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Chapter One: Only In My Dreams

"Yeah, that was pretty funny!" Sango's voice echoed.
" HEHEHE!" Kagome giggled.
" Will you two stop playing around! We have to make camp. It's getting dark." The hanyou yelled from in front.
"Man, isn't he a sore loser!?" more giggles came from the two girls on Kilala's back.

They were all around the new fire that was built, talking about what was needed when they reach the village. All of a sudden more laughing came from Kagome rolling on the floor, crying.
"What!?!?" The confused half - demon said.
"You....you... you have...."she dn'dn't help it, he had some ramen on his mouth that was sliding off.
"Will you tell me what the hell you getting excited about?!"

All she could do was point towards Inu Yasha. Sango and Miroku turned towards Inu Yasha, but to only start laughing along with her.
He finally figured out what was so funny and wiped it off with a 'FEH!' under his breath.

Miroku was asleep with Sango propped up against his shoulder with her blanket covering them both. He fell asleep cupping her right breast and caressing it. He didn't know if she had known he was doing it or she really was asleep, o-well. He drifted off with her in his arms. He liked it like this.

Shippo lay in the unrolled sleeping bag and was snoring peacefully. Kagome sat next to Inu Yasha and watched the fire gmallmaller and smaller. She looked up at him and saw his Golden eyes glowing. He was in deep thought about something, but she didn't know. Most of the time she could tell, but not now.

"Is something wrong? You just look like you're in deep thought-"
"I'm fine." he mumbled out loud.

Inu Yasha put his had on her shoulder and looked her in the eye. He turned his head to the side and thought,' She does look a lot like Kikyo, but then again not. Her mood…Kikyo was never this cheerful. It seems like Kagome is a whole different person.'

Kagome smiled. She knew when he was thinking about her. It made her think about him. His temper and aggression was his pluses. It made her feel safe to know he would always be there to protect her.

"Kagome?" his voice at a whisper
"Yes?" the miko asked.
"I just want you to know that-" Before he finished he leaned over and kissed her, just a quick loving kiss. He opened his eyes to find she still had her eyes closed, like she wanted another. He leaned in once more and brushed his lips against hers, but instead she pulled his lips closer. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her tongue found his lips and entered his mouth. He was surprised, he repeated the action by putting his in hers. She sighed in happiness. She loved this. Being with him. She felt safe, from the world, from danger. He held her and ran his hands down her sides and back up her breasts. What was coming over him? Did she want this as much as he did?

Small groans filled her throat. She wanted more from the kiss, teasing him with her tongue. And he with her.

She couldn't take it any longer. She untied the bow that Inu Yasha was prodding at and unclasped the bra keeping him from her. He took one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth, letting her head fall back. He followed by running his tongue over her stomach pushing it in and out of her belly button. He took her in his lips, her lips were the perfect moist soft lips he had felt before.

She kissed his neck and down to where the kimono was guarding his chest. She thrashed at it in anger he untied it leaving him exposed. Her finger slid around the bare chested hanyou. He growled with pleasure and they met again for another kiss . He found his hands undoing the green skirt and slipping the panties off. Her sent was stronger than ever wanted to taste her, to feel her , to hear her cry his name. He took two fingers and found where to put them and slid them in. Her yelps got louder and louder with each pump in and out .

She started screaming and woke up to find herself lying on the ground in her sleeping bag panting, Inu Yasha in a tree, asleep.

It was just a dream. Its was just a dream, nothing more, but it felt so real.

Inu Yasha looked back down at her once more and whispered,"Good night, my love."


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