Tortured Love

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To all my loyal readers from A Single Spark, Animespiral, and the few from, as well as those who are new to my fics....

This is a WARNING! This fanfic is NOT anything like my other fics. This fic is VERY DARK. It will contain VIOLENT RAPE! Do NOT, and I repeat, Do NOT read this if you can’t handle graphically violent and humiliating rape/bondage situations. Thus the reason for posting it here on

I was inspired to write this after something that I read. This kind of fic is new to me, but the idea behind it is screaming to be released.

Do not bother flaming this story because of what is happening to the characters! You’ve been warned that it is disturbingly dark and demented, so if you flame me for writing such, I will be forced to call you an idiot for reading it after you have been clearly WARNED in advance!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, and I am in no way affiliated with Rumiko Takahashi. She would probably love to strangle me slowly for writing the things that I do about her beloved anime characters!


Chapter 1 – Caught Unaware

It had been four moon cycles since he had fallen into Naraku’s trap. Four long days of torment. Again his mind wondered back to the moment of his downfall. He cursed himself once again for falling victim to the vile hanyou so easily. Could he have escaped this fate somehow? Was there something that he could have done differently to avoid this humiliation?

He and his entourage, Rin, Jaken and his dragon Au-Un, were tracking Naraku, as they had been for two years. The coward had hidden his trail well making it a very difficult task, even with Sesshomaru’s superior demonic senses. His human ward, Rin, had rounded the corner ahead, as he had been giving instructions to Jaken. Suddenly she cried out in fear. With lightning speed he rushed to her defense, but what he found was not what he sensed at all. He had expected wolves. It smelled like wolves, but he quickly discovered that he had been tricked.

He stopped just short of Kagura, Naraku’s wind witch. She was smiling evilly, while holding her bladed fan against the frightened girl’s neck. There were four others, none of whom he recognized. It was clear that one was a madoushi, a sorcerer or witch. The toothless old hag appeared to be blind, while her black lifeless eyes seemed to peer into his very soul. Tendrils of smoke from a small clay pot placed on the ground at her feet were billowing about her, and being fanned slowly and methodically by a stunted and bent oni. The disfigured youkai minion cackled as he waved the fan in glee.

By the time that it took for him to take all this in, he became aware of his grave mistake. The smoke was already effecting him in ways that he never dreamed possible. His feet were suddenly leaden; so heavy that in spite of his awesome strength, he was unable to move a step. He heard his loyal retainer, Jaken, scurry up behind him, and was about to issue a warning to silence his obnoxious squawking, but the words failed to come out. It was as if his entire body had become frozen. He was paralyzed, standing in place, like a beautifully regal living statue.

Sesshomaru became a bit un-nerved at this new and unexpected attack. He was not prepared for such an offense against his person. Beside him, from the corner of his golden eye, he could see that Jaken was now suffering from much the same symptoms, then without warning the kappa youkai, fell flat on his face unconscious.

No help at all.

Sesshomaru began to look at his options. Swiftly running through various routes of escape, but it soon became clear that in order to play any one of them out he would require the use of his limbs. Unfortunately, his legs seemed to be preoccupied at the moment.

Rin was shaking and crying out now. After watching Jaken fall, she became frantic, as understanding set in. Her lord, her great and powerful Sesshomaru-sama, could not move to save her. He could not move to save himself. She reached out to him, afraid not for herself, but for her beloved master. He instinctively tried to speak; to tell her not to fear; to tell her to cease her useless cries, but again the words would not come.

“Lord Sesshomaru. My don’t you look viral today? I do wish that we could have gotten together under more... delightful circumstances, don’t you? Hmm? What was that? Oh yes, you can’t speak can you?” Kagura chuckled. Rin’s struggling became renewed as she listened to the woman tease her Lord. Kagura shook her roughly ceasing the youth’s feeble attempts to gain freedom from her grasp.

His body was comatose, as was his senses; even his hearing was being effected by the strange smoke. Kagura’s words were barely recognizable. Lord Sesshomaru was now getting angry. His inner beast raged to be released, and if the taiyoukai could have, he would have transformed at that very moment, but much to his dismay the wretched concoction, drifting in the air toward him, had robbed him of his last resource. The transformation could not be performed, no matter how much he relaxed and called on the beast within. It simply failed to take place. All he could do was stand there in disbelief that he had been taken so easily, while he watched his terrified young ward being roughed about by that impertinent wench of Naraku’s.

Someone large came up behind him. He could feel the heat from their huge body just before his arms were wrenched painfully behind his back, and secured by a metal contraption. The ogre, for that’s what the hulking brute actually was, kicked hard at the bend of his knee’s, sending him to the ground. The wrinkled old hag came forward then, grinning from ear to ear, proudly displaying her lack of oral hygiene. The taiyoukai felt the need to shrink from the mad old crone, but even if he wanted to, his body would not comply. His eyes were burning, vision blurred from the effects of the witch’s brew as well as his inability to blink. He could almost make out what she carried in her gnarled old hands. It looked heavy, and forged of metal. She stepped closer.

A collar!

The great demon lord of the West struggled with renewed vigor against the insanity that was occurring to him. He willed his muscles to move, to fight, to slay the enemy, but the turmoil and struggle was to no avail. Still no movement would come.

The wicked old crone laughed with depravity and then spoke in a sharp gritty voice, “No more struggle for you taiyoukai. I have a nice collar for the big bad doggie!” The old bitch found her own words very humorous indeed, for she then burst into a fit of cackling laughter. Another step closer, and Sesshomaru could feel the bite of the metal being positioned snugly around his neck. As soon as the witch snapped the lock tight, a powerful wave of inky blackness seemed to seep into every pore of his pale flesh. He swayed as the device worked it’s powerful magic upon him. What had this bitch done to him?! What manner of black magic is this?!

For the first time since he was a child, Lord Sesshomaru felt a tiny spark of fear.

Kagura released a gale of laughter as the witch stepped away from the fallen demon lord. “Naraku will be pleased that you have so easily walked into your doom, Sesshomaru. The collar you now wear binds your jaki, rendering you all but helpless. It draws on your strength, pulling at your very essence, until you have nothing left to give. One of Naraku’s better ideas. If he had listened to me and quit playing games, you would have been dead long ago.”

A collar that binds his strength? How could such a thing be?

He remembered asking himself those questions, and drawing a blank, but now, here in Naraku’s dungeon, the accursed collar was very real and working much too well. He raised his head slowly to peer around his prison. He was alone in the dimly lit room. After his capture Kagura released Rin and left her with the unconscious Jaken. The child screamed his name as Kagura lifted him into the sky upon her giant white feather. He could do nothing to stop it, and still four days later was helplessly at the mercy of his archenemy, Naraku.

The potion concocted by the evil madoushi, or whatever the old bitch was, had worn off by the following sunrise, but still he was rendered under the spell of the damnable iron collar bound around his neck. His strength was at half-mast, leaving him feeling sluggish and weak, something that he was highly unused to. He had been placed in the dungeon by the same ogre who bound his hands in the forest. The vile creature sent him to his knees in front of a wooden yoke. His head was placed in the middle dip of the yoke and his arms were pulled straight out from his sides to where his wrists were added to the binding torture device. The heavy wooden top was put into place and secured by a large iron lock. The elegantly long white hair of the demon lord fell about his back and shoulders, spilling about the floor and over his legs and feet.

He had not seen one person, youkai or other, enter the dungeon since his arrival, and the waiting was driving him insane. He was beginning to crave nourishment, as well, although he could go another several days without sustenance. What was Naraku’s purpose in bringing him here? Did he intend to leave him imprisoned here to slowly die a starving and humiliating death?

Sesshomaru’s hearing suddenly picked up the sounds of metal clinking against metal. Shuffling feet accompanied lighter smooth steps. There was the muffled sound of a voice. The clinking metal of the keys increased as the one wielding them slid them into place in the old iron lock at the dungeon entrance. Sesshomaru watched curiously to see who would step beyond the threshold. His golden eyes widened slightly, as he watched the ogre bring in a struggling young woman who was slung haphazardly over his monstrous shoulder. He could tell immediately who the onna was, by her refreshing jasmine scent, and indecent attire.

It was his half brother’s wench. What was her name again? Ah, no matter. He would soon find out.

He watched as the ogre pulled her from his shoulder and dropped her to the dirt floor in front of a set of heavy chains. What the taiyoukai noticed first was the collar around the miko’s neck. The same sort of collar that imprisoned him. Could the spell of the collar be used to quell the powers of the young priestess as well as his own jaki? Obviously so, for that was the only powers that the girl contained. Her miko purification was a raw unbridled force running through her very veins. He had sensed the strength of it on many occasions. Had the girl been trained properly in the use of her strength she would have been a formidable foe. But she was not. Still though, Sesshomaru never took her lightly. She had proven her strength many times. She was fearless in the face of the enemy, standing beside his idiot half brother as she wielded her purifying arrows with deadly accuracy. Not nearly enough to kill him, but enough to be wary of.

Over the years, while searching for Naraku, they had come to a sort of ‘understanding’, if you will. While not necessarily allies, they no longer considered themselves enemies either. The miko had saved Rin once, earning his growing respect, and he had saved her life once as well. It meant nothing to him, but the onna seemed to consider it a kindness on his part. She was wrong of course, as Sesshomaru did not do things out of kindness. It was a means to an end, and that was all there was to it.

He watched on, as the ogre clamped the heavy chains hanging from the wall to her tiny wrists. The length of the chain gave her little room to move. She could manage approximately ten paces from the wall behind her, but nothing more. Her mouth was gagged, as was to be expected. No doubt she earned herself that displeasure by shouting to the top of her lungs. She was preoccupied with her captor at the moment, and had not noticed that she was not alone in her imprisonment. The ogre turned to leave, stopped, turned back to the girl, snatching the gag from her mouth roughly, before exiting the dungeon.

He waited silently, not uttering a word, waiting for her to see him. He vowed to slowly peel the skin from Naraku’s hide for submitting him to this hellish humiliation. Inuyasha would certainly never let him live this down. Thought’s of his hanyou brother made him wonder where the baka was? How had Naraku captured the girl who his brother defended with his life? Had Naraku slain Inuyasha? No one slays his kin except him! Naraku had better hope that he never escaped this damnable contraption, for when he does that vermin will pay dearly.

Her long ebony hair was mussed about her head, as she coughed from the gag, that had just been removed. She then pulled her wrists out in front of her to stare at the heavy metal cuffs that held her captive, as if she were in disbelief that such a thing could have happened to her. The miko then ‘harrumphed’ angrily, letting them fall to her lap. She curled her long slender legs to the side of her sitting straight up as she began to look around her latest place of residence.

When her cerulean blue eyes fell on him, she audibly gasped as her delicate brows rose high with shock. Her face was like on open scroll, revealing every emotion she felt in explicit detail. He fought the urge to growl his displeasure. He did not want to be seen like this. He wanted no one to witness his weakness. He swallowed the building growl, and instead he just stared back at her, wondering what she would have to say. His wait was short lived, because the girl began to crawl toward him slowly, she reached out, as if she could touch him, but that was impossible. Her chains would not stretch so far, and very quickly she discovered that fact as she began to meet with resistance. She settled again on her knees, pulling her chained hands into her lap.

“Lord Sesshomaru. How? When? Are you injured?” she asked softly. Her voice was light, and very feminine, and he welcomed the sound of it, though he would never ever admit it.

“I have no injuries, aside from my pride,” Sesshomaru replied. His own voice was a deep smooth baritone that echoed throughout the wide barren room. “Tell me miko, how is it that you have come to be here? Has Inuyasha fallen victim to Naraku as well?”

“No. Inuyasha was... away, and I was going to bathe in the river near our camp, but before I knew what was happening I was attacked. It was so weird; I didn’t even sense them. They came out of nowhere, and an old witch put this thing on my neck. It zapped my ability to fight back. There must be some kind of spell on it,” she replied. “In a matter of minutes I was being kidnapped, and brought here.”

“Hn,” Sesshomaru muttered. “It would seem that you have fallen victim to the same trap as I.”

Kagome could not get over seeing Sesshomaru in such a humbled state. She had thought him to be impervious to such deceit with his highly advanced senses. “You... didn’t smell them or anything?”

“Miko, does it look like I smelled them?” Sesshomaru asked stoically, with no sign of the urge he felt to call her an imbecile.

“Oh,” Kagome replied. “I guess that was a silly question.”

“Hn,” was his reply.

No other conversation was to be had between the two captives, because the sounds of others approaching drew their full attention. When the iron door was opened, the ogre stepped forth into the room, followed by his master.

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