Reviews for Baby Inu

BY : MomaTrickster

  • From SammyJams on January 11, 2017

    Can't wait to read more! Hoping baby Inu has a run in with Sesshoumaru

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  • From SplendentGoddess on January 11, 2017

    Yay! So glad you updated this so quickly! I hate when new, really awesome stories just stop being updated and fade away into obscurity, so hopefully that will not be the case here. 

    Glad to know there appears to be a steady rhythm of Inuyasha getting his adult mind every four days. I'm also glad he ended up accepting the fact that Kikyou obviously had dark intentions. She meant to destroy his mind completely, and while I know it eats at his ego to have Kagome protect him when he thinks it should be the other way around he's obviously grateful to Kagome for saving him, so that's good. And then man, to hurt her like that with his claws? It was obviously an accident, but poor Inuyasha. Guilt trip much? And then Kouga! When Kagome first said she sensed two jewel shards coming fast I was like "Jump in the well! Hurry!" Sango and Miroku could handle themselves, no matter how much of a pest Kouga was. Too late. And in this particular story universe Kouga is definitely not a friend. I could see Kouga laughing his ass off, sure, but he was actually going to kill Inuyasha! Was actually going to forcefully take Kagome away! And even when she aimed an arrow at him that didn't stop him. There was no merrily laughing Kouga sobering and coming to his senses and going "Ka...gome?" as he realized the true depth of the situation. No, Kagome was actively firing at him and he was still trying to make off with Inuyasha, so they need to be on the lookout for him from now on because he's a bad guy for sure. 

    I'm glad to know the well can be repaired (well, obviously it would need to be, to not create a paradox) but I do feel sorry for Kagome's family who will all be worried sick now that they're expecting her and Inuyasha to return. Oh well, nothing much we can do about that but hopefully after Totosai works his magic to either shrink Tetsusaiga or forge Inuyasha a replacement weapon they can head back to Kaede's and the well will be ready for them. Something tells me, though, that this won't just be a simple trip to Totosai's and back. Kouga's bound to be pissed that he lost a shard and come after them, unless he actually grows a few brain cells and instead decides to reflect on what happened and how Kagome attacked him to save Inuyasha. Or what if he shows up in a day or two, after Inuyasha's a kid again, and he's just about to kill him but then can't bring himself to kill a little kid that's screaming for Kagome to save him? He'll be all "What the hell?" That'd take the fun out of it, if it's not really his rival in love at the moment, and then he actually finds himself feeling sorry for Inuyasha...or at least not willing to kill him until he's in his right mind again. Hmmm... But even if Kouga isn't a threat again for a while, since this obviously takes place earlier while there are still random jewel shards around they could run into all sorts of trouble either on their way to or back from Totosai. And Kikyou is out there somewhere. And it's only a matter of time before Naraku finds out. Ooooo...update soon, 'cause I'm getting all excited thinking about the various possibilities! There's so many ways this can go!

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  • From SplendentGoddess on January 10, 2017

    Good story so far! I really like this idea and I really like that he had a moment of clarity before reverting back into the bespelled personality. That lets us know from the start that his mind is not lost, but yet there's still the matter of reversing what has been done to his body. I assume Kaede won't just be going oh yeah, here's the cure right here, because that would be too easy. Are they gonna have to track down the mean stinky lady? But maybe there's something Kaede and Miroku can do to help figure out at least how to bring Inuyasha's mind back to the surface. It would be awesome if his mind came back right after telling Kagome he loves her, so the last thing he knew was being in that village after the squirrel youkai, and then suddenly he's in Kagome's house and she's telling him "I love you too" LOL. Well, whatever you do next, however this story progresses, I'll be there every step of the way. Good job!

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