passes over Kyo’s grandmother face causing Kyo to frown. “Your mother made me a promise to make sure that you don’t become enslaved by the Tokage. The only way I can think about keeping you safe was to go to a different time. So, opening a rift I carried you through into the modern. Finding a few surviving demons who were able to hide themselves in the modern era I asked them to help disguise us. With you being a Hanyō it was easier to make your human DNA prominent. I guess when you came back into the Sengoku Jidai your DNA reverted back.” She looks her grandson up and down before smiling. “I must say you look adorable.”

A blush spreads across the teens face before shaking his head getting serious. “You tell me about my parents? What can I do?”

“What’s the fun in your journey if I take away the surprise from you. About your mother though she was a beautiful powerful Miko who showed that she could cohabitate with our clan with us slowing down our usual. I believe you gained an amount of her spiritual energy Your father was the leader of our clan and the best fighter in our clan. You actually take after him you both prefer hand-to-hand combat.” Kyo’s grandmother goes quiet for a second as she looks off in the distance. She nods and a sad smile spreads across her face. “I have to go now, but I want you to know whether you choose to stay in this time period or return to the modern I am proud of you. Also, you need to know that not everyone around you are trustworthy. Trust your instincts and you won’t lose.” Her body starts to get shrouded in light. “I didn’t get to say goodbye before, but now I can.” She leans forward and places a kiss on his cheek before she completely disappear.

Kyo stares at the space before his hand touches his cheek. tears slowly fall down his cheeks. Quickly wiping them away one thing is made clear. He has a choice to make.


A heavy sigh and Kagome looks over to sleeping Kyo a frown on her face. It’s been hours since they came to through the well and Kyo hasn’t woken up yet. Kaede told her that he’s just sleeping and should have woken up by now. She’s bored and just wants to head back home. Kaede left a few minutes ago to attend to something. Looking back over to Kyo she just frowns. “Hurry and wake up I want to get out of here.”


Meanwhile at the Bone-Eater well a centipede bursts out the well and dives into the grass. Heading in the direction of a small village.


Back at the village everyone is preparing to get ready for dinner when the Centipede. The yōkai charges at a group of men and horses. The creature picks up a horse in its mouth just as Kagome comes running out of the hut next to Kaede.

“That’s the creature that pulled Kyo and myself in the well.”

“Mistress Centipede.” Kaede says as the villagers attack the yōkai. “That’s the Yōkai that my sister killed. We chopped it up and placed it in the bone-eaters well. How did it get resurrected?”

Fear fills Kagome as she takes a step back. Mistress Centipede catches Kagome’s movement and her eyes instantly lock on her. Dropping the horse, the yōkai charges at Kagome screeching. “Give me the jewel!”

Kagome and Kaede dodges out the way. Kaede stares at Kagome in shock. ‘The jewel was burned fifty-years-ago with my sister’s body. There is no way Kagome can have it, unless.’ Kaede’s eyes widen. “Kagome, you have to get to the Bone-Eater-well it’s the only way to get rid of the Mistress Centipede.”

Kagome looks at Kaede before she looks towards the forest. A purple light is shines before she nods and takes off towards the light.

“She has the Shikon no Tama inside her.” Kaede whispers. She turns to the men who are gathering horses and weapons. “We have to help her and make sure Mistress Centipede doesn’t get the Shikon no Tama.”

“What about the Hanyō still tied up in your hut.”

“Leave him. We don’t have much time.”

With that the convoy heads off towards the forest of Inuyasha.


At the forest of Inuyasha, Inuyasha begins to pulsate until he slowly opens his eyes pair of beautiful honey gold eyes. A dark smirk appears on his face as he slowly moves his hands. He goes to move only to feel a tug and looks to his left and to see an arrow stuck in his shoulder. He goes to reach for it only for a purple light to ward off his hand. A deep groan escapes him before he settles down smirking.

“I can sense her. Kikyo is on her way.”


Back in the village Kyo opens his eyes. Feeling his arms tied behind his back he slowly sits up. A groan escapes him as he slowly works him arms trying to break the ropes. He was about to give up and just wait for the old lady when he hears a scream that he recognizes as Kagome. Quickly standing up he focuses all his strength to pull his arms apart. At first it didn’t seem to work, but after a while he finally hears it rip and release a heavy sigh. Stepping out the hut he notices that the village is in seems to have been attacked. Quickly moving over to one of groups. He pulls up short when he notice a few of the men grab swords and point them at him. He holds his hands up in a none threating manner.

“I mean no harm. I just want to know where the girl who came with me went?”

They all stare at him for a second before the men lower their swords. “They went towards the forest of Inuyasha.” Kyo follow the direction they are pointing. He nods a thanks to them and goes to take off when a hand grabs his wrist. Looking down he sees a little kids staring up at him with big brown eyes. “Are you going to help lady Kaede?”

Kyo nods with a smile earning one from the boy. Turing back towards the glowing forest he takes off at break-neck speed. Weaving through the trees he burst out the forest into an open field. Seeing the a bunch of figures in the distance he picks up speed. He reaches the group in no time and blows pass them eyes connecting with Kaede before he faces forward picking up speed. Kaede on the other hand is shocked. She is pretty sure that she put extra spiritual energy into those bindings. A smile spreads across her face. ‘Maybe he’s stronger than I thought.”


In the forest Kagome isn’t in the best situation. The boy who is pinned to a tree is alive and calling her Kikyō. Telling her to give him the jewel. Now, that centipede creature is in front of her ready to kill her for some Jewel. All she wants to do is just crawl in her bed and believe this is all a dream. Mistress Centipede screeches before she charges at Kagome. Closing her eyes Kagome lets out a scream. Bursting out the bushes Kyo lands a devesting knee against the side of the centipedes face surprising both Kagome and Inuyasha. quickly, following up with a devastating round house kick sending the yōkai into the forest. Kagome eyes widen and her heart flutters as Kyo lands in front. She reaches out and grab his wrist causing him to look at her in confusion.

“Kagome.” He says blinking at her before standing them both up. They stare at each other before Kyo pulls her into a hug surprising her. “I heard you scream. I thought something bad happened to you.”

Kagome stares at him for a second before she melts into the hug a small smile on her face. “Well, isn’t this cute.” They pull away and look up to the tree and see Inuyasha glaring at them. “It seems you found yourself another Hanyō to replace me with.”

“My name’s not Kikyo. It’s Kagome. I’ve told you that already.” She says glaring at Inuyasha.

“Whatever, why don’t you remove this arrow, Because your little mate may have gotten a surprise attack, but I doubt he could handle that yōkai.”

“And you think you can?” Kyo says glaring right back at Inuyasha.

“If I was free I would have killed that thing already. It wouldn’t be off in the forest licking its wounds ready to attack.”

Kyo growls and take a step forward when Kagome goes to put her hands on his chest. “Kyo calm down. It’s not…”

Screeching comes from the forest interrupting Kagome. They look into the forest and sees the Centipede coming towards Kagome. A quick as lighting Kyo pushes her out the way taking the blunt of the attack. Pain-filled scream rips out of Kyo as he feels teeth digging into his gut ripping his flesh. Tossing him to the side Kyo body slams into a tree before falling to ground limply. Kagome hand covers her mouth as she looks at the body of Kyo laying on the ground blood slowly flowing to the ground. Seeing Kagome not paying attention Mistress Centipede takes her chance and charges at Kagome. Quickly seeing that Kagome jumps to the left before running up the tree to Inuyasha.

“Give me the jewel.” Mistress Centipede screeches as she reaches forward grabbing onto Kagome.

In sheer panic she grabs onto Inuyasha’s hair pulling it as the yōkai tries to get her away from the shouting demon. A purple glow starts in her stomach drawing Inuyasha’s attention. “Let go!” She shouts throwing out her hand causing a purple light to shine out sending the centipede flying backwards and ripping off the rest of its arms.

Landing on the ground with a thump she looks at her hands in shock. ‘That purple light.’ She remembers when Kyo punched the yōkai in the well and the purple light came out. ‘Kyo did that also.’ Finally remembering Kyo she looks up and sees his body still on the ground. Standing up she goes to take a step towards him when Mistress Centipede comes charging pass her ripping a chunk out of her side sending her flying out through the air. She blankly stares at the jewel flying beside her. ‘It was inside me.’ She comes crashing to the ground and the jewel lands in front of her. She doesn’t have the chance to grab it before she is being wrapped up against a the tree by the yōkai. The body begins to squeeze grinding her deeper into the tree. Seeing the jewel Mistress Centipede quickly swallows it and instantly her arms come flying back to her body and her skin burst revealing a grotesque looking monster.

“Release me.” Looking up she sees Inuyasha staring at Mistress Centipede with a glare. “Either you free me or we both die.”

It’s at that moment that Kaede and her convoy breaks through the clearing hearing what Inuyasha said. “Kagome ye must’n release him!” Kaede shouts fear filling her voice.

“What do you choose? I can save you from dying or you can just leave me pinned and you die.”

Kagome begins to pant in fear. ‘I don’t wanna die. I’m just a kid. I didn’t want any of this to happen. I choose to.’ “Live!” She screams as she yanks the arrow out.

The arrow bursts in a purple light and immediately a burst of powerful Yōkai energy bust throughout the clearing. Kaede stares in shock and fear before she hears a groan coming from not that far. Looking down she sees Kyo slowing getting up holding his stomach that is slowly covering in blood. Quickly, getting off her horse she rushes over to young Hanyō.

“Kyo.” She calls gaining his attention. “Are ye alright.”

“Yea,” He says panting. “She just caught me off guard. I have to…” He groans as he falls to his knee.

“Don’t force yourself. Ye maybe Hanyō, but its look like it tried to rip ye stomach out.”

Kyo chuckles, but stops when he feels a yōkai pulse. Looking up he sees Inuyasha is the one that the energy is coming off. lifting his head up Inuyasha starts to cackle gaining the newly transformed Centipede’s attention. Quickly it releases it body before covering both Inuyasha and Kagome. Both Kyo and Kaede stare in horror before a yellow light burst and the centipede gets ripped in to many pieces. Kagome goes flying through landing on the ground with a thud. Feeling someone grab her underneath her arm she looks up to see Kyo. Happiness of seeing the other teen moving burst through her, but before she could say anything Kyo just shakes his head before leading her over to Kaede and the others.

“Stay here.” he says before turning back to the yōkai. Cracking his knuckles, he takes off towards the yōkai. Hopping in the air he catches the centipede attention. “You want to cheapshot me?!” He screams before slamming his fist into the face earning a screech of pain. “I’m going to teach you!” He delivers a roundhouse kick. “Some manners!” He finishes with an elbow to the top of its head sending it crashing to the ground.

Landing next to it he goes to attack again only to stop when he hears. “Iron Reaver Soul Stealer.

On instincts he slides to the side barely dodging a sawblade like attack that completely slices up Mistress Centipede. The yellow blade turns into Inuyasha and Kyo growls to go after him only to stop when he hears Kaede calls his name. “Come here quickly.” Glaring at the smirking Inuyasha he turns and moves over to her. “I need you both to focus. Mistress Centipede isn’t dead yet.” Just as she says that a piece of the yōkai twitches. “We have to find the jewel that is the only way to end this entirely.”

“How are we supposed to find a jewel in all these pieces.”

Kaede explains to Kagome as Kyo ignores her and look around. He moves a couple feet away only to stop when he sees a purple glowing light. Tilting his head sideways he moves over to it and shoves his hand inside and digs around until he feels something hard.

“I don’t…” She stops talking when all the flesh turns to bones surprising both of Kagome and Kaede. “How did…”

“Is this is?” Kyo asks holding up the Shikon no Tama.

Both women rush over to him and Kaede notices that the black inside the jewel is slowly purifying. ‘He can see the jewel and it’s purifying just by his touch. What is he?’ She holds out her hand and Kyo puts it in her hand and watches as she hands it to Kagome. ‘It’s purifying, but not as quick as the boy. interesting.’

They don’t notice Inuyasha walking towards them until he steps on a skull shattering it. Quickly turning around Kyo makes sure Kagome and Kaede are behind him as he glares at a smirking Inuyasha.

“Hand over the jewel and I promise your death will be quick.”


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