Love Witch

BY : GloriaStone
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Kagome sat back on her butt, a
furious and dangerous look set in her eyes.

“This is all your Fault Inuyasha!”

The demon dog stopped trying to
break out of their prison long enough to look at her surprised.

“My fault? How in the hell do you
figure that?”

Kagome was intimidated one bit by
his badass demon routine. Jerked her head to the side sharply, he nose high in
the air.

“If you hadn’t run in here like a
one man army. Then that Evil Witch wouldn’t have captured us!”

“Well she had a jewel shard!”

Kagome frowned at him her brown
eyes flashing.

“You don’t just go running into
danger without knowing what your up against. I swear Inuyasha I sometimes
wonder how you’ve survived living this long!”

Inuyasha was going to answer her
with his normal curses and name-calling when an evil crackle echoed though
their prison.

They both stiffened as their captor
appeared. She was an old old witch. With weathered white hair, half of it
fallen out. Missing teeth, withered skin and an evil gleam in her fiery eyes. A
jewel shard glowed in her left cheek.

“Welcome young ones. How nice of
you to stay.”

“Let us out you old HAG!”

The witch’s eye focused on
Inuyasha, her face betrayed her fury.

“Old am I. Hanyou, I won’t be old
for long. With the power of this jewel…and this lovely young girl’s virgin
blood. I shall regain my youth.”

“My blood?”

Kagome looked white, her eyes wide.

“Yes yes of course. I am sorry my
dear. But as they say youth is always wasted on the young. But not for long.”


Inuyasha attacked the old woman…only
to have his claws pass right though her. He swiped again…the image of the witch
fell apart like a cloud of smoke. Her laughter crackling though the air.

“Don’t worry Hanyou, I shall let
you go as soon as I’m done. I have no use for you.”

Inuyasha and Kagome had just made
themselves comfortable so they could sulk (and to think of a way out) when the
witch appeared again suddenly.

“I forgot to ask. You are a virgin

Kagome turned bright red.


The witch smiled.

“Just making sure.”

And she disappeared.

Kagome still blushing refused to
meet the eyes of Inuyasha. His ears twitched…

“I wonder wh’s s’s so important
that you be a virgin?”

Kagome choked…how dare he talk
about that! She replied hotly…as she seriously considered a good fat sit right

“She did say the potion needed a
virgins blood. I guess it won’t work unless her victim is a virgin!”

“Feh…to bad your ain’t one.”


Inuyasha blinked at Kagome’s
outraged shout.


He started…he saw the look in her
eyes and hurried to explain. He really wasn’t in the mood for a sit.

“Witches aren’t known for their
cruelty. They don’t bother others unless they need someg frg from them. If you
weren’t a virgin then she might let you go.”

Kagome blinked her cheeks blushing
even redder. He wasn’t suggesting what she thought he was suggesting was he?

“Don’t you dare even think about

Know Inuyasha was really confused.


“You were going to suggest we have
sex so that witch would let me go! Weren’t you!”

Inuyasha jaw dropped…his face
turned as red as his outfit.



“I WAS NOT! I was just speaking in

Kagome turned away…and shivered as
she felt his stunned gaze on her back.

“Can’t you get us out of here?”

Inuyasha grunted and folded his
arms across his chest.

“If I could we would be long gone.
That damn witch is to powerful with that jewel shard.”

A soft sound made Inuyasha look
toward Kagome again. He blinked and moved closer to her. Was Kagome crying?


Suddenly she turned her eyes filled
with tears.

“I don’t want to die like this

She launched herself into his arms.
Inuyasha blinked as Kagome made a hanky out of his komodo.


Inuyasha gulped. How in the nine
hells was he supposed to do know? He didn’t know anything about women. Even
less about how to comfort them. Normally if Kagome was in danger he just went
in and kicked ass. But the witch had already proved…more than once (grumble
grumble) that she had too much power. He couldn’t even touch the old woman.

Nervously he placed his clawed hand
on the back of Kagome’s head. She didn’t seem to notice. They were in real
trouble this time. Well Kagome was at least.

The witch had said she was going to
let him go.

But how could he just leave when
Kagome was sure to die, just so that old hag could have her youth again.

There was absolutely nothing he
could do…except.

Inuyasha eyes widened as he
remembered what Kagome had shouted out in anger.

What she said was true…if he
had…(gulp) sex with her. Then she wouldn’t be a virgin anymore. The witch might
let her go.

This was ridiculous to even think
about. Kagome wouldn’t go for that. She hated him…well maybe not hate but she
sure in hell didn’t like him that way.

Although…Inuyasha thought, I
wouldn’t mind all that much. Kagome is very beautiful.

Inuyasha gave himself a mental
slap. How could he even think about that?

He was being as perverted as

But…a part of his mind persisted…it
might be the only way.

Inuyasha gulped. He just knew he
was going to get sitted a thousands time for this.


She lifted her head a little to
know she was listening.

“Please don’t get mad…or think I’m
pervert. But…”

He trailed off.

He felt her stiffen against him.
She then lifted her head her eyes blazing.

He held their gaze steadily. He had
to make her understand this was the only way.

T'>The fury slowly disappeared as she
continued to stare at him.

His eyes reflected his thoughts as
if he had spoken them aloud for the world to hear.

“Kagome…I don’t want you to die.”

“But Inuyasha…I…”

Inuyasha leaned down before she
could finish her sentence and softly kissed her.

He closed his eyes as he savored
the kiss. Her lips were like silk.

After a moment he lifted his head
up and saw the stunned look in her eyes.

“This is the only way. I…”

He blushed slightly.

“I’m your friend…and I know you
don’t feel that way toward me. But hmm I would be honored if you would let me
save you.”

Kagome continued to stare at
Inuyasha in shock.

The thing was it wasn’t because he
was asking if he could…(blush)…it was because of how gentle he sounded. And how
the kiss, her first kiss had literally been everything she had always dreamed

Kagome blinked and looked away from
his eyes before she got lost in them. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire.
But that was nothing compared to the slow heat that was starting to tingle in
the pit of her belly. She had always thought Inuyasha to be brave and handsome.
But his gruff guy attitude always turned her away; she never dreamed that he
might find her attractive as well.

Or did he…he didn’t really say
that. He just said that he would be honored. Suddenly without reason she had to
know. Did he find her attractive?

“Inuyasha…do you…I mean…do you
think I’m pretty?”

Inuyasha smiled, and Kagome heart
literally melted in her chest.

“The truth? I think you’re
beautiful…except when you’re sitting me.”

Kagome blushed. He did find her
attractive, and she was attracted to him.

She had a choice. Do what they had
to…or die.

She didn’t want to die…but she
really didn’t want to give up her innocence.

She had always promised herself she
would wait until marriage.

But…if she didn’t, then she never
would get married.

Kagome sighed…she really didn’t
have a choice.

Taking a deep breath Kagome looked
back up at Inuyasha. Gathering her courage she nodded. Suddenly her eyes
flashed at his smug look.

“However if you tell anyone about
this Inuyasha I’ll sit you so hard your grandchildren will be born with grass

He chuckled and lowered his head
again. His lips met hers…nervously Kagome wrapped her hands around his neck as
he sought to deepen the kiss.

The warmth in her belly was turning
into a fire.

Kagome almost yelped as she felt
his tongue slip across her lips, begging for entrance.

Shyly she opened her mouth more

Instantly she found herself having
a battle of the tongues. They wrestled and fought for dominance.

Kagome moaned as the fire spread.
She felt faint, as if she would fall had Inuyasha not been holding her.

Getting a little bolder Kagome ran
her tongue against his. His was slightly surprised at how rough it was. It
reminded her of Buyo’s tongue when he licked her hand.

She suppressed a giggle…or reminder
her more of a dogs tongue.

She explored his mouth fully
running her tongue up and down his sharp fangs.

She shuddered in delight. She had
always loved his teeth. She found the fang look very exciting.

Finally they had to pull apart for

Inuyasha looked down at her with
lust and something else in his eyes. Kagome smiled shyly at him. She trusted
him that was all that mattered.

Suddenly Inuyasha lifted her into
his arms. Kagome gasped but let him take her where he willed. Which was to a
corner filled with straw, it had served as their bed the last two days.

Kagome blushed as he laid her down.

Smiling toothily Inuyasha bent down
and started to nuzzle Kagome’s neck. She gasped as she felt his rough tongue
boldly dart out and caress her flesh.

She stiffened as she felt as clawed
hand slip up her shirt.

Inuyasha instantly stilled his hand
and instead started to kiss her again.

As he kissed her his hand moved
again. Until it rested up against the swell of her breasts.

Kagome gasped as his hand groped
her. She never though anything could feel like this.

She felt her nipples, which were
suddenly extremely sensitive harden as his thumb brushed over them.

It happened so fast she didn’t even
realize that Inuyasha had somehow gotten her shirt off.

Kagome blushed again as his kissed
started to go lower. His tongue lapped gentle against eh beginning of the swell
of her breast.

Suddenly he growled.

“How the hell do you get this thing

Kagome giggled as she realized he
had been trying to get her bra off.

Sitting up Kagome reached behind
her and undid the clasped. She gave him a timid look before removing her bra.

Instantly he moved in. Kagome
gasped as she felt his hot mouth incase one of her nipples. She moaned as he
started to suckle like a puppy again, his teeth now showed her knew heights of
pleasure as they gently nipped her.

He then suddenly switched and tortured
the other breast as he had the first.


Kagome groaned at the sound of his
husky voice.

He then stopped his torture long
enough to remove…all…of his clothing.

Kagome blushed as she stared at his
thin but hard toned body.

Her gaze slowly made its way south
until she saw it.

She blinked as a tiny bit of fright
fluttered in her heart.

Kami he’s huge.

Try Kagome had seen Inuyasha naked
before…buter wer when he was excited like he was. He was truly something to

Kagome turned her head and blushed.

Inuyasha laid down beside her.
Gently kissing and touching until her fright of him disappeared.

Kagome smiled against Inuyasha lips
as a plan formed in her mind.

She wasn’t quite as innocent as
everyone thought. Not in that way, but another. She was an avid reader of
romance novels…very steamy romance novels.

She knew a thing or two.

Suddenly to Inuyasha’s surprise
Kagome pushed against him so that he fell over onto his back.

He blinked in surprise as she
smiled down at him.

“My turn Inuyasha.”

She then kissed his lips. As her
hands ran across his chest…she really did like his body. It was almost to
perfect to be real.

Taking him again by surprise her
kisses started to get lower.

She flicked her tongue over a hard
male nipple, thus making him moan.

Inuyasha closed his eyes as Kagome
started to kiss him all over. What was she doing? Was it something she learned
from the future? Well he didn’t care as long as she didn’t stop. He knew that
in her time, these things were more openly discussed, so he assumed it was
possible she knew things a normal virgin in his time wouldn’t. How much did she
know though?

Inuyasha’s eyes snapped open like a
trap when suddenly he felt…OH KAMI…he tensed as he almost lost it. Only by
sheer stubbornness did he get himself under control.

He leaned up a little so he could
watch her.

Did people in her time do this?

He leaned his head back as the
pleasure coursed though his body.

Her mouth…her sweet sexy mouth was
down there. His hips jerked all by themselves as she startled to suckle
slightly. Her tongue played pure hell on the tip of him.

Inuyasha dug his claws into the hay
as he felt himself losing it.

He didn’t want her to stop. Just
the thought of exploding in her mouth was so exciting that he even became harder
than he was. But he wasn’t sure if she would like that.

But if she didn’t stop right now it
would happen!

“Kagome! I can’t…(huff)

He watched as she looked up at him,
her eyes were sparkling in mischief.

She softly nipped the tip with her
teeth and sucked harder.

That was all he needed.

Inuyasha stiffened as he lost it.
His body jerked and bucked against her soft mouth as his seed spilled from him.

He watched as she swallowed it all,
which surprisingly once again made him harder.

There was just something so
incredible sexy about that…he didn’t know why but it was.

Kagome wiped the side of her mouth
as she looked down at him. She was on her knees…Suddenly he was up as well. He
kissed her hard and fast.

His hands found her breasts again.

He played with them as he slowly
made his way behind her.

He could tell she was suddenly very

He kissed the back of her neck.

“Don’t worry Kagome.”

She nodded and let him push her
upper body forward. So that she was on her hands and knees.

Inuyasha took a deep breath to
steady himself. He wanted this so bad that he was afraid he might lose it.

But he had to go slow…she was a

She was his friend. He would never
hurt her.

Kagome shifted nervously. She
should have known he woulnt int it ‘doggy style’.

Kagome would had giggled, except
for the fact she was so nervous she could hardly breathe.

The fire was the only thing that
kept her going. The fire had spread throughout her body consuming her. She
wanted more, she wanted him.

lasslass=MsoNormal style='line-height:200%'>She stiffened as she felt him rub
up against her.

She could feel him throbbing.


She took a deep breath as he
started to push forward. He did so with one quick and almost violent thrhe
broke through her maidenhead and buried himself to the hilt.

The pain was sharp and made her
suddenly gasp. Tears sprung into her eyes as Inuyasha forced himself into her.

She wanted to scream, she wanted to
cry…she wanted him.

She shook as a different burning
seared her flesh down there. She had no idea it hurt so much.

Suddenly she felt his hair against
her back, and his breath in her ear.

“Shh…its all right Kagome. Don’t

His voice was so soft and caring.

He then started to move within her.
At first it was unpleasant and painful.

But as her body began to get use to
him something else started.

It was a tension that she never
felt before.


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