Shades of Gray

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~~ Shades of Gray ~~

-yes, I'm starting another, because this will be easier to write. I don't know why I thought of this, but it literally hit me out of no where. I have tons of ideas for this one, and I'll say this; if you thought `Curse' had a lot of smut…this is darker though, focusing around a BDSM themeing...

~~ Chapter 1 ~~ In the Forest of Illusions…

The smoke that lingered in the air clung to the raven haired girl the moment she stepped foot inside the dimly lit building, threatening to suffocate her without a second whim to its noxious cause. It wrapped around her scantily clad body like a cloak, a sheer exterior that belonged to everybody and no body in the club, all at once. Taking a deep breath of the toxic fumes, a smile worked its way onto the ruby red lips of the said girl. She was home.

Walking through the narrow confines of tables and chambers, the five foot four vixen pushed the swinging doors open to club Illusions, and quickly eyed the room. Azure eyes lined in thick black makeup darted hither and yon, taking in the delicious sights of the goodies that gathered around the bars. Tonight was a good turn out, she noted wryly, not that it was ever dead in this premise. She turned and batted her large eyes towards the largest man dressed in tight leather pants that guarded the door and blew him a kiss.

“Salut, Jacques.”

The man's eyes ran from the girl's stark white face down her slender neck to rest on the two fleshy orbs that peaked out from beneath the crimson red corset that she donned. Keeping his eyes trained on the two mounds, his voice reached her ears. “Bonjour, ma chère. You are looking delicious…as always.”

A flash of pearly white teeth was his answer, not that he noticed. Licking her lips slowly, she held up her hand in front of her body and vividly displayed her middle finger in front of her breasts. “Just for you, Jacques.”

The large man laughed heartily and lifted his eyes to dance upon her face. “For you, ma petite amie, any day of the week.”

The girl leaned forward and pressed her lips against his cheek in a very chaste show of affection. “You're like family Jacques and I don't play the incest game. Sorry babes…” Turning, she wiggled her fingers in his direction without looking back as she strut away.

Swinging around to the bar, the vixen pushed her way between two out of place civilians, both dressed in jeans and some flashy silk shirts. Hardly caring that her bust was directly in the face of the one man, she screamed for the bar tender. “Whiskey sour on the rocks…and hold the roofies Envy…I'll take them straight later on.” She winked at the blonde bombshell of a hunk that was holding the bottles staring at her like she was dinner.

“Ma'am…I'm not really comfortable…”

Azure eyes glanced lazily at the man in front of her chest who was so obviously trying to look down the tightly knit corset while attempting to be discrete. Lowering her face close to his, her pale hand came to rest on his thigh, right next to his rapidly hardening length. `This man is about to cum in his pants like a school boy,' she thought idly as she stroked the soft skin of his thigh through the cotton material. “It seems to me,” she drawled with a lusciously sexy tone, “that you would be more comfortable if your prick wasn't pushing against your jeans. You may consider running to the bathroom to fix that issue, yes?”

His mouth hung open in shock. “Why, I never!”

The tease laughed wickedly and brought her mouth impossibly close to the man's ear. She paused, enjoying the way that he suddenly held his breath as if waiting for her to murmur the secrets of life. “That's a shame. You should, its fun.” Pulling back, she turned her face back to the bar tender and nabbed her drink from his hand. Shooting the bar hand a sultry gaze, she gushed, “Envy, you just made my night. Marry me and take me to France?”

The man laughed and winked to the girl. His hand caught hers before she could pull the drink away and tugged her closer. His golden bangs cluttered his violet eyes that could claim the heart of any girl…except for the one in front of him. “I might not be able to get you to Europe,” he cooed, “but baby…I got a king sized bed back home that could use a queen.”

Polished nails danced across the fishnet of the man's shirt, her eyes never leaving his. “Oh honey, you know I don't do the help.” She blew him a kiss and shoved him backwards, before turning and strutting away from the bar, absolutely sure that six sets of eyes were glued to her leather clad ass as she walked.

Leaning over the stone gargoyle head, the fallen angel observed the glass dance floor. `A good turn out indeed,' she thought as she took a sip of the illegal alcohol in her hand. Well…not that the liquor was illegal, but she was sure that New York had strict rules about serving it to minors. It helped from day one that the owner of the club was a close and very personal friend of hers, and thanks to that profitable friendship, the forest of Illusions, as they so loved to call it, was her play ground.

A quick flash of silver on the dance floor caught her eye like a bolt of lightning. Searching through the crowd, she saw the silver again and her pupils dilated slightly. It was definitely hair…hair she would be almost jealous of. Attached to the hair though was a sight for sore eyes. He was a walking God clothed in leather and mesh. She was sure for a moment she felt her heart skip a beat. For nearly a year she had come to this club but never had she seen anyone as stunning as the creature below her. Granted, her Oberon was gorgeous on his own, but this fleshy new creature was one that her body demanded to taste.

Quickly, she finished off the beverage and placed it on the stone table closest to her and took to the glass steps. Her black combat boots clunked heavily against the surface, yet it was a descent she could make every night in her sleep. Pausing at the bottom, she whirled around and stared about the dim corners of the underground dance club.

The first and foremost crowded spot was the dance floor; it was a thick glass surface that was illuminated with a blood red tone, mostly from the pool of `blood' that existed just feet under the glass. The `blood' was in a large pool the size of the stage a floor down, and only the most exclusive of members of the club got access to that area. She had been there twice, each time on her Lord's arm…and between his legs.

Then there were the bars; three neon lit bars crowded the area, lighting up like a star in the darkness that was Club Illusions. Tiny glass tables surrounded these slightly elevated areas, and were normally swamped to a point of extremes. It was worthless to try to get anything from those bars without getting groped or worse. Another perk to knowing `the help' was that with an extension of a delicate hand, she could have two waiters to her side in a matter of minutes.

Then there were the lairs. Tiny crescent shaped booths that were shrouded in thick red velvet curtains and set back in stone; they were sanctuaries of darkness where one could escape, when welcomed, from the business of the club. The lairs were mostly inhabited by the more esteemed club members receiving favors from fans; favors that came under tables and in back alleys…favors she herself had performed multiple times on the same men. She blew an alluring kiss towards one man whose eye hadn't left her since she had taken to the stairs; the man who had introduced her to this life, her Oberon…her lord, her master. She winked once, then turned and waded into the crowded dance floor, knowing sooner or later she would find her prey on the dance floor. Knowing that her Lord's eyes were drilling through the tight material of her corset, she also knew damn well she would be with him as well.

She never sought out her Oberon, which had been one rule from the start. The start…that was an interesting thought; she couldn't remember when she had been inducted to this dark life. She had met him through her cousin, and through him the world developed meaning. Though there was a significant five year difference in their age, their minds connected immediately. He had managed to seduce her; her, the irreproachable wingman of who some knew as `the wicked bitch of the east'. Her cousin had been furious, forgetting for a moment the love of her own life and loathed the tease for the man she managed to captivate. Yet as all battles between the cousins did, it came to an abrupt end.

She had lived for a year under his wing, abiding by society's expectations for the couple; after all, he was one of the fiercest businessmen on the east coast. His reputation preceded them wherever they wandered. Seats were always available at the richest of dining facilities, balcony seating always offered at the theatres of the city; people bent over backwards at his name.

Then he brought her here; an exclusive life he lived by the pale moonlight, a business that he ran under another name. No one related Oberon to the successful business tycoon who went in the daylight by a completely different alias, yet they were one in the same. And as her Oberon brought her deeper into the Gothic realm, she found herself finally at peace.

To say he had been easy on her was truly overstating the matter. She had bled for him, many times over. Her back was slightly scarred now from the thick leather whip that he was so attached to, and her wrists raw from the manacles; but it was a life she wouldn't give up for the world. Yes…she was a true masochist, as her Master came to realize.

Their relationship had ended after a year, yet that hardly mattered in this underground society. She was his, by all rights, and everyone who stepped foot into this club understood that. When her name was whispered, his followed in suit. That was why life was easy for her in this club, this safe haven; he made it so. Yet this did not pass freely; she still had to give him her body upon demand, regardless of his situation in the daylight, regardless that he had engaged himself to another woman. She was his and he left no room for questions to that matter. When she stepped onto the soil of the club, he knew; when she latched arms with another, he knew. When she fell to her knees to pleasure someone in the darkest of corners, he knew. And yet all that mattered was that by the end of the night, she was always screaming his name.

As she made her entrance to the crowded floor, she was immediately swarmed by sweaty Goth boys who wanted nothing more then to stick their hands down her pants to see if she had the right parts. Those were the ones she avoided. Twisting and turning her way around the floor, she searched for her silver haired god. For someone who could stand out so well, like a single star in a night sky, she was amazed at just how hard he was to find. Like a Where's Waldo from those damnable magazines of her childhood, he was invisible to the untrained eye. Yet untrained was never a good adjective for her.

Pausing once she reached the middle, she turned in a complete circle as her blue eyes narrowed. Two feelings collided in an atrocious battle for attention; one was that there was a youkai dangerously close to her with devious intentions and the second was that someone, or something, was watching her. Lowering her head, she smothered the smile that splashed upon her ruby lips. So, this man was youkai…that was fine by her book; they always made more interesting fucks. She shifted her eyes to the right, catching only the slightest glimpse of a golden gaze before those magnificent eyes disappeared behind another body.

`So…he's the one, hmm?' She licked her lips slowly then lifted her hand to press her black nails against her right cheek. Very slowly, she dragged her fingers down the pale flesh of her face and trailed along the pulsing vein in her neck. Allowing a moment to try to calm her rapidly beating heart while still making damn sure the youkai understood her intentions, the girl stilled her fingers at her neck and lifted her eyes to catch a flutter of silver hair shaded in deep hues of red by the lights.

She swallowed hard; never before had anyone made her feel like this. The image of a sheep in a small clearing, shrouded by dark woods with hungry wolves dashing about the bushes shot through her mind like an arrow to its target. Like a Disney tale gone wrong, the sheep became the slaughtered victim by the ravenous creatures of the night. She knew he shared that vision.

Her lips curled into a tight smile. Oh the sheep she was not…she was a wolf as well; just more cleverly disguised and even more savage.

Clawed hands wrapped around her slender hips, the tips of the dangerous talons rested on the bare flesh right under the waistband of her miniskirt. Warm breath came like a blast of arid wind to a frozen tundra, quickly dancing across the back of her neck. Naturally, and to her dismay, her body reacted to the sudden temperature change. All the hair on her arms and neck stood on end and she shivered.

A smooth silky voice chuckled behind her as lips brushed against the cartilage of her ear. Stilling on the tender flesh, the God-like beast spoke; “you look lost, little girl. Perhaps you need someone to show you home.”

Blue eyes shined with mirth as she slowly began to grind her hips to the music, catching the demon off guard. She felt his hands tighten as he began to join her in the seductive dance for dominance to the situation.

“Maybe…” she commented after a moment with a rather childish air to her tone, “but I think you would be the last person I would want to walk me home.” She paused for a moment; hanging on the punctuation of her sentence, then added with a rather sultry tone, “You might eat me on the way.”

The voice chuckled again, oddly enough making the vixen's knees quiver at the sound. “Only if you ask nicely, Princess.”

Her hands slowly reached down to cover his. Sliding hers over his, she marveled at the difference in size; like an island lost to an ocean, his hands could engulf hers. Lifting her eyes to try to catch a glimpse of this smooth-talking youkia's face, she grimaced when she found him securely out of her line of sight. Refusing to twist around, she chided, “Only a fool hides behind a woman. Are you afraid, youkai?”

The hot breath returned to her ear as hips were pushed against her ass. “Of you, little girl? Never!” Huskily, he added, “I eat children like you for breakfast.”

Her smile grew wicked. “Really? That must be truly distasteful…not to mention disgusting.” Releasing her hold on his hands, she reached up and slowly slid one hand into his silver mane. “Tell me, boy, what's your name?”

His mouth captured the tip of her ear, his tongue wreaking havoc on her senses. “I'm hardly what one would call a boy, Princess. I'm one hundred percent man…and I'll be more then willing to prove that to you.”

The vixen laughed contemptuously, “I'm sure you would. I need a name, sir.” She drew on the sir with a rather cynical demeaning tone.

His hands tightened on her hips, his nails biting lightly into the flesh of her thighs. “What's in a name, little girl; I hardly see its relevance.”

Her fingers latched onto an appendage on his head and caused some damage of her own. Gently rubbing the tip of his ear, she felt his mouth open slightly and a very humble moan trickle out. With a devious smile, the girl laughed lightly, “I would simply like to know what to call you.”

The silver haired god groaned as she intensified her form of torture on his body. Slowly, he let his right hand sink beneath the top of her skirt and slip down her thigh. “You can call me whatever you like, Princess. My favorites are God, my lord, and Master.”

The onna smiled wickedly. Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she cooed, “oh no, that won't do at all. I need a name, baby boy, so I know what to scream later tonight.”

The gasp that escaped her mouth left nothing to be desired as he turned her quickly in his grasp to that she was facing him…or more so, that her face was staring into his chest. Lowering his lips to her ear once more, the God blanketed the girl in a shower of silver tresses. “If that's the case, call me Sha.”

A stifled moan left the girl's lips as his downy voice glided across her ears and his hand reached its destination. Her eyes widened and she swallowed thickly, daring only once to lift her eyes to gaze upon his face. Not much to her surprise, he was every bit the God she thought him to be. Strong facial features gazed down at her; half lidded molten amber eyes stared down at her, a perfect nose laid in the middle of his face that lifted slightly as he smiled at her, and that led her to his lips. Through the puffy appendages, a single k-nine tooth overlapped, right next to the three tiny silver rings that bit through the luscious muscle. Never had she obtained such an urge to see if lips were as kissable as they seemed.

This God…Sha…must have sensed this wanton desire, for as his fingers slipped through the flimsy covering of her g-sting that she donned beneath the leather mini, he lowered his head to rub the appendages against hers.

“So, now that you know my name…”

The girl fought to keep her head from crashing against his as he slowly pulled away from her silken lips. He did taste as good as he looked, and her body craved more. `He should definitely be illegal,' she thought lustfully as the demon cocked an eyebrow at her. Pulling her body against his, she moaned as his finger glided over her already wet sex. “Sha isn't a name,” she teased while sealing her eyes. The smile that played on her lips betrayed her existence in the club; it bathed her in a delicate glow of humanity and for a moment, rendered Sha speechless. Opening one blue eye, she prodded, “'sha is surfer lingo. Try again.”

The God seemed displeased, yet continued his gentle teasing strokes. His free hand wrapped thickly around her left hip and pulled her closer to him. With a feral growl, he demanded, “I gave you my name, Princess…if you don't accept it, that's on your own accord. If you dislike it, call me Master, we can work with that.”

The vixen blanched for a moment as his member brushed unadulterated against leg. “I guess Sha will have to do.” Pressing her lips against his, indulging once more in a drug she was sure to become addicted to, she muttered, “but this isn't a game of `show me your's and I'll show you mine', now is it?” she lifted a pierced eyebrow at the demon, “but if you do want to indulge in that game…”

Golden eyes narrowed and a finger pressed harshly into her passage. Biting down a wince, she kept the shit eating grin on her face.

Sha had dealt with women like this one before, but that was part of the problem. He knew, just calling it a gut feeling, that this girl was no women. Though her words were smooth and her attire was completely ravishingly sexy, he knew she was maybe at the oldest, twenty. And though the taste of whiskey on the tongue had thrown him at first, he stood firm next to his conclusion.

This girl was playing a dangerous game…even more dangerously however, was the fact that she was she playing with him. He had his fair share of these types of girls; all thinking they were sexier then any other who walked the planet; all little cock teases who would result by the end of the night to pleading with him to fuck them senseless. He had broken bitches like this over his knee. She was no exception and his cock was hardening rapidly at the thoughts that drove through his mind like stakes, each involving making this girl scream in ecstasy.

Forcing his finger deeper, his smile growing as she moaned against his firm chest, Sha whispered dangerously into her ear, “Baby, I'll give you a chance to walk away. I don't know if you can handle me.”

The girl laughed in response, only to cry out as a second finger added to the goal of filling her body. She seemed to hesitate, for only the briefest of seconds, before snapping back, “Handle you? Sha, you're a pup to what I've taken on…or should I say…in?”

Talk about the last bit of restraint being blown away like dust in the wind. Pulling his fingers from her wet nether regions, he pushed the two digits to her lips. “Show me how bad you want this.”

Her eyes flashed with confusion, then with uncertainty. To Sha, it was like a storm of emotions. Sure, having her suck her own juices off his fingers was a bit risqué, but this would look like child's play by time he was done with her. He wasn't known for his reserve…he was known for his ability to drive a girl to the brink of insanity. For the briefest of moments, he was absolutely sure she was going to back down. After all, she was still just a kid.

Mild shock swept his system as her lips closed over one of the fingers, her talented pink tongue swirling about the appendage forcefully before she released it with a wet pop and took on the other. The second, when she was sure she was holding his fullest attention, received a much different treatment. She ran her tongue over the top of the finger, before gently sucking at the tip, and then tracing her way underneath.

Sha was floored; sure the girl was much like the others, but there was something electric about her that was illuminated like a neon sign. It was something that was begging him to dive into this girl, to fill himself with her essence, to indulge in finding out just everything there was to know. Lifting his eyes to smile, he froze.

About ten feet behind the couple, Sha locked eyes with a tall shaded figure. He stood just off the dance floor, his arms crossed over his body and a scowl draped across his lips. Golden eyes crashed with aqua-marine and instantly he understood; she was taken.

Lowering his mouth to the girl's cheek, never once breaking eye contact with the other male in their presence, he licked her lightly, “to bad you wouldn't give me a name, Princess, so that I could find out outside of this place. But as all good things do have to come to an end, I shall take my leave.”

Blue eyes instantly fell upon his, wide with confusion. Never had she been rejected, especially after a show like the one she had just indulged in. Her hand rested on his perfectly sculpted chest as she tried to meet his gaze. “…what?” Damn her and her weakness! Hearing a faint chuckle from this shady Sha character, she composed herself. Turning herself indifferent to the rejection, she taunted, “Whatever you wish, dear; you'll come crawling back later.”

Another chuckle offset her assured attitude. “I can reassure you that I will neither crawl nor beg.” His mouth brushed over her ear as he whispered, “I may be Inu-youkai, but you're the bitch that would take it on your knees.”

A chill swept through her heart, and for some unknown reason, she felt the urge to slap that childish stalemate grin off his face. How dare he assume she would… taking a deep breath, she tried desperately to cool her temper. Choosing a higher road, she stuck out her chin, her blue eyes reflecting her anger and confusion. “As I'm sure you would love to assume, puppy. To bad you'll never know. Do as you please, then. I can find another dog to follow me home.”

As she turned to walk away, a large hand swallowed her wrist in its grasp. Being yanked around, the once flawless God peered down at her, somewhat apologetically. Had it been up to him, he would have had her under him at some remote location five minutes ago, screaming his name in rapture. “Don't be chide, little girl…we can still be friends.” He winked tauntingly at her.

Attempting and yet failing miserably, the tease tried to pull her hand from his grasp. “Let me go this instant!” Seeing him as relenting as a cement wall, she digressed. “You seemed as caught up with our past disposition as I was. Tell me, what changed?”

“Politics can be a bitch, Princess.” He chuckled at her confused look then kissed her forehead lightly, releasing her hand. Murmuring against her ashen skin, he recited, “and this weak and idle theme, no more yielding but a dream.* Ado, little girl.”

The tease pulled away from him slowly, confusion masking her face. With a firm shake of her head, she turned and sauntered off into the crowd, for once completely speechless about a situation that was far out of her control. It was bad enough that he was so gorgeous to begin with…but quoting Shakespeare in the right context nearly destroyed what frail grasp she had on reality. She had to get away from that beautiful creature before she did something stupid; like press the matter…or beg.

Turning around, annoyed amber eyes met the man who had so vigorously foiled his attempt at a good fuck. A smile now had taken the place of the scowl that had shaken the hanyou from his tryst with the girl. With a grunt, Sha cocked a pierced eyebrow at his best friend. Why had he seemed to upset to see Sha with that girl in his arms? Turning to try to pick her out of the crowd yet failing, the hanyou had to wonder for the second time that night, just what was so special about that girl?

&X&X&X&X&X&X&X&X&X&X& X&X&X&X&X&X

Dropping into the stone booth cloaked with red velvet, the azure eyed beauty peered cautiously at Lord. He was grinning at her pleasantly enough, but for him to have Envy call her out of the group to make her way to his table; something was seriously wrong.

Extending her hands across the table, the vixen collected one of his hands in hers gently. Staring into the deep eyes she had to often found herself a victim of, she carefully asked, “You had Envy find me…why?”

The man sat back, gently pushing away the shoulders of the girl who was servicing him under the table and dismissing her to wade back into the crowds of people. Sitting forward on both elbows, the man scowled at the girl. Her beautiful long black hair was tied up in two tight buns on the top of her head; each with a set of chopsticks neatly weaved through. Her cerulean blue eyes stared at him unabashed; that was one thing about this girl that he loved. She didn't fear him.

Waving his hand dismissively at the buns, his scowl deepened, “you look like Princess Laia gone awry.” Leaning over the table, he snatched two of the chopsticks from one bun, enjoying the way her black hair suddenly found its freedom and tumbled down her neck to rest against her back. He stared at the shiny strands, reframing from reaching across the table to pull her to him by the tresses. God, the urge was there…he just lacked the motivation. He had watched her for another hour; to be sure that Sha avoided her for the rest of the night, before seeking out someone to release his mounting anxiety.

The girl rolled her eyes then slowly lifted her hand to her other bun and removed the other set of sticks. Running a hand through her now loose raven hair, she felt her lips turn to scowl at the man across from her. “I know you truly didn't search me out to make some pathetic Star Wars pun…”

A firm eyebrow shot towards the ceiling and instantly she regretted her outburst. The master of the domain chuckled, his eyes filling with mirth before darkening extensively. “I saw you dancing, my Titania…”

The girl held up a hand to pause his speech then gently patted the one captured by her right. “I have begged you a thousand times, Oberon; do not call me Titania…it sounds like some pathetic porn stars name.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder and stared deep into his eyes, “and yes, I was dancing. What of it?”

Aqua marine eyes narrowed. “I was getting to that, Princess.” Clearing his throat, the older business man sat back in his seat. Though he was only five years her elder, he knew more about this world then she could possibly fathom…and he knew the man she had been throwing herself at. Staring at the neon green Pernod Fils** that graced his wine glass, the older man sighed. “Kag…you have to understand about certain people who come here. I've sat back and watched you whore yourself out to them…”

The girl, so named in the darkness by a childhood nickname, Kag, leaned forward on her elbows and nearly growled. Gone was the sexy façade of a dick tease and vixen, and in its place was a furious twenty year old girl. “You did not truly call me over to speak to me of my actions here at this club, did you? Oberon, you dare scrutinize my dealings while getting head under the table? What kind of double standard is that?”

The man's eyes darkened another hue. Leaning forward to meet her challenge unabashed, he sneered, “the kind I am allowed to make. Kag, you are like family to me…in a round about sort of way…so I feel the implicit need to warn you! Stay away from Sha, he's dangerous!”

Her face sobered immediately; her cheekbones dropped rapidly and her eyebrows arched dramatically. Widened blue eyes took in the man across from her; her aura was fuming and her face flushed in self righteous indignation. Hissing to avoid screaming, the girl Kag raged, “Are you the reason he walked away? What did you do, Oberon?”

The man she so fondly called Oberon sat back slowly, a scowl working its way back to his lips. “It is quite possible that I saved your life.”

“So you think him capable of murdering me, is that what you're saying? Do you feel that he was going to truly eat me if we walked out that door?” Standing up, she quickly withdrew her hands. “Of all the stupid…”

“Sit down!”

Instantly the girl crashed onto the stone bench, her eyes wide in shock. For a moment, she had truly forgotten herself and just where she was.

Apparently, her swift reform was appeasing to her Master. “Do not forget where you and with just whom you hold in your company, bitch.”

Closing her eyes, the girl bowed her head in submission, “I apologize…”

The man raised an eyebrow, waiting for the rest of the sentence.

Kag slowly cracked open one eye, noticing just how fast the owner's eyes were darkening. Knowing what he was after, she debased herself further, “I apologize…Master. I won't do it again.” To her own defense, she quickly added, “I simply found him attractive…I just though…”

The man chuckled and reached across to stroke her cheek, allowing her to lift her head. Capturing her chin, he softly responded, “I know you think him a mere pup…a play toy like the rest of these dimwitted toads. But I will tell you Kagome…”

The girl hissed and widened her eyes, as if reminding the man who practically owned her of his slip of tongue.

Clearing his throat, he hefted a thin eyebrow and continued, “That man, that Puck…he is a force to be reckoned with. I have known him for a long time, a very long time…and I know how easily he can break a girl with a stronger will then you. It would be in your best interest, if you wish to keep your reputation here at Illusions, to keep yourself away from him. I can only scare him off for so long.”

Kagome tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. “But why haven't I seen him here before if you two are such good friends?” Shaking her head, she rubbed her temples that were slowly beginning to pound, “…and did you just call him Puck?”

Oberon laughed. Smoothing back his thick black bangs, he shrugged casually. “I have done my part to keep him…involved…at other establishments. But they grew weary of his…” the man trailed off in speech for a moment, as if considering just what the right word would be. “…antics. So he had returned to my side, looking to take a place on my board of directors. Not to say Puck wouldn't be an added asset….but I haven't had time to distribute him a friendly warning.” Smiling in a rather eerie fashion, he added pleasantly, “and yes…to me, his is the Puck*** of this establishment…a name he has come to loathe.”

A cold diffused look filtered into the girl's eyes. Knowing, and dreading, the answer, then asked reluctantly while ignoring all the other material that her lord has passed onto her. “And just what would that friendly warning consist of?”

The smile that grew on his lips was cynical. “To stay away from you, of course.” Slipping around the booth, the man wrapped his arm over her shoulders and pulled her against his chest. Lowering his face into her hair, he inhaled deeply then sighed contently. “You're mine, koibito, and therefore are mine to protect.”

Kagome sagged under the weight of his arm and of his words. Her eyes lowered to stare at the table, her face a mask of regret and confusion. “And tell me, Oberon, what of the other men in this club who have…made me theirs…on and off premises?”

The man laughed wickedly. His eyes dug into her and for a moment, she was sure she was drowning in a Caribbean sea. Though his voice was as cool as ice, his face was hardened, and a part of it terrified Kagome. “Koi, those men never posed a threat to my claim over you. You are mine, every part of you…” his hand slid up her thigh and dipped under the end of her miniskirt. “You think I don't know everything about the person who dares to walk out that door with you? You think my men haven't talked to the said male when you disappear for a moment, or when he gets you your drink?”

Kagome's mouth dropped open but nothing came out. For the second time that night, she was speechless.

Taking the moment to stroke her inner thigh with his callous hand, his smile widened as she mewed lightly. “That's right Koi…here, in this life, while you are in my club…I own you. And I will be damned before I allow Sha to touch you, friend or no friend.”

All conversation was lost as the owner of the club and of the girl sunk his mouth over her tender neck, suckling at the pulse and his fingers found their way to the inner lining of her underwear and into her body. And he was sure that wasn't the only part of him that would penetrate her that night. After all…if there was anything he knew, it was that Kagome Higurashi loved to be dominated, and he was planning on making her scream.


*- There is going to be a lot of allusion to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, and to those who know it, then you're already saying, `quit it with that crap, I get it!' ^__^'' Oberon was the king fairy and king in the Forest of illusions, a place that lovers fled to escape from the torment of society where just about anything could happen.

**- Pernod Fils, a type of Absinthe, made in France in the very late 1790's. illegal in the united states, as any Absinthe is. (modern reference- Eurotrip, `the green fairy' liquor).

***- Puck- once again, relates to mythology and Shakespeare. A good willed fairy that does make trouble from time to time. Also known as Robin Goodfellow.

-hope you enjoy, this will be my release while trying to get Harusame to work well in context. Enjoy!!!

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