Not Exactly a Win-Win Situation

BY : Ettophe
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This started, like many fics tend to do, as a short, one-shot plot bunny follow-up to my original Win-Win fic from 2008.

And like real bunnies, when a new plot bunny joined the first one, those two started to multiply at a scary rate.  Soon there were so many new and related plot bunny offspring that this story became multiple chapters, with subchapters.  It even generated a prequel chapter, which meant I had to add these new additions to the original and revise that smutty mess, too.

Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story. 

Regarding the original character and his backstory elements: this is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.


Prologue - The Darkness



He had plenty of time to contemplate the concept as he floated in the darkness. Incorporeal and a mere wisp of his former self, he lingered on memories of times long past and how things could have differed.

This creature... this abyss that had consumed him was darker than anything he knew could exist.  It seethed in a roiling hatred, overwhelming in its black intentions.  It found twisted joy in its poisonous malice, and seemed to be happiest when all else was miserable.


It had been an overly warm evening, this last memory he held close in his sadness.  

He lounged in the middle of cavernous room, leaning nude along a line of large pillows.  There was a subtle breeze drifting through the tall white pillars spaced around the cavernous room, but the candles and torches barely wavered.  The scent of spice and honey curled thickly through the air, and he savored the aroma with half-closed eyes as he leisurely brushed his pale golden hair behind a tanned shoulder.  

One of the temple maidens had offered herself that afternoon, and she rocked sensuously over his lap.  He watched the curve of her back as she shuddered over him, taking her pleasure on his engorged snake-like shaft.  It moved quickly within her, sliding deep within her depths like a prehensile limb, seeking out points of pleasure that made her twitch and gasp.  He knew well the bodies of each maiden that served him, and he brought her to a quick release as she cried out softly and collapsed against his relaxed form, shuddering in pleasure.  She recovered after a few moments and kissed his cheek, whispering her thanks as he replied in kind with a soft kiss on her forehead.  She extricated herself from his cock and bowed before retreating to a connecting chamber.


Another of the temple maidens approached him with her gaze downcast and knelt at his side.  She murmured quietly to inform him of visitors that had arrived, and he nodded consent that they could approach.  His shaft stiffened and became rigid, more like a human's so as to appear less intimidating to strangers, and he stroked around the base of it with firm presses of his fingertips to encourage the release of a honey-sweet slick fluid.  

He rubbed his slippery fingertips together and ran them enticingly along his length as he watched the people entering his temple.  As usual, they approached him hesitantly but unclothed.

There were four visitors in attendance: two strangers and two villagers he vaguely recognized.   The strangers had likely heard rumors about him and were curious, but the villagers were a married couple that had come to plead for his help.  

His attendant told him that one of the strangers, a male, had entered the temple earlier wearing elaborate foreign robes.  He was quite beautiful, with an exotic face and very long, wavy dark hair, but the sharp gaze and harsh smile was unsettling in a way that he wouldn't think about for a long time.


There was an order that would provide optimal results for the group that had presented themselves to him that evening.  He beckoned the female stranger forward first, and she knelt before him, blushing as he idly stroked a hand along his erect shaft, spreading the slick fluid up his length.

He leaned forward to ask her purpose, then gently took her hand to bring her closer once she had confirmed what she wished to do.  He helped her to lie against a soft fluff of pillow and spread her to his gaze.

He tasted her first, using his tongue to tease and drag sighs and moans from her throat, tickling the skin of her thighs with his fingertips as she writhed beneath his attentions.

The three remaining visitors watched as he pleasured her, sipping her energies as she shuddered in release from his touches.  The arousal in the room grew thick before he had even penetrated her.

When she finally begged that he fill her, he touched the head of his honey-slicked cock to her dripping entrance and pushed it gently within her.  She cried out as he thrust carefully within her to bring her just to the edge of climax and nudged her over into several small orgasms.  She was nearly incoherent with pleasure before he pushed her over the edge one final time, and she came so hard the room briefly lit up with the energy she released.  

He eased her body back into a more normal state and kissed her gently in thanks for the gift she had given him.  Someone came and helped her up to walk her from the room, and she looked back at him in a daze as he gestured to the married couple to join him.   He heard her whispering question to the person walking her out, "Can I come back tomorrow?"


The married couple was a simpler affair than the two strangers in one way, but more difficult in another.  He arranged the female on her back, lying supported mostly by a slightly elevated platform. He directed her husband to kneel between her parted knees, a foot away from her.  He knelt between them and quietly explained what would happen.  The couple had heard from others he had helped, and had seen the final results first-hand: decades of generations of children from couples that had not been able to easily conceive on their own.  

Although he was assuredly male in regards to his internal reproductive parts, he generally used some of the magic he collected from his visitors to give himself an androgynous form.  Having both sets of external organs helped him to quickly accommodate any gender of visitors that came to his temple.  

He leaned over her and angled himself at her entrance as her husband guided his own shaft as he had been directed.  The female was already dripping wet from the excitement of watching the interaction with his last visitor, and her husband would be surprised to find the entrance meant for his member to already be equally as wet with a natural lubrication his body created for these activities.  

As the husband pushed his length within him, he echoed the strength and depth of each thrust into the wife, using an intimate mental connection with the couple to sense their mood and the rising levels of their passion.  Their joy at the coupling passed through this subtle connection to each of the participants, driving their excitement higher and higher.

This couple was incredibly eager and took very little time to reach climax.  It was pleasant enough, and he took some enjoyment from bringing them the promise of new life, but he carefully tuned out this rising passion as it bounced between the two humans, focused carefully on the moment that rapidly approached.  The tension finally snapped as the wife came, forcing her spouse into sudden completion.  As the husband's member spurted hot fluids within his body, he laced it with excess magic drawn from the married couple's gift and passed it immediately on to the wife, still writhing in her peak of passion as she experienced her release magnified to such greater heights by her husband's.


Lately, he'd felt a little melancholy during this ritual.

Something fundamental was missing.  He had no children of his own, but didn't feel the lack of them.  He had no urge to procreate yet, but perhaps it wasn't the lack of children that made him feel odd. 

When he extricated himself from the couple, they immediately joined together for another round, full of life and lust for one another and excitement for the new step forward they had taken together in life.   He leaned back and watched them couple for a moment, contemplating what it might mean to have something like that: a joy of life and such love between two beings.  


He then turned his gaze to the last waiting visitor.  The last visitor did not wait to be beckoned forward. The male stranger strode toward him with purpose, immediately kneeling down to crouch over his own reclining form.  

"I want this.  I want what you do."

This seemed like a normal expression of desire, similar to what he had heard in the past.  The married couple beside him cried out their release as he reached up to run his fingers through the glossy black strands of hair that had draped down to tickle the bare skin of his chest.  It was so different from his own pale hair.  

He nodded his agreement to the request and was a little taken aback by the dark smile of amusement that slid across the stranger's face.  Already fully erect, the stranger knelt between his knees and pulled his legs apart to expose the wet folds hidden just below the base of his erect cock.  "Fascinating." 

The stranger eagerly plunged himself into that dark passage as deeply as he could manage and shuddered in a brief moment of pleasure.  


He heard the couple begin to rise and repeat their thanks over and over as they walked away, hand in hand, and he nodded to them in acknowledgement. 

The stranger held still, buried deep within the warm, wet folds and watched his face in silence.  A moment passed before the stranger leaned upon one arm and grasped his erect shaft with a free hand, squeezing it roughly and giving it a firm stroke.  "You appear aroused, yet this doesn't please you?"

He shrugged, "Normally, I bring my visitors pleasure in exchange for their gifts."

The stranger thrust once with him again and looked thoughtful for a moment.  "What would bring you pleasure?"


This was a new question.  Not even those he trusted to remain close had ever asked what he wanted; they had just offered themselves to him to do with as he pleased, and he had only worked toward that burst of energy they would gift at climax.  To find his own release like that with his visitors... it had never truly crossed his mind.  This was primarily due to the fact that most of his visitors were female, and to seek such a release would undoubtedly lead to offspring he had no desire to make.

The intimate connection with the stranger gave him a glimpse into hidden thoughts and feelings.  This foreign male was hungry for what was to come and eager to proceed, but irritated and bordering on anger that he wasn't having any noticeable effect.  There were no more visitors for the evening, and this stranger seemed weirdly eager to please. 

"Very well.  You must have your pleasure first, and then I shall show you how I might find my own."  The stranger grinned wickedly in response, exposing a new level of dark anticipation.  He could read between the lines of that expression, and it was especially clear with their intimate connection.  'This one likes causing pain.'

The stranger pulled his hips forward into a slightly different angle, and then plunged deep and hard within him, slamming their hips together with complete abandon.  He could sense the stranger's excitement building in a strange way, and not entirely related to the looming orgasm.  The dark male came with a shudder and a grin, then looked down at him in challenge and thrust casually within, showing continued readiness for more.


His body quickly absorbed the stranger's spent fluids to convert to energy, and he fed a small amount of magic from the stranger's gift at climax toward the base of his spine, extending the bones and flesh into a short phallus-like tail that curved upwards toward the stranger's own exposed entrance.  There were many sensory endings in this portion of his body, normally tucked safely away within himself.  This unassuming extension was what he would use to trigger his release of reproductive fluids should he copulate with an appropriate female partner.  "Do you like pain, stranger?"

The male hovering above him smirked. "Normally, I like to cause pain in others, in exchange for the gift of their screams and tears."

He could sense the stranger wanted something quite badly.  Perhaps to be tested in his own ability to tolerate pain, perhaps to see what level of pleasure could be had in this strange coupling.

The stranger didn't even flinch when the tail extension touched his rear entrance, merely relaxed marginally to allow him to press the tip inside.  Normally he would have prepared such an intrusion with some form of lubrication, but he felt this encounter needed some element of discomfort for the stranger.

His eyes slid shut in pleasure as the sensation of the stranger's squeezing flesh enveloped that small portion of himself.  He felt his reproductive glands awaken within him, connecting long-neglected portions of his body and preparing for his eventual release.  The vaguely pleasant sensation in his cock grew exponentially into full awareness of pressure and friction as the nerve endings awoke, and he shifted his hips to feel the head of his cock rub against the skin of the stranger's abdomen.  He had nearly forgotten how sensitive his flesh could be under these circumstances. 

He opened his eyes and stared up at the stranger hovering over him, a slight gleam of challenge in his gaze.  He acquiesced and forced the entire dry length to press fully inside the stranger's ass, and in turn the stranger withdrew and thrust deeply within him, stroking his erect and now-aching shaft with that free hand in time with the thrusts.  

He matched the motions of his lengthening 'tail' with the stranger's thrusts and strokes, forcing more and more of the newly-exposed sensitive nerve endings within that warm, tight sheath.  


The dual friction was intense.  The pleasure grew, and soon the stranger pounded into him with great force and intensity, clutching his hips with a steel-like grip.  He could feel the stranger's excitement mounting as they both drew close to climax.  The stranger grew heavier upon him as they strained toward the looming release, and then the stranger came again with a strangled grunt and tightened around the tail-like phallus buried deep within. 

He was lost to the wash of pleasure that rocked through him. The stranger's gift of magic as he came, the squeezing throb around the sensitive skin, the stranger's hand stroking hard along his shaft... he shuddered hard as pale, thick fluid erupted from his cock and splashed across their skin.  His chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath. 

The stranger released the grip on his shaft and idly ran a finger through the liquids on his chest, licking it clean before leaning forward to rub the side of the stranger's face against his own.  

He couldn't remember ever experiencing that strong of a release...


He couldn't catch his breath.  


The stranger seemed to be getting heavier, and thrust within him lazily as the growing weight pressed him into the cushions.  "That was quite nice.  I would like to do that again."  His still-erect shaft was trapped, flattened between their stomachs.

The stranger squeezed internal muscles up his tail-like shaft still buried deep within, impossibly stroking the highly sensitive skin with motions like unseen fingertips.  The stranger leaned into him harder, thrusting himself within the passage still wet and ready for anything.  Their chests rubbed together with the stranger's renewed motions, smearing the spent fluids between them.  His cock was unexpectedly being tugged on by something warm and wet, like a mouth had just formed in the non-existent space between their bodies and wrapped plump lips around the shaft, sucking with soft strength.  His eyes shuttered against the intense pleasure.


The stranger wrapped strong arms around him and fucked him hard, clenching and caressing the sensory organ with internal muscles that definitely didn't belong to a human, determined to bring him to a second release.  He was in a high state of pleasure but also a growing state of alarm.  Breathing wasn't an absolute necessity, but the intake of air allowed him to taste pheromones in the air and get a better feeling of his surroundings.  


He couldn't catch his breath.


He could sense the mounting pleasure and anticipation in the stranger as he drove them toward another release, but he could also sense a looming impression of pending victory.  

He was so close. 

They were so close.

One more moment, just one more... 


Shadows fell across his sight.  Shapeless things in various shades of purple and brown loomed above them when he managed to focus on the disturbance.   The stranger reached his peak again with a cry of pleasure, and he couldn't help but follow suit.  The hidden, warm wetness wrapped around his shaft pulled hard on him with a sucking sensation as he released his seed again, and it seemed to be... 


he seemed to be... 


The pulling pressure expanded to surround his torso.  


The hidden mouth continued to suck relentlessly, running a rough, textured tongue across a sensitive line along the length of his shaft.  He shuddered in pleasure, clenching his fingers into the flesh and hair of the stranger pressing heavily into him.  Something else was drawing against his sensitive nerve endings in his tail. 


The looming purple and brown shapes curled around the pair and began to block out the remaining illumination from the room.  They hugged him tightly to the stranger's body. 


He couldn't find his breath.


The warm wetness spread across him and surrounded him like a pulsing mass as the stranger began to thrust within him again.  


Something in the wetness burned his skin, sizzling in the dark as the stranger enjoyed his pleasure.  His ability to feel became hazy.  He could easily pick up the stranger's continuing ecstasy as his own faded into an echo of itself.  


The stranger came again.  






The faint echo of a familiar, feminine scream.  And then another.  And another...


This memory of how he had been tricked into his pleasure and consumed by the darkness... it was a terrible memory.  He reflected on it often, wondering how it could have gone differently. 


His magic stirred.  His body was gone now, yet he still remained.   The temple maidens... his priestess... what had happened to them? Were those their screams of horror at his demise, or had they been consumed as well by the monster?



There was a fleeting tug on his spirit, almost accidental in nature.  When it happened again, it was definitely stronger but still without focus.  He felt a strange mix of emotions, despair and hopelessness, lust and greed, impatience and triumph.  He knew not all of these feelings were his, that the monster that had consumed him must have stumbled upon a way to use his magic.


"I want this.  I want what you do."  He remembered this, and realized it made a different kind of sense, now.


The excitement and lust grew quickly, far too quickly... he couldn't even brace himself for what he knew would inevitably happen.


There was a new rush of magic: strong, joyous, exulting... but it was only from the monster's side of the encounter.  The echo of magic from the monster's victim was a lovely, strong pulse of power that rippled around his spirit and tickled what remained of his senses... and then the victim died.  He or she didn't stand a chance against the great influx of his magic that blossomed at climax unless certain precautions were taken.  The partner had to be carefully linked to his magics through their own pleasure before the end could be safely reached.  At least, that's how he understood it... he had always been very careful with his supplicants, with the exception of his final visitor.  


The stranger.  A monster.


As that light faded from the victim's death, chaos within the darkness erupted.  Agonizing pain ripped across his spirit, and as he faded back into the void, he could only imagine what suffering the monster was experiencing.  He hoped it was beyond compare.


In the darkness, he occupied himself by drifting through vague memories of his past and marveling at how much of his consciousness he had retained after being consumed by the abyss.  


Was this monster some kind of purgatory? Some walking form of hell, where he would remain partially aware and able to suffer eternally for some past transgression?  


Maybe he had been too greedy ... not selfless enough for his visitors.  


They had trusted and revered him.  Maybe this was his punishment for his failure to protect them against the monster who caught him at an unguarded moment.


He would probably never know.

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