It Is Good To Be Kagome

BY : KogasAngel
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A/N: I love one shots. I think that so much can happen in them and since I really like them, I wanted to give Kagome a variety of lovers ranging from Inu Yasha to Naraku and even Inu Taisho. I am such a hentaied little angel, but I had to get this out. So, enjoy the first of quite a few stories.


Pairing: Kagome/Hiten, that sexy thunder brother

Summary: Kagome had been taken by Manten, the ugly thunder brother so that he can use her hair in his hair tonic. Due to Manten's foolishness, Hiten takes his anger out on the demoness that was to be his playtoy for the evening, so he decides that Kagome will take her place. I say, let the good times roll!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Inu Yasha nor its characters. I also don't own characters from YuYu Hakusho, Kenshin, and anyone else that I decide to do a one-shot with. This disclaimer will go for the entire story.
Hiten stared at the night’s sky. He had just killed off the vixen that was to be his wench for the evening. He looked down at his brother.

“Well, Manten. Look what you made me do. Since you went and upset me enough to kill the wench that was to pleasure me this evening, I will take the wench you caught in her place.” Hiten said, his eyes traveling over to Kagome.

Manten gulped. “Please, brother. It was an accident. This wench’s hair is to be used for my hair tonic. Can’t you find another vixen to take place of the one you lost?” Manten whined.

Hiten smirked. “No. She is the one I want, and the one who I will grace with the honor to be with me. Now, you are to leave us and go find that damn kitsune who has the jewel shards. Don’t return empty handed, little brother. You know what happens when you upset me.” He threatened, his eyes flashing and the sound of thunder clapping outside their ancestral home.

Manten slowly let go of Kagome’s arm. He sighed and bowed his head in defeat. “Alright, brother. She is yours. But, when you are finished with her, may I have her back? Her hair is so silky and soft. It will be perfect for my tonic.” Manten said, running his fingers through Kagome’s hair.

Hiten shrugged. “Whatever. Now, go. Leave me to my new vixen.” He said, starting towards Kagome. Manten sighed, and did as he was told. Soon, only Kagome and Hiten were left in the room.

Kagome’s eyes roamed the room quickly. She didn’t want to be anyone’s vixen and certainly didn’t want to lose her hair to some stupid tonic. She quickly got up and backed up and away from the thunder youkai. His lips curled in a smirk.

“Come here, pretty one. I won’t hurt you. Much.” Hiten said, leering at her and licking his lips.

Kagome shook her head. There was no way she was going to go with him without a fight. She tried to dart around him, but he reached out and grabbed her arm. Without so much as a warning, he threw Kagome over his shoulder and began to walk to his chambers. His mind was already at work with ways he could take the young human. Normally, he was rough and liked to inflict pain. He would have to see where the night took him. The female was certainly interesting. Her indecent dress had caught his eye when he first laid eyes on her, and now, he allowed his fingers to stroke the silky skin of her leg. He grinned when he heard her breath catch. When she began to wiggle, he stopped all of her movement with a swift smack on her rear.

“You will stop that this instant, wench.” Hiten growled.

Kagome bit her lip. Now, she was frightened. She felt his fingers going back to their gentle stroking and she could not help but relax at his touch. When he came to a stop, she looked up and found that they were in front of a large set of doors. When he opened one of the doors and stepped in, Kagome gasped at the beauty of the room.

The large bed was against a wall and had large furs upon it. A fire was playing in the fireplace, warming the room and providing it was a soft light. A few paintings adorned the walls, along with several weapons. On the floor in front of the fireplace was another large fur, but where the furs on the bed were black, this fur was pure white. She could see a couple of chairs and a table, along with another set of doors that led outside to a balcony. She felt the thunder youkai turn and walk towards the white floor in front of the fireplace. When he had arrived at it, he lowered Kagome down to the fur and told her to stay put.

Kagome gulped and nodded. She watched as Hiten walked back to the door and closed it before he locked it. He went to the wall that held his weapons and took off a small dagger that he had strapped to his leg and placed it beside a few other daggers. He then looked over at Kagome. He smirked and started towards her, peeling off his armor and shirt. Kagome scooted backwards, stopping when she heard him growl.

“Look at me, wench. Do not move away from me unless you want to play rough. Got it?” Hiten said, glaring down at her.

Kagome huffed in anger. “Listen you. My name is Kagome. Ka-go-me. Get it right. And don’t you dare call me a wench. You now know my name, so use it.” She said, through clenched teeth.

Hiten was stunned. No female had ever dared speak back to him before and as he looked down at the human female before him, he could not help but feel a bit pleased. He liked women who had a bit of spark. Perhaps joining with her would not be boring. He bent down and joined Kagome on the fur.

“Well, Kagome. Come here.” Hiten said, holding out his hand to her.

Kagome shook her head. “No way. There is no way in hell I am doing anything with you, you psycho.” She said, shaking her head from side to side.

Hiten’s temper flared. How dare she refuse him? He lunged at her, surprising her when he tackled her and brought her to her back. He held her down, but still she struggled. Finally, he managed to get between her legs.

“Well, we can do this one of two ways, Ka-go-me. We can do this nice and easy, or we can do it my favorite way, hard and rough. It’s your choice.” Hiten said, staring down at her. He really liked the fact that she fought him, but he would still be the victor. He wanted her and he would get her.

Kagome was now frightened. She had never had sex before, and the thought of being with someone who didn’t love her terrified her and made her feel cheap. She would be damned if she were going to lay back and let him strip her of something she held dear. So, she began her struggles anew.

Hiten sighed. He had expected that she would fight. So, he fought back, but not as rough as he usually would. After all, she was human and not a youkai bitch. She could not take much pain like a female youkai could. He grabbed her hands and pinned them to the sides of her head. He manacled them with his left claw, then used his right claw to slash through her shirt. He grinned in triumph and glanced down to gaze at another garment. He was totally confused. No female that he had ever come across ever wore a breast binding like the one the human beneath him did. He shrugged and cut through that as well. He would wonder about it later. He stared at the pert young breasts before him and felt his groin harden. Her breasts were a good size. Not too large, and not too small, but enough to fill his palm and mouth. He lowered his mouth and allowed his tongue to flick out to stroke her nipple. He heard her shocked gasp and smiled. His mouth lowered and he sucked the nipple into his mouth, closing his eyes as he allowed his fangs to gently graze her flesh. He felt the girl struggle, but paid her no mind. When he had her nipple erect, he moved to the other one and repeated his actions until he produced the same effect on that on as he did the other. His eyes widened when he took in a deep breath and caught the faint scent of arousal coming from the girl. Normally, a female’s arousal was spicy, but this girl’s scent was sweet and seemed to call to him. He leaned over and brought his lips to her neck, his free hand running down to her stomach and rubbing circles on it. He could feel his arousal straining in the confines of his pants and would need to rid himself of the garment soon, but for now, he was happy to continue to explore his new prize.

Kagome had never experienced anything like what Hiten was doing to her. He had said that he was going to be rough with her if she didn’t do as he said, but the only thing he had been was gentle. She felt his lips upon her breasts and she could not help but think that it felt heavenly. She had never had a man touch her in such a way, and she had to wonder what else his lips could do. Now, as he kissed her neck, Kagome felt her fears melt away only to be replaced by a need. What she needed, she didn’t know, but it was there and she was ready to find out. When he licked a sensitive part of her neck, Kagome’s hips bucked, causing the thunder youkai to groan. Kagome’s eyes widened when she felt something large come into contact with her bucking hips and she had to wonder if she was going to find out what exactly it was that she felt.

Hiten’s eyes glazed over as he lifted his head. Her arousal was stronger now, and as he looked at her face, he could see that she was flushed. He narrowed his eyes. He wondered what she would do if he were to let go of her hands. If she chose to misbehave, he could always bind them again, but if she was good, he would give her pleasure until they both passed out from exhaustion. He slowly let go of her hands and allowed her to catch her breath before he moved on. Kagome looked up into his face and realized that he was just as excited as she was. She decided to take a chance. After all, she had been wondering, and if he could be so bold as to rip her clothing off of her, then she could find out what he tasted like. So, without warning, she leaned up and placed her lips on his, smirking when he gasped. Looks like she had taken him by surprise.

Hiten was shocked that she kissed him. Normally, he didn’t kiss the females he screwed, but this girl stirred things in him that he could not explain, so he kissed her back, sweeping his tongue into her mouth when she sighed. Her hot cavern was sweet and clean, not like other women. He lowered her back to the ground and continued to kiss her as his claws ripped through her skirt, ripping it off her body. But, just as before, there was another garment keeping him from what he sought. So, like before, he ripped through that as well. Now, she lay under him completely naked and ready for him to explore. But, he was not happy. He didn’t want to take her on a floor. That was reserved for his whores, and she didn’t act like one of his whores. He lifted her into his arms and stood up. He carried her to his bed and threw back the furs, revealing dark red silk sheets. He placed her down and removed his pants. Now, he was as nude as she was. He didn’t waste any time in touching her body. His hands explored along with his mouth. His mouth caressed her breasts again, making sure to keep them interested and excited. He moved his mouth down to her stomach, stopping at her naval and allowing his tongue to dip in, causing Kagome to moan. He smirked at her reaction. He knew that he was a skilled lover as well as a skilled killer. He would kill the girl with passion and make sure that after he was finished with her, she would never forget who it was that took her body and drove her insane with desire.

He moved from her naval to her upper thighs. He used his tongue and traced small patterns on it, before parting Kagome’s thighs. Once he was between her legs, Hiten used his finger to stroke her bud. Kagome’s reaction pleased him. She had gasped, then arched her back. Her scent continued to climb. He grinned as he watched her face and its expressions. He had never seen anyone so animated in their expressions. It was appealing and refreshing. Finally, he had pushed her into her climax. He watched in awe as she shut her eyes and screamed when she hit her peak. He was pleased to find that she was very responsive to his touches. Perhaps Manten would have to find another wench for his hair tonic. He had other uses for this woman, and it didn’t hurt that she was beautiful. She would look good at his side and if she was this responsive as a virgin, he could only imagine the many nights he would come home after a battle and take her. The ways would be endless, but he would have her in every single way that he desired her.

He continued to stroke Kagome, but lightened his touches to allow her to come down off of her passion high. When her breathing eased a bit, he dipped his head and allowed his tongue to sample the honey that she had produced for him. He closed his eyes and allowed his tongue to sweep over her slit before delving into her body. He felt her thighs spread even more and her hands come down to his hair. Normally, he would kill a female for touching his hair, but this felt right. He reached back and pulled it from its confines, and shook the long braid out. If she wanted to run her fingers through his hair, so be it. He was taking great pleasure from her, so what could it hurt for her to gain pleasure from him?

He continued to lick her, his hands resting on her hips and stroking the soft skin. Soon, Kagome began to tremble, a sure sign that she was about to release again, and finally, she screamed once more, this time it was his name that crossed her lips, and he found that hearing his name rushing forth after he had pleased her was something that he could not live without. Decision made. He would claim the woman and take her for his own. He knew that she had power, but she would serve him best as his lover and mother to his offspring. Yes, she was perfect for him.

When he had finished lapping up the honey that he had caused her to spill, he prowled back up her body and allowed his hips to rest upon hers. He leaned down and kissed her lips once more, allowing her to taste her own nectar. He moaned when he felt her small tongue lick his lips and then sweep into his mouth. It was a glorious feeling to have her enjoy him as much as he enjoyed her. Finally, he pulled back and positioned himself at her entrance. He stared down at the beauty who lay under him and then he whispered, “I’m sorry, Kagome.” He tore through her virgin barrier, pausing when he heard her cry out, and stopping his movements. He took her into his arms and soothed her as best as he could. Finally, her walls relaxed around his large cock and he heard her sigh. His chosen mate was breathtaking. He started to thrust, and had intended to go easy with her for her first time, but after a few minutes, she had wrapped her legs around his waist and growled, “Harder.”

He blinked but complied and soon he was using his youkai speed to bring her to another climax. His thrusts were harder each time and he reveled in her howls of pleasure. At each climax, she screamed his name. He closed his eyes and felt his own climax building. He felt that she could take one more climax before he met his and so he thrust even harder than before, her shaking body and clenching muscles telling him that she was about to climax yet again, so when she finally released, so did he. As he allowed his seed to pour into her body, he leaned down and marked her as his. Once he removed his fangs, he felt his cock twitch inside of her sheath, and he groaned out her name when he felt her tighten her muscles.

“Don’t do that, mate. I don’t have another round in me at this moment.” Hiten said, staring down into Kagome’s eyes.

Kagome smiled up at him. “Wow. That was amazing.” She said, dreamily.

Hiten chuckled. “Of course, what did you expect? The next time will be even better than this, but for now, it is time to sleep, Kagome.” He said, pulling himself from her body and laying next to her. After he pulled her close to him, he forced her head down to his chest and then used his foot to bring the covers up so that he could cover their bodies. As he spread the fur over both of them, he became aware that Kagome had already fallen asleep. He smiled into her hair and then looked out of his window. The thunder crashed loudly, signaling to all those who lived in the thunder brothers’ domain that the eldest had taken a mate, and pity to anyone who tried to take her from him.

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