Slave of the Shikon

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Slave to the Shikon

By Aleaha Sisson

There is a land that lay’s in the Far East; this land was full of magick…and demons. For every animal you see there seamed to be a demonic version. These beings came in every shape size and ability and intelligence. The demons capable of intelligent thought; were arrogant. They believed that because they possessed powers greater then that of the humans that they were better. As the century’s pasted in this great land certain humans began to gain magick in there blood (be that magick because they breed with a demon, or just because they trained to gain the magick themselves). Those with the magick breed with others with magick until the bloodline slowly became strong enough for a Human Demon to be born to the world.

*Birth of the Human Youki*

A human man paced back and fourth outside the birthing hut, his wife’s cries peaked and were soon joined by almost melodic cries of his first born child. He entered the little shack and took his child from the arms of the Midwife. In his arms was the most beautiful child he had even laid his eye’s on. He looked down into the bottomless depths of her midnight blue eye’s you could st sst see whole of the universe in her eye’s. He took his daughters hand in his own her skin felt like silk. Her jet black hair was drying and curly around her little baby ears in wisps of silky soft tresses.

As the man was busy falling in love with his new daughter, his wife gave a soft cry as the second child came into the world. The midwife cleaned off the little boy who for now look no different then his sister. Luckily for the new parents that they already knew before the children were born that they were going to be different before they were born. So only the people with the sight were allowed to be near when they were born. The couple was not sad that these two were demons because they knew that this was something that the gods themselves had intended for them. It was their destiny to be the parents to the first of the Human Youki.

Once more that melodious cry was heard from the female child. Her father gently rocked her back and forth to try and calm her; she would not stop even after her mother tried to feed her. Her cries soon be came painful and her younger brothers cries soon joined hers. Everyone in the hut was on the ground cover there ears from the noise. When they were sure that their lives were surly going to end a bright pink light filled the room and the child abruptly stopped crying. The wife sat strait up as if she were a doe caught in the torch lights. ~_^ (A/N: he he I think that was clever but that probably only because I’m stoned) She started to crawl to the bowl that had the afterbirth and began moving her hand around in the bowl. When her hand came out of the bowl she had a shining pink perfectly round stone. The man watched as his wife’s eyes went blank and her breath speed up until she was panting.

*Woman’s POV*

When she pulled her hand out of the bowl a blinding white light flashed in front of her s, as, at the same time as the light flash she felt a current of energy run from the bottom of her spine to her head where it exed ied in her mind. The Shikon was telling the woman what was to come, “Women, mother, child of man we are the Shikon No Tama, we were created because the two with the large soulse toe together as one, creating the children of pure magick, The boho’sho’s name is to be Miroku} is to protect the female {who’s name is to be Kagome} until the time one strong enough to shatter the stone in your hand, You and you mate will not live past there tenth year train them in human magick”.

*end POV*

The man took the stone from his wife and fashioned a spirit chain around the stone and put the chain around his daughter’s neck. He looked at his wife, he was astonished with the news that they were only going to live for ten more years, but he resolved to make this time with his family as happy as he could.

*Birth of one destined to free the slave*

Far from the small birthing hut, in lands to the west there was a grand palace (and when I say grand I really mean huge). Inside was a very large white dog youki pacing back and fourth and growling every time one of his human mate’s painful cries reached his sensitive ears. In the corner of the room was a small boy with long silver hair and pointed ears, he was growling too but it wasn’t because I didn’t want the women to be in pain. Infact he was enjoying her pain in the beginning but now it was just annoying. The young demon also didn’t like the smells that were coming from that room. He winced and covered his ears when her next scream echoed through out the two huge rooms. There was a brief silence before a high pitched growl was heard, then the huge dog rose his head and howled. Birds could be seen scattering for miles around.

Inside the room was a very beautiful lady holding a cute little baby that had little white dog ears and claws on his hands and toes. In his mouth were two very small but sharp teeth. He was already defiant, wriggling around trying to free himself from his mother’s arms. The beautiful lady looked up at the giant dog with a tired smile on her face. The giant dog brought his nose closer to his new son to get a better smell, but when he got close little Inu Yasha grasped onto his fathers nostrils and started pulling and growling. The Youki lord snorted to get the child lose also propelling the child back to his mother’s arms. Sesshomaru stomped out from behind his fathers paw and started shacking his clawed finger in the infest face, “Henyou scum, you suffer for you rudeness to THIS Sesshomaru’s Dad!” he tried his best to sound better then the brat. Little did he know as he was so into his worthless henyou shpeel that he didn’t notice the little pup grab a hold of his finger and take a bite, “OCH OCHHY OCH OCH” little Sesshomaru is reduced to snotty nosed four year old mode in the end. If one was to take a closer look at the Oh So Innocent Inu Yasha you would see a little baby smirk.

*Crazy Teenagers*

In a small village on the outskirts of the dog demon’s kingdom there is a young Miko by the name of Kikyo. This girl is nearing the end of her training, like many teenage girls she thinks that she knows it all. On the same night that our children of destiny were born, Kikyo dabbled in the dark arts.

The sun was setting in the sky when the doors to the little shrine opened. The girl was tall for her age but she was a graceful as a cat. The girls long black hear was tried back. She had a bag with her as she snuck out of the village. There is a legend of a great evil spirit was born in the cave on the outside of town, and that is where this angry miko was headed. On the short walk there she though about how unfair her life was, ‘they gave my spot to my YOUNGER sister Keada’ she felt ill like her body was beginning to way down on her.

Kikyo didn’t know that she was blacking her aura with her thoughts of jealousy. All she knew was she wanted to be the best, she wanted to win. She prepared the area of the ritual inside the cave, Candles encircled the area were that was free of plant life (the place were Onigomo died). She slowly began to dance as she took the robes from her body. She sang words to temp the spirit. Heat rolled in waves over her body, as her hips moved in little circle her pace increasing with the speed at which she was chanting, “Naraku, spawn of the dirty thief Onigomo, I Kikyo daughter of man call you to me”. Over and over she chanted and hummed. In the center of the circle a man’s shape slowly became visible. Kikyo’s dance became more erotic, sweat beaded all over her body shining as it slid down her side in the candle light. The man’s form became clear the longer she danced, you could make out his red eyes and long curly black hair. He seemed to only bewaring a white baboon pelt. Kikyo opened her eyes when she felt an arm snake around her waste drawling her closer to what appeared to be a living body. Kikyo felt another wave of sensation when she looked into his eyes so full of lust, lust for her and her power. There was a wave of heat through her abdomen she felt like she would fall to her knees but this spirit held her to him and smirked.

“ku ku ku, Young Miko You offer you virgin blood and your power freely” his other hand slid from her thigh um to her breast. She could smell her own musk around them.

“Yes Naraku sama, you can take my virgin blood, I offer my self to you freely” she whispers to him as she pulls out her dagger and slices a line on her arm, offering her blood to the ghost.

“very well, I shell use you to re awaken, you must find the Shikon and its keeper” he said this as his now living tongue lapped at the blood. Having licked this wound clean of blood and wanting more, he pushes Kikyo to the cave floor and tossing his pelt aside. He used his hands to memorize every inch of her body. Then he used his tongue. He had her bagging for him before he took her for his own. He bite her neck non to gently as he trust himself inside her welcome body. The repeated the carnal act until sunrise when he released her to go and find the Shikon, he knew it would take longer now because Kikyo was now longer pure. He had tainted her and it made him smile.

*end chapter one*

Ok, Listen people I’m sorry to any of you people that are reading my other fic, but I can’t think of anything right now worth of posting so until I do unforeseen gift will remain unfinished I know I suck, but I don’t want to hear it, I’m only writing because I’m in creative mood and came up with an Idea I thought was good…Ok here are the ground rules for the reviews, I’m a sensitive girly girl so I don’t want to hear negative reviews of any kind if you don’t like it or find a spelling error keep it to your self, I don’t need anyone to point out I’m not a good author I know that already, I have good Ideas but until I can be better at grammar I’m going to sorta suck. But other then that I would love to her you being silly and crazy in the reviews, OH Yeah POT HEADS OF THE WORLD UNITE I ONLY DID THIS FIC CAUSE I GOT FUCKED UP LAST NIGHT

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