Make Me Love You

BY : LaraWinner
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Make Me Love You

By: Lara Winner




"Youíre what!?!"

Sangoís weak cry of surprise rang through the silence of the small hut. Studiously ignoring the beaming smirk Miroku wore, the young taiji-a gave Inuyasha her best withering glare. "Youíre serious arenít you?" She questioned, already knowing the answer by the stubborn set of the hanyouís chin.

"Look wench-" Inuyasha began, trying to defend himself only to be rudely interrupted by the furious girl.

"You can not leave me here with HIM!" Sango motioned with her hand to the houshi wearing his infamous cat-that-swallowed-the-canary smile. "Kami knows what heís plotting to do once you leave."

Inuyasha quirked one brow in question and sneered, "Miroku is a bastard but youíve kept him in line this long Sango so I donít see why youíre getting all pissed off now. Kagome was supposed to return yesterday and sheís not back yet so I am going to get her!" He snapped, rising to his feet as if to end the discussion.

Miroku couldnít help but rub in his good fortune and laughedefulefully. "Lady Kagome said she had a test today and another one tomorrow. I seriously doubt youíll have any luck retrieving her but do feel free to try."

"Fuck her stupid tests! Iím not leaving unless sheís with me so weíll be back by tonight." Inuyasha countered confidently and then proceeded to leave.

The slamming of the door was punctuated by Sangoís soft "damn!" as she shifted once again from the uncomfortable position she was forced to assume on her stomach . The fresh cut across her back pulled and she winced in pain. The battle two days prior had been tough but all had seemed in handÖ that was until she had foolishly underestimated the spider demon she was confronting and allowed him a shot at her back that he took with precision. The sharp point of his spindly leg had done little damage in itself but cursed by her lack of luck the shallow lash reopened the deep wound given to her by Kohaku.

Now she lay prone and at the mercy of the sadistic hentai monk who even now was grinning at her lecherously. Sango growled and turned her head, looking away from the idiot. The situation could be no worse then if it had been planned by her so-called friends. Kagome was back in her time with Inuyasha on his way and Kaede had taken Shippo with her on her latest "house call". Depending on the severity of those in need of medicinal herbs Kaede and Shippo could be gone for days. This left her in the tender care of Miroku.

ĎSo help him,í she fumed mentally, Ďif he lays one finger on me the moron is going to dieÖí

The rustle of cloth alerted Sango and her body stiffened out of reflex earning a chuckle from the object of her less than kind thoughts.

"Come now Sango," Miroku chided lightly, "you insult me gravely if you think Iím going to pounce on you. I will at least wait until you are feeling well."

Embarrassed anger motivated Sango to reply sharply, "Being a gentleman would require self-control and that, we all know, is something you lack when it comes to your misguided ethics."

"PerhapsÖ" Miroku agreed jovially. His footsteps echoed off the wooden floorboards as he approached her cautiously. "But dare I hope you have a soft spot for me? After all, you did not say I couldnít, once you are healed of course."

"MirokuÖ" She warned, "I would watch what disgusting ideas you get in your head because as soon as I am able to lift hiraikotsu Iíll knock your head off!"

The bottom of Mirokuís robes came eye level with her gaze as he crouched down before her. Leaning back, she looked up at the houshi and he winked, "Its not that head you should worry about."

Sangoís eyes widened at the obvious insinuation behind Mirokuís seemingly innocent comment. Shock warred with the urge to laugh at the unrepentant grin on his face and in the end all Sango could do was look down as she blushed ten shades of red. Her mouth opened and shut several times as she struggled to find an appropriate retort but instead she was assailed with a disturbing mental picture that made her blush deepen even more. To her utter shame she did not find the idea the least bit appallingÖ

Frustration sparked to life at her traitorous thoughts and Sango cursed herself the fool. This was exactly what he wanted. As soon as she was confused he would try and take advantage of it and then what would that lead to? Her face was on fire because she knew where it would lead and deep down, in a place she tried desperately to ignore, she knew the notion of them engaging in such an intimate thing was exciting in an unfamiliar way. How she hated that feeling!

"Have you no shame Houshi-sama?" She finally managed to scold sternly as she glared.

Mirokuís grin turned wicked as he contemplated her question. "There is no shame in desiring something beautiful, Sango." He laughed so softly it was almost a whisper.

"Are you asking me to bear your child?"

As soon as the words left her mouth she wished she could call them back. The undertone of hopefulness in her voice was enough to make her flinch and her embarrassment had never been so complete. But her humiliation quickly turned into a cold sinking feeling when Mirokuís smile faltered and his shining blue eyes took on a shuttered look. It only lasted a second and then his usual cheerful façade was back in place, but it was enough to jerk Sango back to the painful reality that he was only teasing, as always.

"Are you hungry?" He asked, entirely changing the subject. He didnít wait for her to reply before saying, "Iíll start dinner."

Silence reigned down upon the room as Miroku set about his task and Sango contended herself to watch him as she mulled over why she had reacted so foolishly. That question had been the silliest thing to ask. Of course he would withdraw, the teasing was only a game they played. Nothing was meant to become of it. It was the same routine, grope..slap..grope..slap..grope..slap- Occasionally, like today, he would say something shocking to ger aer all flustered but there was no hidden meaning to his antics. He did not want to be with her in that way.

She mentally berated herself for allowing the truth to create a tiny ache in her chest. Why did Mirokuís feelings matter so much? The houshi was a pervert and womanizer and a thief and liar and as immature and self-centered as a human being was allowed to be before they got themselves killed. There was nothing in that list that she desired in the man she would marry and spend the rest of her life with. So why did Mirokuís obvious rejection hurt?

The possible answer was even more daunting than the question and there were many explanations she could choose from. The most obvious was that he didnít want the responsibility of claiming her innocence. She was not experienced with romantic relationships and when it came to the physical aspect she was even less knowledgeable. The only intimacy she had shared with a male was the affection she harbored for her father and brother. However, one did not create a child from platonic hugs and kisses. Growing up in the company of men she was well aware, in a general sense, of what was to take place but knowing and doing were two completely different things. She was not versed in the ways of pleasing a lover.

For Miroku that would be more trouble than it was worth.

Then there was always the fact that she was not very ladylike. Since she could walk her father had taken her under his wing and trained her to be the most skilled taiji-a their village had ever seen. The role of a demon exterminator left no room for the proper etiquette and obedience expected of a well-bred lady. No man in his right mind desired a willful and spirited woman as his wife. Then again, she had never expected to marry so she never gave her lacking qualities a second thought.

Now she wished she had taken the time to cultivate more feminine manners.

And then there was her favorite. Miroku did not want commitment. His personal quest to acquire an heir was not brought about out of love. Granted he would have a great respect for the mother if his child, Miroku still had no intentions of stilling his wandering hands or giving up his carefree lifestyle to settle down and raise a family. His heir was to carry on his legacy and nothing more. Despite her ability to remain distanced and apathetic in trying situations, she still wore her heart on her sleeve and Miroku knew that. He would not risk sharing his bed with a woman that would love him. That would require effort and devotion on his part and in his mind no woman had struck such a desire in him as of yet.

He would truly have to be in love to give up his bad habits.

And last, but certainly not least, was the most disheartening reason of all. She was merely a challenge. All of his attention and charm was simply a strategy to bring down her defenses just to prove that he could. She would like to think Miroku would not be so callous but there was nothing she could use in defense of such a logical assumption. She was simply a trophy and her feelings were the prize. It would show the extent of his deceitful skills if he could win the love of a frigid baka like herself. Perhaps he did not even find her attractive. It was all just a game of saying the right words and giving the right caresses to lull her into an illusion of mutual affection. It wasnít hard to act the part of an interested suitor. And with an opinion of her that low, it wasnít so surprising he did not want her to be the mother of his children.

Perhaps their flirtations were nothing more than Mirokuís way to prove himself a true ladies man.

Sango blinked against the sudden wetness in her eyes. Gods she was an idiot! It did not matter what motivated the houshi to toy with her. What mattered was that his efforts had worked. Just as the sun was sure to rise in the east, Sango found herself victim to Mirokuís playful ways. The more time she spent with him the more he endeared himself within her heart. Only Mirokuís smile could devastate her concentration. Only Mirokuís touch could pool her body in liquid warmth and make her long for so much more. He slipped past her guard and now he was destroying her walls with ruthless accuracy. He left her vulnerable and scared at how strongly her heart reacted to his advances. Yet he was always in control.

It wasnít fair. Miroku showed no signs of caring about her anymore than a friend. He wanted her to be happy and readily admitted that. But did he not care about Kagomeís happiness as well? He worried about her in the midst of battle and he hovered about her concerned when she was injured. Still, he did the same for the others when they were injured as well. Besides his teasing, there was nothing that proved Miroku cared anymore than would be expected. Considering he lavished his unwanted moves on every pretty woman he sawÖ there was nothing serious about their relationship that said he felt anything remotely romantic towards her.

Closing her eyes tightly, she buried her face in her folded arms to hide the tears she feared would soon come. There was nothing worse than to be alone. With her family and her entire village gone there was nowhere for her to call home. Even here, with these people that she cared for dearly, she still felt as if she were on the outside and merely looking in on the family they created. She did not belong here and soon the time would come for her to leave. It would be a mandatory action. A taiji-a never becomes emotionally involved with their duty and since sheíd met these people sheíd broken every rule her father had taught her.

And Miroku was no exception. The control he had over her infuriated her. He made her betray herself and long for things she had no right to want. Why did she crave his touch? Why did she want him to look at her like he did those simpering females that always caught his eye? Why did she want him to see her for who she really was and not the cold taiji-a whom he fought beside? Why did she want these things so badly that it hurt?

All those stupid questions were constantly on her mind along with hundreds more and each one was evidence of her growingÖ love. Damn it! She didnít want to love him. It was a foolish endeavor, tve hve her heart to a man who thought about nothing but having sex with any willing female he had the good fortune come across. And she knew this. She could see the idiocy of it so clearly and yet she could not stop loving him. And in return for her own weakness she took out her anger on Miroku.

She hated to concede but the truth would not be ignored any longer. She did not slap the moron black and blue because he invaded her body. It was quite the contrary. She did it because in her perverse way she wanted him to and it left her feeling wanton and ashamed. Her self-respect was down to nil because of the havoc Miroku created in her mind and heart. To her ultimate disgrace she knew that it was not Miroku she didnít trust, but herself. The fear of being alone with him was born of the knowledge that if he pressed her hard enough she would cave and give into his desires and maybe even encourage them.

That was unacceptable. For the sake of her honor there was no choice.

Tears made scalding paths down her flushed cheeks and her chest felt crushed under the weight of her thoughts. Unaware of the concerned gaze fixed on her prone form, she sniffed and tried to drag in a deep breath. Pain seared her back at the movement and she hissed, thankful to have something to distract her out of her melancholy. But her relief was short lived when nimble fingers came to rest of her dark hair, stroking the wavy mass lightly.

"Are you alright Sango?"

She stiffened. For a moment her mind went blank and her face burned with a guilty blush. The indication of her sadness was evident in her scratchy voice as she stammered, "IÖIímÖmy back hurts. Thatís all."

Gently, Miroku tucked a lock of hair behind Sangoís ear prompting her to raise her head. He looked skeptical of her explanation but did not press her further. Instead his eyes flicked over her back as he said, "Itís dusk now. Thatís almost twenty-four hours since the cut was last cleaned and I donít want you to risk infection. Will you allow me tend your wound and change the bandage?"

Mirokuís seriousness took Sango by surprise. Wincing again at the subtle stinging she nodded, but still put up her front of reluctance. "I guess I have to. Youíre the only one here."

Sango began to push herself up and bit back a cry as sharp piercing pain shot straight through her. Instantly the houshiís arms slid around her and he eased her up slowly, taking the strain off her sore muscles. One arm was pressed flush beneath her breasts and she couldnít help but blush. It was obvious it was unintentional but she was still extremely aware of the contact. It wasnít until she was sitting upright that she was able to breathe as Miroku regrettably released her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as he moved about gathering the ointment and bandages Kagome left behind then returned and kneeled next to her. She waited for him to reach for her but he didnít budge. Her blush deepened as an image of him loosening her kimono and slowly slipping it off her shoulders played in her mind. But he still didnít move, just stared at her pensively.

The silence was starting to become uncomfortable. When Miroku finally realized she was not going to open her robes on her own, he chuckled, "If you wanted me to undress you why didnít you say so."

He reached for her, his fingers wiggling teasingly, and she slapped at his hands in exasperation. As always, his actions brought a heated blush to her cheeks and she looked away unable to meet his eyes. "You donít have to do this. It can wait till Kagome returns." She insisted.

"Be reasonable Sango. We both know Inuyasha will have no luck retrieving Kagome tonight and he will not return without her just to be equally as stubborn. I donít expect them back for another two days. You are no fool. You know how serious your injury is and I wonít have catching a fever. You must tend the wound and since you obviously can not do it yourself I donít mind helping you."

"Sure." Sango grunted, "I bet you donít mind Miroku. Youíve only attempted to see me naked every chance presented to you and now you expect me to believe youíre concerned for my health. You are a pervert and thatís all there is to it!" She looked up and glowered.

An expression of hurt flashed across Mirokuís face making Sango aware of how mean her accusation sounded. Before she could apologize Miroku bowed his head respectfully and whispered, "I am to blame for destroying your trust in me. I only ask that you understand the sincerity of my concern for you."

Her heart twisted and she cursed herself silently, yet she was unable to help falling into his trap. Miroku knew how to play her. He knew what would sooth her anger and he knew exactly what would provoke it too. And what she hated most of all was his ability to make her feel guilty because she would not give into his carnal whims. If only he would love her enough to forsake all othersÖ


She was getting soft. With a sigh of defeat, Sango turned her back to him and began to undo the ties to her kimono. "Well donít just sit there, Houshi-sama! If youíre determined to help me then help!"

Her hands trembled as the ties came loose. Closing her eyes tightly, she willed herself to have the courage to do this. Miroku would not betray her. He would not force her do anything she was against. Not once had he ever done anything more than grope her and even then the minute she slapped him he would behave again. She was safe with him.

Yet all her reassurances didnít stop the feeling of being exposed from nearly overwhelming her as she let the soft material slide down her shoulders. Freeing her arms from the sleeves of the robe, she crossed them over her chest trying to cover as much bare flesh as she could. She was being silly. Miroku was directly behind her. He could see nothing from that angle but bloodstained bandages and the multiple scars that marred her pale skin.

A tiny shiver crawled down her spine as Miroku gathered her long hair and draped it over her left shoulder. Chill-bumps rose along her bare skin as the cool air circulated about her arms and back. Nervousness created a pit of butterflies in her stomach. Her racing heart nearly jumped out of her chest when Miroku began to fiddle with the wrapped gauze.

The light fleeting touches as his fingers brushed her skin was almost soothing. He was being careful, trying to pull the adhesive bandage away from her flesh a little at a time so it wouldnít cause her too much discomfort. But his good intentions were no help and he was finally forced to warn, "It will be better if I do it quickly. This is going to hurt. Iím sorry Sango. Just hold your breath on the count of three. OneÖTwoÖThree!"

Fire exploded across her back and Sango bit her bottom lip so hard she drew blood. Her eyes watered and the tears spilled over yet she didnít make a sound. Miroku worked diligently thought she could tell he was trying to be cautious. He pushed the bloody wrappings aside and lightly dabbed at the fresh blood that was oozing from the deep wound.

"Iím going to clean it now, alright?"

"Hai." She nodded while fighting back a pained smile. He was treating her like she was made of glass and would shatter under the slightest pressure. She wasnít sure if she should be insulted or flattered. It was strange for her to be touched so reverently and she chuckled nervously, "Iím not going to break ya know. I can take a litpainpain."

"I donít doubt that you can," He countered quietly, "but donít you think youíve suffered enough? If you will not allow me to do anything else then at least let me make this as painless for you as possible."

"Huh?" She asked dumbly, completely taken back by the warmth that suddenly flooded her heart at his sweet words ofÖ. of what?Ö.Devotion? The cool voice of reason scoffed at her wishful thinking and Sango retreated behind her aloof front before Miroku could confuse her any further. "Houshi-sama, youíre not making any sense?"

Water splashed in the filled wooden bowl as Miroku dipped a strip of cloth into the warm liquid and then squeezed off the excess. He frowned as he wiped away the dried blood surrounding her torn flesh and sighed patiently. "You know damn well what Iím talking about."

"No I donít." Sango insisted, hating the way her voice cracked, sounding as if she were on the verge of tears. "What do you want from me?"

Her broken tone brought Mirokuís head up and his hands stilled. He spoke slowly, weighing how to say what he felt, "I want you to let me in. You are good at hiding what you feel but I donít want you to hide from meÖ" He laughed self-consciously. "I want what I canít have."

Silence lapsed between them and Sango closed her eyes as she turned Mirokuís confession over and over in her head. Could she let him in? It was so hard for her to trust and she was terrified of giving Miroku her heart. He was too careless and too easily distracted. Though he might not mean to, he could effortlessly destroy what was left of her.

Perhaps if she said nothing then the conversation could be forgotten. It was so much easier to keep him out. And why did he have to do this to her? He could have any woman he wanted so why was he set on getting to her? What was he trying to prove?

Sangoís thoughts were distracted when she realized he was securing the last of the bandages, but when she was sure he would pull away he didnít. Instead his fingers tips trailed in a line just below her right shoulder. He was tracing a scar, the scar she received from her first demon extermination. She ducked her head low, suddenly shy about the many ugly markings on her body. Miroku was bound to be disgusted and she wouldnít blame him. Her defenses rose.

"I know they are horrible but you donít have to stare." She accused.

Mirokuís reply came when the light, stimulating touch of his fingers was replaced by the unexpected feel of warm lips. Sangoís eyes widened and her heart began to pound as the houshiís warm breath brushed her skin as he breathed, "Every scar has a story. They are not horrible, just reminders of battles won or lost."

"What if itís not so simple?" She asked. "Maybe I donít want to remember."

"All the same, they fade but never go away." As he spoke his hands settled on her sides. "Kind of like the past ne?"

The feel of his hands resting on bare skin sent her body into overdrive. She gasped, willing herself to remain strong. He was weaving his spell seduction about her and she could feel the desire beginning to warm her blood. She was on the verge of curving into his touch, silently begging for more when one hand started to slide around her stomach. It took the last of willpower to obey reason as she choked, "Are you going to grope me?"

Miroku sounded amused, "Yes."

It was instinctive reaction, so habitual it required no thought. Her body jerked around and her open hand went flying toward his face. She groaned ignoring the pain her sudden movement caused and waited for her intended slap to connect with his face. But Miroku was prepared and it took her a few seconds to realize her hand was stopped mere inches from its target by a punishing grip around her wrist.

"Sango dearest, violence is not the answer. We definitely need to learn to communicate better." He teased, his blue eyes twinkling.

She had not realized how close heíd been sitting behind her and now facing him, she was nearly pressed against his chest. Blushing furiously, she tried to maintain her modesty with one arm while attempting to free the other from his hold. It wasnít working. She grit her teeth in frustration, practically snarling. "I knew better than to trust you, pervert. Youíre no better than a disgusting pig."

Something dark flashed in Mirokuís eyes and her anger, which wasnít really anger at all, began to abate. His hold on her wrist went slack and he looked away. "Youíre absolutely right. My behavior is deplorable. Please forgive me."

His apology was rehearsed and lacking emotion. His expression was downhearted, like a puppy who had just been kicked and its only crime was wanting to play. Once again Sango found herself feeling like the bad guy and she didnít like it. In fact she was tried of it.

"Why do you keep doing this?" She cried softly. "Itís not a game, not when emotions and friendships are on the line."

"Emotions? What emotions?" Miroku asked as his eyes met her own once again, only this time they were filled with defeat. "When I offer you my friendship you turn away, intent on shutting me out. And when I try and get close to you, to show you how I feel, you lash out at me physically and verbally. I give up Sango. I canít win with you. No matter what I do you will find a way to take offense to it. Even if IÖ" He looked away again and shook his head. "Never mind, just forget it."

Shock, among other things, held Sango motionless. What was he saying? It almost sounded like heÖlike heÖloved her? It couldnít be. Could it?

Miroku moved to stand but Sango grabbed the collar of his robes, earning herself a look of surprise from the houshi. She searched his expression trying to judge the honesty of his admission. "I need to know why it matters. You could have tons of other girls that are prettier and nicer. Why me?"

"Because thereís only one you, Sango." He said with a slight smile. The look in his eyes was serious, all traces of teasing and joking had vanished. "Sometimes I canít stop thinking about you. Other times I have to touch you to make sure youíre real."

She wanted to believe him, but she couldnít. Jealous insecurities compelled her ask waspishly, "Is that the same excuse you use to try and feel up every woman you meet?"


"I have eyes Miroku. I see the way you flirt with them. Gods! You ask complete strangers to bear your children for mercyís sake!" She hissed, wrapping her arms tighter about her bare t, st, still too caught up in her emotions to care that she was topless and cold.

"And I could be monogamous if you would give me a reason to but you canít stand to have me near you!" The houshi snapped in return.

That was the way Miroku saw their situation and it stung. She didnít doubt it was the truth. The hurt and weariness in his eyes was plain to see. He was tiring of this game, just as she was. But it was her choice. Would it be so bad to give Miroku a chance?

Dropping her gaze she asked, "Do you love me?"

The air was filled with a humorless chuckle as a gentle hand tilted her chin up so he could see her face once again. "Hai, I love you and I could prove to you how much if you will let me."


Like sunlight dispelling the nights darkness, Sangoís heart nearly burst with the sudden swell of love she felt for Miroku. He lightly stroked his thumb over her lips and she reached up and covered his hand with her own, turning her face to kiss his palm. His smile widened and his eyes sparkled mischievously Cautiously he guided her body against his and settled her astride his lap, his free arm slipping around her waist, mindful not to touch her back. Before she could recover from the sudden closeness for their bodies his lips were on hers, silencing any protests she might have had, and strangely there were none, just a bone deep anticipation of wanting was she feared for so long.

Melting into him, she kissed him back as best she could but her inexperience made her attempt awkward. Along with the excitement that had her flushed and breathless, there was also nervousness that had every muscle in her body rigid. She felt him smile against her lips and kiss her once more before trailing his kisses along her jaw to her ear.

"Relax love." He entreated while nipping at her earlobe. "I only want to please you."

His husky tone and soft breath sent a chill right down her spine. Heat traveled through her body centering in her abdomen and creating an impatient ache that made her shift her hips at the strangeness of it. Her innocent movement made Miroku gasp and almost instantly her attention was drawn to the hardness resting against her thigh. She blushed twenty shades of red but couldnít stop the tiny smile that formed. She was effecting him too. The knowledge sparked her confidence and, putting modesty aside, she looped both arms around his neck.

She wasnít sure when Mirokuís hands moved to her waist but his fingers started trailing lazy patterns on her stomach and she whimpered. Her head fell to the side as he mouthed her throat and when his teeth scraped her skin and then his tongue followed to sooth the sting, she purred. Her senses were being attacked mercilessly and she wasnít sure how much more she could take. Tension was building in her muscles screaming to be unleashed. She couldnít form a coherent thought in her mind. She was vulnerable and drowning in pleasure. The feeling was foreign and it overwhelmed her.

In the back of her mind, Sango was aware of the direction taken by Mirokuís roaming hands. But instinctive reaction made her stiffen when they moved over her breasts. Miroksitasitated and started to pull away. Her soft cry of protest paused Miroku once again and he leaned back to look at her punch-drunk expression. "If Iím moving too fast then tell me. Iíll stop whenever you want me to."

His concern only sweetened the inferno raging within her trembling body. Giving a decisive negative shake of her head, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his coaxing him to respond to her feather light touch. He didnít resist, but instead added a little more pressure persuading her to emulate his lead. Passion was ruling their actions and their timid kiss was quickly becoming deeper and demanding. Her lips parted and Miroku used the opportunity to his advantage, slowly slipping his tongue into her mouth, exploring the warm recesses and taking her breath away.

Vaguely, she realized that he was not touching her. His hands were still raised in a show of supplication, as if he forgot what he had been doing before she kissed him. Feeling bold and simply craving his touch more that the air she breathed, she guided his hands back to cup her breasts. When she pressed even closer against him, shifting her hips in frustration, he began to knead the flesh beneath his hands and her nipples tightened at the gentle caress.

Yet despite the overwhelming need that was consuming her, a part of her felt incomplete. It was then that her befuddled mind realized she wanted to please him in return. She wanted to drive him insane with light touches and fevered kisses. She wanted to make this blood boil and his composure crumble as she appeased her curiosity and learned very inch of his body. She wanted to show him that she loved him too.

Sango fumbled with his robe, blindly seeking the warm flesh hidden underneath the black and purple material. When her hands found his chest Miroku hissed against her mouth and his sleek muscles rippled at the unexpected contact. His reaction sent a heady rush of pure arousal straight from her chest to her abdomen and she squirmed, wanting to relieve the burning between her legs.

Again, his obvious erection caught her attention and this time lustful curiosity would not be ignored. While one hand scratched her nails up and down his tone chest, the other delved deeper into his robes until it closed around his haembeember. Mirokuís eyes shot open and he pulled back, breaking their kiss and looking completelyÖ panicked?

"SangoÖ" His voice held a note of pleading as he pulled her hand away.

"Nani? Did I hurt you?" She asked uncertainly.

"No, its alrightÖI justÖI canítÖ" He blushed, and she smiled. "I wonít take you until youíre betterÖ andÖ" he sighed, "and itís safe for you to bear my children."

A naughty streak prompted Sango to tease her houshi-sama. Pressing her hips down on his, she wiggled and seeing his eyes unfocused, she taunted, "Are you asking me or telling me?"

"Both." He gasped.

Looking deep into his eyes, she saw his fear and uncertainty. Then suddenly she realized why he lavishing her with all his attention and at the same time holding himself back- Miroku has never done this before? -and the insight leveled her like a ton of bricks. Any reservations Sango had disappeared as she whispered, "Then make me say yes."

He was torn between love and fear. "But Sango-"

She cut him off with a searing kiss and once assured she had his attention, she insisted, "Make me say yes. You made me love you, you made me want you, and you even made me trust you with my life and my heart. Donít back out on me now. I need you to do this, please."

She begged him with her heart in her eyes, bearing her soul for Miroku alone. He knew that her declaration cost her the pride of being self-sufficient. He also knew that she was willing to depend on him and lean on him instead of bearing all her burdens alone. But she needed him to see this through. If he wanted her body and soul then that was what he was going to get. And she would except nothing less from him. She wanted all of him in return.

He understood what she needed and wanted, but he still couldnít beliet. &t. "Iím not dreaming, am I? You did say you love me, right?"

"Yes Miroku." She nearly whined impatiently. He may have Zen and self control but she didnít, well, al least not now when her body was demanding his full attention.

"And youíre absolutely sure about this?" He asked, still awed. "There is still a lot we must accomplish before we start a family and I had hoped we would be free of NarakuÖ"

Mirs wos words trailed off but he didnít need to elaborate further. Similar fears and uncertainties were harbored in her mind, but that was the future and this was now. The future was not guaranteed but this moment was.

"I would rather have what is real now then to hold a dream for tomorrow." She breathed.

"Hai." He grinned, love and lust replacing his worries once again. "As you wish my lady."

Miroku had barely spoken before he caught her lips in an impassioned kiss. Restraint was gone and Sango felt as if he would devour her. And she willingly offered herself up letting his need fuel the flames of her desire. Her hands seemed possessed by a will of their own as they pulled and tugged at Mirokuís robes until the material was no longer a barrier between them. As their bare skin connected Mirokuís arms slipped around her waist crushing her to his chest.

Gripping his shoulders, her nails cng ing into his flesh, Sango mumbled an incoherent plea against Mirokuís lips. He needed no further prompting and she gasped when his freed member rubbed against her warmth. It felt incredibly different without the barrier of clothing between them and she moaned softly at the delicious tremors it caused. She wanted to feel it again so she moved against him but this time the new position began to slip him inside her.

"Easy," Miroku gasped, breaking their kiss as he hands settled on the flare of her hips. "I donít want to hurt you."

Sango smiled, "I told you I can take a little pain." Holding her breath, she pushed down and her eyes squeezed shut at the strange sensation. Her body was stretching to accommodate this new intrusion. While part of her craved to have him deep inside her, another part wanted to reject the odd feeling. But passion won out and biting her lip, she rocked her hips taking him in slowly until the his breathless panting pushed her over the edge and she pushed down hard taking him in all the way.

For one long moment Sango couldnít think or breathe. Everything was suspended as wave after wave of pleasured pain crashed over her senses. With each rhythmic pulse of feeling it began to fade leaving her gasping and shuddering. Hot kisses and gentle suction applied at the base of her throat was making the discomfort a quickly forgotten memory. Her body was once again becoming aware of its unsatisfied state and she moved experimentally nearly moaning as an entirely new feeling took hold of her awareness.

Disobedient hands slid from her hips to the curve of her bottom, urging her to rock back again. She hastily complied, shifting against Miroku, using his shoulder as leverage and letting his hands guide her. Never in her life had she felt anything remotely like what she was feeling now. With each plunge of her hips onto his, he went deeper creating ripples of sharp pleasure that nearly stole her breath away. Everywhere their bare skin touched she felt flushed and hot and it only compounded her need for gratification.

What started as faint moans rose into soft breathless cries as their bodies increased the mutual tempo, taking her to a whole new level of sensation. It felt so good that she couldnít concentrate on anything else. All she could do was ride her lover harder and reach for what she felt building with each wave of ecstasy.

When her orgasm exploded she never knew what hit her. One moment she was holding onto Miroku for dear life and the next she was swept away on a current of pleasure so powerful and intense it brought tears to her eyes. She trembled as the feeling spread through her body like a wildfire igniting little bursts of pleasing warmth in her limbs. Somewhere, in the part of her mind that was still conscious, she heard Miroku gasp her name repeatedly. Vaguely she wondered if it felt as good for him.

As the pleasure faded her muscles lost their strength and she leaned into her lover, sighing contentedly. His strong arms held her tightly and she realized that she had never loved him more than she did this moment. "Arigato." She whispered.

A lazy smile lit Mirokuís face as he asked, "For what?"

"For being MY hentai houshi-sama." She chuckled softly. Leaning back she winced, "Oi, Iím going to be sore tomorrow."

"For future reference I was willing to wait till you were feeling better but you insisted we do this now-"

"Look baka, are you complaining?" She grumbled good-naturedly.

"Not at all dearest," He grinned, his eyes glowing with satisfied amusement. "But Iím not to be held responsible for any improper advances made from now on."

"As long as its me and no one else." She warned and couldnít help but giggle when Mirokuís expression changed to one of childish eagerness. Dipping her head, she kissed him softly and, try as she might, she could not remember being this happy in a long time. Smiling to herself, she tucked her head against Mirokuís shoulder and closed her eyes.

Love was such a beautiful thing. Sango wanted the peacefulness of the moment to last forever but alasÖ

"UmÖ Miroku? Do you smell burnt ramen?"





A.N.- Iím falling in love with this couple. With every story I read and every fic I write they just seem so cute and sweet together that I want more. Episode 78 is officially my favorite so far in the series. Mirokuís secret jealousy and hurt at loosing Sango is precious. Oh I get the waff just thinking about it. Well, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading. *hugs* Luv ya guys!

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