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Tokyo was a gem that shone brightly in the night--far brighter than the dim illumination of the office overlooking it.

“We’ve found him.”

The dark head didn’t move, never turned from the wall of hermetically sealed windows and its awe-inspiring view of the city lights. The sparkling, multi-colored points outside, both moving and stationary, spread outward in all directions twenty stories below. After a long silence, a small, malicious smile twisted a set of thin lips. “You’re sure it’s him?”

The woman standing at the desk behind him allowed a brief, disdainful sneer to curve her own lips, repulsion in the set of her features as she glared at the back of the chair. She tossed her perfectly coifed head and carelessly flung a folder onto the desk. The pale manila contrasted starkly with the deep, polished cherry of the wood. “See for yourself. The fool still goes by the same first name.”

The elegant leather chair swiveled away from the windows, but the woman had already schooled her features, and met him with a bland, uninterested expression. His narrow red eyes laughed coldly at her, letting her know that he knew anyway. Long, graceful fingers reached out to grasp the folder, opening it and flipping through the papers in silence. The small, malicious smile grew slightly and a satisfied chuckle vibrated into the unnatural atmosphere that always permeated the office.

Finally, he set the folder back on the desk and focused on the woman in front of him, his usually indifferent, composed expression as pleased as she’d ever seen it. The sight sent chills up her spine, and she fought a shiver of loathing. “How very…interesting.” He picked up one of the two other files that stacked against each other on his desk, ready for his use, and pitched it to the woman. “Send the brothers out now.” He paused. “However, I want no action taken without my direct orders. Make that very clear.”

The woman bowed her head in obeisance and turned for the double doors leading out of the oppressive luxury of the office.

“I didn’t say you could leave.”

She paused, gritting her teeth, but turned around and waited patiently. He was staring down at the second of the two folders, his fingers stroking it thoughtfully, almost lovingly. Finally, he picked it up and tossed it to the woman as well. “Have this one brought to me. Immediately.”

She caught the folder easily, and flipped it open. Large red eyes widened, then narrowed suspiciously. “But this is--”

“Are you questioning my orders? Need I remind you why that is unwise?”

Heading the warning smirk of his tone, her head bowed once again. Her teeth bit into her tongue, but the subservient position hid her involuntary grimace of resentment.

He let out another amused sound, and his chair turned back to the spectacular view. “Now you may leave.”

She exited quickly, trying not to seem too eager to be out of his presence. He smiled again, amused at her obvious attempt to conceal her hatred. Then, dismissing her from his thoughts, he once again shuffled through the papers she had delivered to him, reading carefully this time.

****************************************************************** ******



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