Reviews for The Journey to the City of Endless Night

BY : FarAwayEyes

  • From Inuyashalover on January 01, 2020

    Please please finish this its awesome and would love to read more I beg of u please don't abandon this story its the best one yet 

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  • From KagomeLove1 on April 09, 2018

    I hope you are fine. I hope that you have not abandoned this story. I really hope to read a new chapter. 


    Take care

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  • From KagomeLove1 on February 25, 2018

    Hi, I hope you are fine. I hope that you will still update this fantastic story. Take care.

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  • From KagomeLove1 on January 22, 2018

    All I can say is wooahw!what a chapter! The message in this chapter was very beautiful and so profound. Thank you. I love that it is linked with Miroku. The last part of the story was touching. To see that everybody came to find him really shows that they are truly a big pack like the old Bel..(forgot his name). said before.

    i was so worried for Miroku. I did not want him to leave the pack. I am glad that they are together again. 

    I so love the fact that you take us through the experiences, pains and joy of every Inuyasha characters

    All I can say is thank you for this beautiful story. I waited for this update and was very sad when I did not see an update on the 17th. I though that may be you stoped. What I joy it was to see that you have updated. This chapter did not disappoint. You are an excellent writter. Your story is captivating. All 106 chapter are interesting. And I think you are growing as a writer. I can see the difference between the earlier chapter and the recents one though I am not a writer. I am so looking forward to Rin's birthday becaus it will bring so needed moment of joy for this group.  I look forward to the 17th to see what you have in store for them. Take care and happy New Year

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  • From KagomeLove1 on January 19, 2018

    I have been checking since yesterday hoping for an update. I hope you are well. Take care

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  • From KagomeLove1 on December 18, 2017

    Very nice to see Kagome finally giving some of her time to Sango. Sango is in need of her support, advice and friendship. 

    Where is Miroku running to? Is he going back to Naraku or just running away from everything so not to put Sango in danger? I feel so sorry for him. I think what he has gone through is the hardest and scariest so far of all.

    i wanted to let you know that I so appreciate the fact that you did not make Kagome pregnant.In all the stories once she is matted to Inuyasha she is pregnant straight after. At least here, she does not think it is the right time for it and she is taking precautions. After all Kagome does not seems to be one who will just let herself become pregnant just like that ( that's just my opinion).

    Read  you soon and thanks again for this fantastic extremely well written story.

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  • From KagomeLove1 on December 18, 2017

    Excellent. I have finally caught up with the last chapter. What an adventure. What an adventure. You are the best. I will say it again because every chapter confirms it. This is the best Inuyasha story by far.


    i love the fact that every character has an important part to play so that the prophecy can come to pass.

    every character is going through something emotionally. They have a challenge to overcome. You show us their weakness and how the come out stronger from the challenge. Rin, Shippo, Sesshoumaru, Kagome, Inuyasha, Jaken, sango, miroku, kagura and may be Kikyou.  So she is going to the city of the kelp. I wonder what you have on plan for her. I did google Kel hmmmm. I also sounder if the she doll with Koga will be Ayame later on? Time will tell. I have to say I welcomed her arrival as Koga can leave who's infatuation with Kagome yo the past and bound with her. 

    i was so glad when I read her chapter. The fact that you introduced her and the 1rst thing she does is to help the girl and her family. So very Kikyou and so very nice.

    I have to say, reading chapters about Jaken  and his group is so satisfying. You kept him so in character. I laught so hard at his comment. Bless you for this.

    i enjoy the fact that as I read, I can see how the characters are changing. It is believable because you are not just stating as a fact that they are changing. You show us how by their actions, their thoughts and it is believable. 

    I like the way Kagome is. You did not turn her into a demon or changer her so drastically because of her bound to Inuyasha. And I hope you will keep her that way.

    Sesshoumaru  has changed so much. I love his connection with Rin. It is nice to see him vulnerable and for once she is taking care of him. That particular chapter made my girl heart go mushy with love.

    Poor Sango. She is going through so much. I do feel for her she she has finally found love, she may be losing it. I felt very sad reading what Miroku was going through. Naraku is so dark here. I love it. Alway using other bu this time his game is up a notch as he is using demons, magicians. He has a lot under him.

    Again I can only reiterate what I have been saying in the past review, you are an excellent writer. I look forward to the 17th of the next coming month. Do not stop .  Why do you not upload this on It will be so popular. 


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  • From KagomeLove1 on December 16, 2017

    Oohhh my word this is getting better and better. Jaken is been appreciated by human for his advice. And by royalty none the less.  I so love Rin and the She wolf connection. Is Makor dead or not?  I had to google about him.

    Iit is so scary what is going on with Naraku, the demons, the human sacrifices....

    Shippo, Shippo, Shippo. You portrayed him so well. Only he can bad mouth Inuyasha like that. I so love the way you made Sesshoumaru offering to guide and disciplined him to become a better demon. I hope Inuyasha will not be hurst after all Sesshoumaru never offered him such an opportunity.  Sesshoumaru sense I and his apprentice Shippo. What a pair. Thanks for the story. You are an excellent writer. 

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  • From KagomeLove1 on December 14, 2017

    Ohh my word. This is by far the best a Inuyasha Kagome story I have ever read. I love the way you take your time to develop love, friendship amoungst all the characters. Even though it is an Inuyasha and Kagome story, I find myself happy to read about how the relationship between Sango and the monk , Sesshoumaru and Rin is growing.

    How the trust between the brothers, between the gang and the others is changing and growing. They are becoming a pack and we see it all. 

    The way you made Rin having a long life is priceless and surprising. Is she from their world?  Yes? No? I hope you will let us know. The way she is with Sesshoumaru is ever so sweet. The fact that you made them have a strong connection and the fact that they touch,hug each other is definetely a first. It is very refreshing. 

    At 1rst I was irritated by Inuyasha's language now I understand that the brothers use that crude words Ass.. half breed to show their affection in a way.

    i have to say Silk and the she wolf are my favourite. The others are growing on me. 


    The mud fight was so  funny.  The way  Kagome "sit" the brothers I just could not stop laughing.

    The fact that you are showing us how Jaken is doing is a plus. You really did not forget any characters. I am sure others from the anime will be included. I hope that you will not turn a Kikyou into a bad person and will keep her in character like you have done with the rest so far. I have read one story which was so nice, it was the continuation of Inuyash  until the writer included Kikyou and turn her into a bad character just because she did not like her. Which was very disappointing. I just hate when writer do that " I hate Kagome so I portray her as a bad person. I hate a Kikyou so I portray her as bad to Inuyasha and Kagome, I hate Sesshoumaru so I portait him as very cruel ".  I hope that you will not take that route.

    all I can say is thank you for been dedicated to your story since 2005. I fell happy to have decided to read it. I sure do not regret it. Thank you. You are an excellent writer. Every chapter is interesting and it is easy to picture everything in my mind while I read.

    thank you



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  • From KagomeLove1 on December 12, 2017

    I really enjoyed reading how the relationship between the brothers is changing. It is nice and refreshing because you do not rush it at all. The way they both protected the Kagome and Rin at the party was saw nice.

    i loved how both Sango and Kagome were feeling. You did not make them full of confidence ans sure of themselves.

    Sesshoumqru interaction with Kagome was really a change and it was believable.

    i have to say I noticed some similarity between some part of your story and Accession. The similarity is very subtile I have to say but it is there.iam not saying that you copied as yours is older but you must have inspired the writer I am sure of it. Like the part where Kagome has her mark cut..

    Any how I was surprised to see that Miyoga was there , what a surprise. I so miss Jaken. I hope he will join them? Hopefully. 


    This story is is great and I am glad I have a long way to go. I hope you will complete it. Thanks for this beautiful work.

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  • From KagomeLove1 on December 11, 2017

    Nice chapters so far. Thanks the story is progressing. Dry well. I like the fact that the gang is together now.  I like the fact that Miroku is in character.  

    I have to say sometimes I do not recognise neither  Inuyasha nor Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru seems lose control too quickly, to have lost his senses. I cannot believe that he will let another person attack him from the back. I mean this is someone who could smell kagura  who was high in the air long before she even appears ( in the anime and manga). Also Sesshoumaru taking orders, suggestion from Inuyasha? really? That is not Sesshoumaru. Same with Inuyasha he is too alpha , not fazed by anything at all.  Inuyasha is not like that really..

    apart form these point,  find the story refreshing. I have no clue who the of are as I have not read the book but I am enjoying them. So far i like Silk and hope he will stay good.  I wonder if Miroku and Sango love story will blossom as well there. I hope so.



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  • From KagomeLove1 on December 10, 2017

    Nice story. IAM glad I. Have discovered it. So far I only have problem with so many new characters. I wish you had a list of who is who. Also, Inuyash  is so rude,  I find it distracting.  I wonder if he is rude like that in the manga or anime. Though I only have watch the sub version. I do find it off putting all the "asshole....." Inuyasha is not that rude. A part from those points. I really enjoy the adventure so far. Good job for having created a very interesting story.

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  • From Dunkelgelb on October 17, 2017

    I commented on Chapter 103 over on AO3 (love it!); I'm commenting here because I have noticed a small technical issue - Chapter 94 is posted twice as Chapter 94 and Chapter 95.  Chapter 96 is actually Chapter 95, Chapter 97 is actually Chapter 96, and so on, resulting in all chapters after 94 being displaced by one integer.

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  • From Dunkelgelb on December 19, 2016

    Chap 93: Very cool.  I love your characterization of Sesshomaru: stoic and measured without being distant.  Besides caring about Rin, he legitmately cares about InuYasha and Kagome, too, and he isn't unwilling to insert himself into their situation in blunt, straightforward manner in order to protect one or both of them from danger.

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  • From Dunkelgelb on November 17, 2016

    Chap 92, 17 Nov. 2016: Lovely sex scene.  Explicit without being overly vulgar or pornographic.  I really like how you wrote how InuYasha/s demon blood began to overcome him the moment he broke physical contact with Tessaiga/Tetsuseiga.  It gives me vibes from "Beauty and the Beast" whenever Kagome is with him.

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