Bonded Pleasure

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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story.

Disclaimer - I do not own Inuyasha

A/N- This is not, I repeat, not a Kagome and Inuyasha fanfic. So if u don’t like that I advise you to turn back now. The reason I wrote this fanfic is because there was to many I/Kag out there and I needed some diversity.


The cool breeze rustle though the leaves revealing four sleeping figures, sleeping by the glowing glow of the dying fire. A faint movement in the tree gives away the person guarding his campsite. His red kimono flapping silently against the wind as his grip on the tetsusaiga tightens. His ears prick up at the soft but noticeable sound that disturbed the quite forest . The sound made it’s way toward the campsite then suddenly it change directions, obviously trying to led him away from the campsite. Going against his better judgment he leapt off the find the creature. The noise lead him to a small clearing where the leaves kept the moonlight away. He quickly drew the tetsusaiga, its light glowing brightly in the darkness, as he made his way cautiously forward sniffing the air and listening to anything that may be out of the ordinary.

A soft movement in the bushes cause him to stand on guard as a woman in priestess clothing step out of hiding and slowly made her way towards him. Her dark raven hair flowing freely like the wind and her steps seems soundly to the human’s ears. His eyes widen as she continue to advance towards him stopping only when there faces were mere inches apart.

“ Inuyasha,” he voice sounded like the whisper of the wind, “ do u truly care more for Kagome than you do for me.”

He seems shock for a moment unsure how to answer, an internal conflict rage on. Whom will he chose the girl that he loved or the girl he’s falling in love with.

“ Don’t tell me you have feelings for that Kagome, girl. She’s just a copy of me, and besides why would you want a copy when you can have the real thing.” Kikyo said wrapping her arms around Inuyasha’s hard firm body.

“ Kikyo?” he involuntarily shiver from the cold-ness of her body. With a sudden movement her lips were upon his while her arms tighten their hold around the unresponsive man.

“ Stop...we...can’t.” Inuyasha quickly pull away from her. Instantly Kikyo’s form begins to change forming itself into the familiar figure that Inuyasha knew so well.

“ Naraku.” he breathe. All of a sudden Inuyasha felt dizzy and lightheaded. And Naraku’s laugh was the only thing he remember before he slip into the welcoming darkness.

****** Yaoi warning*********

Inuyasha woke up in a cold dark room luminous with candles. He laid in soft dark mattresses that seems to compliment his alabaster skin. He tries to sit up but only to find that his arms were bound.

He struggle in his bonds trying to break free, but to his disappointment it was just impossible, causing him to struggle harder when he heard footsteps coming closer...and closer...and closer matching in tempo with his heartbeat that was pounding painful in his chest. Time seem to freeze when he felt a cold hand stroking his cheek. Inuyasha moves his head attempting to bite the intruding hand, but all Naraku did was laugh at the unless attempt.

“ My, my Inuyasha I wouldn’t do that again if I were you.”

Inuyasha suddenly felt very afraid and vulnerable being unable to defend himself against Naraku, but ordered himself to stay calm under Naraku’s lustful gaze not letting him having the pleasure of seeing him weak.

“ If you want the jewel shards then you’ve got another thing coming.” he growled at the man, who only respond was leaning closer to him till their faces were inches apart, briefly brushing their lips together.

“ What if I said I wanted you.” Capturing Inuyasha’s lips with his. Inuyasha’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as the unwanted menstruation continue. Naraku’s tongue silently begging to enter his soft warm mouth. He moan softly giving Naraku the opportunity to slip in probing every inch of Inuyasha’s warm delicious mouth making him involuntarily shiver against his assault.

Somewhere in the back of his head Inuyasha sense that something is wrong finally the realization of his predicament dawned on him, and he starts to struggle against Naraku’s iron grip. Abruptly he broke the kiss absentmindedly admiring, his handiwork, Inuyasha’s soft luscious lips slightly swollen pink.

“ That’s right struggle. I love when my prey fights back.”

“ Naraku, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING GET THE HELL OFF OF ME.” bucking wildly trying to get him off.

“ I believe I’m going to fuck.” he smirked getting rid of Inuyasha’s and his clothing.

He struggle harder, when he felt cold hands upon him, tearing at the his binds but it was all in vain. Again his lips were claimed, this time Naraku's kiss was ravenous and unmerciful, bruising him with his desires. His kisses went to Inuyasha's neck biting gently on the soft skin, causing small tremors coursing through his body.

“ Stop .” he ordered, his mind a whirl of sensations and pleasures.

Naraku ignore the hanyou, moving further down and running his tongue across a small pink nipple causing him to gasp and arch toward Naraku's warm mouth. He compiled suckling gently while his hands grabs a hold of Inuyasha’s engorged member, noting with appreciation that it was quite impressive.

“ Don’t....Stop,”

“ Funny it doesn’t seem like you want me to.” he murmur sardonically at the same time running a finger along the hard organ smiling when he heard the other man’s wordless whimpers. Suddenly Inuyasha felt Naraku's tongue swirl around the tip of his sex, poking the tiny opening with the tip of his tongue, drawing a torturous groan from Inuyasha.

“ En“ Enjoying this?” he teased deciding to make the game more interesting.

A war rage on inside Inuyasha part of him want to give into Naraku, but the other part want to fight back. So he compromised he just lay there as still as he could unfortunately Naraku wasn’t about to let him stay impassive.

“ You’re going to beg me to fuck you.”

Inuyasha eyes narrowed “ Never.”

“ We’ll see about that.” as he reached for a jar smearing the content in it on his fingers. Reaching between Inuyasha's bound legs he traced the small ring of muscle before slowly sliding in. Still grinning he slid another finger inside and pumped both digits in and out a sudden jerk let him know that he had found what he’d been looking for. He slid a third finger in and simultaneously swallowing his erect cock. Inuyasha gritted his teeth trying to fight his urge to come.

“ Not until you beg.”

“ I’ll never beg you.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Again the intense pleasure flooded Inuyasha’s senses. A sudden idea struck Naraku he slid his fingers back in carefully massage Inuyasha’s pleasure spot while his mouth surrounds Inuyasha and sucked as hard as he could causing he to give into his sinful needs.

“ Naraku please don’t stop.”


“ Now, that wasn’t so hard.” he said leaning over his bound body getting into position and with one smooth thrust he buried himself deep inside Inuyasha, both of them letting out pure animalistic moans.

Inuyasha was sobbing with sensations that course through him, lust, bewilderment, desire, vigor. Naraku lean forward covering the quivering lips with his own. Hot tight velvet caress his length on all side threatening to make him come right there and then. His fingers found Inuyasha’s binds and with a quick movement Inuyasha was free, yet chained to the man above, who awoke feelings that he never even knew he had.

He encircle his arms around Naraku’s neck delighted at the feel of silken hair that brush against his forearms. Naraku’s thrust s became more forceful, his right hand move down stroking Inuyasha’s neglected arousal causing him to cry out in wanting. Naraku piston his hip, stroking Inuyasha in counter-rhyme with his thrusts. Inuyasha eyes widen to an impossible size as he threw his head back in pleasure as he came. The tightening of his muscle were Naraku’s undoing as he came with a yell filling Inuyasha with his seeds. Panting and exhausted he almost collapsed on top of the spent hanyou, both breathing hard as they lay there letting their heartbeats slow and savoring in the warm afterglow. Both covering in perspiration that made their bodies glean and dance with the lights from the candles. Summoning the last of his strength Naraku gave Inuyasha a passionate soul searing kiss pulling the boy close before they both fell asleep.


Like it? Hate it?

I’m currently writing another Inu/Naraku call Innocent Seduction and it actually got a plot. So if you like yaoi couples be on the look out.



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