Displaced in Time

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July 1577 – Late at Night

"There you go, Shimazu-san, all healed up," the Miko chirps with a brilliantly warm smile as she pulls her hands away from his left calf, the pale pink-white glow enveloping them fading.

"It's gone!" Hōjumaru exclaims as he prods at the now flawless skin where the bone-deep wound had been. Even the blood is gone without a trace, but the cut in his hakama is still there.

"Ne, Shimazu-san, would you like to see a neat trick?" The Miko gives him a gentler smile and reaches her hand out to touch the damaged fabric of his hakama. Right before his eyes, the fabric knits itself back together, almost as if by magic. "Now no one will know that anything happened."

"You mean that?" If there is one thing he hadn't been looking forward to, it was telling his father that he had touched the sword without first earning it.

"It will be our little secret, Shimazu-san," the Miko says with a fondness in her sapphire blue eyes.

"All finished with the whelp, beloved?" The voice that speaks is low and smooth, filled with tenderness as the speaker addresses the Miko. It belongs to the person that looms over him, casting a shadow over both himself and his pretty savior.

"You're so impatient, dear husband," the Miko chides with an exasperated roll of her eyes. "You always have been." There is a meaning to her words that escapes him and, really, he is now far more interested in the man that has shown up.

Hōjumaru twists around where he sits and cranes his neck to get a good look at the man. Sharp gray eyes meet his own, brilliant streaks of red marking the cheeks just under them, lending the man a much more frightening appearance.

"And you're not, beloved?" The man's gaze flicks towards the Miko while a smirk teases the corners of his mouth upwards. "You're as bad as I am when it comes to patience or need I remind you of the follies of your youth?"

"Says the idiot that nearly died twice the first day I met him," the Miko mutters under her breath. "I'll take my leave now, husband. Take care, Shimazu-san." She gets up without so much as a rustle of fabric and left leaves darkened back courtyard.

"Well, that's me in the doghouse for the night," the man says aloud with a grim smile as the Miko slips through the opening of the gate leading out to village streets. Once she is gone the man crouches down, his expression turning serious. "You're much too young to be handling that sword, whelp. Put it back exactly how you found it and don't speak of this to anyone, okay?"

Hōjumaru frowns at the reprimand but nods, as it is already his intention from the start. Cutting himself with the heavy nodachi had been an unexpected disaster, and had the Miko not passing by at that exact moment…

"You're thinking too much on it, whelp. It happened, you were saved. No need to fret over it anymore." The man cracks a slight smile and casually reaches over to ruffle his hair. "My wife has a tendency to be at exactly the right place at precisely the right time. Make sure you find yourself a girl like that and hold on tight to her. She'll be worth dying for."

Hōjumaru ducks his head away from the man's overly familiar gesture and makes a face. "I don't care about girls, and I'm not scared of dying."

"Oh, you'll change your tune one day, whelp." The man gives a low chuckle and looks back in the direction of the gate. "But you're right about one thing… Shimazu don't fear death, we embrace it each time we rush onto the battlefield."

"You're part of the clan?" Hōjumaru frowns slightly as he takes in the man's kosode, which lacks any sign of the Shimazu crest that each member of his clan wears with pride.

"Indeed I am," the man replies with a cheeky grin as he returns his attention to Hōjumaru. "That's not what's important here though. Just do as I said with the nodachi, and don't try to use it again until it's given to you by your father. You'll earn it soon enough, and when you do you'll be ready for it."

"And when will that be?" Hōjumaru's question is met with another chuckle.

"That depends on you, whelp. Now, as much as I'd like to stay and answer any further questions I have a wife to console and a daughter to get back home to. I will leave you with a bit of advice, though…" The man lifts a hand and touches his index finger over Hōjumaru's heart, his expression serious. "There are two things you'll need to remember when the time comes: You must first die in order to be reborn and, most importantly, with your dying breath you must utter the phrase 'Awaken and burn through me, Ketsueki.'."

"What?" That really isn't the kind of advice he is expecting, and it is certainly strange advice to receive.

"Just trust me on this, okay? When the memory of this conversation passes from your mind and finally comes back to you, it will be the right time." The man pulls his hand away then stands and turns his back to Hōjumaru. "Now get going, Shimazu Toyohisa."

October 26th, 1497

"Awaken…and burn through me…Ketsueki…"

She stands there, rooted to the spot, all conscious thought gone as Toyohisa slumps to his knees almost immediately, the wickedly long blade of his nodachi protruding from his back. That the fight is turning out like this…

Kagome is vaguely aware that someone is screaming, a wordless and broken sounding noise that pierces through the night and rouses the tired, injured villagers from their homes. From the way her throat burns and aches the only possible conclusion is that she is the one screaming. The scream devolves into a grief-stricken wail interspersed with choking sobs as her legs give out.

"Shut up, you stupid bitch!" InuYasha snarls as he turns from Toyohisa's deathly still form, his ears laying flat against his skull. In the blink of an eye, he is in front of her, and in the next, he strikes her across the face.

The sharp blow sends her sprawling, pain blossoming across her cheek as she is shocked into silence. That she can utter a single word to keep the hanyō in check is forgotten, and her eyes go wide with fear as she scrambles to get away from InuYasha.

"Just what do you think you are doing to my intended?" InuYasha freezes at the softly spoken words that even she can barely hear, but hear them she does. Beyond the hanyō Toyohisa slowly stands up, impossibly so. The sword is still very much going through him, but it is ensconced by a dark red glow. No, that isn't quite right, the sword is dissolving into a mist of blood that swirls around Toyohisa.

"You should be dead!" InuYasha's accusatory statement is tinged with panic as he turns back to Toyohisa. The hanyō takes a step back, which puts him closer to Kagome and a low, rage-filled growl echoes quite clearly across the area, making InuYasha freeze yet again.

"Get away from her." The maelstrom of blood mist follows Toyohisa as he takes a halting step forwards, and for some inexplicable reason, it appears to be thinning. His next step is more surefooted and quickly followed by another while the blood mist completely vanishes.

Whether it is through his own will or not, InuYasha moves away from her immediately, and just as soon as he does Toyohisa is kneeling next to her. His touch is exceedingly gentle as he pulls her up onto her knees and inspects her cheek. She whimpers and flinches away from the slight prod to the injured area, at which a murderous expression steals over Toyohisa's face, made even more frightening with the vivid red marks that now adorn his cheeks.

"Stay here." There is a hard edge to his tone despite how softly the order is given, and it is clearly an order. Toyohisa slowly stands up to turn and face InuYasha who is frozen by fear a mere few feet away.

InuYasha snaps out of his frozen state with an uneasy growl and bolts towards the forest like hell itself is after him. He barely makes it ten feet from his starting position when Toyohisa explodes into motion and closes the distance between himself and the hanyō much faster than Kagome can track. Dirt and rock spray upwards, hiding them from sight and is followed by a pained yelp and a low, snarling growl.

"Kagome! What happened child?" Kaede calls out as she hurries over to where Kagome is still kneeling on the ground.

Kagome pulls her gaze away from the fight, if it can even be called that anymore, and looks to Kaede, who is accompanied by a few men from the village. Her attempt to speak is only met with a sharp, searing pain that has her eyes watering so she does the only thing she can think of at the moment. She throws a hand up and motions for them to stay back, which exactly none of them heeds.

As Kaede nears her, she can apparently make out the swelling of Kagome's cheek by the light of the moon, and her mouth is drawn into a severe frown. "The bone appears to be broken," she assesses. "Help Kagome up and-"

A hoarse scream cuts Kaede off and diverts everyone's attention to where Toyohisa and InuYasha are. At the end of a ten-foot-long furrow, the samurai has the hanyō pressed face down into the dirt, a knee pinning down InuYasha's right arm by his shoulder joint. The scream had been from the hanyō's humerus snapping in half as his arm is twisted towards his back.

"Is that… You must not kill InuYasha!" Kaede's cry pulls Kagome's attention back to the elderly Miko while anger bubbles up in her at the plea for the hanyō's life.

"He nearly killed Toyohisa, and he was going to kill me. Give him a good reason as to why Inuyasha's life should be spared because I ran out of them when he disparaged me in front of my family." Oh, it hurts to speak, but the pain isn't as bad as it had been when Toyohisa had tested the injury barely even a minute ago. She sits straight-backed as she stares at Kaede in a direct challenge. "And it better not have anything to do with hunting down the Shikon no Kakera."

"I feared as much when he was revived. He hasn't changed one bit and still poses a danger even with the beads of subjugation. Even so, he was freed by your hand, Kagome, thus he is your responsibility," Kaede states grimly as she returns Kagome's stare.

"That's still not a reason as to why he should be spared," Kagome argues, her anger flaring again.

There comes a thud and an anguished scream not too far from them, interrupting their heated discussion and drawing their attention to the dirty and injured form of InuYasha. His face is mottled with bruises and smears of dirt, but worse yet is the way that his arm is laid out at a completely wrong angle.

"In return for the kindness you and yours showed Kagome the last three days I will spare the dog's life, but do not mistake this as generosity on my part. You will be responsible for him as the price for your request." There is a faint growl to Toyohisa's voice as he speaks, and the samurai approaches them with a scowl on his face. His gaze goes to the armed village men gathered behind Kaede, his expression darkening slightly at the sight of them.

"You will not be moved on the matter?" Kaede looks from Toyohisa to Kagome and back, her tone imploring.

"No," Kagome answers sharply as she slowly stands up. Her legs threaten to give out almost immediately, and she staggers back a step only to find that Toyohisa is now behind her. She leaned into him, despite how awkward her bow and backpack make it, while Kaede hangs her head with a sigh.

"Very well, I will take responsibility for InuYasha." The elderly Miko turns away from them and walks over to InuYasha's whimpering form. "Rikichi, please see to it that InuYasha is taken to the back of my hut so that I may treat his wounds, and lay some hay there as a bed for him."

"Yes, Lady Kaede." One of the men steps forward, and Kagome recognizes him as the man who had rallied the villagers together against Mistress Centipede. At his direction, the men with him help lift InuYasha and carry him off towards Kaede's home, leaving her and Toyohisa alone with the elderly Miko.

"You were human last we met, of that I am certain. How is it you are now a yōkai, Shimazu-san?" Kaede asks without turning to face them, her tone weary. Kagome blinks at the question, the belated realization of what those red marks having appeared on the samurai's face means finally striking home.

"I'm human," Toyohisa states bluntly and factually, though it is ruined by the undertone of a growl.

"I might be old, but my senses are not failing me. You are most certainly a yōkai, and an extremely powerful one at that," Kaede retorts and looks at Toyohisa from over her shoulder. "You've no idea of the change that has been wrought over you?" Her gaze slides down to Kagome, eyes narrowing at the look on her face. "You clearly seem to know, Kagome."

"I… His sword turned into blood…"

She isn't lying, he can tell that much from her scent and heart rate, but as he cranes his neck and scans the torn-up path leading into the village behind them he notes that all of his weapons are accounted for. His wakizashi and tanegashima are still on the ground where they had slipped from his grasp, and impaled in the ground between them is his nodachi. He isn't sure of what had happened himself, which led to him now being a yōkai of all things, but he is certain that Kagome is not lying.

There is more to her scent that has Toyohisa pressing his nose into Kagome's hair and inhaling. A lingering bitterness and salt from her tears, a spiciness from her anger that is ebbing away, and an overall note of relief making up the greater portion of her emotions. Underneath that, she smells of oranges, plums, and a brewing summer storm.

"Um, Toyohisa, what are you doing?" Kagome's question does little to deter him as he shifts his attention from the Miko's hair to her neck.

"You smell good," he rumbles out and rubs his nose against the skin just beneath Kagome's hairline.

"T-thank you, but we should probably get your weapons and head inside." The Miko pulls away from him, making him blink open his eyes with a disappointed sigh. She turns towards him, red-faced and her scent shifting to an interesting mix of embarrassment and happiness. The swelling in her cheek is reduced to nothing, and there is a faint odor that reminds him of lightning that radiates from where she had been injured. It smells nothing like InuYasha does, all traces of the hanyō's scent gone from where he had struck her.

"I'll be just a moment," Toyohisa states in a reassuring tone, at which Kagome gives him a faint smile, then goes to retrieve his swords and matchlock gun.

"Do you know what manner of yōkai Shimazu-san is, child?" Kaede asks in what sounds like a discreet tone.

"Oh, I do! He's an inu daiyōkai, which explains the growling and the, uh, sniffing." Kagome's answer makes him pause with his hand over the nodachi's hilt, his mouth twisting into a frown.

That he is anything relatable to InuYasha makes his skin crawl, yet Kagome had been perfectly at ease leaning up against him. She even knows… Wait, how does she know what he is when he doesn't?

Fingers closing around the nodachi's hilt, his frown deepens as he pulls the blade free. It feels much lighter than he remembers, and the color of the edge has gone from a pale gray to a deep red along the entire length. Everything else about the blade is exactly as he remembers it to be, from the feel of the grip in his hand to the light scent of the choji oil used in the maintenance of the blade.

He inspects the point of the blade for any damage and when none is found he slides the nodachi into its scabbard. His wakizashi and tanegashima are likewise put away then he takes a moment to observe Kagome and Kaede from afar.

"Daiyōkai are very rare, very powerful, and very dangerous. If he were to lose control of himself-"

"Toyohisa won't! Even though I've only known him for barely even half a day I know that he wouldn't lose control over himself!" There is a vehemence to her tone that has him wondering why he is even suspecting her. That she knows what he is will only serve to help him learn about what he is now capable of. It is a start, at least.

"The only person in danger of incurring my wrath upon them has been dealt with. If anything I would put this village under my protection, if it is needed," Toyohisa states plainly as he returns to them, Kagome jumping slightly at his voice while Kaede seems to consider his words.

"What would your protection of this village entail?" There is a gleam in the elderly Miko's eye, as though she is plotting something. Kaede motions for them to follow after her and leads the way over to her hut.

"I won't be taking control of the village from the Daimyō, which, if memory serves, would be the current head of the Takeda. I can only offer protection against yōkai, bandits, and raiders, as I have no desire to be a leader. I'm a brat of the battlefield and there is only one other place that I would rather be when I'm not in the midst of a fight." His gaze goes to Kagome, the young Miko walking a few steps ahead of him, who blushes and once again gives off that mixed scent of embarrassment and happiness at the implication of his words.

"That will have to suffice," Kaede responds then pauses as they reach her hut. "I should see to InuYasha's arm and set the bone otherwise it will need to be rebroken. It will take but a few minutes so wait here, even if you intend to wed one another we don't want to have tongues wagging." With that said Kaede shuffles off to the backside of her home that Rikichi had relocated InuYasha to.

"How are you feeling?" Kagome faces him, worry etched into her expression as she looks him over. Her scent twists with a note of sourness that makes his nose wrinkle.

"I feel fine." Better than fine, actually. He feels alive for what honestly feels like the first time in his life, and energized.

"And your…wound?" There is a hesitation in her voice as she asks that question while he frowns.

By every right he should be dead, considering where he's been stabbed. A cursory inspection, a simple press of his fingers over his heart, makes it clear that there is no wound to speak of. "Gone."

Kagome takes a faltering step towards him then halts and looks around, uncertainty weighing heavily on her, and most likely Kaede's words.

"Damn the villagers and what they'll say, come here." Yes, it goes against every tradition, even his own, but so had their day thus far. There isn't going to be anything normal about their relationship.

Kagome all but collides with him and gives a soft whimper as fresh tears fill her eyes. His arms reflexively wrap around her and he lowers his face to rub his jaw along the top of her head while she trembles against him. She flinches when a sharp yelp of pain, InuYasha's, pierces the quiet and she clings to his shitagi with a tight grasp.

"Hey now, it's okay. I'm okay," he whispers and pulls back just enough to look down at her. "Look at me, Kagome."

"You were stabbed through the heart, Toyohisa, and I don't know how you survived that, but I can't sit here and abide by these ancient traditions. I can't, because I want to fuss over you, and not leave your side and…oh." A look of realization steals over her face as her words falter and despite her tears and the way her scent is overwhelmingly sad she smiles. "We could still take things slow even if we were to get married right away, yes?"

The solution to their problem is so utterly simplistic and falls in line with the very traditions they had been ready to curse. There is only one answer he can give. "Of course." And there is only one question he can ask. "Higurashi Kagome, will you take up the Shimazu name and become my wife?"

"Tō-sama and kaa-sama will kill us if they knew we snuck through the well," the younger of his older sisters comments as they watch the much younger versions of their parents pull apart at Kaede's return. "Oh, I wish we were closer. I know this is where tō-sama asked kaa-sama to marry him."

"You already know she says yes, Haru. No need to personally hear it, besides, we don't want oyaji to realize we're here," his eldest sister comments.

"How can you be like that, Mitsuru? It's such a romantic moment!" Haru sighs and kicks at a cloud with a pout. "You agree with me, right Sōma?"

"I want to get this done with so I can go back home and play video games. I don't care about romance, I'm only a hundred and nineteen." He gives his sisters a flat stare then glances back down to find that their parents have gone inside of the hut with Kaede. "We have until dawn to set everything up, and we need to be quiet."

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