A Time for Changes

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Description: Kagome's college years are getting complicated and just when things seem impossible she finds haven in a small café and its clerk. (Iny/Kagome)

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Chapter 1: A New Haven

Kagome let out a long sigh as she finally reached the top of the six flights of staircases she just conquered. She loved her apartment and her landlord, Kaede-sama, but she really wished the old lady would consider fixing that broken elevator. Her arms were filled with bags on top of bags; her messenger bag with all her schoolwork, a second bag for her art supplies, groceries, a laptop bag, and the textbooks she'd just bought as part of her required materials.

The college junior was more than happy to be home, she'd been up since six attending all of her classes. Kagome had managed to squeeze in as many classes as possible; she was double majoring in Feudal History and Arts. Sometimes the workload got a little heavy, but overall, she loved what she was doing.

Blowing a piece of hair out of her face she let out another sigh of exhaustion. With a relieved smile she reached out for the doorknob to her shared apartment, ready to kick up her feet and sketch, but stopped midway. A blue bow, their symbol; her roommate Sango-chan had been dating this guy Miroku-kun since they were freshmen back on campus and things were pretty serious between them. The blue bow was for Miroku-kun; it mostly meant 'enter at your own risk'.

Most of the time Kagome snickered at Miroku-kun's hentai nature, but today she was all the more frustrated. Her eyes glazed over with sadness; Miroku-kun would be leaving for London to study abroad for a semester and she knew it was going to be hard on Sango-chan. The couple was very much in love and Kagome knew that Miroku-kun planned on proposing when he got back from London. He left in two weeks, which meant Sango-chan wanted as much time with him as possible, which most of the time, led to lots of sex. Where would she go now? Miroku-kun usually let Kagome use his apartment, which was across the hall, but Kagome never took up the offer because of Miroku-kun's eccentric roommate. This roommate hardly ever came up in conversation nor showed his face in their friendly outings, Miroku said it was because the guy was always working to keep himself in school; apparently finances were not on his side.

Kagome understood that because she was riding on an academic scholarship and needed a 3.8 each semester to keep the scholarship. What worried her more was that sometimes at night she could hear the hushed voices of two guys arguing, one cursing, and sometimes things being thrown.

This is great; it will be a while before I'm allowed to come home. Thank god Sango and I agreed on the 2AM rule, at least I can sleep in my bed then... Kagome cried on the inside as she made the long journey back down the six flights of stairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs she heard a voice.

"Kagome! What on earth are you doing?" She looked up to see her good friend Koga-kun. Koga-kun and Kagome were both attending the same college with Sango and Miroku. Koga was one of the few people Kagome knew who was open about being a demon. Today he was in khaki slacks and a blue turtleneck. "You look like you need some help. Heading somewhere?"

"Not really, I just can't get into my apartment right now," Kagome sighed, flashing her cerulean eyes up at him. "I was just going to walk to the library and work there."

Koga gaped, "Walk? Kagome the library's at least sixteen blocks from here---"

"---You know I don't have the money to spare to hail a cab," Kagome huffed, cutting him off. The girl had a tight budget, and what was so wrong with walking? She draped her bags on the floor and slowly stretched out her very sore arms.

"Please, my dear Kagome-chan let me at least help you carry them. You must be carrying at least your weight in bags." He flashed a toothy grin at her and bent down to pick up a few of her bags, his demonic strength giving him quite the advantage over Kagome, and he knew it irritated her to no end when people thought of her as weak. "I promise I'll be out of your way once we get you where you need to be." Straightening himself out he held the door open for her, "Onward, my lady."

Rolling her eyes Kagome walked out onto the street. "The library closes early on Friday's, so I guess I'll need to find another place to rest at until 2. Any ideas?" She kept her eyes ahead of her, making sure her heels didn't get caught in any of the uneven street, unaware of Koga who was completely engaged in every word that escaped her pretty mouth.

"Well, you can stay with me, you know my door is always open for you, Kagome-chan," Koga purred, watching her squirm with embarrassment. Truth be told both Kagome and Koga knew how his parents reacted towards humans. Although they were not outwardly condescending, they did see humans as the lesser beings, and Koga did not want Kagome, a sweet girl, to be the victim of cruel words.

"Oh Koga-kun, you know if I came I'd never be able to leave," Kagome countered with a cute pout and fluttering of her eyelashes. This was how their relationship worked, this casual flirting and joking. "But honestly, do you have any ideas? My feet are starting to hurt."

Koga scanned the area, demonic eyes focusing farther than Kagome's eyes could even imagine, nose twitching, "I smell coffee, so there must be a small café around here somewhere. We can stop there for now." He looked down at her pretty face, which was now smiling up at his. "You seem swamped lately with work, deadlines coming up?"

She nodded slowly, shifting the weight on her arms, "I have to have my art portfolio done in two weeks. I'm almost there, but I need a centerpiece and I don't know what to draw. It's like the floodgates to my creativity are being cut off. I'm desperate for inspiration. Besides the arts I just have all my other normal classes with book reports, thesis papers, and stuff."

"I hope you schedule some relaxing, I can't stand the thought of you having bags under your eyes. It wouldn't be very becoming on you, Kagome-chan."

"Oh thanks Koga-kun, it's nice to know that you'll surely abandon me once I become old and gray. I will not be able to stay youthful forever like you will," Kagome answered sarcastically, only to receive a hip check from her friend.

"So are we close, all-mighty-demon?"

he playful banter continued for another few blocks. The two discussed their classes; both of them had some overlap in general education. Koga wanted to be a science teacher and Kagome in the history area. Before she knew it they were standing in front of a small café a few turns off of the main road. It was called Ibu. Once Kagome had situated herself on a maroon sofa within the café Koga hugged her tightly, taking in her delicious scent of sakura blossoms and old spices, and left. He reminded her that when she decided to come home he'd swing on by to get her if she called, though deep down Koga knew she'd never call. Kagome wasn't someone to burden others.

Kagome approached the counter to place an order. The only guy at the counter currently had his back turned to her which gave her the view of his white hair, currently tied back by a red bandana. "Um, excuse me?"

He glanced over his shoulder, "Oye, whaddya want?" Gold eyes pierced through her.

Kagome's brow furrowed with confusion, "I wanted to place an order."

"And? Out with it!"

"Um, a medium pumpkin latte please, and a scone."

"Keh, you won't want that latte," the boy responded, still with his back to her, apparently peeling something.

Kagome frowned, "Why's that?"

"It tastes like horse piss."

"Taishou-san! What did I tell you about talking to customers!" A woman appeared beside the boy and whacked him upside the head with a newspaper. The woman turned to Kagome; she had short black hair, her bangs hanging out over the silver headband that was in her hair with deep black eyes. The woman was around a mother's age, but seemed wise, and full of life.

"What the hell wench, I'm just telling her how it is. That stuff is disgusting."

The woman hit him again and bowed to Kagome, "Excuse me for my employee's unbecoming behavior. He hates working the night shift, with a passion."

"I hate this job with a passion," the boy named Taishou grumbled.

"Enough of you, Taishou," the woman snapped. Turning back to Kagome she smiled, "For your trouble I'll give you our best green tea, I freshly brew it myself. Is that okay with you, Miss?"

Kagome who all the while had a sweat drop on her face cleared her throat and bowed, "Thank you very much for your generosity, manager-sama. I'll be over there on that couch."

The manager whispered to Taishou-san to make her the tea and then retreated into the back. Kagome, still staring at the back of Taishou-san sighed, "Even though you're strange, I'm glad you told me. I would hate to waste my money on something I'm not going to like." As she turned to go back to her seat Kagome was sure she heard a "keh".

A while later Kagome was absorbed in her work; her laptop was open, web pages flickering on the page about feudal Japan and influential artists. Some essays she'd written were on the coffee table, red pen all over them from her professors. In her lap she had a sketch pad and a piece of charcoal, by her feet, a handful of crumpled up pieces of paper.

"Green tea."

She looked up and practically gaped at what she saw; gold eyes burning through her frame, heavy black eyebrows, and white bangs fluttering across his forehead. He shoved the tea into her hand, and then she noticed it in the other hand, her scone. "You remembered the scone?" she asked curiously, a small smile forming on her face.

He shrugged, "Keh, I didn't want that old hag yelling at me again."As he placed the scone on the table he looked at the drawing half-completed on her lap; it was a picture of a woman, arms outstretched, taking up almost the entire canvas, arms poised to wrap around the silhouette that was half finished. "Artist?"

"Trying to be," she laughed lightly. "It is one of my majors at the university." She tore the paper from the page and prepared to crumble it, "But nothing seems to come out lately, it's just, missing something."

His hand darted out and grabbed her wrist, making her squeak in surprise, "Don't." Realizing what he had done, Taishou-san removed his hold on her wrist, "Gomen, uh, you shouldn't throw it away. I've seen shit five times worse than yours and it's called art."

He found her eyes entrancing, so blue and innocent, eyes that made it hard for him to stay indifferent. Taishou-san lowered himself onto the arm of the sofa, laying the tray across his jean-clad legs.

Kagome took a sip of the tea and put it down on the counter. "I need more pictures for my class but I don't want to just draw. I want them to mean something. But I can't fall behind either, in high school I was always sick and behind on my assignments, I barely graduated."

"Yeah well you're not the only one," he grumbled, running his hands up and down the tray. "I was always getting into trouble, it just came to me. Half the time I didn't even do a damn thing but I always got blamed for that shit. I got suspended so many times it's a miracle I graduated. I think the old bastard just didn't want me in his school for an extra year."

She put down the pad, "If you don't mind me asking, what are you majoring in?"

"Business, have to help my ice prince brother run our family business because I have no choice in the matter. Stupid prick, that bastard's got no personality, always stern and trying to put me down. I hate him." He noticed her eyes seemed sad, "What's wrong?"

Kagome shook her head, raven locks shadowing her head as she picked up her tea. "You just made me think of my little brother, that's all. He's overseas, fighting the war on terrorism and stuff. We had a fight before he left."

Taishou-san frowned, he felt bad for making this girl upset. When did he ever give a crap what someone else thought or felt? This girl was perplexing. She was a simple girl, thin but not bony, curvy but not outwardly giving off sexual energy. Honestly, this girl seemed like a normal girls, nothing else, except her eyes. Taishou-san felt like her eyes could see right into his soul, which unnerved him slightly. She seemed to, care, too much for his fancy.

"Just tell him you're sorry when he gets home."

Kagome chuckled lightly; his pointblank answers were refreshing compared to Sango and Miroku who seemed to pity her. "Thanks, he'll be home at the end of this year, but he could very well go back to the war. I guess even if it's one day, I'd be happy to see him. He's so young, the minute he turned eighteen he was off to defend honor."

Taishou-san's eyes fell back on the sketch, her fingers nervously folding the bottom left edge back and forth. "Who is the woman?"

Startled, Kagome seemed to jump and look back at the sketch, as if she'd forgotten she'd ever drawn it. "I'm not really sure. She isn't my mother, if that's what you're asking. She's a woman I see in my dreams a lot, very beautiful, but she never speaks. She always seems so sad."

"More tea," he said suddenly, walking away from her. Kagome stared at her cup, when had that gotten empty? Just as she was about to tell him to stay her phone vibrated on the table, signaling a text message

--- 1 New Message ---

She clicked the read button.

From: Sango

Hey, where are you? No one's seen you since class

Reply To Sango: O.

Ur done boinking Miroku? Its safe 4 me 2 come home? Im sry, I thot ud want 4EVER!

Kagome snapped her phone shut and threw it onto the pile of her papers and lay back on the couch. She loved Sango, they'd been friends since they were freshmen, and it was like they were destined to meet. But Sango didn't really need Kagome anymore, she was in love with Miroku, and Kagome knew the two would be married by the time they graduated. Kagome was slowly becoming an inconvenience.


Sango snapped her phone shut and put it down on the side table, "Miroku, I really think our relationship is starting to take a toll on Kagome."

Miroku suckled on her neck while his hands snaked up her naked body, the two were kneeling on the top of her very messy bed. "Well," he managed to get out between hot kisses. "Maybe. You. Should. Tell. Her. Our. Idea. About. Us. Moving. In. Together."

"I know, but with Souta over seas I don't know if it's the best time to leave her---" Sango lost her words as she threw her head back and gasped as Miroku's hands began to ruthlessly assault her voluptuous breasts. "M...Miroku...she'll be home soon."

"She' got a few blocks to walk anyway. You're far too beautiful to pass up," Miroku whispered seductively before planting his lips back on her neck, grazing her creamy skin with his teeth.

He loved Sango, his days of being a playboy and having quick fucks were over. It meant so much more when the woman you loved squirmed and gasped your name like she was. Miroku loved telling her how sexy she was, any sort of compliment made her blush. Sango let out a throaty moan as he pinched and twisted her already hardened nipples. Her C-sized breasts ached for his touch, skin burning, perky with joy for his undivided attention. Sango's mind was fogged by the pleasure she was feeling. It didn't matter how many times the two bedded together, she was turned on merely by his whispers or butterfly touches. Her tone legs rapped around his waist, pressing his well-endowed erection against her, grinding as moans escaped the two of him. His lips left her now hickey-covered neck for her breasts, biting down on a teat and then sucking on it as if he were a nursing pup. Both of them hoped that Kagome wouldn't come home anytime soon.


When Taishou-san returned with more tea for the girl, he noticed she was now tense and had crossed her arms, huffing and sulking angrily. "Something wrong?"

"Just tension between me and my roommate, it's what happens when one of you is hopelessly in love and the other is third wheel," she muttered, taking the teacup from his hands. "Do you have that problem? Sometimes I think I'm the only one."

Taishou threw his head back and laughed, strands of his beautiful white hair falling around his face. "My roommate would bring home anything with two legs that was fuckable. I stopped coming home on the weekends it was so ridiculous. I always had to stay with my brother and let me tell you, that wasn't fun."

Kagome chuckled and then sipped at her tea. This guy sure was nice for an employee, most act like drones and hand out their orders they're assigned, but not him. They must've been talking for a while now. She blushed suddenly and turned so her cerulean eyes met his golden ones, "I'm sorry you've had to listen to me ramble. You must have better things to do. Gomen."

"Keh, it's obvious you haven't noticed by now, but you're the only one left in here."

With a squeak Kagome stood up and looked around the café. Taishou-san wasn't kidding, all the chairs at the counter and tables were turned upside down for the night, and the floor was glistening from a fresh mopping. The only thing that was on was the warm water for tea.

Still standing she began scrambling to put her things away into her bags, "I'm sorry! You've been so polite waiting for me to leave; I must not have picked up on your hints. I'm sorry---"

"Damn it woman, that wasn't it. I didn't mind talking to you." Taishou-san rubbed the back of his head in frustration, "Most people don't give a rat's ass about me and carry on with their days. It was...nice...to have someone to talk to. Besides, my replacement doesn't get here until three anyway, it was better than actually working."

With that Taishou-san allowed himself to grin and Kagome let out a sign of relief. The moment was interrupted by Kagome's cell phone vibrating; the caller ID listed "Koga" as the caller. Kagome blushed, "Excuse me one sec." She picked up the phone and flipped it open, "Hello? Oh yeah, I'm fine. Why? What time is it? It's WHAT?" Kagome with her other hand began to pack things up, "Yes I'd love a ride. I didn't get nearly as much work done, as I wanted. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Shut up jerk. Bye."

Taishou-san smirked, "Guess you need to head out. Got a long day tomorrow?"

"You wouldn't believe half of it," Kagome told him, frantically pulling on her black coat while trying to push more books into bags. "I have five classes tomorrow, work, and I still need to get some more sketches done." Once she finally had everything in her arms she bowed to him, "Thank you so much for being so nice. It was, sweet, of you."

Denying the blush on his cheeks he turned his head from her, "Keh, I had to chose between you and working, I chose you, you were less boring."

"Oh gee thanks, now don't I feel loved," she stuck out her tongue at him in protest. A car horn honked outside. "That must be Koga-kun. Have a nice night, Taishou-san."

She called him this based off of what the lady had called him. "Hey wait-" Kagome stopped at the door and looked back. "What's your name?"

"My name?" she tilted her head to the side, raven hair falling onto her face. "Higurashi Kagome. But just call me Kagome."

And with that, she was gone. Taishou-san looked around the empty café and sighed. This fit his disposition more, to be completely alone and isolated. But her, she was something that had disrupted that flow of normality, even if it was for a brief time. He picked up her cup and put it on the tray, finding himself whistling as he waited for his replacement.


"Who were you talking to in there, Kagome-chan?"

Kagome turned from the window to gaze at Koga, "Oh, that was Taishou-san. He was just the cashier from the café. He was nice and kept me company."

Koga's eyes narrowed slightly, it was a little suspicious that Taishou-san had only been speaking to Kagome. Normally an employee would have told her to get lost if she was the only customer inside. Besides, he'd seen the look in Taishou-san's eyes; he had appeared completely entranced by Kagome and whatever she had been speaking about. But of course, Kagome-chan was completely oblivious to it.

"Well the two of you must've talked up a storm, it's already three in the morning," Koga choked, elbowing her lightly. "Did he steal your heart like a demon?"

"No!" she blushed, hitting his arm in retaliation. "He was just talking to me, gees, Koga-kun. It was nice to not have to think about school, I let time get away from me, that's all."

Koga couldn't help but chuckle as Kagome huffed with anger but still had a tint of red to her cheeks. He opened the door for her and revealed they were back at her apartment. "Will you be okay from here, or would you like me to make sure Miroku-san is long gone?"

"He'll be gone by now, he has classes tomorrow too," Kagome sighed, sliding out of the car. "Thank you for the ride, Koga-kun, I'll see you tomorrow around campus."


She unlocked the door to her apartment, seeing the blue ribbon was gone. Kagome left her shoes and bags by the door; the split apartment was small but decent for the two girls who shared it. There were two bedrooms, an office, a small kitchen nook, and an open den for them to share the TV in. Looking in on the apartment, she saw the television was still on and flickering.

"You're finally home, Kagome."

Kagome went to the fridge and pulled out a water bottle and clenched it in her hands. "Time escaped me."

"Is that really it, or were you just mad at me?" Sango had yet to turn her face away from the television.

Kagome sighed; she wasn't in the mood for this argument. "I got into a deep conversation with the cashier, Taishou-san, we were talking about school and stuff. Koga-kun finally called me to ask if I'd gotten home yet, and that was when I realized how late it was."

"Oh, I see. Well, this Taishou-san, is he cute?" Sango asked gently.

Kagome chuckled, "If you like a bad-mouthed 'I hate my job' sort of guy. He's majoring in business to help his brother with their family business. Besides, you know I'm too busy for a relationship." She took a sip of her water.

"You've been saying that since I met you. I think a date once or twice a month wouldn't kill you, you know."

Kagome walked to her bedroom door and opened it, "Nice try, but I can't afford to waste the time."


Wisps of silver wind fluttered across her vision. She pushed back her bangs and looked around, the streets were lined with a small coating of snow, but the sky was filled with pink petals.


In her peripheral vision she watched a group of figures. Three of them. They seemed to be arguing, she could feel the angry aura that surrounded them. One of them turned and began to walk into the street, the others walking their separate ways at the corner.

One turned back, to watch the one crossing the street, a car appeared on the road

Kagome reached out, "Wait! Look out!"

Her raven hair pulled back by the harsh silver wind, the world was drowning in the pink snow. It rained red.


Kagome sat up in bed, panting. What kind of a dream was that? She didn't recognize any of the people in the dream, nor did she get to see the outcome of the dream. Kagome sighed and laid back down on her bed, it was 4:04. She needed more sleep. She forced herself back to sleep, but could not shake the trepidation beating against her heart.


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