I'll Always Love You

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I’ll Always Love You

Hey, this is Sweet Sango, and this is my first story at adult-fanfiction.org. Just so you know, it’s really rated PG/PG-13. Nothing nasty in it. I don’t write stuff like that. IF ur looking for a lemon, go away. ^_^;; Well, r/r I have it up at fanfiction.net though. Newayz, plz read this, and then review! I’d really appreciate it! And if you want me to read one of ur stories, stick a note in ur review! No flames plz, I’m afraid of fire! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The sunlight filtered through the window, dropping sunlight onto the desks in the silent classroom. Kagome glanced at her watch. Only three more minutes left until the end of the last period of the day. Around her, the other students were doing various things. Most had fallen asleep, a few were watching the clock, and one looked bored while he chewed on a pencil. She watched the teacher for a minute, trying to find something interesting to watch like a couple of people. The teacher wasn’t very exiting; all he seemed to do was yawn. Stifling a yawn of her own, she looked at the other students. On her right, on a student who was sleeping was a enormous fly. She watched as it crawled onto their , an, and down onto their nose. That was boring too. “How long can three minutes take?” she thought. Just then, the bell rang. She watched in amusement as the sleeping students awoke with a start, their eyes huge. Laughing to herself, she gathered up her things and toted them out of the school.

On the way home, Kagome thought about the homework she had lined up for her to finish in the next couple of weeks. The only class in which she had no homework was Phys Ed. Her assignment was to just ‘stay in shape.’ That wouldn’t be too hard, with all that walking she did with Inuyasha, she would be in shape for the rest of her life.

“Kagome!” a voice yelled.

Kagome turned around. “Hey Hojo-kun, “ she said, trying not to yawn.

“Just thought I’d say hello, “ Hojo replied with a smile.

Kagome smiled half-heartedly. “I’m sorry, Hojo, but I have a splitting headache, and a lot of homework, so I need to hurry and get home.”

“Oh, Okay … “ he acknowledged, looking crest-fallen. But he perked right back up. “See ya whenever!” he shouted before dashing off.

Kagome yawned before turning towards home again. The whole thing about the headache hadn’t been a lie, it was true actually. She did have a headache. In fact, her head was pounding. However, she wasn’t about to tell her mom that, if she was around when she reached her house. She’d have to stay home until she felt better. That could be awhile. She’d get some Aspirin when she got home, and take some with her to Feudal Japan.

As she walked in the front door, she noticed that her mother wasn’t home after all. That might be for the better though. The first thing she did was get a bottle of Aspirin from the cupboard, before finding her gargantuan backpack and cramming all but two of the pills into the bag. Next she got some supplies that she would need to do her homework from school. On the way down the stairs, she tripped on one of Sota’s toys, and went tumbling down the last few stairs before falling flat on her face at the bottom. “Ouch … “ she muttered, standing up slowly. Sighing she went into the kitchen to pack the food that they would need. Grinning, she added a great deal of instant Ramen. Inuyasha would like that.

Instead of her headache getting better, it worsened. It took her awhile to find the Aspirin bottle, but when she did she shook two more of the pills into her hands and swallowed them. She wasn’t sure if four was too many. But it was too late now. They were probably dissolving in her stomach. She double-checked the contents of the bag before slinging it over her shoulder. Everything was there. At the well, she contemplated her situation. She kind of wanted to stay here … but she didn’t want Inuyasha to be mad at her. “He was probably already steaming mad, “ she thought. She was almost three hours late. Where had the time gone? Maybe she would just say something about being kept after school. Then again, maybe not. She wasn’t sure what he would do. And she didn’t particularly want to find out. Shrugging her shoulders, she jumped into the well. Better to face the wrath of Inuyasha now then to face it tomorrow or the next day. Besides the Shikon Shards were more important than a stupid headache.

When she climbed out of the well in Feudal Japan the first thing she saw was and impatient and furious Inuyasha.

“About time! It’s been a whole week! You said you’d be back three hours ago!”

“Sorry, Inuyasha” she apologized.

“SORRY!? Those Shikon shards aren’t going to wait, Kagome.” He growled, spinning around and heading towards the village and Kaede’s hut.

Kagome followed sullenly. She just didn’t feel like sitting him today. If she did things could only get worse. He’d yell, and her head hurt enough already. She didn’t need it getting worse. Just then her vision started to get blurry.

“Inuyasha?” she called out.

“What?!” he asked aggravated. He didn’t want to argue with her right now.

“I can’t see … “

Turning around, he noticed that what she said had been true. She was struggling to stay upright. “Are you okay?” he asked her, his fierce look going soft.

Clenching her teeth together she tried not to show how much pain she was in. But in truth, her head was pounding. It felt like fireworks were exploding inside.

“Kagome!” Inuyasha shouted, immediately at her side.

“My head … “ she ground out between clenched teeth. “It hurts … “

He held her up, and felt her forehead, and the back of her neck. They were hotter than he expected. She was burning up! However, something was strange. The rest of her body was cold. The smooth skin of her arms was chilly, as was her legs. He held her until she collapsed into his arms, her breath coming in quick gasps. Finally, she fell into unconsciousness, leaving her void of pain.

Inuyasha hefted her backpack onto his shoulders, before turning back to their original destination, Kagome cradled in his arms. He walked slowly, though he knew that she needed to rest, and that he should probably get her back to the village as soon as possible. He looked at her face. She looked awful pale, but maybe it was because of the lighting. He doubted it. She seemed much more fragile now then she did when they were in a fight. Sighing, he held her close and ran swiftly towards Kaede’s hut.

When Kagome opened her eyes later in the evening everything was just a big blur. A blob came up beside her. “Uh … Inuyasha, “ she asked of the blob.

“No … “ a voice answered. “Can’t you see me?”

“Uhhh… “

“I guess not. Well, this is Sango. Inuyasha’s over there. Shippou went outside. Miroku and Kaede left to attend to somebody. Do you want to talk to Shippou? I’ll get him if you like.”

Kagome nodded slowly. In the distance, she could barely hear Sango call Shippou.

“Shippou! Kagome’s awake now! You can come and talk to her if you want to!”

“Yeah! Kagome!” a chibi blob yelled, landing on her chest.

“Hey Shippou.” Kagome smiled weakly.

“Don’t scare me like that!” Shippou chastised her before starting to sob.

His fox tail tickled Kagome’s nose, making her sneeze.

“I’m sorry Kagome!” Shippou said sadly, pulling his tail off her face. “Buh-Bye, “ he whispered, squeezing her hand gently.

After Shippou left, Kagome sighed softly before closing her eyes. It hurt to keep them open, and it wasn’t like she could see anything but sloppy blobs anyway.

A few minutes later she heard someone walking around. She opened her eyes just in time to see the reddish blob known as Inuyasha leave the hut.

“Kagome?” Sango whispered.

“Yeah?” Kagome relied so softly that Sango wasn’t even sure that she said it.

“Here.” She said, setting something warm and fuzzy of her stomach. “Kirara wanted to say hi.”

“Mew!” Kirara meowed while purring softly. She walked around for awhile before finding a comfortable spot beside her arm.

Kagome smiled softly, while falling asleep, vaguely wondering why Inuyasha had left. He hadn’t even said hi.

Inuyasha felt dumb and unwanted in Kaede’s hut. When Kagome had called his name, he wanted to run over there and ask her if she was okay. But he had held back because Sango was already there, and Kagome had never requested his presence again. Even Shippou had gotten more attention. So Inuyasha had left the cabin and climbed up the nearest tree to think. She was all he saw now when he closed his eyes. Reflecting back, he thought that if Kagome had been feeling okay back at the well, she probably would have sat him good for being so rude. He didn’t want her to hate him … so he resolved then and there to be nicer to everyone. He didn’t really want to loose his friends. Sighing houghought about her predicament. What kind of headache would make a person actually pass out, anyway? A migraine wasn’t that bad … was it? After pondering on that for awhile, he finally reached a conclusion. It didn’t make any sense at all. He decided to rest for a few minutes. Just as he got comfortable, a furry thing landed on his shoulder. By habit, he reached up and held the thing in front of his face. Shippou stared angrily back at him.

“What are you doing?!” Inuyasha growled. He wasn’t angry … just annoyed.

“Hmph. Not until you set me down.”

Inuyasha let go of the Kitsune’s tail, and the little fox demon fell face first onto the branch.

“Hey! That’s not nice!”

“Feh! Neither is sneaking up on people.”


“What do you want?”

What did you do to Kagome?!” Shippou asked sharply.


“You know!”

“No I don’t!” Inuyasha said, becoming impatient.

“What did you do to her to make her look so terrible?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Don’t lie to me!”

“She just had a headache, that’s all!”

“Yeah, right. She’s lying in there cold as ice, because of a headache? Sure.”

“It’s true!” Inuyasha insisted.

“The only thing that could give her a headache bad enough to pass out would be caused from your mouth. Let me guess … you yelled at her the second she climbed out of the well, ne?”

“ … “

“Aha! That’s what I thought! You probably made her feel worse than she did when she climbed in!”

“ … “

“You’re mean, you know that?!” Shippou yelled roughly, before taking off in the direction of the hut.

Inuyasha sat down again fuming. Why did everyone blame him? Shippou was probably right. He had yelled. Moreover, two hours wasn’t so long to have waited. Maybe it was his fault. His ears drooped. Still! It wasn’t fair that everyone blamed him for everything!

“Yo! Inuyasha!” Miroku called from below him, “Whaddaya doin’ up in that tree?”

Moments later, Miroku was twitching on the ground. Inuyasha stood up and jumped down from the tree. Glaring silently at the monk, he roughly picked him up and dragged him to the hut.

Sango was watching Kagome quietly while petting Kirara. The little fire-cat had left Kagome as soon as the girl fell asleep. Kirara mewed softly, rubbing her head against Sango’s hand. She took some comfort in the fact that Kirara was there. Shippou had come in and told her that Inuyasha had told him that it was a headache that made Kagome pass out. Then he left her to contemplate on the situation. But a headache shouldn’t make anyone pass out. It made no sense. Sango’s eyes were drawn to the door when she heard footsteps outside of the little hut. The door opened and a big gray bundle was tossed into the room. Not seconds later, the door slammed shut again.

“Huh?” Sango wondered aloud.

“Uhhh … “ the bundle answered.

rokuroku!” Sango cried, recognizing the bundle. She jumped up from her seat, pushing Kirara onto the floor.

“Me-ow!” Kirara protested.

Sango rushed over to Miroku to cradle his head in her hands. Miroku sighed contentedly.

“ … Miroku … “ Sango warned.

Miroku opened his eyes wide and grinned. “Hey Sango!” he said happily.

“What happened to you?” Sango asked him.

“Kaede said she was staying the night at that villagers house, so I came back. I saw Inuyasha in a tree so … “

“So what?”

“So I asked him what he was doing up there!” he grinned sheepishly.

“You know Miroku, “ Sango replied, “I almost feel sorry for you.”

Miroku grinned widely.

Sango glared at him. “I said almost, but not quite.” She paused for a moment before continuing, “Inuyasha and Shippou just had a fight, and our Hanyou friend was pretty mad.”

“What about me?” Shippou asked.

“Uh … I didn’t see you come in.”

“Hehe I used the window.”

“Hey Shippou!” Miroku said while smiling broadly.

“Well … “ Shippou asked again, tapping his foot on the floor, “What about me?”

“Oh yeah, we were just talking about the little spat you and Inuyasha just had.”

“I’ll bet he did do something to her!” Shippou declared rather loudly.

“Shhhh!” Sango shushed. “Kagome’s trying to rest.”

“Oops!” Shippou squeaked, covering his mouth quickly.

“If you’ll be quiet and behave yourselves, you can have something to eat.”

Miroku and Shippou nodded quickly, Miroku would behave for the first time since he was born. Sango sat them in the middle of the room, and turned towards the door.

“I’m going to go get Inuyasha.” She said pointedly.

Shippou pouted and turned his head away.

“And if you’re not good … “ she left the sentence hanging, the unspoken threat unconsciously making Miroku and Shippou put on their “happy faces.”

Sango shut the door to the hut behind her. A chill wind had arisen, even though earlier that day it had been very warm. She hugged herself, looking around for Inuyasha. She didn’t see him anywhere.

“Inuyasha?” she called to the treetops.

“What?” he huffed, landing beside her and scaring her half to death.

“Um … we’re going to eat now … “ she said, a bit taken aback.


“Well, aren’t you going to eat with us?”

“Is Kagome awake?”

“No. She’s sleeping now, “ Sango said looking at Inuyasha quizzically. What was he getting at?

“Feh. Okay then, I guess so.”

“Alright, “ she shrugged heading back to the hut. “Are you coming or are you just going to stand there like an idiot?”

“Feh! I’m not the idiot!”

“Whatever.” She shrugged.

As they entered the hut, Shippou briefly glared at Inuyasha before “hmph’ing” and turning his head.

Miroku was just staring at Kagome.

“What are you looking at?” Sango asked him.

“Uh … what’s wrong with her?”

“Well, she kinda passed out from a headache.”

“Huh?” Miroku asked stupidly.

“I said-“

“I heard, “ Miroku interrupted, “How’s that possible?”

“Yeah, right … a headache … sure … “ Shippou voiced under his breath.

“I heard that!” Inuyasha growled, grabbing the little Kitsune and holding him at eye level.

“Inuyasha! You leave him alone!” Sango cried; flinging herself at Inuyasha and snatching Shippou away from him.


Inuyasha sat down and glared at anyone who came within looking distance … which was everybody. Except Kagome, of course. She hadn’t done anything to make him mad … yet. But then again if she hadn’t passed out then everyone would be treating him normally. Argggh! The whole situation sucked!

Sango looked at Inuyasha warily. She wasn’t sure whether to bring him the Ramen or not … he was acting so weird. She knew that Shippou was blaming him for Kagome’s current state … but still … that wasn’t much of an excuse.

“Um … Inuyasha?”

“What?” he growled.

“Here’s some Ramen for you. But I warn you … I made it.”

“Where’d you get it from?”

“Kagome’s bag.” She stated firmly, closing the matter to any further discussion, and handing him the bowl of instant Ramen. He immediately chowed down.

“Good.” Sango thought confidently, “At least he isn’t mad at me … “

As soon as that thought finished going through her mind, she remembered Miroku. She turned around, expecting him to be behind her, but he was still where she had left him. When she looked at him, he looked away.

“If he looked away … “ she thought, “When I looked at him … “ she let the sentence run off. Then that meant that he’d been looking at her … She blushed brightly before turning the other way. “I’m sorry Miroku!” she apologized quietly, “I’ll get you something to eat.”

Miroku was sitting where Sango had left him. He watched her walk over to Inuyasha. “If he says one mean thing to her … “ he mentally threatened. He didn’t want “his” Sango to be spoken harshly to. But Inuyasha surprised Miroku. Even though he was in a sour mood, he was still somewhat civil. Amazing … Miroku’s glance centered on the back of Sango’s head. He watched the way her hair moved as she moved her head. He wanted to run his hands through that hair. He imagined how it would feel as it ran through his fingers. Well, he could dream, couldn’t he? Sango turned around and looked at him. They locked eyes for just a second before Miroku broke the gaze; turning his head aside so that Sango wouldn’t see the blush creeping up his face. Now he was embarrassed. He’d been caught! Then she said something to him, but he was too embarrassed to answer. His voice might crack … or squeak …

Shippou had curled around Kagome’s feet using his tail to make sure that they stayed warm. But no matter what he did … they stayed cold, and her forehead stayed hot. He looked up, and was just in time to see Sango and Miroku lock eyes and seconds later breaking the stare, as they both tore their eyes away embarrassed. Shippou smiled. “About time … “ he thought.

End Chapter 1

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