Kagome's Reflection

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A/N: Just another dirty lemon between Inu/Kagome. Enjoy and read then review please! And if anyone cares, I finished my other fic “My Connection To Kikyo.” It turned out pretty good, so read and review that too. Thanks, oh yeah I STILL DO NOT own Inuyasha!

Kagome’s Reflection

Kagome fumed to herself as she stomped through the tall swaying grass of the field where the old well was located. Her mind was almost doing summersaults it was racing around so quickly. ‘Oh that stupid Inuyasha! He’s nothing but a...a...big fat stupid JER Her Her face softened a bit when her heart practically called Inuyasha’s name out to her.

It was as if her heart was reminding her that she was still madly in love with the hanyou that she had just called a jerk. ‘He’s a stupid good for nothing jerk! Who am I kidding? I’m the stupid one for still being in love with such a jackass like him!’ Kagome stomped her way over to the well and threw her heavy pack over the edge first.

She took one last look around the clearing hoping to catch a glimpse of the very same hanyou that had infuriated her and nearly brought her to tears. Kagome’ue gue gray eyes brimmed with fresh unshed tears when she realized that Inuyasha wasn’t going to come pleading with her for her forgiveness. She sighed heavily and swung her long legs gracefully over the edge of the dusty old well.

Without further hesitation Kagome jumped off the narrow edge of the old well and into the seemingly endless darkness that awaited her. Almost instantly a bright blue light began to swirl around Kagome’s entire body as she was taken back home from the feudal era. Kagome’s small feet touched the cool ground at the bottom of the well. She let out another long and almost mournful sigh.

“Well I’m home if anyone cares.” Kagome muttered to herself because she knew that there would be no one waiting there for her return. Kagome picked up her heavy pack and suddenly wished Inuyasha was there to carry it for her. She shouted out loud in anger with herself this time. “Oh to hell with Inuyasha! Who needs him anyway?” Then Kagome beganremeremember why they had gotten into their latest argument anyways.

~Begin Flashback~ “Inuyasha, I have to go back home. I just want some time alone to clear my head.” Inuyasha had practically forbidden her to go home. “No! Kagome you will not go home and try to avoid me! You’re going to tell me just how come you were being so damned friendly to that wimpy wolf Kouga! You know that creep loves yo“So “So what?”

“So what!? Kagome that’s disrespecting me because you.... The hanyou had begun to trail off quickly. Kagome’s stormy blue gray eyes burned into him. “Go ahead Inuyasha, finish what you were saying! Because why?” He angrily grabbed her shoulders and shook her roughly as he spoke. “Because you belong to me Kagome! You’re mine! Nobody else will ever have you Kagome, nobody! Do you understand me?”

Kagome shuddered deeply as she pushed herself out of hioleiolent grasp. “You don’t own me Inuyasha!” “Yes I do, you’re mine! You’re mine and nobody else will have you because I’m the only one that can ever take care of you!” After that Kagome slapped Inuyasha forcefully across his face. Her hand had made a sickening smack against the side of his cheek when it connected.

Inuyasha at first stared at Kagome with a hurt look in his amber eyes. Then he spat out angrily at her. “Fine! You wanna go home so you can be alone to think about your wimpy wolf Kouga? Go ahead and go to him, be his whore! Because I do need you Kagome, not now not ever!” ~End Flashback~

What Inuyasha said had deeply hurt Kagome because he had been so cold about it. He had called her a whore and said that he didn’t ever need her again. Kagome blinked and felt the hot tears that had brimming in her eyes spill out and trickle down her cheeks. She lugged her heavy pack upstairs as quickly as she could. Souta came bounding up the stairs after her.

“Hey Kagome! Where’s Inuyasha?” She turned around and snapped at him like a pit bull at the mention of the hanyou’s name. “Do I look like that ungrateful dog’s keeper?” Souta shook his head scared into silence by Kagome’s outburst. He then ran back down the stairs so he could go play video games at his friend’s house next door. Kagome dropped her pack next to her desk and flung her aching body onto her bed.

Her mother knocked softly on the door. Kagome mumbled a stifled “Come in.” from where her face wariedried in her pillow. Her mother carefully opened the door and walked across the room. She gently sat on the bed next to Kagome and touched her daughter’s shoulder. “Kagome?” Her mother merely continued when she didn’t answer. “Souta told me that you looked and actery ury upset when you came in.” Kagome still made no effort to answer her mother.

“Kagome honey, did you and Inuyasha have a fight?” Kagome’s tears began to flow freely once more at the mention of the hanyou’s name. “Oh mom he was such a jerk!” Kagome’s mom rubbed her back and just listened to her daughter’s sobs. “Do you want to talk about it?” “No Mom, I just want to be alone. I’m going to take a bath.” “Okay dear, grandpa and I will be out back in the garden working if you change your mind.”

Kagome nodded as her mother got up to leave. Once she heard the door shut she grabbed a big green cotton towel out of her linen closet. Kagome walked into her bathroom that was connected to her bedroom by a door. She quickly stripped off her clothing and stuck the dirty clothes into her clothes basket to be washed. Kagome turned on the hot water and pressed the shower button.

She carefully stepped into the steamy shower. She winced a little when the hot water made it’s first contact with her creamy alabaster skin. Kagome leaned her head back to let the hot water wet her satiny raven locks. She closed her blue gray eyes as the water rolled down the small of her back and then down the backs of her legs. Kagome began to allow her mind to wander and in disgust she found it settled on Inuyasha.

She imagined his naked muscular body there in front of her. The water beading and rolling slowly off his beautiful bronzed skin. God he was so sexy! Kagome could feel the familiar heat that collected between her thighs nearly every time she thought about the hanyou. She slipped a hand down between her thighs and paused a moment before continuing. <

Kagome slid her slender fingers up the inner side of her right thigh slowly until the tips of them rested just below her most intimate spot. She drew in a long breath before allowing her fingertips to gently float across the heated silky flesh of her core. Kagome shivered as little shocks of electricity seemed to travel down her spine. She let out a small almost silent moan.

Kagome got a bit bolder and allowed the tip of her index finger to slip between her moist folds. “MMMM.” She uttered another small whimper of pleasure. Kagome then bravely pushed a little past her fingertip inside her warm pulsing center. She tilted her head back and let a small gasp escape her throat.

She then decided to take this a step further by slipping the tip of her middle finger between her arousal slicked folds. Kagome pushed the two fingers about halfway into her aching heat and flexed them. It elicited a cry from her partially opened mouth. What she uttered shocked her but not enough to stop her. “Ohhh! Inuyasha, right there!”

Kagome continued pumping and flexing her fingers in her pulsing warmth. She bit on her lower lip to silence the huge moan that was begging to escape as she approached her climax. One final and skillful flick of her fingers and Kagome felt the orgasmic waves of pleasure crash down onto her small body. She whimpered out her fantasy’s name. “Oh Inuyasha!” Once Kagome had reached her glorious peak she quickly finished her shower.

She squeeout out most of the water in her raven tresses leaving it still somewhat damp and looking a bit unruly. Kagome glanced in the mirror. She opted not to brush her hair right now because the uncombed wet look made her seem a bit exotic. Kagome padded softly into her room and shut the door. She quickly locked it and turned to stand in front of her full length mirror.

Kagome abruptly dropped her green towel around her ankles baring her nude body. Her blue gray eyes skimmed over her naked alabaster skin curiously. She ran her hands over her flat toned stomach up to the bottom of her full breasts. Kagome carefully ran the palms of her hands over the slopes of her breasts making her nipples harden. She watched as the little pink buds quickly hardened into little peaks.

Inuyasha hopped out of the well and ran quickly over to Kagome’s window. The hanyou quickly and skillfully jumped onto Kagome’s window ledge without making a sound. He peered into her open window to see his Kagome standing naked in the middle of her room. Inuyasha’s mouth nearly dropped all they way to the floor. Kagome had not even noticed Inuyasha was crouching behind her.

She spoke aloud thinking that she was still alone. “What’s not to desire about me Inuyasha?” Why don’t you ever try to just take me?” His amber eyes widened in shock. He then spoke without even thinking. “Y-you want me to t-take you Kagome?” Kagome whirled around her breasts softly bouncing from her abrupt movements. She grabbed for her towel but then stopped.

“Why are you not covering yourself Kagome?” “Don’t you want to look at me Inuyasha?” He just nodded stupidly. “Come in here Inuyasha.” The hanyou did as he was told this time without asking any questions. Kagome fell back oher her bed. “Inuyasha, get undressed.” “Why?” “Because I want you to be naked with me.”

He granted her request and stripped himself of his clothing revealing his very hard length. Kagome marveled at the sight of his nude body. His muscles were perfectly chiseled beneath his bronze skin and he was so big! “Do you want me Inuyasha?” “Yes.” “Then come and take me.” “But Kagome you’re a virgin.” “I want you to take my virginity Inuyasha.”

Inuyasha crawled onto the bed with Kagome and settled between her thighs. “Are you sure about this Kagome?” “Uh huh. Just take me Inuyasha.” Inuyasha grabbed Kagome’s hips and thrust his throbbing length into her virgin body. Kagome arched up into him as she felt his thick length rip through her maidenhood. Soon Kagome was raising her hips to fully take Inuyasha’s length into her entrance.

She watched as her breasts would bounce each time Inuyasha would thrust his thick hard length into her. Kagome leaned up and whispered into Inuyasha’s ear. “I wanna be on top!” He allowed Kagome to force him on to his back roughly. Inuyasha watched as Kagome straddled his hips and guided the tip of his hardened length back inside her eager warmth.

He moaned out as Kagome slammed her core fully down onto his length to take him completely inside her. Kagome tangled her hands into his thick silvery hair as she began rocking vigorously back and forth against his lap. She moaned out in ecstasy as she listened to the blissful sound of her backside slapping against the tops of his thighs. She leaned in and whispered against his ear huskily.

“I want you to take me from behind!” Inuyasha grinned showing off his fangs in a devilish smile. Doggie style was certainly something he could give his Kagome. Inuyasha pulled out of Kagome and flipped her onto her stomach. Kagome whimpered as she felt him roughly grab her hips and yank her backside up.

Then she felt Inuyasha shis his rock hard length all the way into her tight warmth. Kagome pushed her backside roughly into Inuyasha’s lower abdomen as she met his powerful thrusts. After what had seemed like a lifetime of pounding away at her most intimate spot Kagome felt herself reaching her much craved sexual peak. “Oh Inuyasha, I’m about to come!”

Inuyasha slammed his hard length forcefully into her core to bring her over the edge. Kagome’s vaginal muscles began to contract and clench around Inuyasha’s manhood as she climaxed. “Ohhhh! Yeeessss!! Inuyasha!!” Inuyasha felt his length throbhe ghe got ready to climax. He leaned over and sank his fangs into the nape of her milky white neck. Kagome cried out as she felt Inuyasha’s length give one last twitch as it shot his seed into her womb.

Inuyasha pressed his length fully into Kagome’s center as the last of his essence was leaked out into her womb. He released his fangs from the tender flesh at the nape of her neck and pulled his now partially limp length from her warm body. Inuyasha knew that it would most likely turn out that he had gotten Kagome pregnant as a result of their little union.

As his amber eyes roamed over her still glowing body from the after shocks of her orgasm he decided he could wait to tell her that she was most likely carrying his child. For now he just wanted to be close to his Kagome because he loved her more than anyone could ever love another living being.


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