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'Isn't it funny' She thought, 'if I don't look in the mirror I can still see the girl I was all those years ago. I'm still her, I want to scream. Who is this woman staring back at me? This lonely woman who still lives in her mother's home. What happened to the girl I was the one who battled demons?' The same blue eyes glared back at her, the ones that had faced down Kagura, Kanna, Sesshomaru and even Naraku himself. That had been fifteen years ago. She had thought it would be easy. Hop back through the well and into her time, the twentieth century. Finish school, get a good job, marry, have kids. Were those horrible things to want?

Silently she walked to her room and removed the black dress in favor of a pair of jeans and a simple white tee shirt. She would need to go through their things soon. Her mother had put off going through her grandfathers. Now she had to, along with her mothers. Her soft steps echoed through the empty house. The silence deafening. One thought ran through her mind. I am alone. Souta had gone to college and taken a job in Kyoto. He had left immediately after the funeral.

She walked outside walking through the shrine which was now hers. She found herself standing before the once familiar well house. A longing took her, she wanted someone to love, someone to care for, someone to continue caring for the shrine when she was gone. Her decision made, her logical mind listed the potential fathers. Yet even as she listed all the men in her time, she knew who she wanted. Who she had wanted since the first time she saw him. The seals closing the well ripped under her frantic fingers, the boards themselves, dry rotted with age released easily from the nailsdingding them. Looking deep into the darkness, she climbed onto the lip, closing her eyes, she jumped.

Her feet touched the earth at the bottom of the well, yet she didn't open her eyes. Fear gripped her heart. Whf itf it hadn't worked? What if it had? After minuets of debate with herself she looked up. Blue sky met her gaze. Now only one question remained, when was she? Only one way to find out. Climbing up the once familiar well she reached the top quickly. Standing she looked at the clearing that she had always loved. Fearful that he would be there and that he wouldn't, she looked to the tree he had always waited at. Empty. "Maybe I should go back." She told herself. "No. I want him, and only him."

With the strong determined stride that caused fear in the hearts of opposing attorneys she walked to the village. Not much had changed, a few new huts, but the one she was looking for was still standing. She walked to it, stopping at the curtain over the door she called "Gomen kudasai!"

"Just a moment, please." Came a familiar male voice, it took a moment for her to place it. The face that stepped out onto the porch was just as familiar. "May I assist you?" She smiled at him, waiting for him to recognize the woman the girl he knew had become. "Lady Kagome?" She nodded and was enveloped in his warm embrace. She wouldn't have minded, if he had tried to grope her as he had so many times.

"Hello Miroku. How's Sango?" She asked returning the hug then stepping back.

"My bride is still the most beautiful and vibrant woman, I've ever met. And you Lady Kagome, did you ever marry?" He asked. Indicating a spot on the porch for them to sit and talk.

She sat beside him, "I'm glad you and Sango are happy. No I never found anyone. No one could replace .... Children. Did you ever have your son?" She quickly changed the subject.

"Yes, we have been blessed with two strong sons and a beautiful daughter. They are out with their mother today, learning to hunt demons. They should be returning soon. He is with them."

There was no need for him to say who the He was. For suddenly he stood at the edge of the forest. Her eyes traveled his now unfamiliar silhouette. Where before had been the promise of a breath taking handsome male, she now saw the promise fulfilled. She rose and walked to him, slowly at first and then gaining speed, the desire to hold him overwhelming. She collided with stu sturdy frame. Only once before had she had this need to hold him, then her arms had wrd ard around his waist, her head finding a comforting spot on his shoulder. This time her arms wrapped themselves around his neck pulling his head down as she raised her lips to his.

She didn't care, if he had a mate. Kikyou or someone else, those details didn't matter. Only the burning desire of a woman. While one hand held his head, the other moved down his back, feeling the muscled strength of him. She kissed him with all the passion she had so long denied. He didn't respond at first. As she started to back away she felt his arms pull her to him. He molded himself to her, his mouth demanding more. She surrendered to his assault.

Slowly they separated, their arms still locking the other to themselves. "Kagome?" His voice was a harsh whisper. She never understood how he could convey so much with one word. His Fehs and Kehs had spoken volumes and now her name continued the tradition.

Taking a ragged breath she answered. "Inuyasha. I want you." She felt him dip slightly as one arm grasped her underneath her knees lifting her easily. She felt the muscles of his arms tighten, his chest expand with his breath and then the air as he carried them away from the village. With a contented sigh she pushed aside the collar of his haori and the white yukata exposing his neck and collar. Pulling herself up she ran her tongue along the line of his jaw, down his muscular neck to nip lightly at the junction of neck and shoulder. His low growl indicating his pleasure at her actions. Encouraged she continued her explorations allowing one hand to travel up to his ears. Softly she began scratching the base, her own desire increased as she felt the low growl building within him.

"Kagome?" His voice questioned again softly when he had stopped.

"I don't care. I don't care about Kikyou. I don't care Inuyasha. I want you. I need you." She had no pride, only her desire for him. Her azure eyes met his golden gaze. She saw the doubt, and desire in them. "Don't deny what we both want, mi tesoro." She felt him release her legs and accepted her own weight again. She stepped back from him. "I'm nor the idealistic fifteen year old I once was. I am a woman who needs a man." Still her cheeks flushed with color as she continued. "There is only one that I desire." Kicking off her shoes she began to remove the jeans. He watched as she continued "I desire a man with fangs," the button released, "claws," the zipper was undone, "hair down to his waist," she bent sliding the jeans down her legs, "of pure white," standing she grabbed the hem of the tee shirt, "and the sexiest set of puppy ears throughout time." She lifted the shirt over her head only to feel his arms pin hers with the shirt covering her eyes. She felt the warmth of his body so close to hers. Easily he held her with one hand, his other dancing lightly across her skin.

"You like claws," he responded hoarsely letting his claws lightly caress her thighs, "fangs," he brushed his mouth against hers letting his fangs draw soft lines in her lower lip, "waist length pure white hair," his tongue caressed her jaw line, "and puppy ears, huh?" he nipped her collar. "What if I told you this man of yours, liked forward," he slipped his free hand into her panties, "mikos" she heard his claw rip through them "who can make him question his sanity," his lips once again covered hers and he whispered, "and taste like the sweetest confection?"

When his lips finally left hers long enough to speak she answered, "I'd say he talked to much and that he has entirely too many clothes on." He released the grip on her arms allowinr tor to finally remove the tee shirt.

"If you want them off, wench," he said playfully, "then remove them." His eyes widened at the bold woman before him. Inuyasha watched as she removed the binding covering her breast and stood before him. She turned slowly letting his eyes feast on the fullness of her adult form. His nose told him that no man had claimed her, yet his eyes told him this was a woman who knew how to give and accept pleasure.

She steptowatowards him, "Fine then." Her hands reached out brushing his hip. He felt the weight of Tetsusaiga leave him and heard the soft thunk of it hitting the ground. "Today, I don't need this sword." She whispered seductively, "Only this one." Her hand brushed across his length emphasizing her meaning. She felt his slight jump. "Shhhh, no regrets, mi corazon, only pleasure." Her hands slowly untied the fire rat haori, her fingers lightly ran up his chest and down his arms pushing the haori off of him. "MMMMM, beautiful." The white yukata quickly joined the haori on the ground. She reached for the ties of his hakama and felt him tense. "Still shy mi amor? There is no need."

His hands grasped hers holding them still. "Kagome, I..."

Once again she smiled at him. "No regrets, mi corazon, no regrets for this. We both want it. There is no wrong in our desire." Allowing him to keep his hold on her hands she leaned in. Her lips traveling a path she had long dreamed of. Across the length of his jaw, down the column of his neck, her teeth nibbled lightly at his collar. Down she moved her tongue tasting his sweat from the days exertions, her nose revealing in the scent so distinctly his, the softness of spring, the strength of cedar and the maleness of him.

Dropping to her knees, her lips moved lower, following the almost invisible line of white hair from his navel. With her teeth she worked at the ties he had denied her hands. She heard his breath become ragged. With a soft whimper of desire, he released her hands finally, his hands going to her shoulders. As his hakama slid slowly to the ground, the evidence of his own arousal sprang forth. 'She wouldn't' he thought, wanting to hide himself. He felt one of her arms go around his waist holding him.

"Oh no, mi tesoro." Her voice was thick and breathless. The hand not keeping him from running grasped him gently yet firmly holding his thick length. Slowly her hand traveled from bto tto tip. She moved herself into a better position, looking up at him she winked slyly, then lowered her head. He whimpered softly as she took him into her mouth feeling the firm softness of him. Slowly she began stroking him with her tongue. Her own desire rose with each of his soft whimpers of pleasure.

He had never dared dream this. Yet his every sense told him of the reality. Her scent filled with her own arousal, the feel of her shoulders under his hands. Her mouth sucking slightly at him. 'God how does she know how to do this.' He tried again to bite back his whimper of pleasure as she pulled back, her lips sliding along him, only to suck him further into her mouth only to repeat the process faster. His eyes closed, his head thrown back he groaned as he released into her mouth. He looked down to see her watching him a smile on her passion bruised lips. He watched as she licked her lips. "Mmmm you taste good." She smiled up to him.

He wanted to give her the same pleasure she had given him. Cautiously he knelt before her. The hands he had kept on her shoulder slid down her arms lightly. Carefully he pulled her to himself. His lips softly touched hers as his tongue followed the path hers had taken moments before. Her lips parted to the unspoken request and he once again tasted the sweetness of her femininity mixed with his masculinity. He followed a path similar to the one she had taken. Down the slender column of her neck, up to lightly run his tongue along the shell like ridge of her ear, then back down across her shoulder. Her hands came up and twined in his hair, gently pushing him down to the firm curve of her breast. Understanding her silent command he complied worshipping her breast with mouth and clawed hand. He felt the swelling of the rosy tips as he worked both in unison, his hand on one mimicking the actions of his mouth on its twin. She arched into him and now her soft whimpers echoed in his ears. He felt one of her hands move to his sensitive ear, and he growled softly to let her know his pleasure at the action.

Leaving his hands to their work on her breast he moved further down nipping lightly at her waist, searching for the source of the scent of her arousal. She adjusted her position laying back into the soft grass, opening herself to his explorations. As her legs spread to allow him to lie comfortably between them, the scent of her arousal grew and he moved to it with predatory skill. Tentatively his tongue licked at the source, at her gasp he raised his head, fearing he had hurt her. Their eyes met and she smiled softly, "Continue mi amor. I like." Needing no further encouragement he greedily lapped at the moist treat he had discovered.

The hand that had been lightly rubbing the base of his ear moved to twine in his hair, holding him to her core. Her body arched as he masterfully stroked her desire, until she was sent spiraling into her release. As her hands released him, he crawled slowly up her body, placing light kisses along her randomly. Her eyes opened to see his eyes filled with emotion. She saw his uncertainess of her desire to kiss him and raised up to meet his lips with her own and discovered the intoxicating taste of herself on his lips. Her own desire rose again and she rolled landing above him. She smiled. "Now, mi amor, me tesoro, mi corazon, let us sheath this sword." She rose up, grasping his length, placing the tip against her core she eased herself down. Sheathing the sword of him inside herself. He groaned beneath her as she ground her hips into his to take him deeper into herself.

Running her hands up his chest she began to set a rhythm, lifting and then plunging back. Faster she went, his hips arching into hers until she fell forward onto his chest and rolled with him ending with his above her. She met his golden eyes, with her own passion filled sapphire ones. Pulling his mouth to her she showed him what she wanted and he understood. Matching his movements to her he rode the waves of her passion, feeling her tighten on him as she climbed to her peak. "Wait for me, Kagome." He begged increasing his speed until he released with her. Together the crested the wave of their passion.

Careful to keep his weight of her, he lo dow down at the temptress, whom he loved. "Kagome." He whispered her name as he kissed her nose gently. Pulling from her, they both groaned at the loss. He lay beside her looking up into the afternoon sky a slight smile played about his lips as he felt her curl into him. Enjoying the pleasant drifting sensation, neither spoke.


Mi Corazon = My Heart

Mi Tesoro = My Treasure

Mi Amor = My Lover

I chose to have Kagome speak her endearments in a language Inuyasha wouldn't know.

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