As The Hourglass Spins

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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You can go past the list of cast members and go directly to the story on this same page. I mainly put up the cast member section both for you and me to remember all the characters involved in this story. Enjoy and know I will be editing this one too since I have a lot of rewriting and re-reading to do.

Also, this is a WIP so be patient with me since I do not prewrite anything. It all comes out of my warped mind on a whim hoping it works for you all.

Please forgive any errors at this time. I will be working on them as well as the original tale and it will take me quite a bit of time to do this. Thank you for your patience.


Original Cast Members:

Emperor Sesshoumaru Candrabhana Tashio, Lord Inuyasha Candramohan Tashio, Lord Miroku Masato Tashio, Lord Kouga Bledri Tashio, Lady Ayame Lykainion Tashio, Lord Souta Benjirou Higurashi Tashio, Lord Shippo Agnimitra Hiyoshi Tashio, Lord Akiyoshi Gakuto Naginata Hojo Tashio, Lady Kagome Haru Higurashi Naginata Hojo Tashio, and others from the original Inuyasha Series.



Return to the Labyrinth Characters:

King of Goblins Jareth: Beautiful Blonde haired blue eyed King of Goblins. Loves Princess Sarah more than his whole kingdom that he would prefer not to give up, who will be his bride. Although the Princess has agreed they have not married in the Labyrinth yet.

Princess Sarah: A dark haired beauty with big dark blue eyes that hypnotize the Goblin King who loves her. She is his deepest desire and the reason for his loss of power until they are wed where he will share his throne with her brother Prince Toby in the Goblin realm when Prince Toby comes of age to rule with him. Sarah herself falls for the Goblin King and has always been drawn to him. He owns her heart, but nothing else which irritates, amuses, and causes the King to become her beloved slave in love (he finds peace in his own lonely life letting go of his selfish desire to own Sarah抯 emotions for his own purposes). Thus this turn of events causes Jareth to love his Sarah even more due to her strong independent streak that he finds frustrating even after they wed.

Queen Mizumi: Moraine Native Queen beautiful yet cold. Wants power over love and wants Jareth for her own twisted purposes or Prince Toby.

Goblin Prince Toby: Strikingly resembles Jareth himself, but no relation. He is the other true heir to a Kingdom that is itself surrounded by an impenetrable Labyrinth if Jareth himself does not allow one entry. The powerful King of Goblins still rules from afar and soon they will share the throne. Toby does not want to go back to the mortal realm, but is required to do so by his sister and new brother in law after the two wed.

Princess Sarah (Moppet): In love with Prince Toby and has been in the Labyrinth so long she has forgotten herself. She has golden platinum blonde hair and soft blue eyes. Jareth once loved her, but she is not his Sarah he desires any longer since he has his heart on another who is her darker twin. Moppet goes back with Toby to become mortal again until she is of age to marry Prince Toby and take back their kingdom together sharing it with the Goblin King so that his burdens are lessened.



New Characters and added names to the characters above for reference.

Lady Tsukiya Seishirou Tashio: - First born child of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, only born of their blood. Golden eyes, silver hair. Face more like Inuyasha’s, hair like Sesshoumaru’s, but is born dual gendered leaning more towards the feminine side of her nature as she matures. Has more estrogen so less complications with pregnancy then the males of the family. Born to be female.

Emperor Toga Candranatha Tashio: - first born son and only child of Emperor Arashi Harou Tashio. In control of the Order of the Crescent Moon and The Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum Japan抯 highest order (大勲位菊花章 daikun'i kikkashì, literally Grand Order of the Badge of the Chrysanthemums). Father of Sesshoumaru Candrabhana Tashio and Inuyasha Candramohan Tashio. Mated to Louna and Alistair Tashio. Returns from spirit form from the grave after allowing his body to remain at rest off and on for thousands of years. Referred to as pony tail boy.

Empress Louna Hoshimi Kiko Takahashi Tashio: - the third Princess born of the Emperor King Arashi Harou Tashio抯 Half Brother Lord Balachandra Takahashi Tashio of the Order of the Crescent Moon and The Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum Japan’s highest order (大勲位菊花章 daikun'i kikkashì, literally Grand Order of the Badge of the Chrysanthemums). Mother of Sesshoumaru Candrabhana Tashio. Mated to Toga Candranatha Tashio. Returns from spirit form from the grave after allowing his body to remain at rest off and on for thousands of years.

Emperor and Chief Alistair Hache hi Arcani Thomas Tashio: - Jimmy抯 Father, original King of all Demon kind known as Alistair the Black Wolf. Returns from spirit form from the grave after allowing his body to remain at rest off and on for thousands of years. Mated to Toga Tashio and once mated to Megan in the form of a human he took over in spirit form. Is Native American Indian in appearance with long black hair that he cuts on occasion and takes over the Tashio last name for appearance sake. He is the most powerful of all the demons that consistently shows up at the Tashio residence as one of the permanent pack members.

Empress Megan Alene Witherspoon Thomas Tashio: - Cat demoness unaware of her demonic self and born to be mate to the Inu brothers later in story. Mother of Jimmy, Luna, and Ronin. Her family chooses to live human lives so none of her family other than their 慼uman offspring is left who she keeps track of and invites using different names pretending to be a long lost cousin who is of Japanese descent.

Lord Lycane Jimmy Abalendu Thomas Tashio: - Alistair the Black's and Megan's son. Black Wolf demon child, evergreen golden eyes, black hair, slight Native American appearance looking much like his Father. Third most powerful demon in the story.

Lord Raiden Touga Tashio: - First born son of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. Dog ears, golden eyes, silver hair (like his brother and fathers except like Inuyasha he has dog ears) Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru’s second born only through the two mated half brothers. Looks more like Sesshoumaru than Inuyasha.

Lady Luna Megan Tashio: - Daughter of Inuyasha and Megan. Ice blue eyes, silver hair, and part cat. She is much like her brother Ronin who is a pain to all the canines and was born dual gendered, but her demon removed the male portion making her completely female although she has many tomboyish tendencies.

Lord Lycos Touga Tashio: - The first child that Sesshoumaru carried full term. The seventh son of the Alpha and the quietest Inu of the siblings born to the three Inu mates. Ice blue eyes that take on a hint of sea green with the gold flecks in them, silver hair with light streaks of gold, and Lycos looks identical to Sesshoumaru other than his lips which are full. He also was born with pure silver white wings that show up later. Assumed to be a snob by his brothers and sisters although Ronin adores him trying to break him out of his shell. His true love Coty Lin Tashio is mated to another so he is quite disturbed that he is forced to be partially mated to Jimmy and his lot. Lycos is a virgin still and will be the eldest virgin in the family. He chooses to remain celibate until he chooses a mate. He has an interesting event that occurs later in the story that changes his whole life and the life of Ronin.

Lord Ronin Inuyasha Tashio: - Son of Sesshoumaru and Megan. Golden cat ears of the lion, golden eyes, golden hair, wings, and a smart ass attitude. He is the family trouble maker learning from Shippo and his siblings. In love with Lycos who will not acknowledge his presence or any of his family except for his Fathers, the Alpha抯, his Mother, and Jimmy. Eventually Ronin wins Lycos heart with help from the last person he ever expected to see, his Great Grandfather Emperor Arashi Tashio.

Izumi Anika Tashio, Isamu Kondo Tashio, Daichi Etsuo Tashio, and Hayato Jin Tashio- The youngest of the first 11 pups during the first dynasty of Lord Sesshoumaru. There is not much said after the birth of the future pups since the Inu抯 have many, but more may be added to this saga. The pups of most of the cast members are not mentioned other than Coty because Coty Lin is Shippo抯 first child and Lycos first love. She is mated to another in the story and is no longer mentioned. Izumi Anika Tashio, Isamu Kondo Tashio, Daichi Etsuo Tashio, and Hayato Jin Tashio are to be mentioned later and for some strange reason all of these pups look like Inuyasha including the dog ears except with huge blue eyes and Sesshoumaru抯 markings so they are indeed triplets causing more hell than Ronin could in a day.

Mr. Tatsuyoshi Kiyoto Tashio: - Sesshoumaru抯 human name used in society.

Mr. Shiro Fuyuki Tashio: - Inuyasha抯 aka used in society.

Emperor Arashi Harou Tashio: Dog and Dragon Demon King. First born of his kind. Father to Emperor Toga Candranatha Tashio who is his only heir. Controls the of the Order of the Crescent Moon and The Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum Japan抯 highest order (大勲位菊花章 daikun'i kikkashì, literally Grand Order of the Badge of the Chrysanthemums. Long black hair with silver streaks and green eyes with golden sparkles that represent his place as a Dog and Dragon Lord. His Mother was a pure blooded Inu demon named Celebr韆n Moon Tashio since they kept the family name for many generations and his powerful Father was a mighty dragon known as Leviathan.

Empress Morgwen Anwen Campbell Tashio: Wife of Emperor Arashi Harou Tashio, fifth daughter of the King and Queen of Scotland who was disowned and removed from the family tree due to loving a demon man in secret. The two lovers find one another and run away. One of the first human women to be turned into an Inu demon and like Megan was a demon prior to her change. Morgwen is a white wolf from Lucian抯 tribe who was one of the first lycanthropes in Scotland and had relations with the English Campbell and Stewart family who still has a seat in the royal castle of England. Morgwen has platinum blonde hair and dark blue eyes representing her English background.

Lord Balachandra Takahashi Tashio: Father of Empress Louna Hoshimi Kiko Takahashi Tashio. A true Inu demon with pure silver hair and golden eyes. Unlike his brother he was not born part dragon. His Mother is one of the demoness Inu抯 that his Father took as a second mate. Like Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru he is half brother to Emperor Arashi Harou Tashio. The two half siblings fought much like Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru with them both thinking one was superior over the other until their children mated thus bringing peace once again to the pack. Lord Balachandra Tashio carries the mark of the crescent moon on his armor rather than the emblem of the chrysanthemum although this symbol is emblazed on his kimono sleeves and obi like the rest of his family representing their royal crest. His long silver hair is always in a top knot and he has not ever in his life worn it down. He and Eurwen love each other, but have had a very rocky beginning due to the circumstances that she believed herself to be human and that he forced his attentions upon her. Later they fell in love after she understood her demonic nature.

Lady Eurwen Gwendolen Campbell Tashio: Cousin to Morgwen, Eurwen was kidnapped after her husband was murdered by the demon Lord Balachandra Tashio who desired her. Eurwen has long flowing platinum blonde hair with pale blue eyes like her distant cousins. She was nothing like the red heads of her family and was considered a bastard child that the family wished to marry off to regain their status. Her mate Lord Balachandra Tashio followed the path of his brother as he went to Scotland to steal the throne except Balachandra fell in love with the young noble woman at first sight because of her extraordinary beauty. Seeing her with another male infuriated him so on her wedding day he took the virgin bride blowing up the castle killing everyone including the Duke. In finding out she too was a white wolf he was able to bear pure blooded demon children with great power except they were all females so he never was able to gain a true heir to the throne until Louna mated Touga making him once again powerful in the eyes of Emperor Arashi who had seen him as a flawed being who did not carry the true Inu power which derived from the powers of the dragon passed onto all Inu heirs blaming him for his lack of ability to bear a male sire.

Lucian: In legends he was a rouge lycanthrope disowned by his family for falling in love with a beautiful female wolf spirit who came to him in human form. Promising forever to Lucian, his love the Silver Queen of the Moon, Celebr韆n turned him into a werewolf except the spell would not allow the powerful canine goddess like spirit to change her status so Lucian became a beautiful white dog demon instead and was domesticated under her loving touch although the locals still called the two lovers werewolves and thus the legends of lycanthropes began. Celebr韆n is Emperor Arashi Haru Tashio抯 Great Grandmother and Morgwen抯 Great Aunt. The two Inu parents of Inu No Tashio are cousins through generations of a monarchy that has been around since the beginning of time.

Emperor and Chief Catunta Hache hi Thomas, True Name is Lord and King Lucian Lycos Thomas:-Father of Emperor Alistair Hache hi Arcani Thomas Tashio. A Native American pure blood Black Wolf with silver eyes and jet black hair that is usually kept in two long braids with traditional beads and feathers. He wears the clothing of an Indian Chief with black moccasins and designs all over his black buckskin tribal breechclouts, leggings, and tunic with over five thousand different beads sewn in with symbols of his powerful totem the demon wolf. His jewelry is made up of demon bear fangs and he wears a long shawl of the black demon grizzly bear. His long tail flows behind him looking like part of his breechclout except he shortened the back of them to make room for his tail much like Kouga and the wolves. He was born one of the very first of his kind since he was the offspring of Celebr韆n and Lucian born the only black wolf of the pack.

Lord Lucian Thomas was sent to America to conquer the lands there and became the most honored Chief of the Native American Indian tribes known by many names to these proud people. When he left the America抯 to go home, he found out that he had other family since he was pushed away from his pack because he was too powerful to remain amongst his wolf brothers and sisters who were now all colors except for black. He was the only one of his kind and it made him feel like a freak since he was indeed a loner unlike his family who lived in packs together like that was normal. There was also the fact he was an outcast because of his dark coloring since they were all born with very pale golden skin and his was golden brown contrasting all darkness next to their silver light. He became known as Lucian抯 truest son. When he returned to the America抯 his lands had been ravaged by the English and taken over.

Although the mighty Chief led many wars against the English invaders as well as many other invaders from other countries just for fun, in the end of these wars the proud Chief kidnapped a beautiful English noble woman he renamed Nayely Angeni Lovella Tomas (meaning I love you Angel Wolf) instead of an Indian Princess for a bride since as much as he liked humans and his fellow demon wolves he preferred to go out of the norm to get something rare for a mate.

After kidnapping the woman of his dreams he claimed her as his bride making her follow his traditions although he really didn抰 have any since he was a part of so many tribes that he couldn抰 just pick one tradition to stick with. He was not aware that she was indeed his sister until after Lucian and Celebr韆n disappeared from the world not to be heard from again. They did not know this only learning the history of their family because his wife insisted as they searched the scrolls for others like themselves since they thought they were the last of their kind finding this piece of evidence in the last two created by his Parents. The Chief thought this was a waste of time, but his bride wanted to know her family and refused to dress in buckskins wearing her very finest English gowns eventually taking up buckskin only for hunting purposes insisting that it was barbaric to go about wearing anything so improper in public even around the tribes since she wanted to be a better example to them than her husband since all he wanted to do was kill things.

Empress and Duchess Khristel Lovella Meriel Stewart, Indian Princess Nayely Angeni Lovella Tomas: The young beautiful Duchess wolf with long silver hair and golden brown eyes was stolen on her wedding day by a wild Indian Chief named Lord Catunta Hache hi Thomas who was too crazy to consider seriously for the young Duchess Khristel Lovella Stewart.
Slowly through intense courting that included a rather unique dance he did while only wearing a loin cloth the incredibly handsome young Chief changed her name and her whole life in a blink of an eye. Although her husband was gorgeous, the Duchess believed him to be completely unreliable and could not imagine socializing with the nobles with the wild Indian man child at her side since he could not act his age to save his life so they rarely if ever went to court since she insisted on dressing him up when he only wanted them to be naked.

The Duchess found out that the man who ruined her wedding day was her brother many years later. Lord Catunta Hache hi Thomas true Christian name was Lord Lucian Lycos Thomas, but he hated to be referred to it considering his English heritage as an insult saying that he wasn抰 ever born one of those snobby bastards. In fact he was the first one to make up the word bastard and it has been in dictionaries ever since.

The crazy Chief Lord was also born a King of Demons and refused his title telling everyone to go to hell making his mate insane as she to this day still argues with him to take his rightful place so he will quit dressing up like the Indian wars were still going on. He is the most powerful demon known and only his Father Lucian truly surpasses all the demons of the universe since apparently there is intelligent life out there according to his Father. The Chief can destroy any of the demons including himself if he so wished, but he likes to come back every now and then to torment the pack to see if there are any interesting wars going on.

The insane man insisted she must change her name and did that for her too. Although the Duchess believed her new husband to be a wild untamed mongrel, he won her heart since the rouge never gave up always going out of his way to please her and was indeed lost without her. Only Lady Khristel can tame the man who is her mate since none have ever succeeded except for this very patient woman.

Emperor and Chief Lucian had been English Nobility before he went crazy joining the more aggressive bands of Indians that raided the English settlers who indeed were as crazy as her husband fighting their own English Country for freedom as if they did not have enough. Lady Khristel still believes in the old ways.
This young silver haired, golden brown eyed woman became known as the most beautiful woman in the world to the men who knew her and died trying to steal her from the black wolf demon who terrorized them constantly turning into a giant 憌erewolf devouring whole villages making her do so also even though the Duchess refused to be as sadistic as her mate. The Duchess still insists on keeping her Christian born name although her insane wolf of a man calls her Nayely or Angeni consistently while she calls him the boy who cried wolf too often with as much love in her heart as she can muster since she like the other females of her era always believed men to be little troublesome boys in big bodies.



The Tribes:

Raven Tribe Rulers:

Lord Malachi Stormblade of the Raven Tribe. Deceased former ruler of the Ravens.

Lord Gavin Stormblade: Black hair, raven eyes.

Lynx Ruler:

Lady Drina Silvertounge: Long silvery white hair with speckles of black in it and ice blue eyes. Highly intelligent and is mated to the handsome serpent demon King Cobra Velorian Silvertounge.

Otter Ruler:

Lord is not mentioned will add later to scrolls as more people arrive within the text.

Dragon Ruler:

Lord Nathanial Firediezen: The blood red haired, blood red eyed fire breathing dragon Lord. Still looking for his mate and is one of the youngest other than Gavin Stormblade who is the now youngest of the cooperation congress that Sesshoumaru set up as his 慳dvisors and politicians as well as 憈acticians for sales, marketing, and military matters.

Monkey Ruler:

Lord is not mentioned will add later to scrolls as more people arrive within the text.

Tiger Ruler:

Lady is not mentioned will add later to scrolls as more people arrive within the text.

Panther Ruler:

Lady is not mentioned will add later to scrolls as more people arrive within the text. There is a new ruler for the Panthers, but I will try to stick as closely as I can to the original text for this story so that we have the names of the original characters used for the Panther tribe as a reference point for their successors.

Snake and Reptile Ruler:

Lord Velorian Silvertounge: Velorian has silver eyes that look rather like a snakes and dark green hair that is almost black in color. He is beautiful, but has a tough time with his speech since he has a snake抯 tongue that does not transform as well since he is still very new to his humanoid form. Met his mate in battle and almost devoured her. Instead he fell in love and they have been mated for over 1000 years. Both are young, but the advisory council was 'reemployed' due to lack of motivation with the pink papers signed Tashio style. In other words the board room windows were replaced several times in this story.

Fox, Cats, Dogs, and Wolves are ruled by main characters.



As The Hourglass Spins

Chapter 1


Ronin and Lycos were expecting their first child. Of course Jimmy was ecstatic acting like an idiot Father figure rather than an older sibling trying to bombard the two young soon to be parents with all the horror stories that he was suffering through since his last ten kids were born. Tsukiya hadn抰 had a break in what seemed like forever although the doting Mother didn抰 seem to mind.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha had been over several times with Megan of course trying to pull them away from the overly protective roles they were playing. It was time for their kids to grow up and move on. It wasn抰 up to Sesshoumaru anymore on who got to go where or name the firstborns anymore. It was the twenty fourth century for crying out loud. Even Inuyasha was being a pain in the ass about the changes their family were going through growing up apparently too fast for them all. Megan just looked at the two men like they were idiots since it had been ages since the three of them hadn抰 been pregnant. It was a damn good thing too since Sesshoumaru and Megan couldn抰 handle another mental breakdown after Inuyasha was committed for a time to the hospital due to the fear of him attacking the fish market if he didn抰 get crab legs which he was highly allergic to. Sesshoumaru just didn抰 want to tie up his beloved mate unless it was for something fun like sex. Tying him up to keep him from the Tokyo Seafood Market was not the most pleasant experience.

Lycos apparently had the same allergies as her Father and the same damn craving except she was much sneakier then Inuyasha. Ronin had to constantly keep an eye on his mate to the point where he quit his job and now was working from home driving Lycos insane since his band members were always over. This meant Jimmy, Raiden, Luna, Izumi, Isamu, Daichi, and Hayato were over at their home constantly along with Shippo who was their manager.

The Hourglass was the name of their new band and the young pack were doing quite well. In fact Ronin as the lead singer was the hottest thing since the Rolling Stones in Japan. They even did a few remakes of the older bands like the Rolling Stones since to Ronin, Mick Jagger was the coolest thing although their lyrics went from being rather laid back to something along the lines of Disturbed. Ronin really rocked and Lycos was pissed because she couldn抰 go on tour with them last year due to her pregnancy. In fact a whole bunch of their shows had to be cancelled due to Lycos' delicate condition.

It was so frustrating that their fans wouldn抰 back off wanting to know everything about their favorite band so there were photos of Lycos pregnant everywhere, including the tabloids claiming that her idiot little brother, their drummer, Daichi was the Father. It wasn抰 like Ronin and Lycos wedding wasn抰 broadcasted everywhere. Lycos just figured people had to be idiots and it was a good thing she didn抰 talk to anyone except for Ronin most of the time. Everyone else was insane especially her other mates and family.

揓immy, will you go home already? I swear Tsukiya is going to think we are doing it again without her. I told you I need a break you pain in the ass and I know what the hell I am doing. Just because you are an old fart wolf doesn抰 mean you know everything. I ain抰 that much younger than you.

Ronin growled. Jimmy was driving him nuts.

揜onin you don抰 know the first thing about being a Father. You don抰 know the hair pulling, frustrating moments you are going to have. Besides you can抰 kick me out I am your Alpha. I am also a part of the band. I am dead serious about shutting this whole mess down.'
"You have to settle down and think about your family for a change. Being a rock star is cool until you find out your kids are all grown up and with you missing it all you will feel like shit later about it. Even Shippo has told you that The Hourglass will have to disappear for a while. We don抰 age fast enough and people notice. Either that or you will have to pretend to be in a plane crash or some stupid crap after the kid is born. Don抰 you want to be there for your kid and stay in one place for a while?

Ronin wanted to scream. Of course he did. He wasn抰 an idiot. He knew that eventually the band would end, he just wasn抰 ready yet.

揊ine, you are right as always Jimmy. You are life抯 dream is a kid抯 dream.

Jimmy growled.

揧ou know that isn抰 what I am saying. You can start this whole thing up later with a new name. We live for like ever. I mean look at Gramps. Arashi is hot and he has been alive for over 5000 years. Damn I mean look at Toga and Alistair. We don抰 get old. We just get better looking with age.

Ronin almost laughed at that. Jimmy was such a vain asshole, but he was right. The guy looked better and was ten times wiser than before.

Jimmy's long black hair floated around him. Instead of cutting it he had let it grow for the band. It looked hot.

揝o you are going to stab at me until I bend or bleed? Is that it Jimmy?

Jimmy looked at his claws.

揑 can make you bleed if you persist in pushing me. Ronin I am just trying to be responsible and it is time we all do so. Shippo is tired of fighting with clubs and most humans since we are not going to put up with them trying to cheat you out of your money. Shippo has been very noble in not slaughtering thousands like I have. I am just glad he doesn抰 know what we do on our off time.

Ronin yawned like the lazy lion he was.

揥ell, I am getting rather tired. Still, I like the attention and it was a good way of getting Lycos out of her shell Lycane, why don抰 you go by your real name anyway? Jimmy sounds so卙uman.

Jimmy frowned and shrugged his shoulders.

揚erhaps when Sesshoumaru steps down from being Emperor I will change it back to Lycane. I may even go as far as changing it to Lucian after our first demon wolf ancestor.

Raiden walked in and bopped Jimmy across the back of the head.

揧ou are getting too far ahead of yourself and getting a big head over nothing. Stop being an ass and just deal with Lycane. What the fuck is wrong with it anyway?

Jimmy rubbed the back of his head.

揚robably because my Mother and Father called me Jimmy for so damn long. Still, Lord Jimmy sounds stupid. Emperor and Lord Lycane isn抰 as intimidating as Lord Lucian. Now that has power and people remember him. Our kind knows not to fuck with anyone with that name.

Ronin looked at Jimmy like he was hopeless and Raiden just shrugged as usual. He would do whatever Jimmy stated and would follow him like a lap dog like most of the family did.

揧ou are never going to be able to be Alpha you know that Jimmy old man. You are too in love with the current Alpha who wants nothing to do with you. He has enough problems wolf boy.

Ronin stated as Raiden winced waiting for Jimmy to beat on Ronin as usual. Instead Jimmy just ran his fingers through his hair.

揓ust time is all I need. Eventually I will see him as no more than a rival for power. Still..

Jimmy got up and stretched. He hadn抰 given up on Sesshoumaru yet. No matter who he loved, even Tsukiya, Sesshoumaru had won his heart. The bastard was going to pay for it too when Jimmy could find a way of hurting the jerk. Jimmy just couldn抰 bring himself to follow through with his plans when it came to that tall graceful man that was so beautiful that it made Jimmy want to turn heel and run before he fucked up more with his beloved. Tsukiya was going to leave his ass if he kept up at this rate with the unattainable man he loved. Sesshoumaru would be his on again off again lover, but it never lasted. The only thing that did last was the resentment and frustration Jimmy felt since Sesshoumaru could walk away unscathed while he dwelled a hole in the floor pacing waiting like a damn school boy for a phone call to say it was on again.

揧ou are pathetic you know that? You have billions of people after your dumb ass saying you are fine, hot, whatever. I know you Jimmy. I am the only one of our family who sees you for the ass you really are other than your Father and of course Lycos. She thinks you are all bastards. She is probably right too. It must be because I am a Lion and all of you are canine scum. It makes me really love Mom. She is the best.

Jimmy blushed over Megan. Even his Father wasn抰 like well.they were old people who relived a life and then became new people just like their kids. They lived too damn long, which was the problem. Someone had to die and it wasn抰 going to be another stupid human. Perhaps one day he could beat Ronin to death. That would cheer him up.

揑 don抰 call people Mom and Dad Ronin. It is stupid for we as demons to do such foolish things. We live to long. It would be like me calling your stupid ass brother when you are my mate. I would prefer you to be my dog chew toy. You are my mate so I accept that and you are fucking cat. It is embarrassing, but I got over it. You should grow up, but I am getting over that too. See, I am very tolerant and you still live so I guess you should be grateful for that too. It is a good thing I love you isn抰 it?

Ronin laughed.

揧ou are part cat too so don抰 go throwing around the dog vs cat line again oh powerful ruler of us peons. Get over yourself. 慏ad ain抰 going for you. Sesshoumaru is my Dad and technically since he is married to our Mom he is your Stepdad. It is a common human term. I know read it and weep. We live amongst them, God forbid. It will come up in common conversations. We are taboo as you can get babe. Incest galore and no salvation in sight since mating outside of the family would destroy the power within. Perhaps because we live so long it is because we are in hell. Could be..right oh evil one?

Jimmy smirked a bit. Yes killing Ronin would be fun. Still he was not going to and he would stick around to torment his favorite pet cat for a while. The kitten had no clue of what he was in for when Lycos said she hated his ass for the pain when she went into labor. In fact with as quiet as Lycos was except when she was singing in the band or calling them all morons, Jimmy wondered if she did scream.

In bed Jimmy found Lycos body intoxicating and addicting only to be totally bummed out when the face of an angel looked like she was bored out of her mind. In physical sense she was enjoying herself, he could feel it but damn her for having a permanent poker face. Only Ronin could get that woman to open up and Jimmy didn抰 want to always tolerate Ronin to get Lycos to do what was required of a good mate.

Sesshoumaru however let it all become open and free when they were together. Jimmy practically salivated on the way over to Sesshoumaru抯 expensive mansion that he moved his mates into when the guy would call him. It had been almost two years. Jimmy could actually count the minutes, make that the very seconds he had been apart from the one who turned him into a pile of mush.

It wasn抰 long until Sesshoumaru became Jimmy抯 full time trainer in all things. Alistair stopped being that long ago and told Jimmy off since being his Father he could do so. Alistair was tired of being man handled by everyone and told them all he was not just some piece of ass they could take advantage of. Alistair now was too busy with Toga and Toga wore everyone out so they were kind of glad that Alistair took Toga away. The guy was a walking sex addict with a libido that made everyone in the house change Kouga from the rabbit to Toga the wild jackrabbit with a motor that doesn抰 stop.

Alistair lovingly called Toga pony tail boy as he played with his long silver hair, but as soon as the elders left the only elders that stuck around were Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. Alistair tried to drag Megan along for the ride with him and Toga, but the females wouldn抰 have it. They had waited a long time for Toga to come back especially Luna who wanted her two men back for good.

Jimmy was sick though of Sesshoumaru saying he was too damn old all the time for him. The guy was not even close to being old. He had just been made an ancient five years ago and Inuyasha was just in training as an elder. Sesshoumaru and the others just liked to call Inuyasha ancient because it was amusing; especially to Kouga who lived to have Inuyasha chase him all over the place like the old days.

Ronin got up from his chair as he looked at Jimmy standing by the window. Smacking him in the ass he got Jimmy out of his stupor.

換uit mooning over him damn it. I thought you were supposed to be lecturing me. How are you ever going to be a great ruler if you keep getting so damn distracted.

Ronin teased making Raiden laugh. Lycos came into the room at that moment.

揢m匯onin we need to talk.alone厖

Lycos stated as the others looked at her ignoring her request with Ronin growling for them to leave. Jimmy smelled it in the air. There was no way they were going to try to sneak past the family to have this baby alone. No one got away with that in the Tashio family.

揘 are going into labor Lycos so forget it if you two think you can just sneak past the family on this one. I will call Tsukiya and we will be on our way. Raiden you know what do.

Raiden nodded and Lycos looked at them all like she wanted to kill them until she doubled over. Ronin rushed to her as Jimmy smirked to himself a bit. So the little bitch showed some emotions other than that damn serious face all the time. It was about time and he would be damned if he missed them all. Seeing anger at least was better than this other crap and Lycos could not hide her feelings forever from him. Jimmy was certain that if he had his way she would really start to show something for them all soon.

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