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TRANSFERRANT MEMORIES Hey, this is my first yaoi, and normally I'm not into incestuous relationships, but I still wrote this . If it bothers you, then please, don't read. Oh, and I don’t own Inuyasha. Oh and reviews are welcome. Not beta, so excuse mistakes

"I finally get to kill you, half-breed,"The tall, lanky demon of the west pushed his silver locks out of his face as he stared gloomily at his younger brother. His normally dull gold eyes sparkled with challenge as he readied himself for attack.

"Keep dreaming, bastard,"his rowdy, uncouth brother spouted at him. He had to force himself to keep from growling as the grating voice of his little brother resounded throughout the woods. He stared into his brothers fierce golden eyes unmoving.

"That little,"he thought, "How can we even be related? What was my father thinking?" He stared at his brother's garish red kimono. The red stood out against Inuyasha's pale skin. Sesshoumaru realized that his brother was far weaker than him. He could kill him easily, and it puzzled him that he hadn't already. Inuyasha slid out Tessaiga and bent into a fighting stance. "I'm going to enjoy taking father's fang from you, Hanyou,"Sesshoumaru said flatly.

"Keep dreaming, you stuck up prick."Inuyasha shouted," You'll be dead before you can touch my sword." Inuyasha glared at his brother and growled. He ran at his brother and expertly aimed for his brother's heart. Sesshoumaru slid deftly out of the way, but not before raking his claws on his brother's hand. Inuyasha ignored the pain and swung his sword to meet his brother, but met only air.

"Is this the best you can do, half-breed?"he said smugly,"How pathetic."

"Shut up, you asshole."Inuyasha shouted, "You can laugh all you want after I defeat you, smug prick."

Sesshoumaru lunged at his little brother. His hand glowed green as he released poison into the air. Inuyasha blocked him and held his hand over his mouth to keep the poison from entering. Sesshoumaru began to get frustrated. "I will end this."he thought angrily as he tried to keep his normally placid face under control. His brother jumped into the air and brought his sword down on Sesshoumaru. He avoided the attack by swiping his hand across Inuyasha's wrist. The hanyou was forced to release his sword. He stared angrily at his brother as his sword clanked to the ground. Sesshoumaru wasted no time. He immediately grabbed his brother’s wrists and forced him to the ground.

"I've got you right where I want you, Little Hanyou."Sesshoumaru said menacingly, "How does it feel to be helpless, hanyou? No ones coming to save you." Inuyasha ceased struggling. Sesshoumaru allowed himself a little chuckle. "Finally giving up, Half-breed."he said,"I guess..." He was unable to finish his sentence as he stared at Inuyasha. A shocked look of absolute terror was present in his golden eyes. His breathing was rampant. Sesshoumaru could see he wasn't looking at him. His eyes had a far off look.

"NO PLEASE,” he cried anguish permeating his voice as he squirmed underneath his brother,” Don’t touch me."

Sesshoumaru released him in shock. Inuyasha skittered away from him. He pulled his arms into his chest and sat in a fetal position with his knee's bent. The far off look had not yet receded from his eyes, and he began to rock back and forth. Sesshoumaru was utterly mystified and disturbed by this display. He couldn't understand why it bothered him so. For some reason, he didn't like seeing his normally fierce, uncouth brother so disheveled. He still continued to rock gently back and forth. "Inuyasha,"Sesshoumaru said hoping to rouse him from his memories. His brother continued to rock, not staring at him. He stared at his brother while he tried to regain his composer.

As he stared, he couldn't help but notice how young he looked. He looked small, almost childlike. He stared at his brother’s silvery hair as it cascaded down his shoulders, and the fluffy dog ears that that were now flattened on his head. He stared at the soft yet firm features of his brother’s face, and his small, taut frame. His gaze finally rested on his golden colored eyes. His eyes betrayed his real youth. They were shiny orbs of light brown and honeyed yellow. They held an austere, honest look to them that surprised the demon. This forced him to realize that his brother really was little more than a child. He realized that he was barely past nineteen years old. The demon fought to push those thoughts aside. The far off look slowly receded from the hanyou's eyes. He stared at his brother bewildered. Then, quickly arranged his face into a scowl, and took a fighting stance.

"I have no time for this, half-breed.” he said in his unfeeling way,” I shall kill you at a later date." With that he took to the air leaving his brother standing there in confusion.

      Sesshoumaru silently brooded for hours over his brother's strange reaction, but decided finally to push the thoughts from his mind. He was exhausted and angry at himself for thinking so earnestly of that half-breed. He settled into to bed, letting all thoughts of his half brother drift away. He was thrust immediately into a dream. He could see a young boy with silver hair very much like his own, but it held a particular sheen. The boys face was pale, plump and round. His beautiful amber eyes were beset with terror as he ran fast with the sleeves of his red kimono trailing in his wake. Sesshoumaru instantly recognized Inuyasha. The young demon was running for his life. His hands flailed in front of him as he pushed through the forest. He ran and hid underneath some bushes. His body shivered as he heard the resounding thud of footsteps. A water demon came into the clearing. His eyes were a crystal blue along with his hair which was pushed into a ponytail. His face was sharp with firm features, but otherwise handsome. He was tall and wore a black kimono adored with cherry blossoms. Across his chest was thick armor. His body was lean and muscular.

"Half-breed,” he said tauntingly,” You can't hide from me forever."

Sesshoumaru could see that he was a noble. He stood dangerously close to Inuyasha's hiding place. Inuyasha was huddled and trying hard not to breath. The demon suddenly pushed aside the shrubbery and grabbed Inuyasha. The little hanyou struggled and clawed at the regal demon. The demon jerked his hand away as Inuyasha clawed him. Inuyasha took off running again, but was caught quickly. The little boy was pushed on the ground as the older demon pressed his weight on the boy's back.

"Be a good boy, Hanyou." the man cooed,” I won't let you go. I have you right where I want you."

Inuyasha continued to struggle and yell. "Get off me, you ugly bastard." the boy yelled angrily.

"Just give up.” the water demon said menacingly,"No one is going to save you." He pulled at the hanyou's clothes yanking them off of him as Inuyasha continued to struggle. The demon lowered his face to Inuyasha's neck and licked his collarbone. Fear was beginning to overtake the hanyou, and he struggled harder, but couldn't get loose. He screamed begging someone to help him or save him as the man moved his hands over the boy’s body. Sesshoumaru jerked awake. He was breathing hard.

"My lord, are you alright?"Jaken's squeaky voice asked. The demon lord rose. "My lord," Jaken squeaked,” Is any..."

"Attend to the castle while I am away, Jaken," Sesshoumaru said.

"My lord," Jaken said,” Where are you going?"

Sesshoumaru didn't answer. He just took to the air in search of his brother. For some reason, he knew that he couldn't ignore the dream. He searched for his brother's scent, and found it as he neared a village. Inuyasha was past the village in the woods. He began to walk through the village. The humans stared at him fearfully and muttered under their breath. "Look, he's a demon." "Whats he doing here?" "What should we do?" Sesshoumaru immediately noticed that Inuyasha's smell was different, but he couldn't figure out exactly what it was. He understood as he came upon Inuyasha's prone form. Inuyasha had obviously climbed into a tree to sleep and keep predators and humans away. In his distress, he fell out of the tree and was lying on the forest ground. Sesshoumaru could see that his arm was badly broken, but that is not what caught his attention. His stared at his brother amazed and disgusted as he stepped to his side. Inuyasha had thick ebony locks that gleamed in the moonlight, and an olive complexion. Sesshoumaru marveled at the fact that his brother was completely human. He shook him, but got no response from him.

Sesshoumaru pushed strands of hair out of the boy's face and shook him again. "Inuyasha," he said sternly," Wake up." He pushed him over so he was lying on his back, but Inuyasha still didn't respond. He grew impatient and lifted the hanyou by the shoulders and shook him. "Wake up, half-breed." he said sternly. Inuyasha's eyes fluttered open and he stared. Sesshoumaru froze as he gazed at the dark ice blue eyes of his younger brother. His eyes held pain, emptiness, and confusion, but they still shone with an innocence that was mystifying. "Ses..Sesshoumaru," he sputtered before he slumped against his brother's shoulder. Sesshoumaru sighed in disbelief and annoyance. He suddenly noticed the heat that was pooling off his brother's head as he rested it on his shoulder. He slid his fingers to his brother's forehead. "He's burning up," he thought before he lifted his brother up into his arms, and headed toward his castle.

Jaken couldn't hide his shock as he watched his master carry a human into his castle and set him in the silk covered sheets of his own bed. He turned to Jaken. "Tend to him,"he said unfeelingly. Then, he stepped out of the room. Jaken busily set about his task. He removed Inuyasha's kimono, so his chest was bare. Sesshoumaru walked into the room just as Jaken was setting his brother back on the bed. He stared at his brother’s shoulder which was adorned with four small scars. His mind flashed back to the young child running through the woods, having his shoulder gripped forcefully as he's pushed to the ground. Jaken pushed a blanket over his sleeping form. "Jaken," Sesshoumaru said making him jump," Fetch water and cloth." Jaken left the room leaving Seshoumaru alone with his brother. Inuyasha cringed and clutched at the blankets before letting his hand fall to the floor palm up. Sesshoumaru could clearly see the wound he dealt him earlier. The wound was obviously infected. The skin around the abrasion was hued a light green, while the outer edge was black. Sesshoumaru immediately recognized the effects of his poison. Inuyasha gasped and shuddered as sweat poured off his forehead. Jaken shuffled back into the room carrying a basin of water. He silently dipped a cloth in water and set it on the Inuyasha's forehead. Inuyasha groaned as his breath became more labored, and Sesshoumaru cringed as he became aware of what he had to do.

He grasped Inuyasha's arm tightly and lifted it off the floor. Inuyasha cringed and gasped in pain before he relaxed his grip. He raised his brother's arm to his lips trying to fight back the revulsion of actually having to touch him. He sank his fangs into the wound, which earned a scream of agony from Inuyasha. After he was sure the poison had drained from the wound. He dragged his tongue over the abrasion. Inuyasha's arm stopped bleeding and his wound closed. Sesshoumaru continued to hold Inuyasha arm. He rubbed his finger across his skin. For some reason, he was surprised to find that Inuyasha's skin was so smooth and soft. He expected to feel the course abrasive texture of someone beneath him. Someone filthy with the blood of humans, but this wasn't the case. He slid his fingers along Inuyasha's arm still marveling at the soft feel of his skin.

"My lord,"Jaken said.

Sesshoumaru immediately dropped Inuyasha's arm, and cursed himself inwardly. "What is it, Jaken?"he said tersely as he tried to regain composure.

"My lord, I was wondering just who this human is?"Jaken asked. He coward a little as he said the words.

"Inuyasha,"Sesshoumaru said. Jaken stared at him blankly. "The human is Inuyasha,"he said trying hard not to betray any annoyance. Inuyasha groaned and opened his eyes. He stared up at Sesshoumaru shocked. He tried to move away from his brother, but his limbs wouldn't obey him. "You won't be able to move for a while, half-breed."he said,"I suggest you stay still."

"Stop calling me half-breed, you asshole,"he said,"What the hell am I doing here anyway?" Inuyasha's coarse words didn't produce the anger in Sesshoumaru that they normally would. This was perhaps because his voice sounded softer. Inuyasha was barely able to speak because of the sickness that caused his throat to be sore. He was unable to produce the grainy, unrefined voice that he usually toned to his brother. Instead, his voice was even and normal sounding. It reminded Sesshoumaru of their father's voice. He wasn't sure if he liked or disliked that.

"Well,"Inuyasha said cutting into his thoughts,"What am I doing here?"

Sesshoumaru stared into Inuyasha's mesmerizing ice blue eyes momentarily transfixed. “We will discuss that after you have recovered,"he said. Inuyasha gasped and stared down at his arm.

"What happened to my wound."he said," I shouldn't be able to heal that fast." He stared up at Sesshoumaru.

"I removed my poison from you."he said,"That is why you are healed."

"You mean you..."Inuyasha blushed as he stared at his arm,"but why? Why go through all that trouble to save me?"

"We have something important to discuss."he said,"That would be rather difficult if I let you die. Besides, I can kill you anytime. Now I know you time of weakness."

"You’re such a stuck up prick,"Inuyasha said turning his face to the side.

"Jaken,"Sesshoumaru said,"attend to his needs."

He turned to walk out the room. "Thank you,"Inuyasha muttered softly. Sesshoumaru froze at the doorway and turned to stare at him. He was gazing at his hands. Sesshoumaru smirked inwardly, then left the room.

"Why would my lord want me to care for a stupid hanyou,"Jaken complained.

"Shut up, slimy kappa."he said,"I don't need you to take care of me." He pulled himself into a sitting position with a grunt. The kappa's eyes widened. Inuyasha flexed his hands. His muscles protested slightly at their abuse. His body was desperately telling him that he needed to rest, but he refused to stay here any longer.

"What are you doing?"Jaken said,"My lord needs to speak with you, so stay in bed."

"I'm not going to stay here."he said,"Don't try and stop me." He stood up and muttered a curse as pain jutted through his limbs. Jaken stood in front of him.

"I won't let you leave,"he said,"My master said I am to take care of you. So, sit down."

Inuyasha stared at him surprised. "You must really have a death wish.” He pushed past the kappa. He was surprised by how much strength he exerted to do that little. He pushed open the latticed window and peered below. It was a clear three story drop. He was thankful that ivy ran up the side of the building as he eased his way onto the ledge. He put his foot on a vine and shimmied out of the window. He hated that his human form prevented him from moving faster but he couldn't help it since he would be human till the next daybreak. God, he hated moonless nights. He gripped the vines and lowered himself skillfully along the wall. He was still two stories up when he felt the vine give way. Suddenly he was free falling and he landed on the ground with a thud. He stifled a yell as he felt his ankle snap as it made contact with the floor. He pulled himself to his feet, and grimaced at the pain, but continued to move forward.

He was moving slowly dragging his leg across the ground. He stopped to stare at a garden filled with irises, chrysanthemums, and tulips. Sitting in the middle of the garden, staring off into space was his half-brother Sesshoumaru. He silently prayed that Sesshoumaru hadn't heard him as crept past him.


He swiveled around, which caused pain to jut through his leg. Sesshoumaru stoic face was towering above his own. He wrapped his fingers around Inuyasha's arm. "You may not leave until I give you permission,"he said.

"I'll leave when I want, bastard."he said,"You don't own me." Sesshoumaru stared at him still keeping his voice level.

"Just how far do you think you will get."he said,"Your weak right now, and you have broken your ankle. Do you really think you can escape in such a state?"

"Just you wait."Inuyasha said angrily,"I will get away."

Sesshoumaru gave him a smug look. "You may try, half breed."he said,"I can assure you that you will fail." He dragged Inuyasha in the house, and to the foot of the stairs. Inuyasha stared at them ominously, and Sesshoumaru slid an arm around Inuyasha's waist.

"What are you doing?"Inuyasha shrieked, or he would have if his voice wasn't so sore,"Get the fuck off me."

"Stop struggling,"Sesshoumaru demanded his voice stern," I don't want to touch you any more than you want me to."

He continued to hold him as they struggled up the stairs. Inuyasha was bleary-eyed as they reached the room. Sesshoumaru could see he was in pain. He set Inuyasha on the bed, then opened a cherry wood wardrobe in the corner of the room. He pulled out a congealed green substance.

"What is that?"Inuyasha asked apprehensively.

"It’s a salve for your ankle."Sesshoumaru answered,"It should make you heal faster." Sesshoumaru rolled up the bottom of Inuyasha's hakama. Inuyasha cringed as cold, slim fingers ran up and down his ankle.

"What’s the matter?"Sesshoumaru asked without betraying any emotion.

"Your hands are cold,"Inuyasha said honestly. Sesshoumaru slid his fingers off. The throbbing ache in Inuyasha's ankle diminished considerably.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, your home,"A chubby faced ningen ran into the room. Her raven colored hair was tied halfway up on her head, her bronze colored eyes sparkled with happiness. As she smiled, he could see several missing teeth. "I'm glad you have returned, My lord."she said politely. Sesshoumaru gave a nod of approval, and she smiled as if he'd hugged her, instead of his small gesture. Then, her eyes landed on Inuyasha. "Pretty,"the word slipped through her lips in a barely audible whisper. Were it not for Sesshoumaru's exceptional hearing, the word would have gone unnoticed. Yet, he had heard and it caused him to pause and observe his brother. He stared at Inuyasha's even olive skin, his dark onyx colored hair that fell past his shoulders in silky waves,and his soft rounded face with sharp features that gave him a childlike appearance. Sesshoumaru had to agree with Rin, Inuyasha was, indeed, pretty, but also handsome in a way Sesshoumaru would never be. He snapped from his thoughts as dark azure eyes stared at his quizzically.

"Who are you?"she asked stepping closer to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha,"he said, his voice sounded hoarse.

"Rin is pleased to meet you, master Inuyasha,"she said bowing slightly.

"Its just Inuyasha."he said,"Nice to meet you too, kid."

Her smile brightened and she continued to stare. “Rin,” Sesshoumaru questioned, “You have your studies to attend to, have you not?”

“Yes, my lord,” she said before bowing. There was a small whisper of a smile as she closed the shoji behind her.

“What is she, your pet?” Inuyasha asked. The bitterness in his voice did not escape Sesshoumaru’s notice.

“What I do is none of your concern, hanyou,” Sesshoumaru said calmly.

“I thought you hated humans.” Inuyasha said, “Why do you have one living with you?”

“As I have clearly explained, hanyou, I have no need to explain myself to you,” he answered, “Get some sleep, hanyou. You are going to need it if you ever intend to make your masterful escape.” Sesshoumaru allowed himself the slightest of chuckles before walking out.

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