A Night To Remember

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Title: A Night to Remember
Author: Sesshoumaru-Dono
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha
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Characters: People in this story are from the anime/manga Inu Yasha
Disclaimer: Sadly none of these characters belong to me. If they did I doubt the storyline would have been the same.

It was a warm, summer night and Sesshoumaru was awake in his bed listening to the rain fall outside. There was a low rumble of thunder. Sesshoumaru rolled over onto his stomach trying to fall asleep.


Sesshoumaru looked up to see InuYasha standing in the doorway. "What do you want InuYasha?"

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"
**If only you knew what those words do to me,** he thought to himself. "Are you still afraid of the thunder InuYasha?"

"It's not funny Sesshie-nii-san.E

"Well, come then." Sesshoumaru pulled back the covers and InuYasha crawled into his older brother’s bed.

InuYasha laid on his side and smiled at Sesshoumaru.

"Fine, then." Sesshoumaru leaned closer to place a goodnight kiss on InuYasha’s forehead.


Later that night after falling asleep, Sesshoumaru was suddenly awakened by a huge clap of thunder. He rolled over and saw that InuYasha was still asleep. Gently, he ran his clawed fingers through InuYasha's silky hair.

**I want to kiss him so badly. One little kiss won't hurt,** he thought. **InuYasha will never know since he's asleep.** Sesshoumaru leaned in and kissed the boy’s lips. Moving a little closer to InuYasha, Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around the still sleeping hanyou and kissed him again. His heated kisses slowly moved toward InuYasha’s neck.

" Sesshie-nii-san, what are you doing?" InuYasha asked sleepily.

Sessoumaru looked into InuYasha's golden eyes and whispered, "You are so beautiful." and tenderly kissed those soft lips again.

InuYasha gave his brother a puzzled look, "I don't think we should do this."

"A few little kisses won't hurt anyone, InuYasha."

"But what if Jaken comes in?"

"Why would Jaken enter my room?"

"He checks on you at night. Didn't you know?"

"No I didn't, but I do not care if he sees us, it would serve him right. He should not be looking in my room anyway."

Sesshoumaru kissed InuYasha and this time InuYasha kissed back. Sesshoumaru rolled on
top of InuYasha and deepened the kiss. Sesshoumaru nibbled at InuYasha's lower lip which parted to let the yokai explore his mouth. When Sesshoumaru began to rub the base of InuYasha's ears, InuYasha let out a low moan and wrapped strong legs around his elder brother. Sesshoumaru rubbed his manhood against his soon to be lover. InuYasha suddenly broke the kiss.

"I can't do this Sesshie-nii-san."


"What if one of the servants walk in..."

"Your body is telling me something different from your words. Come with me." Sesshoumaru got up from the bed and repeated his command when he saw InuYasha had not followed. "Come."

"Where are we going?"


"It raining nii-san."

"I know." Sesshoumaru smiled and pulled InuYasha outside onto the balcony. The rain was pouring down in torrents. InuYasha could barely see Sesshoumaru. Suddenly, InuYasha found himself pinned against the wall with Sesshoumaru's tongue inside his mouth. One large claw tore through InuYasha's top exposing a well developed chest to his brother.

InuYasha brought his legs up and wrapped them around Sesshoumaru’s waist. Sesshoumaru broke the kiss and began trailing small kisses down the smaller boy’s body only to stop at InuYasha's nipple. The mixture of cold rain water and heated passion hardened them both. Sesshoumaru lightly bit the nipple. InuYasha moved his hands to Sesshoumau's back to softly caress the demon. Sesshoumaru’s hands lowered the hanyou’s legs to the balcony floor and pushed the boy gently back a step. Swiftly, Sesshoumaru removed InuYasha's night wear leaving him standing in the rain naked. InuYasha, embarrassed at being totally exposed to Sesshoumaru, tried to cover his body.

"You look so sexy when you’re wet," Sesshoumaru quickly removed his own night wear, revealing his manhood already hard with passion. Sesshoumaru walked up to InuYasha and kissed his lips, slowly kissing his way down the boy’s lovely body. InuYasha was now panting. He watched with passion glazed eyes as Sesshoumaru's hot, wet mouth covered InuYasha's hardened member and watched as nii-san slowly took in more of his length until InuYasha felt the tip of his cock touch the back of Sesshoumaru's throat.

"Oh God, Sesshie," InuYasha bit his lower lip to keep from shouting and began to pull Sesshoumaru's hair. "Please stop ... it feels so good... UHHH, I'm gonna cum... please stop, it's too much... " As InuYasha came into Sesshoumaru's mouth, he shouted, "OHHH GOD SESSHOUMARU!" and pulled the silky hair in his hands so hard that the roots became painful. The spasms finally lessened and stopped. InuYasha released the silky strands of his brother's hair. Sesshoumaru rose from his knees and kissed InuYasha’s lips. The smaller boy’s body still shuddered from the intense pleasure he just received.

"Did you like it?" Sesshoumaru asked.
"I want more," InuYasha whispered.

Sesshoumaru kissed him. "Turn around, bend over and grab onto the railing."

InuYasha did as he was told. He felt Sesshoumaru's manhood probing at his entrance. "InuYasha, you have to relax."


Sesshoumaru slowly eased his throbbing manhood inside of InuYasha and felt the small opening tighten from the initial pain then relax. After he felt the muscles relax, Sesshoumaru started a slow rhythm to allow InuYasha time to adjust. InuYasha’s hips wiggled to let his brother know he wanted to increase the pace.

Sesshoumaru began to get rough with InuYasha thrusting faster... harder... InuYasha took one hand off the railing and arched his back, twisting slightly so his face met Sesshoumaru's. Strong arms wrapped around the hanyou’s waist and InuYasha wrapped his arm around Sesshoumaru's neck. InuYasha began kissing Sesshoumaru, flicking his tongue on the top lip. Sesshoumaru's hands played with InuYasha's nipples first pinching then rolling them in his fingers. InuYasha moaned into his brother’s mouth. Sesshoumaru was near his climax and began to growl, gently biting InuYasha's shoulder. With one last, deep thrust and low, rumbling growl of pleasure, Sesshoumaru came inside InuYasha as the younger hanyou spilled his seed to the ground. Without removing the arm that held InuYasha, Sesshoumaru gently removed himself from his new lover and pulled the boy’s body down with him to lay on the balcony floor hoping the rain would cool their overheated bodies.

"I love you nii-san." InuYasha said.

"I love you too, InuYasha."

A/N: I hope you guys liked it. R&R. And thanks to my beta. ;)

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