A Mate for Sesshoumaru

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Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine; they are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

November 2, 2008
A Mate for Sesshoumaru
Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha
Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine; they are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrisestyle='color:black'>, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.
W A R N I N G: This is about male pregnancy (possibly) and male/male relationships which includes incest. I’m letting you know now what the relationships WILL contain. So, if you are AGAINST such pairings, please find something else more to your liking, you have been style WARNED.

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Beta-read by: Mitts. Thank you for beta-reading and for taking on another project with me. I appreciate all the help. Any mistakes after she has completed her work are mine.

Notes: Hello my fabulous readers! It’s my birthday and this is something I just cooked up just for the fun of it. So far, it’s a one-shot deal. I might add chapters later.



Sesshoumaru, the heir of the Western Lands, is the most sought after youkai of high breeding. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, it appears that he cannot produce an heir of his own. His father, Inu no Taisho, seems to know why, and is doing everything that he can to encourage  Sesshoumaru to couple with the mate he has chosen for him. Will Sesshoumaru accept his father’s choice, or will he turn away from the only one who could possibly give him what he wants?


Chapter 1: Scheming

Gold impassive eyes glared at the youngster who was playing happily in the garden with a ball. No one would miss the eyesore of his half brother if he were to disappear, especially with his flaming red haori and white furred puppy ears, Sesshoumaru thought to himself. No, no one would miss the mongrel at all.

At his age, Sesshoumaru had already mastered the blade, but this boy had yet to start his own sword and combat training. At the age of two hundred, Sesshoumaru was credited with being a powerful daiyoukai, but even so, he was still nowhere near to his father in strength.

But it wasn’t entirely all his half-brother’s fault that he was lacking in his demonic training; it was also the fault of his sorry excuse of a mother, Izayoi. She
tried all ways to prevent Inuyasha from training as he properly should, which was the reason why his father went behind the human’s back to have Inuyasha
train in all areas, in order to defend himself if he should ever get caught outside of the walls of the palace.

His father had always said that Inuyasha was more delicate than any female. Back then when Inuyasha was just a pup hiding behind his mother’s skirts, Sesshoumaru didn’t understand, nor did he care. As far as he was concerned, Inuyasha was pitiful, worthless, and weak.

Sesshoumaru sneered in distaste at his brother, as the mutt put to one side the ball he had been playing with, and sat underneath a tree preparing to take a nap. The fool. Anyone could scale over the walls and slit his throat, and he wouldn’t even know about it. He would die basically, in his sleep.

The older sibling still couldn’t believe that his father favored such a badly bred pup. Up until his half-brother had been born, Sesshoumaru’s family bloodline had remained pure. But his father, who obviously couldn’t keep his beast in check, had mated with the virgin who was in heat; with the result being that Inuyasha had been born.

Turning away from the window that he had been staring out of, Sesshoumaru silently walked back into his inner sleeping chambers. Behind him, the palace servants had efficiently cleaned his room while he had watched his brother at play, and now his armor and clothes for the day was neatly laid out for him. Before dressing though, he proceeded to his private bath to wash away yet another bitch’s scent from his body. The smell of her was giving him a headache.

Rutting with the female late last night had helped get his mind off his brother, who had now become a source of irritation. The mangy mutt had been invading Sesshoumaru’s dreams more often of late, and it wouldn’t do to keep thinking of him all the time, especially while he was trying to beget a pup.

His mind wondered back to the submissive female that he had taken. He had been trying for what seemed like decades to fill her womb, but she had still yet to conceive. She’d been the third one in the last three years of his heat cycle that he had tried with.

To his knowledge his seed was of strong quality, as it should be, for the simple fact that he was a pure breed class=SpellE>inu. And she was of equal birth—all the females he had tried with were, so why was it, that none of them had gotten heavy with an heir?

He did not feel the need to be mated to her, although it might have help, but Sesshoumaru had no intention of chaining himself down to her, or any bitch for that matter. They were all too needy in his opinion, which was why he was preparing to mount yet another bitch that had just entered her first heat. Maybe with this one he could get some results.

Already his manhood demanded attention as his lounged in the warm soothing water. But he was not about to debase himself in obtaining his own release. That was what the bitch’s duty was, to satisfy him and make him come.

He massaged his aching temple. Maybe it would be in his best interests to lower his standards and just fuck his sibling, so that he could get whatever it was he felt for him out of his system.

Closing golden orbs, Sesshoumaru dozed in his relaxing bath…

Immaculate skin shone under the pale radiance of the full moon. Furred ears twitched with each pass over a heaving chest.

“Please,” the boy begged, his back arching off the bank of the pool to press against the hand that teased his throbbing member.

"Tell me what it is that you desire, and I might consider giving it to you,” the other said, gripping the overly sensitive organ tighter,
giving a few languid strokes, causing the head to bead with creamy white liquid.

“Come for me, little one,” he urged, pumping the rigid muscle more rapidly.

The smaller male froze in place, his life essence spewing forth in thick waves of white ropes…

Coughing, Sesshoumaru spat water out from his mouth—sputtering trying to get in some air. He floundered about
shamelessly, as if he was a fish being pulled to its doom to dry land.

He’d nearly drowned himself, but that…dream… it had felt so real. Then he peered down into the water. Sesshoumaru stood up immediately, rinsing himself off as he exited the pool, sickened by his juvenile actions. He growled unhappily at the pearly dots floating along the moving surface.

He had come in his bath.


“No, my dearest! You mustn’t allow this to happen—he will kill Inuyasha!”

“Don’t fret, my pet. Sesshoumaru will not harm his mate.”

“How can you be so sure, Toga? Izumi taught him nonsense about blood purity. “He hates Inuyasha just as much as he hates me. I will not sit by idly and allow him to hurt my son.”

The tall silver haired demon could not deny what his human mate had accused his son of, for it was true. Izumi, his first mate, had filled his oldest son’s head with malice toward humans and half-demons. They were considered to be inferior to them—royal inuyoukai.

Many times, Toga had wanted to throttle his first mate. Izumi was jealous of Izayoi for the simple fact that she was a mortal. But not only was Izayoi human, she was also a princess. And to complicate matters further, Izayoi had immeasurable spiritual energy, which made her a desirable mate. Her beauty alone was enough to ensnare any eligible suitor, but her ki drew him like a moth to a flame, and he couldn’t resist.

He knew without a doubt she would birth him strong heirs.

“Toga!” Izayoi impatiently called out to her mate.

Giving a slight cough at having been caught daydreaming, the demon lord smiled sheepishly at his lover. “Gomen, my dear, I was… thinking.” He cast a lustful smirk her way and slowly advanced on her.

She recognized that hungry look.

“About-about what? What were you thinking about?” she stuttered, backing away just as slowly, seeing mischief dancing in his amber eyes.

“Oh, just on how we met,” he answered, removing his sash and swords. The hunt was on, and he wasn’t going to risk injuring his fragile mate. He also removed his arm guards, his fluffy tails thumping loudly behind him from the building excitement.

Without warning, Toga skirted around the desk to catch Izayoi, but she was fast on her tiny feet and regardless of her flowing kimono, she darted to the other
side of the wooden furniture with ease.

Giving her husband a coy smile, she replied, “Hmm, yes… I remember now, my father told you get out.”

Amusing each other with memories of their first encounter, they went around the desk once more, unashamed of their playfulness.

“Ah, yes, but not after I bestowed a hefty and reasonable dowry for your hand, my pet. An offer no one could turn down.”

Toga recalled how he had practically paid an emperor’s ransom for Izayoi.

Her father was hard pressed not to let her go into the hands of a demon. Toga was frightening intimidating by his stature alone of six foot three, and then to be announced in court as the great and powerful Inu no Taisho, Lord of the Western Lands, really had the humans on edge. But when Toga began wooing Izayoi in the open by human tradition, the old man couldn’t deny the inuyoukai’s sincerity and honor; and once Toga had servants deliver
the undisclosed sum of gold, spices, exotic fabrics, and cattle, the taiyoukai was mated to Izayoi that very evening. And the process that should have taken a year, took less than two days.

Melodic laughter filled the spacious study as Izayoi tried to get away by running past the inuyoukai, but Toga was far too eager to get to his prize. And in a
show of brute strength, he slid his desk out the way, causing all his important papers to fall to the floor with ink bottles spilling its contents on top,
ruining the parchment. However, the taiyoukai didn’t care; he had successfully prevented his prey from escape.

The sudden maneuver took Izayoi completely by surprise, thus giving Toga his victorious capture and he pounced. They tumbled to the floor. The many folds of Izayoi’s kimono were not enough of a deterrent for questing hands. The lavender silk obi was untied from around Izayoi’s slim waist, causing the rest of the richly woven material to fall open, exposing soft velvety pale skin and voluptuous breasts. Her nipples instantly peaked as soon as the cool air touched them.

A strangled moan escaped small red lips when Toga laved each one, alternating from one to the other, sucking and nipping them. He stole one hand down between his mate’s legs to gently massage her outer pleasure core. Izayoi’s breath hitched when she felt the deft digits enter her.

Toga’s facial markings stretched as his eyes glowed fiercely with passion, and he quickly rid himself of his own restricting clothes. He could no longer contain his beast, he wanted to sedate his burning craving to be one with his mate, for her smell was delicious, calling him to take her.

Taking himself in hand, Toga jiggled the head of his length back and forth over the swollen center of Izayoi’s flesh, smearing her wetness around the mushroom shaped head of his organ, sliding it all the way down to her hidden passage, and sliding it back up, making sure he was completely coated with her natural juices. Then, guiding himself into his mate’s inner depths, he hooked her legs around his strong arms to thrust deeply into the pulsating tunnel.

Izayoi grabbed onto his thighs as he began to pummel her against the hard floor of his study, building up a rapturous speed.

“Really, otousan—must you conduct such hideous acts in public view?”

Toga turned his head to his son, shielding his mate from the unattached male’s view, never pausing or slowing in his humping. Menacing crimson orbs met and stared at startled golden ones. The taiyoukai growled low in his throat as a warning to his son to leave at once.

Sensing the danger that he was in from his father’s partial transformation, Sesshoumaru cautiously eased out of his father’s study. There was no way he was going to tempt fate by staying in the presence of an Alpha. He should have realized that barging in on his father and his bitch was a bad idea especially, when he had blatantly heard what they were up to.

It was absolutely pathetic how they rutted all over the palace, leaving their scent in practically every room. Sesshoumaru just hoped and prayed that no more pups would be born—Inuyasha was enough of a taint to their family, without the addition of more.


Saying the hanyou’s name burned his throat as much as if his own poison was being poured in his mouth. The half-breed was such a disgrace to their bloodline—the mingling of noble demonic blood with that of a wretched human.

Sesshoumaru couldn’t get away fast enough from the main corridor that led to his father’s study. Because of his acute hearing and smell, the young daiyoukai was relentlessly aware from the moaning and grunting of his sire and his human bitch that they had continued with their sexual relations.

His own breathing became labored as his hamaka’s puffed out from his growing erection. Sesshoumaru stepped into a darkened alcove to grab his throbbing shaft. He couldn’t believe it! Seeing his father’s rutting had affected him more than he would ever care to admit. He had to find a female and quickly.

With that in mind, Sesshoumaru went off in search of a submissive—he implored the deities to let the bitch be in heat.

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