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The campground was clear of all campers this summer. It seemed so empty for a usually busy tourist attraction that had people coming from all over to enjoy the forests of Inuyasha.

The season had just started when Kagome and her family had opened the shrine up for the usual groups of curious fans who seemed to believe still in the cartoon series that had made up most of her life. Most people would not ever believe that she and her husband Inuyasha were really the main characters of this story. Their names had changed and she was now known as Kimberly Sony and her husband was on the other side of the well fighting demons in Feudal Japan.

The couple had an idea of setting up the new camp for the kids in Japan since she had enjoyed the camping that they had done when she traveled through the well. However, Souta and her Mother could not be without her forever. Grandfather had died and her Mother needs to be cared for. Kagome didn't much care to be on the modern side, but with her wild brother's constant disappearances she could not leave her Mother to care for herself and this big place on her own.

Kagome traveled the long roadways and greeted the usual councilors who volunteered their time each summer. They too were surprised by the empty parking lot and the fact there were so few people coming this year.

"Ms. Sony, it is so good to see you again."

Stated the young man who was in charge of this camp. The manager was a young red haired American boy who had come here as a foreign exchange student and had decided to remain in Japan until his college degree was completed.

"Hello Eric, how are you doing? Why is no one here? Did we not send out enough flyers this year?"

Eric rubbed the back of his neck.

"We did, but there seems to be a problem. Ever since your husband left we have had this corporate guy come by threatening to tear down the area to build a mall out here as well as some new condos so we have had a lot of our usual customers threatened. I don't know what the heck we are going to do about Mr. Wong."

Kagome sighed. This meant she would have to go see Inuyasha's older brother again and find out what he wanted. They could never seem to get rid of him out of their lives. He was always screwing something up for Inuyasha.

"Fine, I will go to his office. Don't worry Eric. We will find a solution to this problem and please keep the staff here. After I am done perhaps my 'brother-in-law' will back off again for a while."

Eric nodded and went back to the group to tell them what was going on as Kagome got into her silver Geo Metro.

"That jerk never cuts us a break."

Kagome grumbled as she started the car. Of course sitting right next to her was the one person she least likely planned on seeing or wanted to see.

"Sesshoumaru what the hell are you doing in my car?"

Sesshoumaru smirked. He liked this modern age and had not forgotten the humiliation of losing his arm years ago to his brat of a brother nor the sacrifices he made. He held grudges for centuries.

"Little sister you show me so little respect. Not that you ever did before.'
"I see that your little camping business is having some difficulty getting off the ground this year. Start the car Kagome and drive."

Kagome started the car knowing better then to argue with Sesshoumaru and she still had the memories to know this was not the kind of man you piss off, especially in such close quarters.

"Why are you tormenting us again? What the crap did we do to you now? Cross the street the wrong way or did we walk on your precious carpet one too many times?"

Kagome frowned as she went to turn on the radio only to have Sesshoumaru slap her hand gently away.

"Tormenting you? No, tormenting Inuyasha yes. You bore me."

Sesshoumaru smiled as he watched the young woman fume in her seat. She hated him and he knew it.

"What do you have against Inuyasha all the time? He hasn't done anything to you lately other than the usual that you both do to each other."

Kagome stated angrily.

"When I want you to talk I will allow it. Right now I just asked you to drive. You will park now over there by those trees and we are going for a walk."

Kagome felt uneasy about this. Still he had not hurt her before and this wasn't the first time he had done this.

Stopping the car Sesshoumaru grabbed the keys and then got out telling Kagome to wait for him to open her door. Then he did so as he took her hand and pulled her out.
"Come with me."

They started walking along a trail down to a familiar site. It was Rin's grave.

"This is not where you should have your campers wander. I am insulted on what they have done here."

The gravestone had graffiti all over it. Jane was here and Carlos's phone number. All of this graffiti was offensive to the proud diayouki who had adored the little girl as though she were his own blood.

"I want your camp ground moved. I will fund it, but it must be done immediately. This will not happen again or I will take Inuyasha's arm. I warned him that although this forest is under his name it is still in my territories. I have given you both more money and more things than anyone would need. Now move your campground or I will obliterate it."

Kagome looked at the grave site and felt tears sting. This little girl had meant a lot to all of them. It was disgraceful. No wonder Sesshoumaru was so angry.
"I will replace it somehow. It is a good thing the well is still open. I will tell my past self so that I can destroy these campers of yours who disgraced this sacred spot. Your camp will move and I want you to let Inuyasha know how I feel by sending him to me as soon as he gets home."

With that the demon Lord was gone and Kagome's keys were in her hand once again. Suddenly the graffiti was gone and it was as though nothing had happened.

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