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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. I am not making any money from writing these.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. I am not making any money of this. I just enjoy writing about him.


A.N.: Not sure where this story really came from, and it's not finished, but I'll start typing up and posting what I have of it. My daughter loves this story, it's one of her favorites.



Chapter One


'This rain has to let up soon, we need to keep moving,' I thought as I looked out the cave entrance and watched the pouring rain fall.


“Gome?” a small voice called out to me from inside the cave.


I turned around to see the small sliver haired form sitting up on my sleeping bag near the fire and rubbing his eyes sleepily. I smiled softly at him as I walked over and sat down beside him. He climbed into my lap and snuggled against my chest with a happy sigh. I gently started rubbing a soft fuzzy ear.


“What's wrong, sweetheart?” I asked him gently.


“Bad dream, Gome,” he said quietly, “Bad, stinky lady wanted to hurt you and take me somewhere bad. I don't want to leave you, Gome! Don't let her take me away from you!”


I sighed softly as I continued rubbing his little puppy ear.


“It's alright, sweetheart,” I reassured him as he started to cry, “I won't let anyone take you away from me.”


He nodded his head in acceptance and drifted back to sleep in my arms. I held him close to me and let myself fall into a light sleep, trusting the barriers of both Tessaiga and my Sacred Arrows to keep us safe from harm.


I woke in the morning to see sunlight outside of the cave. I looked down at the small hanyou still curled up in my lap to find golden eyes watching me curiously.


“Good morning, sweetheart,” I said softly.


“Keh. Why am I in your lap, wench?”


I looked at him in surprise as he pulled himself from my lap. He stood in front of me with a confused expression on his face. He held up his left hand to me and I held his gaze as I pressed my right hand to it. He looked at our hands and inhaled sharply before his terrified eyes went back to mine.


“Kagome, what the hell...”


“It's a spell,” I told him quietly, “I tried to get a barrier up, but the spell slammed right through it. It hit you and...I'm not really sure how old you are now, but you look about the size of a four or five year old human, I think.”


“How long?”


“It's been three days,” I answered, “I've been trying to work our way back to Kaede's village. I found this cave yesterday, shortly after mid day, because of a storm that rolled through.”


“We got any food?”


“Yeah, I've got some dried fruits and salted meats,” I told him, “I killed a weasel demon that was a attacking a traveling bard. He saw the sling I've been carrying you in and gave me the food as a thank you. I'll have to stop in the next village to get some more somehow.”


“I don't remember talking about this before.”


“This is the first time your...more adult self has been here,” I told him in confusion, “This hasn't happened before. You've been...just as I thought you would be, only, you recognized me scent, and you knew my name.”


Inuyasha frowned in confusion as he stood in front of me. He was quiet for several minutes.


“We'll have to talk it over with Kaede and Miroku,” he said firmly, “I'm wondering if your barrier did actually protect me somewhat.”


“What do you mean?”


“I would think a spell like this would completely erase all of my normal mind,” he said, “But I can almost...feel the spelled mind inside me.”


“ barrier kept your older mind from being destroyed?”


“I think so.”


“I wonder how long you'll be able to stay adult minded.”


“Keh, who knows.”


Inuyasha walked over to the small bag I had brought with us. He dug into it and pulled out meat and fruit for both of us before he walked back over to me. After we are, we packed up our camp silently and put out the fire. I saw the pained expression on his face when he watched me tie Tessaiga to my bag.


“It didn't shrink with you like your clothes did,” I told him, “The barrier Tessaiga makes still works though.”




Inuyasha was quiet as we left the cave and walked through the woods and back to the road. I heard him growl slightly as we walked.




“Keh. Stupid, weak pup legs.”


“Why don't...”


“No! You're not fucking carrying me! I'm not a fucking pup!” he interrupted me.


“Physically, you are, at least right now,” I told him firmly.


He growled at me and kept walking. I sighed and walked with him. A few hours later, his legs buckled and he cursed as he punched the ground.


“Your mind may be adult right now,” I told him as I knelt down next to him, “But your body, at the moment, is not.”


“Feh. When I was this size the first time I could run around all day long.”


I loosened the straps on my small bag and had him climb on my back between me and the bag. I made sure his legs were over the bottom straps and tightened the straps back up. I felt him push my hair over to my right shoulder and set his chin on my left shoulder as I started walking again.


“At least you didn't make me ride in a sling,” he said softly.


I laughed quietly and we walked down the road for a few more hours. We entered a village and he kept his head on my shoulder with his ears down and hidden in his hair. I stopped in the center of the village when I felt a jewel shard nearby, and then I heard screaming. I reached back and pulled the velcro strap off of my bow and grabbed an arrow as I ran.


“Damn it,” Inuyasha cursed in my ear, “Be careful, wench.”


I reached the marketplace to find a giant squirrel demon. I stared at in surprise for a minute while villagers and traders ran past me to get away from it.


“A fucking squirrel?!” Inuyasha cursed in surprise.


I ran closer and winced as the demon smashed a small building with its tail. I found a clear patch of road near a clothing stall and took aim with my bow. I let my powers flow, filling the arrow with purifying energy, as I looked at the squirrel for the glow of the jewel shard. Finally, I spotted the shard's glow in the demon's chest and I let the arrow fly with a command to hit the mark. My arrow flew, a trail of pink and red sparks floating behind it. The arrow slammed into the squirrel's chest and it screamed in rage before it shattered and fell to the ground in pieces. I ran forward and quickly pulled the jewel shard out of the mess, purifying the shard with just a touch. The messy remains of the demon turned to dust as I put the shard in the little glass jar around my neck.


“Miko-sama?” a voice called out to me.


I turned to my left to see a group of villagers watching me. A man around my mother's age walked up to me and gave me a polite bow.


“Miko-sama, I am Aikuro, the village headmen,” he introduced himself, “It is fortunate that you were here this day. Our deepest gratitude to you for slaying the demon.”


“Oh, um, thank you,” I replied, feeling awkward at the attention.


“Come,” he said, “You will be given a meal and a room and a hot bath.”


“And some new clothing,” a woman the headman's age spoke up as she approached, “I do not believe your attire will survive the scrubbing it needs.”


I looked down and winced when I realized that I'd been splattered all over with squirrel demon blood. Inuyasha peeked over my shoulder to look at the people standing in front of me.


“Oh! How adorable!” the woman said with a kind smile, “Hello, little one.”


The headman looked at Inuyasha with a concerned frown and looked at me.


“A hanyou?”


“An orphaned child I found in my travels,” I lied slightly.


“He is half demon,” Aikuro stated.


“He is a child,” I said firmly, “If his presence is unacceptable to you, then I will be on my way. I will not subject him to the vile hatred many hold for him simply because he was born.”


“Oh, Aikuro, stop it,” the woman scolded him, “Look at him! He's such a cute little guy. And you are angering the miko who just saved our people!”


Aikuro sighed and nodded.


“My deepest apologies, Miko-sama,” he told me with a bow, “I have never met a miko who traveled with a demon or who accepted a half-demon in her presence. Most mikos simply believe that all demons must be destroyed.”


I nodded in acceptance of his apology.


“I am well aware of the beliefs I hold that set me apart from most mikos,” I told him, “But I truly believe that demons can be good or evil, just as humans can be.”


“Well said, dear,” the woman said approvingly, “I am Suma, the seamstress. My sister, Suki, runs the inn and bath house with her husband. Come with me, dear, I'll get you some fresh clothing and take you to Suki.”


Aikuro bowed his head to us and walked away to join the group of men already starting on repairs. I walked beside Sumi to her clothing stall and smiled as she dug around in her stall. She carried a bundle of fabric in her arms as she turned back to me.


“Follow me, dear,” she said as she led the way back towards the village center.


“You can call me Kagome,” I told her as we walked, “And his name is Yasha.”


“Well, Yasha is a lucky young one to have found you, Kagome,” she told me with a bright grin, “I can see that you will protect him with your life.”


I nodded in agreement with her and felt more than heard 'Yasha' mumble something near my ear. Sumi led us to the inn and introduced us to her sister, Suki. She introduced 'Yasha' as my ward. Sumi handed the bundle of clothes to Suki, told us that she would be there for dinner, and left. Suki led us to the building behind the inn and led us inside. She set the bundle on a table.


“You will be undisturbed until dinner,” Suki told me, “I will come myself to get you when it is ready.”


“Thank you.”


Suki nodded with a smile and left. I waited for a few minutes before I moved. I heard Inuyasha sniffing the air.


“We're alone,” he confirmed, “Let me down.”


I knelt down and loosened the straps on my bag enough to let it slide to the floor. He moved to stand in front of me and I winced when I saw him.




“You need a bath, too,” I told him, “You've got squirrel demon stuff in your hair.”


“I'll sit by the door with my back to you.”


“Okay,” I agreed, not wanting to argue, “But I do need to wash your hair out.”


“Feh. Fine.”


I pulled a towel and a bottle of three in one hair and body wash from my bag. Inuyasha stood on the small step stool next to the tub and pulled off his fire rat coat. He tossed it towards the door and gathered his hair over his left shoulder before he dunked his head, and all of his hair, in the water. He lifted his head out of the water and stood still as I lathered it with the soap, being careful of his ears. I carefully rinsed out the soap when he put his head back in the water. When he was done, he gave a big, childish grin, and shook the water out of his hair like a dog. I shook my head at him and laughed.


“Brat,” I teased him.


He walked over to the door, grabbing Tessaiga on his way, and sat down. He put his back to me and laid his sword on his lap.


“Take your bath, wench,” he told me.


I quickly undressed and got in the water. I washed my hair first and stood up so I could scrub my body. I sat down and let the hot water rinse everything off of me. I carefully climbed out of the tub and dried off before wrapping my hair in my towel. I opened up the bundle of fabric and smiled. I had been worried that, because I have miko powers, Suki might have given me miko clothes, like Kaede wears and...Kikyo. Instead, she gave me green pants like the miko pants, the same color as my school skirt, a white undershirt, and a coat like top that was white with pink and red sakura blossoms and green leaves on it. I dug clean panties and a bra out of my bag and put them on, burying the female loin cloth and chest wrapping in my bag. I pulled on the undershirt and coat before I stepped into the pants and tied the strings around my waist. I realized that the fabric Suki had wrapped the clothes in was a wide belt but I had no idea how to wrap it around me without Mom helping me.


“Oi, wench, you didn't drown did you?” Inuyasha asked.


“No, I'm dressed,” I told him, “Just can't figure out what to do with this belt.”


Inuyasha turned around and his eyes widened.


“You...keh,” he walked over to me and looked at the belt for a minute.


He stepped onto the stool and took the belt from me. He wrapped it around my waist and tied it into a fancy bow behind me.


“There,” he said as he let go and stepped down.


I looked over my shoulder and smiled before I turned back to him.


“Thank you,” I said quietly.


“Mother taught me how to tie hers,” he told me while he looked at the floor.


I knelt down and gave him a quick hug before I gathered up our stuff and fastened my bow to my bag. I looked at Tessaiga and looked at my waist before I looked at Inuyasha.


“Tie it to the bag until we leave here,” he told me, “Then you can wear it on your hip.”


I nodded and did as he suggested. I opened the door and found a pair of sandals waiting for me. I carefully put them and smiled when I saw Suki approaching us. She took my ruined clothes and, with a nod from me, she tossed them into a fire.


“Well, you have good timing,” she told me, “Dinner is ready.”


“Yasha is quite tired,” I told her, “Is there any chance we can eat in our room?”


“Oh, of course!” Suki agreed, “That is not a problem, let me show you to your room and bring dinner to you.”


She led us through the inn to a room that was away from the noise of the dining hall. Inuyasha walked quietly beside me, holding my hand. The room we entered had two futons pushed together and a couple of blankets, folded and waiting for us to use. Suki smiled brightly at us as she left to get our dinner. I set my bag down and sat down next to the low table at the side of the room. Inuyasha sat down across from me with a yawn.


Suki came back into the room carrying a large tray full of food and drinks. She set it down on the table with a smile.


“Just set the tray in the hall when you finish,” she told me, “Have a good night.”


I thanked her as she left and I stood up. I pushed Tessaiga into the doorway and shoved charged arrows into each corner of the room. I sat back down at the table and saw Inuyasha watching me with wide eyes.




“I...Never seen you being so cautious, wench,” he said as he started eating.


“It's just the two of us,” I reminded him, “You're stuck as a four year old and we don't know how long you're mind will stay as it is right now. It's best to be safe. Tessaiga and my arrows have been protecting us every night since you were hit with spell.”




We ate our dinner and set the tray out in the hall, carefully replacing Tessaiga after I closed the door.


“I need you to undo this belt,” I said as I turned around to see Inuyasha standing next to the futons, “I won't be able to sleep with it on.”


I knelt down and he undid the bow carefully. I folded the belt and set it on the table before I laid down and covered up with a blanket.


“Sleep, Inuyasha,” I told him quietly, “Your body needs it.”


He growled lightly before he stretched out on the futon and covered up. I smiled slightly at him as I drifted off to sleep.



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