Of Gold and Adamant

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Of Gold and Adamant

Golden summers in your eyes
Hair of diamond silk
Touch me in the feathered skies
My darling with flesh of creamy milk
May we share all our summer desires
Amongst the forest trees
Building the passionate fires
That will bring me to my knees


Fifty Years Later…………….

Inuyasha watched his pups playing. They now had their humanoid forms and you could see the distinct differences of each.

All the pups have silver hair and golden eyes, but different markings. Akinori had three stripes on his cheeks and the blue crescent moon on his forehead. Sango and Rin only had one stripe, but Rin had the moon on her forehead to match her Father. Fuu and Hana looked just like Sesshoumaru with two stripes, but Fuu was not as pale as Hana so it was good since they could tell the difference between all their pups. Kagome was born with three stripes like her brother, but no moon on her forehead.

Uncle Yuya and Mother had left the castle for a time although they came often to see their Grandbabies. Sesshoumaru was glad of that since he had enough stress. He was still dealing with the rape of Inuyasha and his lack of ability to stop it. Although the showing of the pups and most of his duties kept his mind free of such thoughts, they still lingered.

Sesshoumaru worried over his family and the ‘what ifs’ that kept haunting him. What if Inuyasha was taken from him again because he was busy and unable to protect him? What If his children were kidnapped? What if they were abused by their mates?

The new Father had a hopeless case of seeing his little girls as so fragile and he like Inuyasha really did not wish for them to grow up. He did not want them to mate in many ways, but logically he knew that it was impossible to keep such hopes alive.

When Sesshoumaru entered the atrium, Inuyasha was sitting doing his embroidery while watching the little ones play.

“They are wonderful aren’t they?”

Sesshoumaru smiled at his wife.

“Yes indeed they are. We are blessed.”

Sesshoumaru sat satisfied with his life. Inuyasha was once again with pup as planned and the two of them lived a life that he had dreamed of at one point in time. His peaceful empire built and now another handful of pups on the way to continue his legacy.

It was indeed unfortunate that the Lords of the North, South, and East did not see Sesshoumaru as an example of how to be content in one’s life. Instead they were sullen due to the fact that none could have the fair Inuyasha as their own. All three men still coveted the petite beautiful young man who only had eyes for his mate.

The Tashio family was even shocked by the fact that the two brothers intended on mating for life. It was not normal for Inu demons to do such things since they were born wanderers. It made the two brothers an oddity amongst the courtiers although in the eyes of many it was a romance that so many wished they had.

Today seemed like any other day to Sesshoumaru, but fact was it was a very special day for him. It was their anniversary and he always received a new Kimono from his wife. In turn Sesshoumaru would buy something extremely rare and beautiful for Inuyasha. He hoped that he liked the katana he bought even though Inuyasha did not fight anymore. It was in fact a letter opener with encrusted rubies and hand painted with gold on a black onyx sheath. The blade was of pure very sharp steel, but it was something tiny that one could hide in the hair if necessary to defend oneself with. Sesshoumaru still wanted Inuyasha to protect himself even if he didn’t fight like he used to because of what had happened many years ago. Sesshoumaru couldn’t bear for such a thing to happen again.

Sesshoumaru could still recall Inuyasha’s broken bleeding body from the rape of that cat demon. It tore at his very soul and frightened him although Sesshoumaru would never admit to fear. He knew he should move past it, but it was difficult to do.

Inuyasha was excited too today since he made a kimono out of golden material with white since those were Sesshoumaru’s favorite colors on him. It was of more masculine thicker material, but it had taken Inuyasha hours to embroider the red symbols of the chrysanthemum upon the sleeves, shoulder, and gold ones on the red obi. It was a mixture of white, blood red, and golden splendor. His seamstresses tried to assist, but Inuyasha was stubborn wanting this to be very special.

The gifts would be exchanged after dinner as they had kept this tradition for fifty years after Inuyasha explained the importance of celebrations and some of the human traditions that demons did not celebrate. However with Inuyasha being an Inu hanyou Sesshoumaru wanted to cater to his human side as well since it was a part of Inuyasha that Sesshoumaru had come to love deeply.

Inuyasha in human form was so lovely and Sesshoumaru knew that tonight was the one night he would have to make love to his mate being extra careful since human skin was not as resilient at hanyou.

The most wonderus and amusing part of Inuyasha was that this litter his body in both human and hanyou forms had changed yet again. Inuyasha now had six nipples. Inuyasha hoped all would leak milk so he could feed his own pups this time. Inuyasha hated depending on a wet nurse. Sesshoumaru of course hoped the same, but for different reasons. He loved breast milk and had at one point searched out females to rut with for pleasure that were dripping the delicious liquid for him to drink like a newborn pup himself. Of course Inuyasha thought he was just weird, but he never tried it either except when he was a pup himself with his human Mother.

“Inuyasha…are you happy with our life?”

Sesshoumaru asked softly as he placed a gentle hand on Inuyasha’s.

“Yes, why do you ask such a stupid question? Of course I am happy. Duh…….”

Sesshoumaru smiled.

“Well of course the Lords of the East, South, and North are still vying for your hand after this litter is born.”

Inuyasha exploded.

“Why don’t those assholes go get a damn life?! I am mated and happily so. Perhaps if they ever got their heads out of their asses they could do the same with……..I don’t know……someone who is available? I am not. I am your wife and that is all there is to it.”

Sesshoumaru sighed in relief. He knew that in a few months Inuyasha could change his mind, but apparently this marriage thing that the humans did was a big deal and that part in Inuyasha’s mind made them mates in more ways than the marking did. Marriage meant forever and Inuyasha planned on being mated to Sesshoumaru forever as they discussed. Why even bring up those dorks who didn’t matter?

“Good, then you won’t mind if I knock some sense into them.”

Inuyasha looked at Sesshoumaru and rolled his eyes.

“If this is just about killing Kouga I already said not to do that. He out of all of them has backed off so what is the big deal?”

Sesshoumaru pouted a bit.

“He said he had a place for you if you wanted to leave me.”

Inuyasha growled.

“I already told you that doesn’t matter. I ain’t going to find out how much smellier his dens are. If they smell like him than I know for sure no sane person would want to live there.”

Sesshoumaru smiled a little.

“I will leave the wolf to his hovel then. Just don’t expect me to be nice to him.”

Inuyasha snorted.

“Like I would ever expect that from you. He is my friend, not yours and even so we ain’t exactly buddy, buddy. We just fought together a few times and over Kagome.”

Sesshoumaru frowned not liking that Inuyasha was even friendly towards the wolf cub.

“Just do not go talk to anyone without me present Inuyasha. I still do not forgive him for not protecting you.”

Inuyasha shook his head then muttered.

“Keh, whatever…..”

Sesshoumaru took that as compliance and relaxed with his mate looking out at the courtyard where his children were playing enjoying the day.

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