Innocent Seduction

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Disclaimer- I do not own Inuyasha or any of the other characters or Shakespeare’s work.

A/N This is not an Inu/Kag story if you don’t like that then you can leave. Sorry if I made Inuyasha a little out of character or anyone else, I like the way I define them.



Inuyasha struts down the hall not giving a damn that he’s late for class. School was no place for a free spirit like his. To busy cursing he didn’t see the head on collision with a girl, who was busy concentrating on balance her books to notice him. As if fate has destined it they collided in a heap of books and papers.

“ Hey, watch where you’re ....”

Stopping abruptly upon seeing the girl’s perfect features, her chocolate brown eyes captivating and a luring her raven hair spun around her like a silken veil, and her lips, oh her lips, the color of sweet roses an irresistible factor.

“ I’m so sorry.”

“ No do be, here let me help.”

Inuyasha gave her his best seductive smile he couldn’t help but admire her awesome beauty as her face flush with embarrassment.

“ Mine name’s Inuyasha, what’s yours.”

“ Kagome , nice to meet you.”

“ Kagome....,” loving the way her name rolled on his tongue, “ You have such a wonderful name.” giving her another dazzling smile.

“ Uh ok.....see you later Inuyasha.” making her way to her class leaving a daze and drooling Inuyasha behind.

“ Hey.....hey.......HEY!”

Kikyo wave her hand in front of his face trying to get some reaction out of the mesmerized figure in front of her, but the only thing she got out of him was more drool and sighs. Suddenly Inuyasha grabs her shoulders, and spun her around to the direction that Kagome left in.

“ All I see is Kagome.”

“ Kagome.... just Kagome, no this can’t be, she’s much more then that. But soft! What light through window yonder breaks it is the east and Kagome is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief .”

“ What... the.... HELL HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING?”

She smack him over his head with her book attempting to knock some sense in to the love sick fool.

“ I burn I pine I perish with love for Kagome is the only one for me.”

Inuyasha revisal Kagome’s feature’s he have never felt this way before, well not sense he broke up with what’s her name, but that doesn’t matter because he sense that Kagome’s different from the other girls he had dated. He could feel it, she’s the one, his soul mate for all eternity.

P>“ P>“ To bad she got a fiancée.”

Those words brought reality crashing down on him turning him into a whimpering puppy right before Kikyo’s eyes.

“ What do you *whimper* mean.”

“ Well she’s engaged to this guy...hmmm, what is his name again, oh Naraku! Yea, I’ve heard he’s totally hot and loaded.”

She stopped after she saw Inuyasha grief- stricken face. Kikyo, best friend of Inuyasha, since, well since forever, was there for him through his persistent pursuit of love from from Aya to Yue the list was endless she‘s surprised that he hadn‘t given up on love yet. God knows how he is when “thinks” he’s in love.

“ But I’ve heard that they don’t really like each other.” she added quickly. With that statement he leapt up in to the air in triumph

“ Then again Kagome can’t get out of the engagement unless Naraku calls it off,” once again crushing his hopes.

“ How do u know all of this?” He asked giving her his best death glare that had no affect on her what so ever.

“ Didn’t you hear I’m Kagome’s new friend.” she said while studying her perfect nails.

“ How did a bitch like you manage to be her friend,” he muttered quietly. “ I heard that,” Kikyo grabbed him by the ears causing Inuyasha to yelp in pain.

“ I take it you don’t want my help,” finally letting go of his poor ear.

“ Help with what?”

A few minutes later he still didn’t understand what Kikyo was saying, and all he wanted to do was to go to Kagome and pronounce his undying love until she melt within his gaze and do the same. A dreamy smile appeared on his face as his thoughts filled with lovely images of Kagome and him in each other's embraces sharing a kiss that would make all his wishes come true.

“ Are you even listening to me?” he voice dragged him out of his whimsy world.

“ Yes.”

“ Then what did I just say?” she asked hoping that he wouldn’t get mad when he finds out that she’d lied about Kagome not being able to break things off with Naraku, but she just didn’t want him getting involved with Kagome.

When he didn’t answer she told him her ingenious plan again “ Talk to him get him to trust you then tell him all of Kagome’s flaws, make him disgusted with her.”

“ Disgusted, flaws?” “ There is only one problem Kagome has no flaws.”

“ Snap out of it Romeo.” slapping Inuyasht oft of his fantasy but the only responds she got was a faint drool line running down his chin.

* Inuyasha, do you really yearn for love that badly that you’ll go after every girl you met? If so I hope that you find what you are looking for.*


He couldn't believe he let Kikyo talk him into finding Naraku she had told him that he would find Naraku at the city park. Which was where he is now with no sighs of the subject but one had to admit the scenery is breathe-taking. The sakura flowers blooming in mauve silk the birds singing their songs to the heavens. Ah, the world is such a beautiful place he couldn’t wait till he could share it with his lover.

Unbeknownst to him he will soom witness story a of lust, passion, and love. Of hurt souls and bleeding hearts and how we, as humans, will inevitably hurt the ones we love.

“What kind of shit is this?” Naraku angrily threw the book he was reading away which inadvertently landed on top of Inuyasha’s head.

“Hey watch it asshole.”

Immediately their eyes met. Violet clashes with gold holding each other in the binds of fate.

Kikyo, who’s hiding behind the bushes(a/n she followed him to make sure he didn’t screw up), watch the scene unfolding like the blooming of a rose bashfully showing it’s beauty. They seem almost unreal like two sculptures coming to life as the sakura petals flutter around them creating a makeshift barrier where the people inside are sheltered from the callous reality of the world. And her, a bystander, gape in awe that such a moment of utter perfection truly existed....

“ It isn’t my fault that you were standing where my book wanted to land.” he said shocking Kikyo out of her dream causing her to jump out of the bushes to stop Inuyasha from attacking Naraku, who was grazing calmly am frm from his spot on the bench.

“ Inuyasha what are you doing that’s Naraku?” she hiss letting him go.

Inuyasha looked at Naraku again he had long raven hair loosely tie back the stray strands of hair help frame his face perfectly and accolade his amethyst eyes. His slim yet masculine athletic figures only added to his sex appeal..... Inuyasha stopped his brain from going any further when he realized that he was checking out a guy.

It was Kikyo that decided to make the first move, “ Hi I’m one of Kagome’s friends,” holding out her hand to him.

Naraku looked at her hand for a moment with a blank expression on his face before getting up and brushing past her.

“ Tell that bitch not to send anymore of her little groupies to meet me. I’ve had enough of whinny little girls to last me a life time.” Leaving Kikyo and Inuyasha to stand there in shock.


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Love it? Hate it? In case some of you haven’t figure it out yet this is going to be a Inu/Naraku fic if you don’t like it then I suggest you stop reading, and this is not for Kagome fans either. For those who want to continue I’ll update as soon as possible.


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