A Fine Mess

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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His red eyes scanned the area as his breathing became even more labored. He kept running through the trees like a wild man. He had to get away from the noises and from these strange feelings he was having. It was as though he was losing control and that could never happen.

Finding a cave he cuddled deep within hoping that they would just run past him and not notice he was there in the darkness. For once in his life Lord Sesshoumaru was afraid. He had expected to be alone during this time of month, not hunted down.


Inuyasha and his pack of misfits had been traveling to another village to exterminate some lower demon. Kagome still was not pregnant and Miroku was on his twelfth kid by now. Things were starting to look dim for the newly mated couple.

Shippo had arrived to help out, but he wasn’t much help as a gangling pre teen still learning his skills as a fox demon. They were only missing Sango who was at the village with Kaede taking care of her numerous children although now that the twins were older they were a lot of help.

“I sense a demonic presence…….”

Miroku told the caretaker of another fine inn. They had been traveling all night and of course the charlatan monk had to play his role so that they could get a good night’s rest.

“Ah yes, we do indeed have a few demons running amuck here causing all sorts of grief to our customers. You are welcome to stay hunters. However, you brought demons with you….how do I know we are safe from them?”

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. It was always the same. Stupid prejudices and being a half demon only made it worse.

“I assure you my good man that these demons with us are friendly and are here to fight the evil plaguing you. Have you not heard of the great Inuyasha?”

The innkeeper immediately seemed to perk up at the name.

“Inuyasha you say……very well then. You may use the baths and I will have my servants prepare a meal for you for your services. However Monk Miroku, I warn you that these demons are not your ordinary low class presence. They are formidable. Even the Great Monk Akihito was killed here with all his spiritual power.”

Miroku shuddered at that comment. Monk Akihito was quite the formidable foe to demon kind and perhaps they were in over their heads a bit. Still, Miroku knew Inuyasha had the tessaiga and their pack had defeated Naraku. If they could do that then they could do anything.


Sesshoumaru could feel himself change. He couldn’t control it at all as his body started to contort into the shape of his demon dog form. It was indeed painful this time as it was every time he had changed before the season. He had to get away from Rin and Jaken. He almost feasted on Ah-Un and that was unacceptable. If he was going to lose control let it be in someplace that no one would see or hear.

Howling Sesshoumaru took off into the woods, to kill, slaughter, and maim anything within his path as acid paws melted the ground and plants withered from his touch.


Inuyasha sat out watching over the pack as usual. He was so angry and at the same time he loved his wife so much. Why couldn’t they have pups too? Instead they were practically raising Miroku’s ever growing family. It just wasn’t fair.

It made Inuyasha wonder about his brother.

“Keh….bet the asshole has bastard children running around everywhere. Fucking jerk.”

Miroku could feel a demonic presence and came out to talk to Inuyasha about it. Kagome was still bathing and Shippo was asleep. Kirara had been left behind to protect Sango and Kaede.

“Do you feel that?”

Inuyasha snorted.

“That is just Sesshoumaru. His presence is everywhere even when he is miles away. He is just a bit closer than normal. No big deal. I doubt he will come bother us at all. It is his rampaging month again so he will probably kill some bastards and move on. He always does this just like I have my human month.”

Miroku frowned.

“What do you mean he is rampaging? Isn’t that dangerous? Do you think he killed the monk here?”

Miroku was worried. There was no way in hell they could defeat Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha couldn’t kill a man with a sword that healed him. The guy was invincible and dangerous as hell. What had Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru’s Father been thinking giving such a powerful weapon to such a hot headed asshole?

“No, he will ravage the land a bit to mark his territories killing all in his way, but he doesn’t do it around humans. Even in this form he avoids the villages. Unless some dumb human is walking out there in the night on their own wanting death then he will let them alone. Besides he does this to feed his inner beast. All demons do it. Just be glad Sesshoumaru doesn’t like the taste of humans.”


Sesshoumaru was doing well staying far from the human village until they came. Four daiyôkai demons caught him in a damn metal trap locking his foot in place. He would have chewed it off and reattached it, but there was some damn spell on the chains. The young daiyôkai could not free himself from the bonds as he howled snapping at the four smirking cat demons.

“Good job Akio. This one will be quite the prize.”

Daiki stated as he watched the Inuyokai struggle.

“That is only if we can subdue him.”

Chise stated clicking her tongue. Sesshoumaru was a fine catch, but eventually the spell would not last and they would have to put the dog down so to speak. After all, it was his fur that was prized although keeping an Inu alive for the slave auction would bring a better price if they could get the collar around the mutt.

“I can’t get it on him…….he is going to bite my head off. Just shoot the bastard already!”

Fusao yelled in frustration.

“No, I want this one alive.”

Growled Daiki as Akio looked at him like he was insane.


Chise smirked at Daiki.

“Well he is pretty my dear, but seriously……”

Daiki growled.

“No one kills this one. I want him alive and collared. I don’t care how we do it, but it will be done.”

Sesshoumaru fought harder. No one was going to collar him. He howled as the demons threw their powers at him, but continued to fight.


Inuyasha could hear his brother’s howl. He thought to ignore it at first, but something was wrong. Sesshoumaru was too damn close for comfort.

“I have to stop him. Look after Kagome.”

Inuyasha took off into the woods before Miroku could protest.

Racing through the woods he found his brother’s scent was everywhere. It was difficult to tell what was going on until he saw four demons surrounding his brother. At that moment Miroku’s wind tunnel would have been useful if it were not for the fact that Sesshoumaru was in the center as a collar like the one Kagome had on him was being formed in mid air.


Inuyasha roared as he lifted Tessaiga and threw out the wind scar aiming it at one of the demons hoping it would be enough to break the spell.


Akio screamed as he was cut in two. There was nothing left of the once powerful leopard daiyôkai or so Inuyasha thought until a blade was placed against his neck.

“Ah…..how cute. I didn’t know Sesshoumaru had a little brother who cared so much.”

Chise smiled at the cute ears. That one would be quite a prize as well.

“So adorable, well for a half demon anyway. Bring him here.”

Inuyasha tried to struggle and Sesshoumaru inwardly rolled his eyes. Here was his little brother trying to save him and he couldn’t save himself.

Sesshoumaru in the midst of being distracted by his brother’s poor attempt at saving him found himself collared, on the ground now in his humanoid form unable to move.

“Looks like that one is already collared and sold Chise.”

Daiki stated fingering the beads.

“I ain’t any ones slave.”

Inuyasha stated through grated teeth.

Pulling the collar Fusao found the beads wouldn’t come off, but the kid still had power to move about. Then he looked at them closer.

“Ah….it is a priestess spell. Nothing we can’t take care of and another for the auction. They are always looking for young priestesses to sell….tell me pup is she lovely or a hag?”

Inuyasha looked at Sesshoumaru who smirked a bit wanting to put that meddlesome girl in her place, but then he would have to deal with Inuyasha even more than normal so he frowned again.

“She is a hag ok? An old woman put the spell on me ok!”

It was the truth in some ways since it had been Lady Kaede who initiated the spell.

Akio pushed the blade closer cutting a bit.

“I think he is lying.”

Chise snorted.

“It doesn’t matter, we will find out soon enough. We will go back to that human village with these two and slaughter them all if they do not tell us.”

Another collar was formed in her hands as Inuyasha struggled it became futile as the beads floated around his neck and cuffs were placed on his and his brother’s wrists.

Inuyasha tried to fight, but found that he only fell to his knees the more he fought.

“The more you fight pretty puppy the more power it will drain from you.”

Soon Inuyasha fell limp as a human. All his yokai had been drained.

“Hn….he is rather fetching as a human. Perhaps we will let him keep draining himself.”

Daiki stated as he touched the young boy who tried to bite him for his efforts. It amused the tiger demon.

“Perhaps I will keep you for my own….entertainment little one.”

Inuyasha still fought only to be lifted and carried by the tiger who smacked his backside every time he tried to bite.

Sesshoumaru refused to budge an inch.

“Don’t worry my lovely. I will carry you to the ends of the earth. Soon you will call us Master and then life will be much easier for you.”

Fusao lifted Sesshoumaru bridal style as the cat demon purred Sesshoumaru growled wanting to tear apart his foe, but the damn collar was draining all his yokai.

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