Things are not always as they seem!

BY : NikkiS71
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Sequel to 'Never Bored'

Things Are Not Always As They Seem!

by Nikkie 23534

New York City, NY

       The morning light peeked through the curtains, signaling the end of the night.  The mighty InuYoukai lord awoke from his sleep, with a heighten sense of well-being.  It wasn't the noise from the hustle and bustle of the waking city, that woke the dog king.  Nor, was it the sounds of the employees of the hotel, as they went about their early morning duties.  It was the arousing aroma of his sleeping mate, that awoke him.  It was the HEAT!  The powerful and intoxicating aroma of his mate's heat.  'Hn.  InuYasha!'  His arms tightened around his peacefully slumbering lover, and buried his nose in his hair.  Enjoying the musky scent of sex, clinging heavily upon both he and his slumbering mate.  'Mmm.  After all these years, I can never get enough of this smell!'  That's what awoke the might lord from his slumber. 

       Lord Sesshomaru Yamauchi was overwhelmed by a carnal need.  'Mate's heat!'  His inner beast growled, as his claws and fangs elongated.  The 2 thin red stripes on his high cheek bones, grew thick and jagged.  His eyes flashed blood red, as nostrils flared.  His breath came in open mouth pants, as if tasting the air of his mate.  'Mate mine!  Protect mate!  Take mate!  Fuck mate!'  His inner youki growled and surged forward, fighting to gain control.

       "InuYasha."  Sesshomaru growled lowly, capturing one silky soft koinu ear between his teeth.  He nibbled and sucked on the sensitive appendage in his mouth, causing a lusty moan from his sleeping lover.  Holding him firmly against himself with his left hand, Sesshomaru slowly slid the other down his sleeping mate stomach.  Caressing his pert nipples and chiseled abs, slowly drifting lower and lower.  Slipping his hand beneath the waistband of his shorts, he raked his clawed fingers through the course white hairs.

       "Mmm...haa!"  Sesshomaru smirked, when he heard his mate passionate moans.  Rubbing his the proof of desire against his lover, the Lord pinched his mates tight nipples.  A hungry grin spread across his beautiful features, as InuYasha's moans got louder and louder.  Sess began to slowly stroke the semi hard shaft.  Sesshomaru released the ear, giving it one last lick.  He began raining hot kisses down his loves neck.  Latching on to the indigo crescent shaped mark, he began sucking on it.  Causing InuYasha to hiss and moan.  "Ahhhh...Hahhh...Mate!"  InuYasha growled, awakened by his mate's sensuous touch.

       Sesshomaru left off his attack on InuYasha's neck.  "Mate."  He growled hotly into the soft flap of InuYasha's ear.  His hand tightened on InuYasha's lengthening shaft.  Continuing to pump his dazed and aroused mate, a little harder.  "Mate smell good!"  He said, nuzzling that sweet sensitive spot at the junction of InuYasha neck and shoulder.

       InuYasha's own inner youki began to surge forth.  Demanding to be released.  Howling to show proper submission to his aniki...his alpha...His mate!  'Trust mate!  Submit to mate!'  InuYasha's fangs and claws grew.  The whites of his eyes slowly bled red.  The single lilac stripes, that now adorned each of his cheeks, widened and grew jagged.  Tilting his head to the side, he exposed his slender neck to his alpha male.  He shuddered and gasped, when Sesshomaru traced one stripe with his long wet tongue.  "Grrrrr...Yesss, mate!  Ahhh my ALPHA!!!!"  He growled, turning his head just enough to lick one of the stripes on Sess' cheek.  Relishing the passionate groan from his alpha.

       Not wanting to be denied any longer, a sharp clawed hand slowly moved upwards.  Leaving thin red trails in their wake, until one lean finger tapped against a set of full panting lips.  Tracing the bowlike line of those pouty, he slipped the finger into the warm honeyed recesses.  "Suck!"  He demanded, smiling when his command was dutifully obeyed.  Sesshomaru groaned softly, as InuYasha's tongue swirled around daftly wetting the long digit.  "Yess, good mate!"  He growled, putting another finger into his lover's mouth, than another.  When they were moistened to his satisfaction, he pulled them out.  Dragging his glistening claws down InuYasha's back, lightly scraping his sensitive flesh.  Grabbing his chin, Sesshomaru forcefully turned his face towards him.  Brutally fusing their lips together, in a long mind blowing kiss.  As their tongues danced, the mighty lord eased his fingers between the firm smooth globes of his ass.  Stretching the tight ring of his young mates hidden passage.

       InuYasha moaned lustfully and ground his hips, trying to get his lovers' fingers deeper inside him.  Loving the deep strokes from those long strong fingers.  "Ahh...more...mate..." groaned bucking his rear back against his husband.  "Beta...need...alpha...ahhh!  Beta...need...Mate!"  He panted helplessly, as his lover worked him.  Panting, he clawed at the sheet beneath him.  Suddenly, he stiffened, crimson eyes shot wide open.  "Ahhhh!"  Inu screamed, as one deadly claw found and lightly scraped the tiny nub deep inside him.  "Ahhh...Hahhhhh...MATE...please...ahhhh!"

       Satisfied with his mate's frenzied state of desire, Sesshomaru withdrew his fingers.  He smirked at the groans of protest, coming from his young husband.  Rising above his panting form, Sesshomaru pulled InuYasha into a kneeling position.  Gripping his slim hips tightly, he leaned over and growled lowly into those cute twitching ears.  "MATE!"  He placed his throbbing erection against the tiny slick opening.  Slamming deep into his little lover, in one brutal thrust.  Loving the passionate howls, emitting from him.  Grabbing a handful of his long silver locks, Sesshomaru pulled InuYasha's head back.  Forcing his back to bow, as he continued to thrust deeper and harder into him.  Hitting his 'sweet spot' over and over again, rejoicing in the lustful grunts from his young mate.  Reaching beneath him, Sesshomaru gripped his lovers painfully neglected shaft, pumping in time with his pounding thrusts.  Ripping more screams from his young lover.   

       All to soon the heat consumed them.  Sending them head on down a mindless spiral of carnal desire, and animalistic need!  To far gone to think, neither of them realized the rapid swelling of Sesshomaru's rigid shaft, as it pounded his mate into the bed.

       Blinded by instinct, Sesshomaru increased the speed of his thrusts.  Plowing deeper and harder into his younger brother.  Soon both were panting, groaning, and growling with barbaric need.  The dog lord leaned over, his large body draping heavily onto his young lover.  Nuzzling, nipping, and lapping at the dark blue crescent moon.  Saliva dripped from razor sharp fangs, as they hovered precariously over the pulsating mark.  He growled his approval as InuYasha tilted his head, allowing him better access to that sensitive spot.  Sesshomaru's mind went blank, feeling the onslaught of his passion ripping through him.  InuYasha's hot passage tightened and throbbed around the pistoning rod within him.  Wildly clenching and milking at thick rampaging shaft, sending him over the edge.  Their inner youki took over, as they tittered over the edge into a mind numbing orgasm.  Sesshomaru sank his fangs into the tender flesh of his mate, as he buried his torrid rod deeply within his beloved.  They collasped onto the bed, moaning and panting waiting for their bodies to return to normal.

       When they recovered enough, Sesshomaru shifted to make them both more comfortable.  Suddenly, their eyes widened as they came to a startling realization.  They were still joined together!  Not only were they still joined, but they were TIED!  Slowly InuYasha turned his head towards his equally surprised husband, as they uttered the same thought.

"Oh, shit!"


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