"Kagome, a popsicle and one horny hanyou"

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“Kagome, a popsicle and one horny hanyou.........”
By Hentai Jane

This is a response to the “popsicle challenge” from DelKaidin (I hope popsicle is spelled correctly, it's one of those weird words to me that never looks right when written.). When I read the challenge, I just couldn’t pass it up because, being the perv that I am, I once a naughty experience with a 7-11 slushy! Enjoy!

Inuyasha sat in the God Tree, grumbling under his breath about bitches being late all the time and not knowing their place.

From the look of the sun it was already past noon. She had promised to return in the morning, but as always she was late. ‘I wonder what pitiful ass excuse she will think up this time?!’ Inuyasha thought to himself. He stretched out on his stomach, dangling his legs on each side of the large branch, his chin rested on the back of his clawed hands as his eyes impatiently watched the well.

‘I’m going to give her a few more minutes,’ Inuyasha thoughilehile digging his claws into the branch, ‘and if she doesn’t hurry up and bring her ass back here, I’m going to...’

Before his mind could finish that thought, his nose was greeted with the scent of strawberries and vanilla, “Kagome”. His words were little more than a whispe he he hopped down from his seat and ran to the well. She was back! After what seemed like an eternity to his yearning heart, she had returned!

Inuyasha quickly put back on his grumpy face and looked over the edge of the well. Kagome was so close to the top that he could reach down and touch her. She was trying to hold onto a big square blue and white box and climb up the ladder. ‘That silly bitch is going to hurt herself!’ Inuyasha thought with must frustration ‘She should know that she isn’t strong enough to carry that box AND keep her balance on that pitiful excuse for a rope ladder at the same time.’ “Oi!” he yelled down at her.

“EEEKKKKKK!!!” Kagome bee been too preoccupied and missed his presence, that is until he startled her.

The hanyou grabbed her by the back of her shirt, lifting her and the mysterious box out of the well, and gently setting them on tHe ground.

“Thanks for your help, but did you have to shout at me! What if I fell or dropped the cooler?!” Kagome watched as he crouched next to the cooler, sniffing at the edges of the lid and touching its textured surface.

“What the hell is this Kagome? Why does it feel cool when the day is so warm?” his golden eyes looked at her, full of curiosity and wonder. There was no way Kagome could stay irritated with him when he looked so innocent.

She lifted the cooler by its long handle, “Come with me to Kaeda’s and I’ll explain it to you.” Kagome motioned for him to follow her as they sed ded down the dirt path leading to the village.


“”KAGOME!!!” Shippo shouted as he jumped into her arms, “I missed you, did you bring me a treat?”

Kagome giggled as Shippo’s tail twitched.

“Oi brat! It’s rude to say you missed someone and then ask if they brought you a gift all in the same sentence.” Inuyasha barked out at the kit.

Shippo gripped the front of Kagome’s uniform tighter as he leaned over to answer the hanyou, “It’s not rude! I only asked cuz Kagome said she’d bring ME back something special.” Shippo put a great amount of emphasis on “me”. He watched Inuyasha’s eyes narrow as he cuddled against the human girl’s chest while wrinkling his nose in distaste at the hanyou.

Kagome patted the young kits head and looked at Inuyasha when he started growling, “Alright you two, that’s enough arguing. I actually have a treat for everyone, so let’s go inside Kaeda’s before the ice starts to melt.”

“I’ll get Sango and Miroku. They got stuck with the job of weeding Kaeda’s garden today!” Shippo took off for the back, calling their names.

Once they were all inside and Kagome had their attention she began her explanation, “This is a cooler. It holds in the cold by putting ice inside and shutting the lid. The ice can last for a few days and so can the food or drinks inside. I brought ice cream, popsicles and soda for all of us!” Kagome hep twp two large zip lock bags full of brightly colored packs. “A popsicle is frozen fruit juice on a wooden stick. When you eat the top and see the stick you can take your fingers and push the bottom of the popsicle so it comes up higher. You’ll find out that eating a popsicle from the side of the stick is too messy. Ice cream comes on sticks or in cones, but you can eat the cones.” She also showed them how to open the cans of soda.

At times, we over look the common conveniences that we have and take them for grated. But when you watch people from 500 years in the past pass their hands over the cold mist coming from the opening of a cooler, you start to realize just how fortunate you are! Miroku was fascinated by the rounded blocks of ice, as well as Kaeda. Sango took a can of grape soda.

Kagome took a mini thermal pack and put a few popsicles and an ice cream cone inside. She handed out the frozen treats and reminded her friends to close the cooler lid when they finished .

As she headed out the door, Inuyasha stepped in front of her, “Where are you goin’?”

“To my favorite spot for a little R&R. Do you wanna come with? I have plenty of popsicles for both of us.” Kagome held up the mini cooler in front of her.

“Keh! I don’t need that funny lookin’ shit, but I will come with you just in case you sense any jewel shards.” Inuyasha walked beside her thinking what a louiar iar he was. He really did want to come with, for both the new food and her company. If everything in her time was as tasty as ramen noodles, then he couldn’t wait to try these ‘popsicles’ she brought!

He watched her form the corner of his eyes. He loved they way the sunlight danced on her hair, bringing out its rich depths of black. Her skin was a little darker than usual from their travels and long exposure to the sunlight. In his eyes, she looked like one of the girls the human males painted in their portraits of beautiful princesses.

They came to a small clearing ovokinoking a huge field of wild flowers. Kagome sat down under a tree and took out an ice cream cone, “Here Inuyasha, try this one, it’s really good.”

He accepted the odd looking package. It did smell good even through the wrapper, so he guessed it wouldn’t hurt to give in and thank Kagome.

Just as he was about to start unwrapping the ice cream, he looked up to find the most erotic sight his eyes had ever seen.

Kagome was sitting a few feet away from him looking out at the meadow as she swirled her tongue over the long cone shaped popsicle. It had a long red tip that gradually widened to a white middle and ended with a blue base.

All of his movements froze as he watched the side profile of her full pink lips stretch over the popsicle, engulfing the red tip, moving past the white and stopping at the blue color. ‘She must have deep throated that thing!’ Inuyasha thought as his cock twitched.

As she pulled the popsicle out of her mouth, Kagome tooe tie time lick the tip and trace her tongue down the side and lick the forming droplets at the blue layer.

Inuyasha gulped as every last drop of blood in his body rushed to his groin, causing him to become painfully hard.

Kagome continued to lap at the side of her popsicle as Inuyasha watched in awe of the movements of her mouth.

“Hey, why aren’t eating your ice cream?” she asked.

Inuyasha watched as a droplet of blue liquid rested on the corner of her mouth. He had been entranced by her actions, and lost all his good senses as his body and the need for sex took over.

Before Kagome had time to sit him, Inuyasha pushed her onto her back and straddled her hips. His rough tongue liked the droplet from her lips as she squirmed beneath him.

“Inuyasha.... what are you doing? Let me go!!”

The hanyou kissed her once, holding his lips against hers until she stopped fighting. Her scent slowly started to change. “You want me, don’t you Kagome?” Inuyash asked as he ground his erection against her.

His voice was low and full of confidence as he continued to lick her lips and smell her increasing arousal with every stroke. The only answer he received was a soft moan as Kagome opened her mouth for him.

Inuyasha ravaged her sweet mouth with his tongue, enjoying the way her natural taste and the flavor of the popsicle mingled. Kagome shyly responded as her tongue rubbed against his, seeking acceptance and approval of her actions.

Without any indication of stopping, Inuyasha sat back on his knees and stared down at his captive woman. Kagome’s eye lids were heavy with the desire that now coursed through her body.

He backed himself further down her body until he was near her calves. Inuyasha took a moment to pull up her little green skirt and inhale the scent that not only showed just how badly she wanted him, but it was also the sweet smell of submission. He knew that if a kiss alone would spike her arousal to the point of giving into him, then further affections would lead him to finallaimlaiming this woman he desired.

With a great care, Inuyasha slipped her white panties and skirt off her hips, down her thighs, and over her feet, discarding them in a care free fashion as he grinned at the prize before him.

Her female opening glistened in the sunlight from her juices. She smelled sweeter than any manmade confection and purer than mother nature herself.

She cautiously looked down at him wondering exactly what he had planned for her. It didn’t matter what she said, Kagome knew she was unable to stop the lust filled hanyou as his tongue reached out, sliding between her folds and stopping at the hard bundle of nerves that adorned the top of her sex.

She gasped when his hot mouth suckled on her clit, pulling it as far as it would extend, then circling it with only the tip of his tongue before releasing it and starting all over again.

Inuyasha paused to look at her face, he needed to see her reaction, to look in those blue grey eyes and see the pleasure that only he would give her.

Kagome’s hair was fanned out around her blush tinted face. Inuyasha watched as her lips would open and close as though she were trying to speak, but lost the ability to form words. In her left hand was the object that stared all of this............. the tri-colored popsicle, an innocent object, turned into a tool of seduction. Seduction. Now that gave him a wicked idea.

Inuyasha plucked the popsicle from her hand. Kagome lifted her weakened form to her elbows, “What...what are doing? Why did you stop?” she asked.

Inuyasha gave her a brief kiss, “Don’t worry bitch, just lay back and enjoy the ride.” he whispered in a husky tone.

Kagome settled back on the lush bed of grass. She could feel Inuyasha shift between her legs as she closed her eyes, waiting to feel his hot mouth on her sex.

She gasped and tried to sit up when she felt cold instead of the warmth her body craved. A large hand pushed her back to the ground, “What did I just tell you to do?” he questioned with a new tone of authority, “Do you trust me Kagome?” his golden eyes held insult in her lack of trust.

“Well........y-yeah, but....what are you doing?” she stuttered.

“I’m going to pleasure you, and eventually claim you as my bitch.” Inuyasha crossed his arms and answered her so matter-of-factly that it didn’t leave much room for argument. “I would never hurt you Kagome, but I do want to give you an orgasm. Will you allow me to finish?”

Kagome nodded and laid back down. Inuyasha picked up the popsicle and spread her legs wide. He inserted the partially melted tip into her warm entrance and continued to push it into her until only the blue base was showing. He smiled when her body shivered against his fingertips.

Inuyasha remembered what she said earlier about removing the wooden stick and braced the end of the popsicle against his fingers before sliding the stick from the center.

The frozen treat was now fully seated inside Kagome. “Mmmm..” Inuyasha licked the sticky sweet juice from his hands as Kagome watched him, “The popsicle tastes good, but your flavor is much sweeter.” Inuyasha grinned as Kagome blushed in a deeper shade of crimson from his compliment.

Even if she had previously felt his mouth ravish her wet sex, Kagome was totally unprepared for the conflicting sensations her body was about to be wracked with.

She saw Inuyasha dip his face back down to her opening. The icy feel of the popsicle lodged deep within her body was suddenly joined with the fiery heat of her hanyou’s tongue. He had wasted no time in delving his tongue deep in her cunt, seeking out the hidden treat. He was rewarded with her natural juices as well as little bits of the popsicle. He greedily swallowed both of them and continued to delve in for more.

To Kagome it felt as if he was stretching her unused walls to the point of splitting as his tongue slipped along side the popsicle and twisted against her cervix. Her back arched as she let out an involuntary moan.

He gently took hold of the little bud, rolling it between his fingers as his tongue prodded her cunt. Inuyasha could feel her body quiver as she neared her orgasm.

When he stopped, Kagome groaned in disapproval. She was so close to diving into sweet oblivion, just a few more minutes and she would have swan in the pool of orgasmic release.

Inuyasha pulled her up against him and flipped onto his back. He was laying in the same spot she had occupied only moments before. He chuckled at her disgruntled expression, “Don’t panic, I just wanted to switch positions. This way, you get to move around more.”

Kagome looked confused, “Move around?”

“Trust me.” Inuyasha moved her up his body until her well trimmed sex was in his line of sight. He pulled her hips down until she could feel his breath fan against her clit. “When you start to climax, ride my tongue Kagome, don’t stop until you are fully satisfied...” he paused, giving her sticky cunt a brief lick, “I want to taste every last drop of you.”

He grabbed her hips, roughly pulling her down on his extended tongue. Inuyasha pumped her hips up and down, giving her an idea on how to set a pace as his tongue swirled against her clenching walls. Small bits of popsicle were still present, but with her rising heat, it was melting quickly, giving him a new favorite meal.

When he felt her start moving on her own, Inuyasha used one hand to fondle the swollen bundle of nerves, making her throw her head ack and cry out. Kagome’s hands gripped the tree in front of her as she bucked her sex against the hanyou’s ravishing tongue.

The feeling of cold was barely noticeable now, all she could feel was the incredible heat that threatened to ignite her body.

Kagome rode him hard, grinding her soaked sex against his mouth as his hands slid up her body and beneath her shirt. Inuyasha had no patience for the ‘bra’ that concealed her breasts from his touches, so he carefully sliced it in the middle, allowing it to open and fall away from her tits.

Her cries grew louder when he pinched and twisted her hard nipples. Nothing could compare to soft fullness of Kagome’s exposed breasts that wiggled every time she drove her pelvis down on his tongue. This was his heaven, and he wished it would never end.

As her movements became more frantic and her groans became a rhythm of, “ohh..ohh....ohh..ohhh...” Inuyasha knew her orgasm was drawing near. He slipped his tongue fully into her and started grinding his fingers against her clit. After a little probing, his tongue found a hard spot hidden deep within her vaginal walls. He stroked it as hard and as fast as he could as Kagome ground her cunt against him. All he could hear was the beating of their hearts and her moans.

With one final, violent twist of her hips, Kagome climaxed, delivering her cum into his eagerly awaiting mouth. She could hear him lapping at her wet lips much like a dog would drink from a bowl of water.

Kagome imagined that her flavor must be pleasing, because even after her body started to climb down from its pillar of pleasure, her hanyou didn’t stop with his efforts to rid her sex of every last trace of her orgasm.

“Inuyasha...” Kagome whispered.

He sat up as she slid off him and collapsed next to him, “I love you Kagome.”

His declaration of love was a pleasant surprise. Kagome was afraid that he only took her out of lust; it felt good to be wrong.

“You have no idea how long I have loved you Inuyasha. Thank you.”

“What are you thinking me for?” he asksed.

“Well, for two things. One for loving me and two for giving me my first orgasm. It was... amazing.”

Inuyasha laughed at her dreamy expression and gathered her close.

As Kagome’s arm circled his lower waist, her arm bumped the unattended bulge hidden by her hanyou’s red pants.

She smiled up at him as her finger tips stroked the outline of the rock hard appendage, “Inuyasha, where did you put that ice cream cone I handed you....?”


TO BE CONTINUED..........................!!!!



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