Shippou's modern day adventure

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~don't own em~
This is the brain child of my dear friend Jes.
He brought it to my attention that Shippou never "gets any".
There will be a plot, and eventually, a lemon.
Lemme know what you think.
(also read that Shippou's ESTIMATED age is between 7 & 10 human the sake of arguement, I am upping it to about 14 ish)

“KAGOME!” He yelled and bounced after her anxiously. “KAGOME!...PLEASE WAIT!” His small legs struggling to propel him faster. She was already very far ahead of him, but he knew she could hear hisas. as. She spun around and stopped dead in her tracks.

:“Shippou, please go back.” She turned and began stomping away again. Her pause had given him a chance to catch up. He kept a hurried pace and reached up to tug on her skirt. Kagome struggled to remain calm with him. “Shippou, head back to camp. I’m serious.” Her cheeks were slightly flushed and anger radiated from her.

“But Kagome” ,Shippou began, “Don’t leave!” His frantic pace was beginning to wear him down. “Please stop!”

She complied and briefly came to a halt. “Shippou! I told you, I can’t be around him right now. I’m too angry...and FRUSTRATED!”

“But please! I’m sure he’ll apologize if you ask.”

“I shouldn’t have to ask!” She let out a frustrated growl and turned to begin her journey once more. Shippou sighed and again, continued his chase.

“He’s just a jerk. Don’t listen to him. Just come back! We need you there.”

“It seems like Inuyasha knows what he needs...AND IT’S NOT ME!” Her voice became more irritated as she stamped along, her nose in the air.

“Kagome! Please come with me! You leave every time he upsets you. I miss you when you are g” Sh” Shippou’s begging reminded Kagome of what a child he could be. Or rather what a child he was. They were approaching the well which brought Kagome back to her own time. Shippou knew he had to convince her quickly. Kagome stopped in front of the hole that would bring her home. She knelt down facing the little kitsune.

“You know I don’t mean to upset you,” Her eyes softened when she saw the sadness in his face. “But I have to go home. I need to get away from all this for awhile.” She patted his fluffy little head, then stood up.

“Kagome!” He sniffled. “Don’t leave!”

Kagome cast a glance at him over her shoulder. She didn’t like to make the poor thing so upset. With a slight feeling of guilt, she hopped the the well.

Out of desperation for his cause, Shippou jumped up and grabbed hold of Kagome’s backpack. He suddenly realized there was no turning back.

They tumbled through to Kagome’s time.

will update soon.
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