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A Double Lemon Fic

by Cat Who

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* * *

"Tasty yaaaakiiiimooo," Kagome sang in a halfhearted voice, lugging her bike through the mud. It had been raining for days now, and the spirits of the entire group were beginning to match the weather. Even Shippou was drooping unhappily in the bicycle basket.

They were all soaking wet. The rain wasn't falling steadily, but instead drizzled, so that it came at them from all angles. Kagome had forgotten her umbrella back in the 20th century, and apparently no one in the feudal age outside of Kyoto had any good umbrellas, which left them with Sango's Hiraikotsu for measly shr ber between all five of them. Inu-Yasha had long ago given up sharing the giant boomerang, and was now walking in the mud uncovered, his bare feet caked with earth. Kagome had her bike to carry, and so she was also out in the direct rain. Miroku and Sango still struggled valiantly to keep the Hiraikotsu in a sheltering position, but it wasn't working very well.

"Hot and fresh, yaaaakimoooo," Kagome continued, chanting the ancient yakimo seller's song.

"You mean cold and musty," Shippou griped.

"Yakimo aren't cold and musty . . ."

"But the weather is!"

The entire group gave out a collective sigh. Shippou did not need to remind them that the weather was just nasty.

They trudged along. Miroku noticed that Sango was beginning to shiver slightly in her soaked yukata. Because the heavy gray clouds covered the sky, he was not entirely sure of the time, but it was probably beginning to get late.

"I think we should stop at the next shelter we find," he suggested. Sango shot him a grateful look but didn't say anything.

"Are you kidding? We barely covered any distance today, and it's nowhere near dark," Inu-Yasha objected vehemently. "Right, Kagome?"

But Kagome had stopped, and was staring at the side of the road longingly.

"Eh?" Inu-Yasha said, and turned to look as well.

"It's a hot spring," she said simply. Sure enough, there was an exquisite, steaming pool there, just large enough for several people to fit in at once, with rocks along the edges for sitting. The rain falling on the surface caused only the occasional ripple in the pool. A small stream had been carefully channeled nearby to form a tiny waterfall, just large enough for a person to rinse off underneath it . The spring was a delightfully harmonious combination of the wonders of nature and the ingenuity of mankind, and it beckoned to them all.

"What I wouldn't give for a soak in a hot spring," Shippou echoed.

"Feh. In the rain? You'd just get even wetter!"

"But I'd be warm!"

Miroku and Sango had now stopped as well, and while Sango, too, stared hungrily at the small steaming pool, Miroku kept his eyes ahead.

"I think I see a small hut," he told the group, and pointed to the dark brown shape visible on the horizon. They all turned their attention from the hot spring to the more important need of shelter.

"It looks like it was built right here to take advantage of the hot spring," Kagome observed. The group trudged toward the shape, and it was indeed a tiny hut, abandoned but water tight. They wasted no time in getting inside and starting a fire with Kagome's lighter and some handy firewood from a small lean-to on the outside of the hut.

The hut was small, and so they were rather pressed for space inside. After a few moments, an odd odor began to drift past everyone's noses.

Sniffing, Miroku began, "It smiles like . . . like a . . ."

" . . . a wet dog," Sango finished. They all turned as one to look at Inu-Yasha.

"What? What?!" the hanyou said defensively.

"It's not the bad, really," Kagome said sheepishly, fanning the air in front of her nose. Miroku and Sango had backed away, though, and were holding their noses and coughing.

"I think Inu-Yasha needs a soak in the hot spring more than any of us," Shippou said with a snicker, earning him a pop on the head from Inu-Yasha. "Ow!"

"Fine thI'lI'll go take a bath," Inu-Yasha said angrily, and left, back into the rain, leaving muddy footprints across the floor. Once he was gone the odor almost dissipated entirely . . . but not quite. Kirara yawned and sniffed herself, then Sango sniffed her as well, but it wasn't the fire-kitty, who smelled ever so slightly like sulfur.

"You too, Shippou," Miroku said, and set the fox outside, slamming the door behind him.

"Hey!" Shippou squawked, suddenly back in the rain and none to pleased about it.

"Go to the hot spring like you said you wanted to," came Miroku's muffled voice from inside.

Shippou sighed and ran to catch up with Inu-Yasha, who rolled his eyes when he saw the fox. Wordlessly, the two smelly demons approached the spring, stripping their soaked clothes as they did, and together they sank into the warmth. Shippou found a small ledge and was asleep almost immediately, leaving Inu-Yasha alone to his thoughts.

Stupid humans, he repeated mentally. I didn't think I smelled that bad, and I'm the one with the good nose here! To prove his theory, he picked up his wet yukata and sniffed under the arm, wincing as he did so.

Okay, so maybe I was reeking a little, he amended. But he was still angry about being singled out. Miroku and Sango certainly didn't smell all that pleasant wet, although Kagome smelled good to him no matter what.

Inu-Yasha sank down to his chin in the spring, closing his eyes, letting the misting rain fall on his face.

* * *

Kagome kept glancing toward the door of the hut, a confused expression on her face. Miroku and Sango sat in silence, grateful to simply be in front of the warm fire sans two smelly demons. But Kagome's agitation grew, until finally she stood up, and started rooting through her backpack.

"I'm going after him," she said softly, once she had retrieved the four items she wanted. Sango and Mu bou both blinked and stared after her as she marched resolutely back into the rain.

Kirara looked up from her corner near the fire, and then went back to sleep.

"Well," Miroku finally said, and shrugged slightly.

Sango realized this left her alone with the lecherous monk, and lest he try to cop a feel again, she scooted away from him to a respectable distance.

"Don't try anything," she warned, glaring at him through slitted eyes.

"I am a monk," he answered, as if that fact had ever prevented him from being a pervert.

"Right. Of course. You're a monk." Sango sighed and drew her knees up to her chest, still shivering slightly. Miroku studied her for a few moments.

"Take the yukata off," he said softly.


"You're cold, and having that heavy garment on isn't letting you warm up. You're dressed underneath, right? Take it off and hang it near the fire.

Sango's eye twitched. The houshi was right. Grudgingly, she stood up, turned around, and untied the simple garment, leaving her clad in only her black demon hunter's cat suit and armor. There was a small post on the wall of the hut, and she hung the garment there before sitting back down across from Miroku.

"Better?" he asked with a small smile.

"Yes," she said, looking at the fire with a slightly disgruntled expression.

* * *

Kagome trekked through the drizzling rain back to the hot spring, toiletries in hand. She felt guilty for let Mir Miroku and Sango kick them out (they hadn't smelled that bad, at least to her), and she wanted to apologize to Inu-Yasha . . . and offer him her soap, if nothing else.

She found him up to his chin in the water, staring at the rocks, his expression angry but thoughtful. Shippou had already fallen asleep on his comfortable ledge. Inu-Yasha sensed her approach, and whipped his head around to look at her, a few silver threads of his hair trailing across the surface of the spring as he did so.

"What do you want?" he asked grumpily. "Come to tease the smelly dog some more?"

"Actually . . . I came to ask you if you wanted me to scrub your back," Kagome said, holding up the things she held in her hands. Soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. A hairbrush.

Unexpectedly touched, Inu-Yasha growled a little, but moved to the edge of the small pool so that Kagome would have access to his back. He tucked his undershirt around his waist for modesty. Not caring about getting mud on her clothes, she sat behind him, cross-legged, and moved aside Inu-Yasha's heavy curtain of hair, revealing his smooth back.

There were no major scars on it -- the demon's healing reformed their bodies almost perfectly -- but she could see a faint outline of where he had been impaled on more than one occasion. She touched one of the marks, sadly, before reaching down to scoop up a handful of hot water to pour down his back.

"I'm sorry Sango and Miroku were so mean," she said, lathering up the soap in her hands.

"Feh, like I care what those humans think."

"You do care, Inu-Yasha, or else you wouldn't have been so angry," Kagome replied, smiling to herself. She ran her slippery hands across his back, scraping lightly with her nails. Inu-Yasha's ear twitched at the sensation. She scrubbed in silence for a few moments.

"That soap . . . that's what you use, isn't it, Kagome?" he said fina cha changing the subject. Kagome rinsed off the suds and began scrubbing again with fresh lather.

"Yes. It's Garden Mint scented. Hopefully it's not to flowery for you."

"No. It smells like you, though."

Kagome smiled and rinsed again, and then picked up her shampoo and conditioner.

The rain had dampened Inu-Yasha's hair so much that she didn't even need to wet it to work up a lather with the shampoo. She didn't want to admit to anyone that she had wanted to do this for months now -- Inu-Yasha's hair was so beautiful, and he didn't know how to care for it at all. She scratched his scalp, causing him to shiver slightly, and carefully cleaned around his ears, which twitched every time she touched them.

"Sorry," she whispered. Inu-Yasha said nothing. He didn't want to let her know just how much her tender ministrations were affecting him. Or exactly in what manner they were affecting him.

* * *

"You know, if you're that cold still, I'd be willing to warm you up," Miroku said calmly to Sango, who still shivered even stripped of her yukata.

"You just would, wouldn't you?" she answered, not sure why she was being so snippy about it. She couldn't understand why she was still so cold. Her form fitting hunter's outfit was drying rapidly, and the fire burned cheerfully in the small hut. But still she shivered, no matter how much she tried to stop.

"Don't you trust me Sango?"


Miroku sighed and opened his hands, palm up, in a gesture of surrender. "I promise not to try anything, Sango. But I don't like seeing you zingzing like that. Please, as friends, let me at least warm you up."

Sango looked at his beautiful, serene face, and felt her resistance cave away. Part of her longed to be held by the houshi in just such a manner, and he was promising to behave . . .

She scooted next to him, and let him wrap his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. Through their damp clothing, the heat of his chest blazed through onto her back. Hesitantly, he wrapped his other arm around her waist, so that she was snuggled against him. He held her almost . . . possessively.

No, Sango said to herself, chasing the old idle fantasy away. He's such a dense houshi that he doesn't even notice how you feel. He'd never hold you possessively. You're just another warm female body for him to grope.

And then she felt his face drop down near her ear. His breath tickled the tiny hairs there, causing her to catch her breath with a sudden surge of longing again.

"Better?" he asked again in a low voice that caused Sango to lose all reason.

"Yes," she whispered, hoping that . . . wishing that he would dare to break his own promise. Dare to treat her like a woman and not just a comrade in arms who happened to be a female when he bothered to notice. Dare to treat her . . . as if he cared for her the way she cared for him.

But he did not, instead taking his lips away from her ear. Sango could hardly breath. Doesn't he have any idea? she wondered for the thousandth time. He adjusted his grip, pulling her closer to his chest, but his hands behaved and didn't try to roam across her body.

"You are being good, like you promised . . ."

"Actually, I'm not." He dropped his face near her ear again. "Touching any part of you his thrilling to me, Sango."

Sango blinked, unsure if she had heard him right.

"You didn't run away . . .," he said, with a teasing not in his voice, "so may I assume that you don't mind?"

"I . . .," Sango began, utterly confused. She turned her head to look him in the eye. His face was still calm, although his eyes shone with an inner fire. She glanced down at his lips, which were a tempting few inches away from her own. "I . . . don't mind at all," she finally answered mindlessly. Kiss me, damn you, houshi, a voice inside of her screamed out of nowhere.

"I'm glad," he said. They looked at each other for a long time, both afraid to make the first move. Then, hesitantly, seeing no resistance, he lowered his lips to hers, finally claiming them in a chaste, gentle kiss.

* * *

"Rinse," Kagome sang once she had finished lathering again, and Inu-Yasha ducked under the merry little waterfall, rinsing the conditioner from his hair. The waterfall was cold, and when he had been rinsed the last time, he was more than willing to get back into the hot spring.

She sat, cross-legged, on the edge again, and began brushing the tangles free from his pretty silver mane. Inu-Yasha bit back a moan and closed his eyes, leaning into her hairbrush stokes. The soft nubby ends of the brush prickled on his scalp, and he felt cleaner than he had in ages. He didn't think much of her time, overall, but they certainly knew how to make soap. He touched his hair, which slid and slipped underneath his fingers. This was the way Kagome's hair felt all the time, and now he knew that her secret was the funny smelling stuff in the bottles. Handy stuff, it was.

She caught his ear by accident, and it twitched in response. Kagome couldn't resist and touched the soft down on the ear, which made it twitch again. She giggled softly. Inu-Yasha felt himself grinning, despite it all. Normally, he hated it when people touched his ears, but he didn't mind Kagome's gentle touch at all.

"Lean back," she finally commanded, and Inu-Yasha leaned into her lap, noting how cold her bare, damp legs were against his neck. She attacked his bangs this time, smoothing then fluffing them. Because of the rain, which still drizzled around them, though, they didn't fluff very well, though, so she gave up, and set the brush down, content to have his head in her lap.

"Mmmm, Kagome?" he said lazily after while, his eyes still closed.

"Yes, Inu-Yasha?"

"You're cold."

"No, I'm not," liedlied. She wasn't shivering like Sango had been, earlier, but she also wasn't going to admit to Inu-Yasha that she was, indeed, very chilled from being out in the rain with him.

"Come in the spring with me."

Kagome jumped involuntarily, and tried to control her sudden temper. Shippou was still asleep, and she didn't want to wake him up. "Wh-what are you saying, Inu-Yasha?"

"I'm not trying to be perverted or anything. There's plenty of room for both of us in here. And besides, we have a fucking chaperone, even if he is asleep." Inu-Yasha's tone was calm, nonchalant, as if he asked girls to slip into the bath with him every day.

"I won't," she declared, and started to dump him off her lap. He reached up with his arms and grabbed her, legs, stopping her.

"And just where are you going then?"

"I'm going back to the hut," she announced archly, and grabbed his wrists to pull them off her legs.

"Feh. Fine then. Run away," he said, and released her, lifting his head off her lap. The moment was lost.

Feeling sad, but full of injured modesty nonetheless, Kagome gathered her toiletries, and started walking back towards the hut. She'd rather defend Sango from Miroku than hang around a stupid hanyou who thought she'd strip and jump into the spring for him.

* * *

Miroku turned Sango around so that she was facing him, and his chaste kiss quickly deepened. Sango twined her arms around his neck, moaning softly when she felt his tongue invade her mouth. She would never admit it, but she had fantasized about this very thing happening many, many times.

His ever roving hands dropped low to caress her bottom, but for once, Sango didn't care, as she was taking equal pleasure from caressing heck.eck. She brought her hands up to cradle his head, and bit back another moan as his mouth began trailing kisses across her face, finally latching onto her ear.

"Oh, Miroku," she groaned, not calling him his title, but his name. The significance wasn't lost on Miroku, who smiled in masculine pride, and moved onto Sango's neck. He sucked gently, not wanting to leave a mark where it was visible. Aaaah, but she wore a high-necked outfit, which was very handy for his purposes. He freed one of his legs to curl it around Sango so she wouldn't try to escape, and brought his hands up to her neck, where he nimbly untied the front portion of her armor, all the while kissing just below her ear. Sango's breathing grew heavier, and she said his name again as he dropped down and nibbled gently on her collarbone.

* * *

Kagome was about to enter the hut when she heard Sango say Miroku's name, something the demon huntress never ever did. What was going on? Her heart pounding in embarrassment, she peered through the crack in the door, and saw Sango plastered all over Miroku. The houshi seemed to be permanently suctioned onto Sango's neck.

Blushing redder than she'd ever blushed before, Kagome marched back to the hot spring, leaving them alone.

"Eh, Kagome, what happened? You're all pink," Inu-Yasha said, curiously.

"Don't ask," she replied hotly, but ducked behind the largest rock and began removing her clothes. "And close your eyes, or else I will sit you and drown you."

She ducked under the waterfall to rinse the mud off and give her hair a quick lather, and then tried to get into the spring as quickly as possible. Inu-Yasha had behaved and closed his eyes, she was glad to see. The warm water lapped over her small body, and she gratefully sank down to her shoulders, making sure her body was well covered.

Shippou slept on, dead to the world.

"You can open your eyes now, Inu-Yasha," she said.

"Feh," he muttered, and defiantly kept them closed for a few moments before peering at her through his lashes.

"Water's fine," Kagome said absently, and began to finger comb the tangles from her hair. Some of the snarls were viscous, though, and her attempts seemed to be making it worse. Finally, Inu-Yasha could stand it no longer, and he grabbed the hairbrush she'd brought back, and moved over to her.

She crossed her arms over her bosom, in alarm.

"Jeeesh, Kagome, relax. Just turn around."

Warily, she did so, and Inu-Yasha began brushing her hair this time, following the same pattern she had with his hair, starting from the bottom and working the stroke up to her scalp. She shuddered with the delicious sensation, and wondered if Inu-Yasha had felt the same way as she was grooming him earlier.

"It tingles, doesn't it?" he asked, unknowingly answering her question.

"Yes," Kagome said. "Although . . . it tingles more than I remember. My mom used to brush my hair all the time when I was little."

"Come to think of it, so did mine," Inu-Yasha offered, surprising her. He never talked about his mother. "Okay, Kagome, you're all unmatted now." He tenderly gathered her hair into a knot, and set it over her shoulder, to keep it out of the hot spring water. But he left his hands on her shoulders.

Around them, the rain began to pick up, going from a gentle drizzle to a soft summer shower.

"Kagome," he whispered hoarsely.

A sudden rush of desire nearly caused Kagome to swoon. What was she doing? She was naked, less than a foot away from Inu-Yasha, in front of SHIPPOU for crying out loud. And then he pulled her closer to him, so that her bare back was against his bare chest. She had to consciously work to keep her breathing steady.

The rain began to become heavy enough to cause rivulets to run down her face and neck. Unable to resist, Inu-Yasha leaned down and tasted one of the drops on her temple, sending an arc of electricity running from Kagome's head to her toes.

"Inu-Yasha," she said, in a half pleading tone.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, and backway way instantly.

"No, wait," she said, and turned around so that she was facing him, ducking down a bit to keep herself remotely modest. "I -I liked that, Inu-Yasha. But . . . I can't let . . . we can't . . ."

"Kagome?" Inu-Yasha said with a confused frown. "We can't what?"

"I can't let you touch me, if you're pretending I'm Kikyo," she said, and immediately regretted voicing her greatest fear. She knew that Inu-Yasha still loved the miko, and because the soul she contained was Kikyo reincarnated, Inu-Yasha would never really be able to separate them in his mind.

"Now why would I do something as low as that?" Inu-Yasha said, deeply hurt. He moved in close to her again, and tipped her chin up so that she would have to look him in the eye. "You yourself know that I can't let go of Kikyo. But that's because I feel responsible for her. Everything bad that happened to her happened because of me. I know Kikyo is dead, and that I need to move on with life someday. And someday, I will, once what's left of her is in peace. When that time comes . . . I want to be with you, Kagome. Only you."

Kagome began crying, and hugged him fiercely, not caring that she was still naked in the sudden rush of emotion she had felt with his declaration. It was the closest he'd ever gotten to admitting that he felt about her the same way she felt about him, and she took his words to heart. She understood Kikyo's devotion to the hanyou more than ever.

Inu-Yasha wrapped his arms around her, running his hands up and down her back, and enjoying the sensation of her wet breasts against his chest far more than he would ever admit. However, the sensation also brought his attention to the blood pooling in his loins rapidly. He had to break away from her, soon, before she noticed his growing arousal and was repulsed. But for now, it was too nice, holding her small body to his own. He almost wanted that moment to go on forever.

"Group hug!" Shippou's cheerful voice exclaimed out of nowhere, and the small, naked kitsune landed on Inu-Yasha's back, happily joining in the "hug" that Kagome and Inu-Yasha had just been sharing.

Kagome shied away, suddenly remembering herself. Inu-Yasha gave the fox another blow to the head.

"Thanks for the spoiling the fng mng moment, kid," he snarled.

"Shippou, you're awake?"

"Yep! I had a good nap. But why are you here, Kagome? I thought you were with Sango and Miroku in the hut," Shippou said, confused.

"Well, I wanted a bath too."

Shippou yawned, and jumped out of the spring, shaking the water from his bushy tail. "Oh, okay, well, that makes sense. I'm clean now so I'm going to the hut." He began to get dressed.

"Don't!" Kagome exclaimed, and immediately blushed. The demons looked at her in surprise. "Er, um . . . I think Miroku and Sango want to be alone," she explained sheepishly.

"Oh really now?" Inu-Yasha said, and smirked when he saw that Kagome was nearly as red as she had been before. "Maybe you were right after all about them, eh Kagome?"

"I don't know," she stammered, still blushing furiously.

"What?" Shippou said in apparent innocent confusion. "Why would they want to be alone?"

* * *

Miroku had managed to work Sango's cat suit off her shoulders entirely, and had opened the front flap, exposing her breasts to the open air -- and his eyes. The firelight flickered on her body, and he marveled at the perfection of it. Despite numerous battle scars, her skin on the whole had remained smooth and creamy. Miroku smiled a slightly lecherous little smile to himself and took one rosy peak in his mouth, expertly nipping and tasting until Sango arched back involuntarily in his arms.

"I'm glad -- to know that you're not all talk," Sango managed to gasp out, clutching his shoulders as the sensations coursed through her body. Miroku growled playfully as his answer and moved onto her other breast, making sure to lavish similar affection onto it as well. Sango tangled her hands through his hair, pulling most of it free from his tiny dragon's tail so that it floated around his face.

"Oops," Sango said, once she realized what she'd done. Miroku stopped his work on her breasts and reached up to touch his loosened hair in surprised.

"Well, I'm not acting as a monk at the moment, anyway," he said calmly, but then reached up and pulled her hair free from its ponytail as well. "Now we're even." She blinked at his odd moment of honesty.

"I suppose we are . . . now kiss me again," Sango then demanded. Miroku was more than happy to comply. He explored her mouth, tasting Sango's essence, all the while slowly lowering her to the floor until he was above her. Impatiently, Sango began tugging on his robes, trying to raise them over his head.

"Sango . . . are you sure you want to go this far?" Miroku asked in surprise.

Yes! her body screamed, but her heart hesitated. She wanted the houshi desperately, but santeanted him body and soul, not one or the other. If she couldn't have his heart now . . . then she shouldn't have his body, either.

"Miroku . . . I . . ." She paused, unsure of how to state her dilemma.

"Sango," he whispered, and leaned down to kiss the side of her mouth. "I wasn't kidding about what I said earlier. Touching any part of you is thrilling to me. And that's because you are thrilling to me. Your spirit, your fire, your beauty." He accentuated each declaration with another kiss. "Life is fleeting and we must take what pleasure we can, when we can. But I do not want to force you."

"Oh, houshi," Sango said with a weak but joyful smile. "You won't brcinrcing me at all. Miroku, I . . . I'm willing to bear your child . . . " She could hardly believe she'd just told him that, but she was drunk with desire, and she wasn't quite ready to tell him that she loved him desperately and would gladly bear a dozen children for him if he so wanted it.

"Then let's begin practicing for that time, Sango-chan," Miroku answered, his eyes echoing her own joy.

Maybe the houshi isn't so dense after all, Sango thought, as he stripped himself of his robes, and carefully removed her from her cat suit, all the while kissing and tasting everywhere on her body. He arranged his robes to form a crude futon on the old tatami floor, and gently deposited her onto it, then leaned over her, supporting his weight on his forearms so that he wouldn't crush her.

But suddenly Sango stopped him, one hand on his chest. "What if the others come in?"

"I have a feeling they won't," Miroku said, and kissed her again. Willing to drop the argument, Sango slid the hand on his chest down, down, until she found him with her fingers. She curled her hand around him, and marveled at the way he seemed to thicken and grow even more underneath her touch. Miroku broke off the kiss, gasping, struggling to control himself.

"I've never . . . I don't know how to . . .," Sango said, suddenly shy. She liked the reaction she had just caused in him.

"Then, let me teach you all I know, Sango," Miroku answered, still panting heavily. "Although you seem to be doing well enough on your own . . ." He began to kiss her neck again, while she explored his ardor with her fingers. Her light touch brought Miroku to the limits of his control. He caught her wrist gently, and brought her arm above her head, and then brought the other one to match, so that she was flat on the floor again.

He then reached down between her legs, parting the soft folds to touch the core of her womanhood. She bucked in alarm, and cried out in a wordless voice. She was soaking wet and very ready. Miroku carefully positioned himself at the tip of her entrance, and then slid in slowly, until he encountered the barrier of her maidenhead.

"This may hurt for a moment," he said, and pressed on. Sango bit her lip as her body struggled to accommodate his invasion, but the worst of the pain was over quickly, and she was left with the fullness of him inside of her.

"So this is . . . this is what it's like," Sango said in a breathy voice. "I feel . . . like I've come home." She wrapped her arms around his back, pressing herself to him, and instinctively wrapped one leg around his own.

"The best is yet to come, Sango," Miroku answered with a knowing smile, and began to move inside of her. Sango's eyes widened in shock. She had never really known it was like this . . . oh, never suspected at all. And she waad tad that she was sharing it with Miroku for the first time. While she'd never been fond of his lecherous habits before, it was nice that she was able to reap the benefits in such a pleasant manner.

His eyes were on her own as he made love to her, teaching her the rhythms of their bodies. He was careful not to rush her, too much, but his own release was quickly building, and by the look on Sango's face, she was as well. Finally, he gave into his control and drove into her, pounding again and again until Sango began to scream. He caught her cry with a kiss, feeling the shuddering of her body around him, and let himself go, spilling his seed in a white hot torrent inside of her.

He broke off the kiss, panting heavily, and tried not to collapse and crush her with his weight. His settled down gently , nearly unconscious from the pleasure. Sango was staring at the ceiling, wide-eyed, as her womb continued to throb from orgaorgasm. Their heartbeats matched beat for beat.

Outside, the rain continued to fall.

* * *

Shippou had been convinced to leave the hut alone by Kagome saying that the two humans inside were asleep and that he would wake them up if he went in. Shippou had bought the story reluctantly, and had instead found a dry tree branch to curl up on. And he was already asleep, again.

"I'm beginning to wrinkle," Kagome said wryly, looking at her pruning hands. Inu-Yasha caught one of them in his own, which had long ago pruned up, too.

"We match, Kagome," he said, threading his fingers through hers. Numbed by the extra water as her skin was, the sensation of his callused hand against her was odd. She idly rubbed her thumb against his, grinning when she saw how thick the skin was around his cuticles. One advantage to healing quickly, she decided, was that you don't have to worry about hangnails.

The rain was starting to slow again. Inu-Yasha's eyes, softened with desire for the human in front of him, were dark and wide in the dimming evening light. He caught her other hand, and pushed her against the rocks of the hot spring, all but pinning her there.

"Inu-Yasha . . ." Kagome whispered, suddenly frightened of the way he was looking at her. He intended to continue from where Shippou had interrupted.

"Let me love you, Kagome," he answered, and with a glance to the tree to make sure Shippou was really asleep again, he kissed her deeply, passionately. Kagome nearly swooned, and moaned into his mouth. Impatient, he reached down and caught one of her knees, drawing her naked body against his own. The water buoyed her up, so that she balanced easily on one foot. Inu-Yasha's growing arousal poked her in the stomach, and she broke the kiss to glance down at their bodies, barely visible through the shimmering of the water.

"In the spring?" she asked, slightly surprised.

"Why not? Miroku and Sango already claimed the damn hut," he answered with a mischievous smirk. "And I don't think you want a tussle on the ground, now that you're all clean."

"Well, no, but --"

Inu-Yasha silenced her with another kiss, and grabbed her other knee as well, then slid his hands up to cup her bottom for support. Kagome locked her ankles around him, and clung to his neck, as he lifted her slightly and fitted himself between her thighs.

Do I want this? Kagome asked herself, as he impaled her body onto his own. The pain caught her for only a moment, and then he was gone again. Yes, she decided, as he began moving in and out in the ancient dance. I want this. He finally chose me over Kikyo, and he's making love to me, not a shabby imitation of his first love.

"Kagome," he groaned into her mouth, struggling to keep his balance. He leaned them against the rock sides, making sure to take the weight on his hands so that her back would not be scratched or bruised. They rocked against each other, causing small waves of the warm spring water to splash against the sides of the pool.

She was building, but it wasn't enough, as Inu-Yasha felt as though he would explode any moment. He needed to bring her to the brink, too.

"Where . . . Kagome?" he asked, then kissed her hard, again. She understood his question and unlocked one leg, so that she was supporting her own weight again, allowinm tom to free one hand. That hand she directed to the firm nub nestled in her woman's core. With a few hesitant strokes of his fingers, Kagome was thrown over the edge, and she clamped down onto him with her free leg, her eyes rolling back on the wave of pleasure.

Please with himself, Inu-Yasha let himself go as well, and roared her name to the heavens as he came.

* * *

In the tree, Shippou grinned. He had closed his eyes like a good little boy, but since the whole thing had been his idea, he had a right to be pleased.

"Well, young kit, it looks like your hot spring illusion was a complete success," Myouga said, hopping from the kitsune's shoulders to get a better view. Shippou, slightly more respectful of the couple and a lot less innocent than he always pretended to be, squished the flea before he had a chance to leer.

"This was the same spell that my dad used to catch and mate with my mom," Shippou said proudly. "I'm glad I could finally pay everyone back for avenging him all those months ago."

"How long are you going to act like you don't know what's going on?"

Shippou grinned, very satisfied with his day's work. "Maybe once I see their grandchildren."

*** and the rain continues falling ***

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