The Dark Tournament

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My muse has been bugging me to write this!

A YH/INU crossover


The Dark Tourament

YuYuHak/Inuyasha slash
Cha Chapter 1: Powerful Warriors

Yusuke blew a piece of hair from his eyes and leaned back into the stands. Kuwabara sat there with his hands behind his head. Kurama sat next to him. His arms were crossed and his right leg was proped up on his left. Hiei was sitting next to Kurama with a scowl on his face.

"I don't understand why we're here. We shouldn't be watching these fools fight. We should be out training for our next round," said Hiei.

Kuwabara leaned over and said," But Genki said we should watch the next fight. She said a really good team has enterd the Dark Tourament this year."

"Fuck off Dumbass," said Hiei.

Kuabara jumped up and faced the short demon with an angry glare.

"What did you say shrimp!" shouted Kuwabara.

Hiei smirked at the dumbass before him.

" I said ' Fuck... Off...Dumb....Ass'," said Hiei very slowly.

Kuwabara got very red and he gritted his teeth.

"Now Now childern sit and let us watch the fight," said Kurama.

Kuwabara huffed and sat back down. A pretty annoucer came into the ring. She had teal blue hair and a long tail. Her outfit was pink and black.

"Now everybody It's time for the semi-finals to begin!" said the annoucer.

Genkai sat up in the sky box with Ko-enma. She looked down into the arena and waited for the fighters to come out. Ko-enma was going through some files about the fighters for the next round.

"What kind of fighters are these? I don't think I've ever seen this kind of power of before! Not in at least 500 hunderd years!" said Ko-enma.

Genkai looked out and saw Yuske and the others. So they had taken her advice, they would to see this battle. The team that would win was extermly powerful.
Yusuke blew another strand out of his face.

"Exactly what kind of fighters are these supposed to be? I mean we've kicked the ass of a lot of tough demons.But why are they so speaical," asked Yusuke .

"Well we're about to find out," said Kurama.

Two doors opened up and two teams of fighters could be seen.

"Ladies and Gentleman! Please Welcome Team Taki!" said the annoucer.

The team from the left entered. They consisted of a really nasty green demon, a blue horned demon, a tall female, a one eye demon, and a very handsome blue haired demon.

The crowd cheered as they enterd the ring.

"And now the challangers! Team Inuyasha!"

A group of fighters came out from the right. Yusuke , Kurama, and Kuwabara gasped at what they saw. Hiei sat there with wide eyes. These fighters were like nothing he had ever seen before.
The team consisted of 2 girls and 3 guys. They were dressed in clothes and had weapons that hadn't been seen in over 500 years.

One of the woman wore a high necked black outfit with pink trimming. Her pink armor was two shoulders guards, knee guards, elbow guards, and a stomache and back guard. She had a sword at he side and a gaint boomarang on her back. Her face had a some sort of mask on it. Her long dark brown hair was up in a pony tail. Her brown eyes had a look of determination and she looked tough. This woman was beautiful.

"A demon exterminator," said Kurama.

"A what?" said Yuske.

Karama took his leg down and leand foe and let his arms hang over his knee's.
He inter twined his fingers.

" A demon exterminator. They specialize in killing demons. Their armor and weapons are made from the bones of demons. But the last demon exterminator died out more than 500 years ago," said Karama.

"What is that huge thing on her abck?" asked Kuwabara.

" It's called a Hiraikotsu," said Kurama.

Kuwabara scracthed his head.

" What's that?" he asked.

Hiei huffed. How the hell did he get stuck with someone so stupid.

"A gaint boomarang dumbass," said Hiei.

Kuwabara gritted his teeth and jumped up.

"Why you little..." started Kuwabara, but Yusuke stopped him.

"Will you two shut up ao we can see the rest of the fighters?"

Kuwabara sat back down and grumbled. Hiei smiled to himself. 1 point for him.

They looked back down at the rest of the fighters.

The other girl wore a strange out fit as well. She had long black hair and blue eyes. She was beautiful. The outfit she wore was a long red tunic. It blted at the waist and she had on a pair of white long pants and white long sleeved shirt. A pair of sandles were on her feet. A quiver of arrows were strapped to her back and a bow in her hand. Her hair was pulled into a long braid.

One of the men in the group wore purple robes and had a golden staff. His short black hair was in a small ponytail. A beaded glove cover his right hand. Why?

A man with long black ponytail and blue eyes stood next to him. He had fur wrapped aroud his waist and sword at his side. Two fur leggings were on his feet. He had on armor and two furry shoulder pads. He had smug look on his face.

The last guy had long sliver hair and ears on the top of his head. He wore a bright red kimono and hakamas. He had sword at his side and kept playing with it. His golden eyes scanned the crowd.

"Hey Kurama he looks just like you in your demon form," said Yusuke.

Kurama laughed at that.

"He may look like me, but he is a dog demon. Not fox. And he is only half demon. Which I don't understand, beacuse the last dog demon died out over 500 years ago. And he was a half-breed as well," said Kurama. He had said that mainly to his self considering everyone else was wacthing the fight.

"Alright the first fight will be...Kawazu from team Taki and Sango from team Inuyasha," said the annoucer.

The ugly green demon ambled into the ring. Sango jumped up into it.

"You think you can move around easliy with that gaint weapon! You probaly can't even lift it over you head!" said Kawazu.

Sango's eyes narrowed.

"Alright! Begin!"

The annoucer brought her arm down and Kawazu rushed at sango. She jumped out of the way. He drooled some green drool and rushed at her again. Sango once again jumped out of the way.

"Fight me wench!" shouted Kawazu.

"Fine," said Sango.
She pulled a little ball from behind her and tossed it down to the ground. It hit the ground and brust open. A purple smoke filled the fighting ring. Sango jumped down and pulled her Hiraikotsu up.

"Hiraikotsu!" she shouted. She let the boomarang fly and it sliced the demon in half.His blood spaltterd her face and armor. the demon's guts flew all over the ring. The Hiraikotsu went up into the stands and sliced through some of spectaters. It came back to Sango and she nimbly caught it. She pulled back on her back and hopped out of the ring.

The annoucer just looked at Sango.
"Sango from team Inuyasha is the winner by death," she said.

Yusuke could not belive that she had killed the demon with shot of her Hiraikotsu. It took him several shots with his sprite gun to bring a monster down. she had done it with blow from with out useing any of her sprite energy.

"Up next is Tsutsuji from tream Taki and Kagome from team Inuyasha," shouted the annoucer.
The girl in the red tunic jumped into the ring. The female from team Taki jumped into the ring. She had on a very revaling top and short skirt. Her long golden hair was half-way up.

"Alright fighters! Begin!"

Kagome just looked at . Tsutsuji. Tsutsuji smiled and drew out a sword.
"Prepare to die human!" she shouted.

Tsutsuji jumped up into the air and headed straight down for Kagome. Kagome clamly pulled out an arrow and fitted it to her bow. With dead accuracy she pointed it at Tsutsuji. She let it fly and the arrow was engulfed in a pink light. It hit Tsutsuji and the female dissaperd. Not one trace of her was left. Kagome clamly walked out of the ring.

"Well folks Team Inuyasha wins again by death," said the annoucer.

"Whatever that was, it wasn't sprite energy. It was something more powerful," said Kurama. The other boys just looked at the team. If the girls were that tough, then what were the guys like?

"Up next for Team Taki is Kiji and for Team Inuyasha Miroku!"

The man in the purple robes jumped into the ring. The blue horend demon stepped into the ring.

"Ready? Begin!"

Kiji rushed forward towards Miroku.

Miroku calmly uwrapped the beads around his right arm.He held his right hand forward.

"What the hell?What is plan on doing with his hand? " asked Yusuke,

"Wind Tunnel!" shouted Miroku.

He opend his hand wind started sucking in to it. Kiji tried to run awy but he was being sucked into Miroku's hand. Some demons from the audience were being sucked in ass well.
The pretty annoucer held on for dear life as the wind was being sucked in. Niji was sucked into miroku's hand and he closed off the wind tunnle. He wrapped the beads around his hand and hopped out of the ring.

"Well i guess he could do that," said a shocked Yusuke.

"Did he jsut suck that demon into his hand?" asked Kuwabara.

"No he didn't. the demon decided to just dissaper," said Hiei.

'Such power,' thought Hiei

Kuwabara gritted his teeth and was about to yell at Hiei when the annoucer interuppted him.

"Well folks another win for team Inuyasha, man that something," said the annoucer.

The one eyed demon and the handsome blue demon looked at each other. Those first three warriors were so powerful. What were the last two like? Well their other team mebers were extermly weak. they would kill off the last two fighters and the remaing fighters.

"Alright the next match will be Hikigamo from team Taki and Koga from team Inuyasha!"
Koga jumped into the ring and stood his ground. Hikigamo smirked and stepped in. comapred to him this little demon was nothing.

"Alright begin!"

Hikigamo rushed forward. Koga quickly jumped out of the way and let the big demon fal down.
"Sorry bud, but your too slow for me!Now watch this!" shouted Koga.

He ran forward jumped up in the air. He slammed down onto Hikigamo and kicked a hole in his stoamche. Hikigamo howled in pain. He rolled around on the ground leaving little trails of blood around him. His intestines were coming out of his stomache. Koga laughed and ran forward again. He kicked Hikigamo up into the air. He then jumped up and kicked the demon in half. He screamed and his body parts went flying. Blood covered the arnea. Koga smiled and hopped off.

"Let's see you do that dog boy!" shouted Koga.

"Lay off you mingy wolf!" shouted the sliver haired hanyou to Koga.

"Will the last two fighters Inuyasha and Taki please step into the ring?"

Inuyasha jumped up and into the ring. Taki the handsome blue haired demon stepped in.
"Your going down half-breed!" shouted Taki.

"Not likely," said Inuyasha.
He unsheathed his sword.

"What a pathatic sword. The blade looks as though as it couldn't cut paper wet," said Yusuke.

Inuyasha flicked his wrist and his sword grew to an immsens size and razor sharp.
"Never mind," said Yusuke.
Inuyasha held his sword out in front of him. He smiled at the demon Taki.

"Alright begin!"

Taki rushed forward.
"I don't have time for this!" shouted Inuyasha.
He brought the sword up over his head and waited. Taki stopped and looked at him.

"What the hell are you doing?"asked Taki.
"This! Kaze no Kizu!" shouted Inuyasha.
He brought his massive sword down and bright streaks of yellow engulfed the arena. Taki screamed and dissgrated. The annoucer coward down on the out side of the ring.She looked up and peeked over the side.

"Team Inuyasha is amazing! They all win be death and go on to the next round."
Inuyasha smiled. His sword grew down to it's oringal size and he seathed it. He jumped out of the ring and walked out of the arena with his team mates.

Yusuke looked over at his friends. Man they sure had a lot to deal with when it came time for them to fight.

A/N: wut do you think? hmm this is my first crossover fic! so please be nice! and no kyoto will not be making an apperance in this one! don't worry i promise to tell kagome is wearing that outfit. Aslo this first chapter was in done in the pov of Yusuke and his friends, the next chap will be inu pov!

P.S: question, who should koga and sesshomaru be with? i have no clue. can you guys give me some ideas?

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