Slippery Fun!!!

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Slippery Fun!!!

"Welcome one and all to the finals!" A mans voice booms through out the large arena "We will be starting shortly. Don't forget to get your souvenirs and have a drink in the pubs located through out the arena. Drinks ARE allowed in the arena area so buy up and drink up the match begins in twenty."

"Wow, Koga man how did you luck into such good tickets." Inuyasha asks as he settles with a smile in the front row right in front of the area the matches will take place.

"I got them from my boss he couldn't make it tonight" Koga laughs "Something about his wife giving him some shit."

"Hey guys," Miroku scoots in the row to settle beside Inuyasha. "WOW! Would you look at that pit."

"Yeah this is going to be a show we will not soon forget." Koga smiles wide as he downs a beer.

"Look there Inuyasha isn't that your brother." Miroku points to the left of the pit. "What is he doing down there."

"I bet he is on the security team." Inuyasha replies while narrowing his eyes to see Sesshoumaru.

"Lucky Fuck." Koga groans.

"All right ladies and gentlemen we are starting the show in ten, but first I would like to introduce you to are new referee for tonight's advents. Sesshoumaru please take your spot in the pit." Sesshoumaru stands as cheers come from the girls in the audience when he disrobes down to nothing but swimming trunks. He smiles and waves as he enters the large pit of jell-o.

"Really lucky Fuck!" Koga spits as he almost chocks on his beer.

"All right!" Miroku cheers as he rubs his hands together. "Get ready boys the show is about to begin."

"Man he always lucks into the killer jobs." Inuyasha complains as he relaxes back in his seat.

"Before we begin I would like to tell you about are half time show. The ladies will be walking around to sell tickets fou four lucky winners will get a chance to wrestle with them in the red Jell-o tub." A large light swings to show another pit of jell-o off to the right of the arena. "So don't be greedy buy plenty so you can be one of the lucky guys. NOW on with the show. For our first contestants we have Sango a local girl that goes to collage and has a part time job at the local pet shelter. Put your hands together for the girl in the black bikini." Sango walks out from behind a makeshift stage Curtin and waves at up the audience.

Inuyasha, Miroku and Koga all sit with dropped jaws.

"What does she think she is doing down there, she told me she was going out with the girls tonight." Miroku spits as he tightens his grip on his can of beer. "That ... That..."

"Easy man." Isha sha giggles

"What's the big deal?" Koga laughs

"What if is yos your girls down there would you be so relaxed." Miroku spits with anger.

"My girl knows better." Inuyasha says with confidence as he relaxes back in his chair.

"Well if it was my girl I think I would be sitting here with a proud smile knowing she was mine and the rest can only watch." Koga smiles.

"And for her opponent we have a fiery red head by the name of Ayame." Ayame walks out with a bright smile and is in a red bikini she turns to wave at the audience" Koga jumps at the name and spits his beer out as Inuyasha and Miroku laugh.

"Well tough ass what now." Miroku says with a mocking tone.

"Well... Now" Koga struggles for words. "Now I watch and enjoy." He smiles as he relaxes back in his chair.

"Now if the girls will enter the pit, Sesshoumaru will tell you the rules before you begin. Now on with fun." The announcer closes as the sound switches toshoushoumaru's voice booming though the arena.

"Hello Ladies." Sesshoumaru grins and they both blush a little they did not know he was going to be the referee tonight. "The rules are simple YOU CAN NOT hold any ones head under the jell-o. YOU CAN pull hair, fondle the other, call each other names, bite, lick, smack on the ass, and kiss if you wish." He smiles at them both. "Oh yeah you CAN also remove the others clothing if it benefits in your win. Now are you ready." Sesshoumaru glances at each girl as they give him a nod. "Now we will begin on the sound of the bell."

"I don't like those rules at all and I certainly don't like your brother down there with them." Miroku frowns as he moves to the edge of his seat.

"Hell I am all for this now it sounds like it might be fun." Inuyasha giggles at his friend's distress.

"Are you ready Sango?" Ayame smiles as she takes a wrestling stance. "I will win the prize."

"OH! Ayame you will never beat me, I won't let that happen." Sango smiles as she moves as fast as she can through the Jell-o to grab Ayame by the neck and throw her face first in the jell-o. Ayame comes up spitting as the green jell-o clings to her skin and red hair.

"You Bitch." Ayame spits as she wipes jell-o from her eyes. "You mean to play rough don't you." Ayame advance on Sango to pounce her and throw her now into the pit of Jell-o"

"Well this is gowondwonderfully." Sesshoumaru smiles as he walks around the pit watching the girls. "The name calling started the match and they both seem determined to win." Sesshoumaru quickly jumps out of the way, as Sango comes flying at him out of the reach of Ayame.

"Shit!" Ayame curses as she looses her grip on Sango's body. "Got ya" she hisses as she pulls Sango back by her hair.

"Man this is so fucking good watching your bitches go at each other in a tube of Jell-o" Inuyasha smirks as he yells cheers to the wrestling girls. Miroku and Koga both elbow him in the chest at the same time. "Well maybe I shouldn't sit in the middle." Inuyasha jokes as he rubs his chest.

Sango does a dive to come down on Ayame undoing the back of her bikini as she slides off. Laughing as she stands to find her footing once more. Ayame growls as shingsings off her top to show her Jell-o covered breasts.

"WHAT!" Koga shoots to a stand. "I can't believe she just fucking did that." Miroku and Inuyasha both look ahead with wide eyes.

Bell dings. "So ends round one ladies you can take a short two minute brake." Sesshoumaru says with a calm tone all the while enjoying the close up he has.

"And your brother is looking at her." Koga spits.

"Wouldn't you if you were that close." Inuyasha smirks but quickly backs down in his seat when Koga sends him a death glare.

"TICKETS... GET YOUR HALF TIME TICKETS!" A girls voice calls out.

"Right here baby." A man stands waving his hand. "I want five." The girl gives him his tickets and takes the money turns to walk away but she feels a little pinch on her ass and quickly turns to the guy.

"No touching or I will have you thrown out." She scolds with a smile and continues on her way yelling. "TICKETS.... HALF TIME TICKETS"

"What do you guys say I hear them coming with the tickets should we by some." Inuyasha smacks them both on the back. "My treat since your having such a bad day." He smirks as he stands to see the girl selling tickets. "Yumm" he smiles her back in turned to him and she is wearing a blue thong bikini he licks his lips before moving his eyes up to her back. Her hair sways as she turns to him with smile.

"KAGOME!!!!" The shock of it almost knocks Inuyasha off balance.

"Holy shit!" Miroku and Koga turn to see the barley covered Kagome.

"Thought your woman knew better." Koga taunts.


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