Love, Hate, Cheating, Raping

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Love, Hate, Cheating, Raping


Ok this is a lovely story for all of you who are reading ‘The Loving Kidnapper’.
I got some reviews wanting to know about Kagome and Miroku well here is your
answer. This is a One Shot and will stay a One Shot (Or so
I hope).


The Story:


Kagome floated on her back in the warm
hot spring nothing covering her young beautiful body of creamy white and tan. She
sighed and talked to herself about her problems and such like some of us do
when we are alone or think we are alone. She finally rolled over and went under
the water letting the heat cover her body. She slowly moved over to her bath
bag and pulled out a bar of soap. She moved it up and down and over every inch
of her body making an on looker just enjoy her display even more.

Kagome stopped when hearing a bush
rattle. She quickly dunked her body up to her neck in to the water. “Who’s
there?” Kagome yelled. No reply came to the young girl. “Speak up or I will
scream!” Kagome yelled louder.

Kagome’s on looker slowly stood up. It
was the young monk Miroku. “Miroku! I should of known! You pervert!” Kagome
yelled but it almost sounded like a scream. “Quiet down please Kagome…” Miroku
said looking down in to the crystal clear steaming water so he could see her
naked form. “I can speak how I want you monk!” Kagome said bring her voice and
getting a blush over her face when seeing a small bump growing between Miroku’s

Kagome started to get dirty though in her
head that made her blush more. Ever since she had become a teenager she had
wondered how it felt to have sex. She had tried to pleasure herself but that
did not please her at all. She wanted the real thing but wanted to save her
purity for her wedding night.

Kagome got an idea and slowly moved over
to the monk who stood at shore. Kagome very shyly got out of the water. Miroku
was getting harder with every action she . He. He looked down thinking to himself.
’If only this were Sango’ Miroku though. Miroku looked up after a moment of
thinking and his eyes went wide when seeing Kagome on her back with her legs
wide open.

“I am all yours monk… But there is one
rule… No taking my purity.” Kagome said softly with a blush still over her
face. Miroku took a moment to even more. He just nodded and got on his knees in
front of the young girl and removed his robes. He brought his head down to her rancrance. Kagome gave a soft gasp when feeling his hot breath on her body. She was
nervous but wanted this so badly. She decided to try and shut out her thoughts.

She let out a loud gasp when feeling
Miroku push his wet tongue in to her body. His tongue moved round and round in
her making her gasp over and over again. She had never felt this good before.
Miroku pulled his tongue out and replace it with two fingers. He slowly pumped
them in to her tiny body making her moan. He pushed a third finger in to her
making her moan loudly and grip some grass around her.

“Please stop this Miroku… Please…” Kagome
begged but Miroku knew if he did stop se would be disappointed. He kept it up
and pumped his fingers harder and harder in to her. She started letting out light
shrieks. He knew she was going to climax and moving his mouth down to her
opening and pulled his fingers out and replathemthem with his tongue. He took
his one hand and rubbed his clit between his fingers.

Miroku could hear the grass Kagome had a
grip on rip from the ground and felt her body tighten around his tongue. He
drank his juices as them flowed over his face. One her body was dry he brought
his head up licking the juices from the corners of his mouth. He looked at Kagome
who was lying there panting from her first orgasm.

Kagome slowly sat up thoughts hitting her
head suddenly. ‘Isn’t this cheating on Inu-Yasha? No sn’tsn’t even my boyfriend…
But Hojo is my boyfriend and this is cheating on him isn’t it? Oh great I am a
cheater the kind of people who only want people for sexual needs or to look
good…’ Kagome thought but then another thought came to her mind. ‘Wait if I
were to dump Hojo then have Miroku be my boyfriend then this wouldn’t be
cheating!’ Kagome said with joy in her head.

Kagome deciding to go with her last
though reached forward and hugged Miroku. “I love you and you you to be my
boyfriend…” Kagome said kindly and though to herself ‘Oh yeah that was a nice way
of putting it Kagome…’ Miroku blinked a coupled of times and didn’t say
anything. His mind had gone to a different subject at the moment. As Kagome was
hugging him his length was pushing on her thigh.

Kagome felt Miroku’s two large hands push
her down on her back. Kagome felt Miroku open her legs and saw him climb
between her legs and push his length up to her opening. “Miroku just because I
said I want you as my boyfriend doesn’t mean we can do this…” Kagome said
softly. She went to sit up but his two hands grabbed her arms and pushed her
back down. He thrust in to her making her give a cry of pain.

“Now there is no reason not to have sex
is there Kagome.” Miroku said softly in her ear then nibbled it. Kagome heard
him but didn’t move pain was pulsing through her body. After a couple of
minutes she could feel him pumping in and out of her. Kagome felt dead for the
first couple of minutes as he pumped in to her. She soon started to feel the
pleasure of it all and started to bump her hips. Miroku smirked and started
thrusting harder in to her. Kagome let out a cry as her body tighten. Miroku
bit down on his lip and let his seed flow in to her body. He soon pulled out
and laid down panting.

Kagome laid there thinking to herself not
believing all that had happened. ‘I hate that bastard… He took my purity from
me when I told him not to! He raped But But I love him… No wait what am I
thinking I hate him!’ Kagome said in her head. She kept warring in her mind trying
to decide wither to hate the man who raped her or not.

A chill went down Kagome’s spine. “Miroku…”
Kagome said in a shaky voice. “What?” Miroku said in reply. “What are we going to
do about Inu-Yasha? He will smell your seed with in me…” Kagome said softly in
a shaky voice. A chill went down Miroku’s spine when she said that. He then got
an idea. “Well today Inu-Yasha was called over to the village by Keade to help
so you can hurry back to your time and I can say you were not feeling well.” Miroku
said smiling to himself. “What will we tell Sango and Shippo when I go to get
the rest of my stuff from camp?” Kagome asked. “Well let’s see… You can just
jump through the well and I will bring your stuff to the well and leave it there
telling them your scare you may get all of us sick! I am so smart.” Miroku said
with an even larger grin on his face. Kagome narrowed her eyes but figured that
was the best and only plan they had.

Kagome went to the well and jumped to her
time. Miroku went to camp and told Sango Shi Shippo Kagome was sick and was
scare she would get all of them sick and that he was going to take her things to
the well and leave them there so she could get them later without having to be
around any of them. Sango and Shippo questioned him somewhat but gave in
he came up with a good answer for all the questions. Miroku took Kagome’s
things to the well and left leaving them there for her to pick up.

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