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chapter 11: Rough stuff


Inuyasha leaned against the brick wall just inside the alleyway, absently
gazing out at the street.

Miroku shifted on his feet before leaning back, his eyes on his shoes.
"So...what was it like?"

He glanced at his friend. "What?"

Miroku looked out at the street, frowning. "Kagura."

Inuyasha shrugged as he lightly pushed a broken piece of glass with his
shoe. "Okay I guess."

"Just okay?"

Letting out a wayward sigh, Inuyasha pushed his hands into his blue jeans
pockets. "It was different."


He was quiet for a moment, his vision and insides glazing over in
silent retrospect before he replied. "She was...soft."

Miroku glanced at him. "I thought you were supposed to see her again tonight.
What happened to that? Did Naraku change his mind?"

"I don't know. I guess he did. Either that or he has something
else planned for later."

Everything was quiet for awhile till Miroku spoke again. "Thanks...for the money
for Rin. I was thinking of putting her in one of the halfway houses but I knew
her foster family might find her there. I don't know what would have happened
if Naraku had found her."

Inuyasha stepped forward when a car edged in front of the alley's entrance.
"Don't worry about it. She needed a place to stay." He slowly walked
toward the car. "It's my turn."

Easing up to the driver's side window, Inuyasha blinked at the flash of sunlight
reflecting off the darkly tinted window as it lowered. When he squinted,
adjusting to the light, he blinked again to see an older man with a few gray
strands peppered in his brown hair. He had rugged features that did not match
his tailored suit and freshly shaven face. The older man smirked.
"Hello, boy. Your boss told me you would be here."

Inuyasha leaned closer with a small smile. "Need some company?"

His smirk turned almost wolfish. "You could say that. Yes. I do want your
company. I have already settled payment for your services with Naraku so we
don't have to worry about that."

Inuyasha glanced at the passenger seat. "Want me to get in?"

The man nodded. "Yeah, get in, kid."

Inuyasha gave Miroku a glance while walking around the car. The moment he
sat down in the seat and shut the door, hands were all over him; pulling at his shirt,
playing in his hair, fondling his crotch. It took him somewhat by surprise.
He didn't get many that were this aggressive. These were the kind that wanted
to play hard, ones that you just let them have their way until they were through.
He only hoped the guy didn't get violent and start smacking him.
He still had to work the rest of the evening. Limping or big bruises were
real turn-offs to potential johns.

Inuyasha tuned out the guy's vulgar growls as eager fingers unbuttoned his pants.
Sweaty hands roamed over his chest and stomach, dipping into
his underwear, pawing at his privates. He sucked in a breath when the
hand squeezed a little too hard. This action had an unexpected reaction.
The man let out a harsh laugh and did it again, this time squeezing so
hard, Inuyasha yelped. A tinge of fear crept up. This guy was a sadist. How
far would he go? He wanted to run but knew he couldn't.
Naraku would have his hide if he did.

The large man began pulling him back and forth, pushing down his pants and
underwear while growling. "Get this shit off, boy!"
Before long, he was near naked and being roughly handled while somewhat
awkwardly on his hands and knees in the luxury sized front seat. Inuyasha
closed his eyes and stopped the whimper before it left his throat. He knew
from experience that crying out only provoked men like this. The more you
cry out, the rougher they become. They get off on giving pain. At that
last thought, Inuyasha lost his fragile reserve; it shattered when the guy
violently thrust something into him, something thick and stiff with the
feel of hard rubbered plastic. He grunted, the grunt ending in a barked gasp as
his eyes flew open. It hurt like hell, the stinging pain making everything


He wished he knew her name.


Setting his jaw, Inuyasha gripped the door's handle and held tight, thankful
the windows were darkly tinted. He braced himself but was not quiet ready for
it and gasped loudly when he was squeezed again. Suddenly the guy was on top
of him and Inuyasha only caught a glimpse of rope as it fell in front of his
face. Before he had a chance to raise his hand up, a tightness pinched the
skin around his throat and tightened. Unable to breathe, he reached for the
scratchy cord wrapped around his neck, trying desperately to loosen it.


She had brown eyes....


He began to struggle but froze when he heard a distinct click. Inuyasha knew
that sound all too well. It was the click of a gun being cocked.


...and she was pretty.


The man was big; the heavy, muscle type big. It felt as if the large body was
going to crush him. Inuyasha trembled, wondering if this was his final moments.
Blackness smothered his vision, beginning at the edges and closing
in. Hot breath spat near his ear. "Queer bastards like you don't deserve to
live. You make me sick. The cord fell slack some, allowing him to breathe. Terrified,
he sucked in air as quietly and calmly as he could, forcing the cough down that
was lodged in his throat. He didn't want to die and this guy had a gun at his


He would never go on his second date with her in his dreams.


The man hissed angrily. "Make my day, you fucking whore."

That thick hardness was forcibly yanked out of him, making a lowered cry
escape his lips.

"Make my day."

After a few seconds of a belt jingling and a zipper being unzipped,
something else entered him. It was not as big as what had been there but the
damage had been done. He was sore and raw and probably bleeding if what was
trickling down his thigh was any indication.

The rope tightened again and the man began thrusting into him while growling
low. "Bitch. How does that feel? Like it? Naraku said I could
do what I wanted with your dirty whoring ass."

The rope was yanked, jerking him up and back some. The thrusting became more
violent and Inuyasha could feel everthing slipping away. Just as he was about
to pass out, the rope went loose. As he coughed harshly, his head was
jerked back by a fisted pulling of his hair. The man grunted while fucking him.

Giving one last hard thrust, the man came with a shudder. After the man's limp
member slid out of him, the guy pushed his head hard, making him go forward and
hit the car door.

"Get out of my car."

Gripping his clothes, Inuyasha frantically pulled them on while opening the
car door. Without looking back, he stumbled out, hitting the pavement hard on
his right shoulder. The door slammed shut as he scrambled to stand and get away.
The car sped off. Hunched over and heaving, Inuyasha began walking to the curb.
He swayed, about to fall, when an arm caught him. "What happened?"

Inuyasha shook his head as Miroku led him off the street and onto the
sidewalk. He croaked out a reply. "Bruiser."

Miroku helped him far into the alley and eased him to sit down on a
wooden crate. Inuyasha let out a choppy breath and leaned back against the
brick wall. He reached up and rubbed his throat.

"I will take the rest of the watch this evening." Miroku offered.

Inuyasha looked at his friend, ready to protest until he saw the look
in Miroku's eyes. Miroku had made up his mind. "Okay. But just for an
hour or two. I'll be alright later."

Miroku sighed. "Alright."


Hiten sat in his car watching the cheap hotel. The two boys left
after they had dropped off the girl. He glanced at the door of her room.
She had not come out all day long. "Smart girl." He smirked to himself.
"But you will have to come out sometime, sweetheart."


Rin pushed the curtain back and peeped out the window. It was getting
darker with the evening. Miroku said he would be back late, around eleven.
With a heavy sigh, she turned and went back to the bed, laid down,
and stared up at the ceiling. "Come back soon, brother."


After they had squared things away with Jake, Inuyasha and Miroku left and
went back to the hotel.

The minute Miroku walked into Rin's room, she hugged him. "I was worried.
It got so late."

Miroku smiled. "Hey, I told you I was going to be back around eleven."
He leaned back and gave her a serious look. "Did anything happen while we
were gone? Anyone come around?"

Rin shook her head. "Nuh uh. No one."

Miroku sat on the bed. "Good."

Inuyasha sat on the chair by the window. He moved the curtain back
and looked out at the dark street. All was quiet and there were only three
cars in the hotel's parking lot. Not many stayed at this place. Well, probably
not many with rides. He guessed most of the inhabitants were hookers with
rooms set up for customers. Even though it had a few bad points, this place
wasn't a complete dump. They kept it clean.

Inuyasha looked over at the bed. Miroku and Rin were sitting and talking.
"Hey, Miroku, think we can stay here tonight?"

Miroku shrugged. "Guess so. Naraku said we had the night off. Didn't he?"

"Yeah, he did. But we got to be back early in the morning."

Rin seemed somewhat excited and patted the bed. "You two can share my bed."

Inuyasha looked at the bed. It did appear big enough for all three of them but
it would be a little cramped. At the moment though, he didn't really care.
He was tired and getting roughed up had really done him in. All he wanted to
do at that moment was get clean and get some sleep. "I'll take a shower
first." He got up and went to the bathroom.

Closing the door, Inuyasha sighed while leaning his forehead against the door.
It felt good to be alone right now. He walked to the toilet, sat down on the
closed lid, then buried his face in his hands. His neck hurt and so did his
ass. He hated being treated that way. It left him feeling hollow on the inside,
hollow and sick. Every time, he came out of those situations feeling
dirtier than before. He got up, turned on the shower to a very hot setting then

The hot water felt so good he almost fell asleep under the massaging spray.
Grabbing the soap, he started scrubbing hard. Maybe he could get some of the
dirt off, maybe.


When Inuyasha went into the bathroom, Rin laid down and closed her eyes.
Miroku laid down next to her. As soon as he heard the shower start, Miroku
looked at Rin. "Hey."

She opened her eyes sleepily. "Yeah?"

"We need to talk."

Even in her half lidded dosing, he saw her annoyance. "About what?"

"You know what. Why did you leave your home?"

Rin sighed, scooted closer, then wrapped her arms around his waist while
nuzzling at his shoulder.

"Don't fall asleep on me, Rin. I want to know what is going on. Talk to me."

She let out a long breath, her features crimping some as she breathed a
low whine. "Do you have to know? It's not that important. Really, it isn't."

Miroku lifted her chin with his finger, making her half open eyes look up
to him. "Talk. Now."

She was quiet for a few seconds before the shine of tears threatened to spill
from her brown eyes. She began to tremble. Miroku pulled her into him and
held her close. "God, Rin. What happened?" She was crying now. He could tell
by the way she quietly gasped and shuddered. "Hey. Shhhh... Calm down."
It hurt him deeply to see her crying but another part of him was very angry,
and that anger wanted to know what had happened to his little sister.

Her shaking subsided some and she began to whisper, the words raspy and
hesitant. "Please...don't hate me...."

"I will never hate you. I love you. You're my only little sister. I will always
love you." Miroku assured in the best soothing tone he could muster.

She seemed to relax some at his statement and continued. "Brian...he..."

Harsher than he intended, Miroku snapped a whisper. "What did he do, Rin?"

Her voice began to quiver. "He told me I had to or..."

"Had to what?"

"Or...he would...hurt me."

He was shaking now, trying to hold back his rage. He spoke in a calm, even
tone. "Rin...did he make you have sex with him?"

She choked back a sob and nodded into his chest.

Miroku wanted to kill the bastard but pushed down his gut urges for Rin.
She needed him now. He didn't know how he was going to do it, but he would
take care of her from now on. No one else would ever lay a finger on her.
Ever. He made himself calm down and began to stroke her hair. "Shhh...I'm
here. He will never touch you again. I promise."


Inuyasha got out of the shower and grabbed the towel from the small shelf
nearby. After drying off, he put on his underwear and walked back into the
room. Miroku was lying on the bed next to a sleeping Rin. Miroku looked at him
with tired eyes, got off the bed, then headed for the bathroom.

Placing his clothes on the small nightstand, Inuyasha sat on the bed. He groaned
lightly while staring at the curtained window, his mind weary as very distant
thoughts snuck up from the shadows to bother him. He whispered to those
empty shadows. "What is your name?"

He sighed while slipping under the covers. He would have to make sure he woke
up early enough.


Miroku walked into the bedroom while drying his hair with the towel.
He looked at the bed. Rin was on one side and Inuyasha was on the other,
leaving a space between them for him.

He took note that Rin was still in her jeans. For a moment, he thought about
waking her so she could pull them off and get more comfortable but he was too
tired, and she seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Setting his towel down at the foot of the bed, he crawled up the middle
then settled into the covers facing Rin.


Sometime in the night, Rin woke with a start. It was hot and she was
uncomfortable. She peeked over Miroku's sleeping form in the semi darkness
to see Inuyasha's bare back. She was glad they were both here with her.
That meant they were all safe and nothing bad was happening to them.

With a few jerky movements, she undressed to just her shirt and panties then
snuggled under the covers next to Miroku and his warmth.


Inuyasha could feel those hands on him. They were coarse and burned his
skin. It hurt when they fondled and grabbed. Then they were on his
throat, squeezing hard, and he couldn't breathe. He woke, his eyes flying open
as he let out a quiet gasp into the darkness. Sticky with cold sweat,
he stood and walked over to the window and pulled back the curtain to
see a semi dark sky lightening with the dawn. They needed to leave soon.

He walked to the bed and nudged Miroku's shoulder. Miroku woke and unwrapped
himself from Rin. Rin opened her eyes sleepily and looked at them as they
dressed. "Are you leaving now?"

Miroku, tying his shoes, nodded. "Yeah, we got to go. I don't know if we
will be back tonight." He stood, walked to the side of the bed and leaned down,
giving her a stern look. "Do not, and I mean DO NOT open that door for anyone
except me or Inuyasha. Got it?"

With a solemn frown, she sniffed. "Okay."


The second they snuck into the warm kitchen, Inuyasha glanced at the clock and
breathed a sigh of relief. It was only seven. They had gotten back in time.

He trudged up the stairs to his room, Miroku close behind.


Inuyasha pulled a fresh pair of clothes out of his small dresser and
began to undress. Just as he was adjusting the clean underwear, the door opened and
Naraku stepped in. "You got a reserved viewing today, boy."

Stunned, Inuyasha looked at his boss. Reserved viewings meant he would receive
a portion of the sale: ten percent. It usually ran about two hundred dollars.
Someone had paid two thousand or more just to see a private viewing of him.
He briefly wondered if it was the same woman who had prepaid to have him that

Almost as if he had read his mind, Naraku smirked. "The woman who has paid
for your services for this weekend is the one who will be watching you.
Don't disappoint her, boy. Put on a good show or you will be spending
quality time with Jake and his friends. When you enter the viewing room, one
of my staff will help you get situated before your partner arrives.
If you are a good boy and please your audience, you get a bonus on top
of your earnings for the show."

Inuyasha gave a single nod. "Yes, sir."

Naraku turned to leave then paused. "Oh, after the viewing, Kagura will
be working with you for the remainder of the day. She wants you in her room
so don't delay in getting there when you are finished in the viewing room."

When he could no longer hear Naraku's footsteps, Inuyasha finished dressing
and went to Miroku's door. He looked in to find Miroku sitting on
his bed, tying his shoes. "What are you doing today, Miroku?"

Miroku stood up. "I will be near the park with Shippo."


With a perturbed grimace, Miroku nodded once. "Yep, I'm going to be showing
him the ropes, sort of. I don't think he has to do anything, just watch me and
learn. What has Naraku got planned for you?"

Inuyasha leaned against the wall. "He wants me in the viewing room again...
for a reserved viewing."

Miroku's eyes widened as he gaped at him. "What?"

"Naraku said it was the woman who has paid to get me this weekend."

Miroku frowned with a raised brow. "She really has the hots for you. Maybe you
should milk it for all you can. If the woman is rich enough to pay for a
reserved viewing and to have you all weekend, she might give very big tips."

Inuyasha didn't reply, only shrugged his shoulders.


Naraku answered his office phone. "Yes?"

"Boss. She has yet to come out of her room. Do you still want me to take her?"

While lazily staring at the monitor on his desk, Naraku smirked.
"Yes, but wait until tomorrow. I don't want her damaged, Hiten. She
may become a very valuable asset and I don't like prospective property
scuffed. Understand?"

"You got it, boss."

He hung up the phone and frowned at the scene on the monitor. Two of his
best males were at it again. He almost grimaced in disgust. Those two needed
to get to work and quit fooling around. Jakotsu had to be ready for that
viewing soon and Bankotsu needed to get his dick out of his fairy boyfriend and
get downtown.









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