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‘Why now?!?’ Sesshoumaru’s voice hissed inside of his head as he walked along the dirt pathway to the spring to be alone since his heat started. The bitch of it all was that every female demon wanted him and when he was in heat it was hard to resist for the females start to go in heat at the scent of the male’s heat.

Sesshoumaru striped him self of his armor and then his clothes ((**drools** come on girls you all know Sessy-sama is so nice looking and also he has both of his arms)) and stepped in to the warm water.


“I-N-U-Y-A-S-H-A” Inuyasha eeped he knew he was in trouble when Kagome said his name like that “sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!” Kagome yelled grabbing her bath stuff and Sango’s hand “we’re taking a bath and that is that and keep the pervert away!” she yelled before leavening a dirt eating half breed, a perverted monk, and a fox demon child that had the monk pined with his magic.

Kagome and Sango soon arrived at the spring “ahh no boys no baka hanyou” Kagome sighed as she slipped into the water. Sango soon slipped in beside her friend “so Kagome-chan why don’t we have our little fun since we are alone?” she asked as she moved closer to her friend placing her lips on the other girls. Kagome moaned into the kiss as her body rubbed angst Sangos. Kagome licked the others lips begging for entrance which was quickly granted.

The girls soon laid on a smooth rock near the bank with Sango on top of Kagome kissing her and slowly slipping her fingers into the girl’s body. Unknown to the two lovers a set of golden eyes were watching the two.

Sesshoumaru rubbed his throbbing arousal while watching the two humans. He head heard moaning and smelt their arousal and went to see what they were doing. he knew they were the women what traveled with his half breed brother by his sent on them but what always made him think his brother was a bigger fool is that he hadn’t taken either or both of them.

Sango knew Kagome wanted more of what only she could give her; she slipped down the girl’s body kissing and sucking on the girl’s nipple while rubbing other with her free hand. Kagome moaned out at the feeling of the girl’s mouth and tongue on his nipple.

Sesshoumaru couldn’t take it much longer he had to have them… now! Using his demon speed he was at their side. “Sesshoumaru!?” both of the girls said looking up at the demon lord. Sesshoumaru bent down and kissed both of the girls in a fiery kiss. The girls got the idea of what the demon wanted and plus they could see it too.

Sesshoumaru grabbed one girl in his arms which happen to be Kagome and grabbed the other in his tail ((ok I don’t know if it is or not but in this it’s a tail)) he pulled both girls to him. Sesshoumaru started to rub the one in his arm body with his other hand, cupping her breasts, and going to her entrance careful of his claws, once he slipped two fingers inside her she moaned out his name.

Sango watched her friend and lover being fingered and soon felt something rubbing her she looked down to see it was the demons tail tip that was rubbing her clit. After a lot of rubbing and fingering Sesshoumaru had the girls on the ground with him. Kagome laid there licking the lips of Sango’s body, loving the sweetness of her friends flesh.

Sesshoumaru couldn’t take it any longer. He positioned himself behind the girl and griped her hips and trusted into her to hilt realizing that the girls must have broken the barriers before .Sesshoumaru was soon pounding into Kagome, as she moaned into Sango trusting her tongue in rhythm to Sesshoumaru’s trusts.

Sesshoumaru kept trusting away ae gie girl still not using his demon speed it was until she lifted her head up and moaned out for him to go harder and faster. With those to words his control snapped and he trusted away at her for all he was worth, bringing Kagome to her peak. Sesshoumaru felt her muscles clamp around him as he trust and soon spilled his seed into her.

Sango who hadn’t came wanted part of the demon lord. Slowly she moved over to him and took his member in her hands and began rubbing it. After gathering up her courage she licked the tip of him then put as much as she could into her mouth. Sesshoumaru’s eyes widen as he looked at the girls black hair as she moved her mouth over his quickly forming arousal.

Pushing the girl away and on to the ground he trusted himself into, like the other girl she too was broken not that he cared. Sango moaned and couldn’t believe how big he felt inside her. Kagome sat on Sango’s face as she began to lick.

Kagome reached out and kissed Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru trusted rapidly into the girl and soon felt his peak coming so he reached between them and rubbed the girl’s clit while trusting into her. They all came calling out each others name.

Sesshoumaru laid with day on the cool ground with one girl on each side. He bent over to Kagome and bites her neck and the same with Sango. “Good night my mates” he whispered to each falling asleep.


“Inuyasha why aren’t they back yet?” Shippo whined worried about the two girls. “I don’t know brat if you’ll shut up I’ll go and look” Shippo nodded his head and Inuyasha went to find the girls

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