Girls are bad for your health

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Girls can be dangerous for you health
Chapter 1

Konnichiwa mina-san! Julie Ming here to give you another story. Be fore warned that this is a slight crossover with Yu Yu Hakusho and no my character is not going to fall for Inuyasha. Just our expressionless mysterious youkai who has us all trembling with desire. Yes shounen and shoujo non other than Sesshomaru -Sama! Gomen I kind of got carried away. By the way, does anyone know if Kagome lives 300 years in the future or is it longer. If anyone could e- mail me at and tell me it would be greatly appreciated. Now on with the story!

Kagome stopped before she jumped into the well. Turning around she looked at her two best friends and smiled. They had been through a lot and now that the Shikon no Tama was restored and back inside her body everyone agreed that it was no longer safe for her to remain in this time. Naraku was dead but there were still youkai that would try to take the Shikon no Tama. “Tell me Sesshomaru, how long do youkai live?”
Sesshomaru was stunned. She seemed happy and the question was odd even for her. “We can live for ever as long as we are never killed. That is why we mate for life. Why do you ask?”
Kagome smiled at the answer. “What about a hanyou? Do they live forever as well?”
Why do you ask Kagome?” Inuyasha asked.
“I am just curious Inuyasha. I want to know before I go back home.”
“Inuyasha will live as long as me, do to our fathers blood. Why do you ask?”
Kagome’s smile as as she hugged Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. “Then do me a favor and don’t die. Meet me in three hundred years on the day before Halloween. You will understand by then.”
“I am confused, Kagome.” Sesshomaru said as she kissed Inuyasha on the cheek. “Why three hundred years. And why that day?”
“Because I will know you and I will just have gotten back home from here. As for the day, my friend Jurie Ming is having a Halloween bash at her house and wanted me to invite my friends that have taken all of me time away from school. I am not sure but I think that she is a youkai but is still a good friend. I want to be with you two after all this and not just remember you as good friends from my past.”
“If that is your wish then I will make sure that Inuyasha and I will meet you by the well when you come back.”
“Thank you Sesshomaru. Bye Inuyasha, Sesshomaru. See you in the future.” With that Kagome jumped into the well and left the two youkai to look forward to the day that she will see them again.

2003 (I know that the time line of Inuyasha is not in 2003 but I am trying to be creative and make this as now time as possible.)

Jurie waited for Kagome to come to the front steps of the temple shrine. Kagome had said for her to wait here and Jurie knew that she early. She watched as two men walked up the stairs. She could smell they were youkai and was glad that she had masked her sent as well. They seemed like thy were going to see someone and she could since that they were not evil. Recognizing them as Inuyasha and Sesshomaru from the visions that she had seen from Kagome’s mind she figured that they were going to see her. “Well that means that she is indeed back and my party is going to be more interesting than normal.”

The well

Kagome sighed as she got out of the well. She wondered if Inuyasha and Sesshomaru would indeed meet her outside. Have they survived all these years and would they remember to come? Of course they would. She mentally chided herself. If anything Sesshomaru would remember and so would Inuyasha. She smiled as she opened the door to the shed. When she saw both youkai smiling at her she ran and hugged them both.
“Feh. You would think that you have not seen us for three hundred years instead of the other way around.” Inuyasha said hugging her close. Placing his face in her hair he smelled her again. “I have missed this smell. It is good to have you back Kagome. We have missed you terribly.”
“Yes. My brother is right. We have missed you. Although this time is more fun than three hundred years ago.” Sesshomaru said stepping back from Kagome. “I do believe that you have a guest other than us waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs.”
Kagome smiled and let go of Inuyasha. “Come and meet her. She is the friend that I mentioned to you.”
“Yes the one having the party. I recognized her as the rich heiress to that great fortune. She mysteriously aredared with her mother fifteen years ago. There is talk that she owns many tear gems.”
Kagome smiled as she made her way to the stairs. “She and I have been friends since we were babies. She has always known were to find me and what I am thinking.”
We know. We have been watching you grow up and have seen you go to the well and come back.” Inuyasha said wrapping his arm around her waist as they walked sown the stairs.

The stairs

Jurie looked up to see Kagome walking with Inuyasha’s arm around her waist. She smiled and looked at Sesshomaru walking behind her. She had read about the world most handsome bachelor and always wondered if Kagome knew. Inuyasha was quite famous as well with his boyish looks and great singing voice. He had become a popular singer in the past four months while Kagome was away. “Well, well if it isn’t Kagome and her mysterious friends. You coming to the party right Kagome?” She asked getting the three people’s attention. “Please tell me that you are bringing these two hunks with you.”
Kagome laughed at Jurie and hugged her. “Of course. That is if your two niisan approve.”
Jurie laughed at this and stepped back from Kagome to look at Sesshomaru. Kurama-niisan probably wouldn’t mind but Hiei-niisan would probably have a fit to have to Inu youkai in my house. He seems to be very protective of me and Yukina since they found out that I am their imooto(younger sister). Kurama-niisan is protective but lets me be free to make my own decisions. He keeps Hiei-niisan in line. Are you going to introduce me or am I going to introduce my self?”
“Gomen nasai I forgot. This…” pointing to Sesshomaru “is my friend Sesshomaru and his brother Inuyasha.” Pointing to Jurie, “this is Jurie Ming. She is my best friend.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you Jurie. May I inquire how you knew that I was an Inu youkai?” Sesshomaru asked kissing the back of Jurie’s hand as she reached out to shake his hand.
“I smelled you’re sent when you and Inuyasha went up the stairs. My Hiei-niisan and Kurama-niisan know that you two are Inu youkai. You can ask them how they know when you see them tomorrow night. Please come as you were when Kagome fist knew you. You will see why I asked that at the party.”
“We will come with Kagome. I hope to talk to your niisan.”
“Well Kagome I have to go and get my costume for tomorrow night. See you then. Ja’ne.” With that Jurie ran down the road to be greeted by a man with black spiky hair and a man with blood red hair. Hugging them she turned to wave one more time at Kagome.

I hope you liked it. Don’t worry it will get much better later on. Ja’ne.

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