The True Purpose

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Scene 1 --------------------------- Kaede's Village

* Inuyasha makes his way through the village quietly, but fully alert. Patrolling as he usually does when they are at home to rest. But he is a little more alert this night as he feels that he's being watched. Strangely, though, he feels no threat in the presence, nor can he get an accurate fix on it. He's been unable to concentrate much the last few days. From the top of a distant tree, the all white demon silently watches Inuyasha. Sesshomaru leans back against the tree trunk and continues to watch. When his hanyou brother finally leaps up into his own sacred tree, Sesshomaru tilts his face up slightly to test the calm breeze that ruffles his snowy bangs. For a moment, his lips curl up in a silent snarl that bares his fangs. Then, as silently as he'd come he slips away. Sesshomaru returns back to the cave where he'd left Jaken and his two-headed dragon to watch his human ward, Rin. Jaken watches the human girl hurry over to hug his Lord's leg.

Rin- Lord Sesshomaru!
Sesshomaru- What are you still doing up, Rin?
Rin- I just couldn't sleep tonight.

* Sesshomaru gives the slightest hint of a shrug, then moves to settle on the log beside Jaken. The toad hands him one of the fish he'd been cooking. Sesshomaru raises a hand to refuse it.

Sesshomaru- Bored, were you?
Jaken- What?
Sesshomaru- You always eat when you're bored, Jaken.

* Rin comes over to sit down on the ground beside Sesshomaru.

Rin- He eats when he's worried, too.
Sesshomaru- Worried? Why are you worried, Jaken?
Jaken- A while ago I sensed a stronger demon nearby... It lingered for a moment, then headed toward the human village... I was worried that it was Naraku...

* Sesshomaru looks at Jaken.

Sesshomaru- Human village?
Rin- Yes. The one where Inu...

* With a gust of wind the white inu demon is gone. Jaken sighs and looks into the waving flames as the campfire rights itself.

Jaken- (Mumbled) Every spring.

* Rin looks at Jaken.

Rin- Spring?

* Rin thinks back over the past three years that she's been with Sesshomaru.

Rin- Oh, yes... It does seem that we come to this area every year at this time.

* She looks at Jaken again.

Rin- Do you know why, Jaken?
Jaken- It's nothing that a human like you would understand.
Rin- Perhaps if you would explain...
Jaken- I can't, silly girl! It is a sensitive issue that concerns that wretched half demon.
Rin- You mean Inuyasha?
Jaken- Yes... Worthless whelp! I wish that Lord Sesshomaru would just kill him and be done with this nonsense!!

* Rin looks back into the fire again and hugs her knees.

Rin- But then Lord Sesshomaru would truly be alone.
Jaken- (Mumbled) Better than this nonsense he goes through every spring waiting for that mutt to...

* A pebble flies out of the trees to hit the toad on the head, efficiently knocking him out. Rin smiles and looks up as Sesshomaru comes out of the shadows to reclaim his previous place.

Sesshomaru- Are you not sleepy, yet, Rin?
Rin- No, Sir... I'm too busy thinking... Why do we come here every spring?
Sesshomaru- That is none of your concern, Rin.
Rin- I know. Because I'm just a mangy human.

* Sesshomaru looks down at the young human girl.

Sesshomaru- You don't have mange, Rin. You listen to Jaken too much.
Rin- He tells me that you hate humans. He says that they.. we are filthy.

* Rin lowers her eyes again.

Rin- I try to stay as clean as I can, Lord Sesshomaru, I really, really do.
Sesshomaru- So that is why we have had to pause at every pool of water we pass lately?

* Sesshomaru glares down at the still-unconscious toad lackey.

Rin- I don't want to be filthy to you...
Sesshomaru- Rin, you are the cleanest human I know... It is not all humans that I hate... In truth, I avoid most of the species because their smell of fear and distrust sickens me... You.. have never carried such a scent.
Rin- Does Inuyasha? Does he smell bad like that?

* Momentarily, Sesshomaru raises his face again to scent the breeze. He can still faintly detect the scent from Inuyasha that has brought him to this spot.

Sesshomaru- As I said, Rin, such matters do not concern you.

* Rin sighs and is quiet for a while.

Rin- Spring is the season of love.

* The statement makes the Inu Lord look at Rin again, carefully keeping his expression guarded.

Rin- My real parents were married in the spring... There were always a lot of marriages in the spring in my home village.

* Rin grows quiet again. Sesshomaru hears Jaken moan as he comes around. The toad sits up to rub his head, but says nothing. Then Rin breaks the silence again.

Rin- Lord Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru- What is it now, Rin?
Rin- How many of you are there?
Sesshomaru- Rin, you are tired and you are now rambling.
Rin- How many of you are there?

* Sesshomaru looks at her again, carefully maintaining his patience.

Sesshomaru- I am the only one of me there is.
Rin- I mean your kind of.. you know... demon?

* Now Sesshomaru sighs a bit openly.

Sesshomaru- Once more, I will tell you. You are tired, Rin. Please sleep now...
Jaken- Lord Sesshomaru is the last full inuyoukai, you dumb...

* Sesshomaru takes out his agitation on the irritating toad demon, leaving him once more unconscious. Rin looks up at her Lord sadly.

Rin- So... you are all alone.

* The white demon doesn't respond. Rin lowers her eyes to the fire again.

Rin- I know how you feel, then.. I was all alone, too, until you saved me...

* She half glances up at him smiling.

Rin- But you don't have to be alone... You're not really the last inu demon. You have a brother...
Sesshomaru- Rin,...
Rin- I'm not tired, sir... I'm just saying that you shouldn't be so alone as long as Inuyasha is alive... If you're here to try to kill him again.. and you succeed... Then you will truly be alone... When you do finally die, there will be none of your kind left...
Sesshomaru- Enough, Rin.
Rin- Then, who will rule your land?

* Sesshomaru looks down at her again.

Sesshomaru- Sleep now, Rin. You have said enough.

* Rin yawns.

Rin- Yes, sir... Now I am tired from all that thinking.

* Rin stands, hugs Sesshomaru's neck, then goes into the cave to leave him to do the thinking now.


Wow, two reviewers, already!! Thanks for the kind words, Sabriel & Wolfluv!! I update often, so stay tuned. I already have this all written out on paper as I usually do all my stuff. So it's just getting it put onto my 'puter, then transferring it in here. The journey is just beginning, so hold on...

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